Are You a Time Traveler?

On a mission for the survivors of these times

Those of us who’ve been trying to inform and awaken various people around the world – especially the ones with some influence in the media, government, scientists, etc. – to the unprecedented reality and importance of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, often share the common experience of frustration.

It seems that no matter how persistent and persevering we’ve been, the results have been minimal. There’ve been no major news announcements, no courageous actions on the part of any of those who really should be interested enough in humanity’s very threatened future survival.

Should we stop trying and just resign ourselves to certain, seemingly inevitable things, which we’ll discuss in a moment?

For the Survivors

No, we should neither despair nor give up, if we realize that what we’re participating in may not be entirely, or even mainly, focused on positively influencing the majority of people in these times.

That brings us back to 1948…which also brings us far forward into the future.

Watching a movie, when you already know both the story and the ending, can be boring. But for those who haven’t seen it before – who don’t understand the law of cause and effect – great  fear, dread, and confusion may overcome them when they comprehend the very real and unprecedented magnitude of what is now on the near horizon.

And that it’s not a movie…may be hard for the phantasmagoria infected generation(s) to fully grasp.

The seeds must be sown now so that they will bear fruit for future generations. And those who, despite the daunting realizations and implications of the events Sfath actually observed, choose to see themselves as time travelers from the future, also realize that they are on a mission intended primarily for the survivors of these times. We also find guidance and support for our unwavering resolve, of course, in the spiritual teaching.

At some point, I hope to also describe my own experience, in 1972, pertaining to a still perplexing “visit” from my “future self”.


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  1. For me when it concerns time travel Temponauts. I think they learn alot from us, they learn about the past.Try to make not make the same mistakes. Be kind to one another. And gain as much learning as possible. I always wonder what trials the Temponauts will have to learn. The learning of precision how it’s important (semjase’s husband mistake).
    The Discovery, The Breakthrough, The Tempo. But I think confidence fearlesness and all the humans values will be their best compass.

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