“I Go Where the Evidence Leads”

The 20 year-old, still un-kept promise by Dennis Prager

On my travels today, I turned on the car radio and, as luck would have it, the Dennis Prager show was on and Dennis was speaking about atheists, religion, the supernatural and lamenting the materialistic attitude that doesn’t allow people to consider anything that they can’t see, feel, or touch. In fact, he generously gave himself credit for his willingness to have his own beliefs challenged when he said, “I go where the evidence leads.”

Since that’s a position certainly not espoused by the majority of religious people, I immediately dialed the number to call into the show.

Been There, Tried It Before

Actually, it wasn’t just because it seemed like a good opportunity to try to discuss such matters with a radio host. It was also because my first interactions with Prager go back almost 20 years,, to when I lived in Los Angeles, and first tried to bring the Billy Meier extraterrestrial contact case to his attention. For those who may not know, Prager is a highly religious, conservative talk show host, who prides himself on being logical, something rather foreign to most religious people.

In addition to sending him a lot of information, and emailing him, over a number of years, I also managed to have a brief interaction with him when I phoned his show, in the late 1990s. I still have a cassette recording of it and I’ll check the actual date when I return home.

As I recall, Prager had said that he’d indeed examine any evidence I would provide…but he never did. In fact, none of my efforts were acknowledged; no calls or emails were ever returned. All that I did get was a runaround from his call screener at the time, a woman named Eva, as I recall.

So this is just a public acknowledgement of what his current call screener, perhaps a different woman, told me today when she answered the phone, i.e. that I should get in touch with Prager again, and with his producer, Alan Estrin, through email. She said that the overall topic today wasn’t really about the “supernatural” things, which was true, as the rest of the show was mainly about political matters.

Where the Evidence Leads

While the content and implications of the still ongoing Meier contacts – now spanning more than 75 years – are staggering to any fair-minded, logical person, I think that someone like Prager may also want to…keep his word. The best way to do that would be to publicly discuss the evidence with someone as expert in this field as he may be in his. He’s certainly interviewed numerous experts, authors, etc., in many fields about which his own knowledge was less than theirs.

He did say, “I go where the evidence leads.” Hopefully, 20 years is sufficient time to prepare oneself to have their beliefs severely challenged by real, factual evidence. Being courageous enough to do so could be the most important thing Dennis Prager has ever done for this country’s future survival.

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25 Replies to ““I Go Where the Evidence Leads””

  1. Tell me about it Melissa:)( This world is just getting crazier more and more and more. I wonder if people are starting to lose their minds and their heads. Yikes.

    1. Hi Terry it wouldn’t surprise me if certain news organizations ramp up the electromagnetic frequencies to achieve that.

  2. Hi Gordon, I thought your adventure in visiting a church very funny. When ever I went to a synagogue, We even whispered or I fell asleep,heck I couldn’t stand the fact that we had to get all dressed up in our finest attire no matter what time of the year it was,this was just so constricting having to comfom to the rules of religion!! How stuffy can religion get not to mention some of the Jewish tex were in Hebrew!! Not being able to understand what we were told and what we had to sing and say was just confounding and confusing to say the least just put me to sleep!!!

  3. Michael it’s not convenient to them to ever get involved with you since there’s no how to win on an argument between their belives based on fiction and deception against the truth, they risk losing their narrative that will likely cost their careers, their good names and most of all income and way of living, so for ever and at any cost they will ignore, avoid and disregard you in order to put their egotistic selves before the wellbeing of others, regardless of how righteous they pretend to be in front of they’re audience.

  4. The evidence tells me you were not on a cell phone since you “dialed” the number.
    I guess Prager claiming his “evidence” is based on logic shows us that we each have an opinion of what the term logic: sort of like Bill Clinton’s meaning of the word “is”. In other words folks worm their way around the truth for it to become a “logic of convenience” rather than true logic and what do you expect from someone who “believes” there is an invisible man in the sky who talks to him on Sunday and if he does not do what he thinks is good (god) then he will burn for eternity when indeed it is about playing fair with one another or losing the ability to stop the Apophis meteor from hitting earth on 2029 or 2036 April 13th. We have to learn to play fair (think like a god) or we will have hell to pay, like fire and brimstone. If we have a war over convenience of resources we will lose the ability to stop Apophis because we will be living with stone knives and bare skins for many moons.

    Another reason folks worm their way around the truth is due to being lied to and told it is the truth when indeed logic tells us the opposite. They lie, to themselves and anyone else who will listen. I noticed that when folks come back from church their behavior is less functional than when they left with more arguments, illogical outbursts and out and out cruelty to their fellow human beings. Steeped in worship has its counter and that is loneliness due to feeling inferior when indeed we are all of equal value… no?


    Peace Meditation today!

  5. Funny how we`ve only recently learned to use computers and cell phones which I hope will have expanded our knowledge, learning capabilities only to find out just how narrow minded are brains are when it comes to religion and money, politics and so on,do much for the stuberness of such primitive low lifes from earth etc. Are we STILL asleep at the wheel? Seems to me must of the earth`s inhabitants don`t deem to want to wake up from it`s dire straits and learn that there are other alternatives far more logical and helpful than the stupid politics,relgions, coperate Dep State,militarisms and so on,etc,etc,etc,.

  6. Since it’s the peace mediation day. 3.5 billion humans with the federation (including the people on Erra) help to calm and stop the bringing of the third world fire. As well as assist with bringing impulses to earth that are of creational nature. It’s imparative. We’re slowers learners here on earth..we assume bombs are the answers…we don’t see barbarism & the GeWalt is problem. Historically none of 2 wars solved anything. The main issues are GeWalt & barbarism collectively as will as individually. As the day goes by and over 3.5 billion humans (including those on Erra) within the federation under the guidance of high council assist to pearce the negitival bell
    Around the world. I thank them for all there efforts. Words can never decribe the infinate graditute I have for every human who has assisted with the mission as well as the discovery of the truth studying on my own and learning constantly learning I don’t know it all, everyday I learn something new without the goblet of the truth…it’s has been my friend in all times. Every human being within the mission I have universal love for you. I can only imagine the task you had to accomplish alone or with minimal assistance. But as the teachings have taught me..we are never truly alone. Salome to all federation members, figu members (loose members as Ptaah as stated and friends of Billy and high council) for the protection and preservation of the creational truth…The preservation and protection of intelligenant life.

  7. Salome Luis,
    That was beautiful.
    And our Love & Thanks is returned to you in kind. 🙂
    – The Silent Revolution Of Truth –

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