Why Steven Greer Spreads UFO Disinformation

David Adair reveals life-threatening pressures

As readers to this blog are well aware, I have been both blunt and harsh about my disdain for the UFO disinformation that is spread by Steven Greer, all under the guise of so-called “UFO disclosure”.

However, after listening to this excellent interview of cutting-edge scientist, David Adair, I think I understand the dilemma that Greer has faced.

Perhaps, if, he’d have followed his good intentions, and simply and straight away revealed the truth that he well knows about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for more than 75 years in Switzerland, not only could he have been spared much grief but this country – and the world as a whole – may have been able to avoid much of what is now unavoidable, and long warned of by Meier and the Plejaren.

Without spoiling anything for you, I’ll only say that I am reminded of the pressure put on Lieutenant Colonel Wendelle Stevens to drop his investigation into the Billy Meier UFO case. The apparent cost to him for not bowing to these pressures, ostensibly from the CIA, was conviction and imprisonment, on trumped up child molestation charges. You’ll find that the pressures on Greer, and his associates, were actually life-threatening.

It’s unfortunate that the interviewer, Kerry Cassidy, has to insert liberal doses of unsubstantiated, delusional nonsense about imaginary “Reptilians” and other foolish things. Fortunately, Adair gracefully deflects these erroneous irrelevancies.

Cassidy, of course, could’ve long ago done an interview with me – as Billy Meier suggested to her when she contacted him for an interview – but she was more interested in a personality piece, than in the harsh truth that she has actually contributed to suppressing and concealing, in favor of sensationalism and disinformation.

Thankfully though, this is an excellent opportunity to be informed by the witty genius of David Adair. And maybe, by publicly acknowledging and informing others about Greer’s dilemma – as I also wish to help do here – it can offer him additional protection, and further incentive, to finally be able to openly reveal and stand for the truth, as I’m sure he very much wants to as well.


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A delightful and informative interview with Billy Meier, by Christian Freshener and Francisco Villate, from a few years ago.

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  1. Do we know for sure that Alex Jones is not under the same pressure by the same entity?!? Maybe that is also one of the main reasons why he also “does not dare to go there”… I often wondered why CIA has not yet taken him out through all of these years… The same I often question about MH. Why Wendelle Stevens and some others were taken out ,while some others are not?? Why only BEAM has been tried to be assassinated, but others not? If CIA wants it can take out anyone at any time at any place in the world within 48 hours from the point of decision…

    1. MH saw a Plejaren monitoring craft monitoring him in Brazil so who knows if they ever did something to thwart an attempt on him?

  2. And all these people talking about assassinations, get the f*** outta here you fearmongering pieces of s***!

  3. After having watching Unacknowledged, I tend to think that pretty much everything said in that documentary is true. But that’s where the term “omission is the greatest form of lie” comes in (funny since the Plejaren themselves said omission is acceptable in certain circumstances and not lying). By neglecting to even mention Billy Meier, this supposed “alien disclosure” starts to tread into the waters of disinformation by sheer omission. From what I heard, both Greer and his wife are religious, so I think they’re both willing to conceal the BEAM case. Which of course jibes just great with the CIA and bankster establishment agenda of war, nuclear energy and weapons, etc. You’ll notice in all of his sources at the end of the documentary, he has “CIA” as the very last one, that stands out as significant to me. I think he is working directly with the CIA to reveal perhaps 99% of the truth of UFOs, and leave the most important 1% buried. Of course not everyone can be relied upon to tell the full truth, as Billy himself is completely wrong about 9/11 and “Muslim terrorism” in general, which I think is more for his own protection than anything. So the same could also be said for why Greer omits Billy entirely from his material. Greer is undoubtedly working with the CIA in my opinion.

    1. Regarding omission, in the case where someone is supposedly interested in and presenting the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life, and they KNOW the truth but omit it, then they’re lying, plain and simple. It’s not a case of, “Well, you didn’t ask THAT question.”

      As far as Meier and the Plejaren being completely wrong about 9/11 and Muslim terrorism, what hard evidence do you have other than all the various theories that have been floated?

      Not only was 9/11 foretold in 1987 (Henoch Prophecies) but Quetzal and Meier discussed the attack again in 1989, as I mentioned in 2005 (http://www.theyfly.com/news2005/aug05/aug05.htm#911). It was from Contact 230, other parts of which are also here http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_230.

      So, as usual, Meier’s information is also consistent, let alone published years before the event actually occurred.

      1. There is unrefuted scientific proof that the World Trade Center was brought down with military grade nano-thermite explosives. The government doesn’t seek to refute it scientifically because they can’t prove a lie is true, so instead they use ad hominem against the journal itself, attack Steven Jones, Niels Harrit, etc. But this is the hard proof which should sway your views if you really were as objective as you claim to be.


