Billionaire Bob Bigelow’s Missing Aliens

If they’re here why can’t he find them?

Apparently being a big bucks billionaire has made it harder for Bob Bigelow to find, and actually show us, all those “aliens among us” that he says are already here.

By now, everyone’s probably heard about big, bad Bob and his passionate interest in extraterrestrial life. But like MUFON, SETI, Prof. Jason Wright and other self-proclaimed seekers of other life in the universe, Bigelow makes us wonder if he too lacks sincerity, or just competence.

Perhaps we should factor in Bigelow’s long rumored association with the secret military, his connection to MUFON and MUFON’s connection to the…CIA. Maybe that’s why he can’t, for the life of him, find the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contact case, even having been informed about it numerous times.

So, he spews nonsense. And there’s an audience for it; plenty of young people online are now discussing the delusion de jour, i.e. the so-called “disclosure” and everything “alien” topics. They love the distraction, the disinformation, the…entertainment in this is fast-moving world.

But rather than further belabor or bemoan the slick, cynical manipulations by all of those overt and covert parties, who do everything possible to abuse the truth and pretend that they’re seeking it, I suggest revisiting some sobering information and prioritize the study – and application – of the spiritual teaching, which is the key to our future survival.

The people were warned…and did they listen?





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Terry Carch

Hi MH, did you send Bob all the and info to Bob? We earthlings were the ETs from the Ring nebula 647 billion years ago but since then everything has been going downhill ever since? Maybe that`s why Alex Jones call his two websites and after all seems to me this world is still a prison planet. Incidenly Jerry Corsi now works for infowars in Washington D.C. which is run by Alex Jones.

Sheila Clark

What really cheeses me off about that gigolo Bob Bigelow is how he stole the BEAM name. I was looking to see what comes up when I enter the word BEAM. Of course the vacuum cleaner comes up, but then Bob Bigelow’s name shows up too. Such a thief, but I’m sure it was on purpose.

Terry Carch

Well Sheila, “There are of “LOT`S of thieves on this primitive barbaric savage planet called Earth who steal,rob, and plant LIES etc,etc,etc, every which way they can for a fast buck haha:-(((

Terry Carch

Think of all the politicians, crooks, criminals, and so on who get away with murder,etc etc,etc,” Trump thinks he`s above the law and probably all the rest of those morons who think they own you and me Sheila haha:-(((

Barry Smith

If Mr Bigelow had just one photo of an off world human being, I would believe him. Edward put out over 1,200 can’t Bob produce one ??

Jedaiah Ramnarine

Living in a society that fantasizes escapism and delusion, Billy could produce double that, take front, side and profile shots of Semjase, Asket and the whole crew, and the idiotic denizens down here on Earth would find X,Y,B and Z why it’s a fraud due to their own beliefs.

Common sense is not so common.

Jedaiah Ramnarine

“The people were warned…and did they listen?”

— Some.