        1. My view is that I presented questions to Meier and he gave his/Ptaah’s answers. I doubt that we’ll ever have the “proof” showing that 9/11 happened one way or the other. And with what’s looming on the horizon, I don’t finding worrying about, or debating, 9/11 to be very productive or important.

          1. You asked for proof, I gave it. The US government also had the most consecutive number of wargames in US HISTORY going on that day, estimated at around 50 total. Here is just a partial list. It is absolutely imperative to know the truth about 9/11 as it is what launched us into the neverending series of wars which we still find us in. For you to say it is “not productive or important” is simply just copping out of admitting you, and Billy Meier by extension, are absolutely wrong about this. 9/11 was the most important event in our lifetimes since JFK, and we still feel the ripples of that tsunami to this day. The weekly false flag (or false indiction and warning) events that we see now are also a ripple effect of this. “Muslim terrorism” is nothing more than CIA terrorism, as even Putin said recently.


          2. I am fully aware of the Henoch Prophecies. And they are also wrong about Muslim terrorism, which is actually Mossad and CIA terrorism. A group that is dedicated to the truth needs to get its facts right, and not sweep some under the rug as “less important”. 9/11 is literally the most important event since the CIA killed JFK in 1963.

            1. Well, of course they’re “wrong” because you know better. Apparently you didn’t fully read them and the rather clear explanation about the role of US policies in bringng about the whole mess. And Meier also mentions in another document that the terrorism is indeed connected to US policies. Search for it.

              However, I’m not posting any more about 9/11 in this thread, as it’s off-topic. Find another one where we discuss such things, if you want to.

        2. Adam,

          That’s not hard proof of explosives at all, which can be ascertained in 1 minute (and explains why the government have nothing to refute): https://www.metabunk.org/debunked-iron-microspheres-in-9-11-wtc-dust-as-evidence-for-thermite.t2523/

          Rather than going backwards and forwards on this as I’m sure MH will prevent, research both sides before coming to conclusions. Most so-called ‘Truthers’ hang their conjectures on explainable things like this but hide that from you and the rest is just lies by the 9/11 conspiracy marketeers.

          1. I agree Matt…I once thought 9/11 was an inside job as well, but was amazed to find every truther’s “scientific theory” debunked to my satisfaction.

  4. This morning on JulianAssange’s Twitter feed:
    “Can US politics can resist arms companies? No. $400B Saudi arms sales = 200x US election spend. Divert 1% and you fund the lot.”
    Ross Mayer said:
    In reply I said this:
    “There’s only one real contact, ongoing for 75 years. This one coverup has ALL the solutions. Billy Eduard Albert Meier aka BEAM.”
    And it was up voted so apparently Julian Assange knows the truth.

  5. Regarding the video of Steven Greer’s outdoor UFO lights are these fake or are they the military UFO’s colluding with Greer?

    To be honest I have watched on ye old youtube Dr Greer’s presentations and view them as nothing more than entertainment but something in me, maybe my sense of wishing/hoping that the technologies would be made available to help us all and the spiritual teachings from the PJ’s become standard reading for the masses.


    Gordon Barnes

    1. These “aliens-on-demand” events are most likely secret military, using Greer’s egocentricity and wild ambition, with or without his knowledge.

      Forget about advanced technology being used for the good of humankind, it will be used against it. Read the Henoch Prophecies about all of the weaponry, including computerized, etc.

      Study, apply, test the spiritual teaching. There is nothing of any particular good that will come from the military, governments, powers that be, etc., in regards to alleviating human suffering…only the spiritual teaching can offer that and we don’t need anyone’s approval, etc., in order to pursue our studies.

      1. Michael,

        I think advanced technology is already being used against us (plus other mysteries such as how did you italicise “against”?).

        Is it a bird, is it a plane, or, is it an attempt to incite the London left into a class war against British PM May just as she is about to negotiate her hard Brexit? You decide…

        Grenfell Tower UFOs: https://youtu.be/ExO0O09ioDc
        Captured during live broadcast: https://youtu.be/a9Lfz-Kj6DI
        More live footage: https://youtu.be/J3zXFyvoMD0

  6. Good Afternoon, my comment is about a YouTube channel called “Beyond Science,” title is “ALIEN BATTLE Fought in Germany Over 400 Years Ago!?”
    Would it be possible for you, Mr Horn to look into this story? I have no opinion, but it was interesting to watch, only 6,16 minutes long
    Sorry, my colon and period keyboard buttons do not work
    Thank you Billy Meier, his intergalactic friends, and to you, Michael Horn!

    1. Hi Belinda,

      Thanks for joining us here. I don’t know anything about that story and I hope some people will look into it,as right now I’m on a writing deadline and won’t be able to.

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting, thanks!

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