Hounding the Hucksters

Challenging another denier to debate the Billy Meier UFO case

It’s no secret to readers of this blog that my perspective of the so-called field of UFOlogy is that it’s mainly populated by poseurs, charlatans, frauds, pseudoscientists and outright profiteers, as well as their organizations like MUFON, Open Minds, exopolitics, etc. What other field that is actually deserving of scientific scrutiny, standards and protocols would allow such nonsense? And what other field – if it was conducted in accordance with the highest of scientific standards – would be worthier of them?

An Investigator in Name Only

A recent experience that reinforces this dim view is my interaction with Kevin Randle, who seems to specialize in all things Roswell…and the “UFO cover-up”. In my exchanges with him, I also provided this information from the Plejaren about Roswell, which he neither knew anything about, nor responded to. And, because he has a blog about MUFON, I also provided this, which he told me he didn’t agree with, though he didn’t say why.

I submitted comments to a couple of his blogs in which I also referred to the singular authenticity of the Meier case, along with some hyperbole about myself to liven things up. It turns out that Kevin “doesn’t believe” in the Meier case, which would be fine except what he means that he’s too lazy to actually have ever investigated the evidence himself and has relied on the idiocy of the UFO industry, and failed skeptics, to dissuade him from doing so.

Some researcher and investigator.

Perhaps it’s because he’s so invested in the dead-end narrative about Roswell, and selling his books, that it’s very unappealing to him to be confronted with…the real thing.

The Conspiracy of Cover-up

As is the case throughout the sham UFOlogy industry, those who wail loudly about a “cover-up” often are complicit in perpetuating it, since the only thing of importance being covered up is the singularly authentic of Billy Meier UFO contacts and its abundant, irreproducible physical and informational evidence.

Various scoundrels make noisy distractions with their hyperbolic, anecdotal, dead-end tales about Roswell, lights-in-the-sky, “alien abductions”, phony government hearings, etc., but not a one of them ever ponders the core question: If extraterrestrials have come here in their UFOs, what is the…reason?

As those who are familiar with the Meier case now know that it’s to help us assure our very threatened future survival …not for us to chase lights-in-the-sky, or to create careers for speakers and “experts”.

Time to Debate

Randle has now published a blog on the Meier case, to which I’ve submitted not only a response but also an invitation to publicly debate it, as I did with another profiteering promoter of the go-nowhere Roswell case, Stanton Friedman.

I’m sure Kevin will be more than happy and willing to engage in this debate.


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45 Replies to “Hounding the Hucksters”

  1. Reminds me of the time I had my hands on some of negitives (open minds) purchased Wendell Steven’s estate which I in turn purchased from them. I got a few slides (as to being first gen original’s a few slides had German hallmarks so perhaps). I made the mistake of sending the negitives to Columbia to be tested. I have yet to see the slides again…but either way I touched history.

  2. Can’t wait for the interview, even though I have not slept for 3 days, I just can’t sleep these days. No time for that. I’m tuning in about 3hours to the radio. Cheers all and I’ll listen to your calls. Let’s make sure the world does’nt end this week-end allright!

    It’s allways a great time listening to these Michaels 🙂
    Peace in the galaxy

  3. I’m happy he’s honest about being unahappy with the fact of not receiving the time of day from the P’s to land outside his lawn to prove their existence to him. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

    Of course it does. And so do ETs that are human and have a choice to not meet with a peanut like that guy. Another person that has to look beyond some sort of expectation he believes or thinks he deserves to experience with little to no effort.

    Sorry boyo.

    1. Hi Ned,I don`t think the Ps land on the ground anymore now that they are using stargates thanks to Asket`s people from Timers. If the P`s do walk from the stargates I think they will be smart enough to come by someplace where it is safe to walk through the stargate and in an open space not too close to a tree and or in bad weather,etc. The Ps technology is advanced enough to know when and where to walk through a stargate at the right place and time even in Billy`s office without anybody knowing and or seeing Ptaah,Quetzal and any other Plejarens who come to see and visit Billy.

      1. Thanks Terry.

        Folks like Randle won’t get a handle on that type of stuff as he can’t jump the first hurdle of this undue expectation of ET visitation. After all, you do have people in society that do make false claims of visitation. BUT, his reason for the Meier case isn’t that but some internal rationalization on his part that ETs must prove their existence to US or else it’s false. Doesn’t that logic itself seem a bit off? Does he want all the bells and whistles too and a light show or speculates ETs follow some Prime Directive?

        1. Well I submitted a new comment in which I’m trying to bridge this and give him some room to navigate. We’ll see if he posts it:

          “I’d like to propose some possible solutions to the problem. It’s obvious that Kevin doesn’t want to debate because he truly doesn’t know the information well enough to do so. So, perhaps there are these options.

          1. Since he can’t substantiate them, Kevin could simply retract his claims, and the ones he published from other people, that the Meier case is a hoax and that Billy Meier has falsified evidence, etc.

          2. That being acknowledged, he could choose to do his own research into the evidence, prophetic information, etc. We could then debate the matter once he felt he was sufficiently informed and prepared to do so, should he still feel that this is not an authentic case.

          3. If he felt that after doing his research there really wasn’t any credible way to describe the Meier case as fraudulent, he could state as much. Then he could choose to discuss, rather then debate it, or simply retract the erroneous and unsubstantiated opinions.

          Perhaps there is another option here that I have not foreseen. Certainly, if we are looking to find the truth, we don’t want to let stand, let alone promote, defamatory, unsubstantiated and inaccurate claims and attacks against a person.

          None of us would want that if it was directed at us!

          People of good character don’t want to defame other people and would move to correct such things if/when they occurred and were brought to their attention.

          I look forward to Kevin’s response, and any other creative suggestions from the participants on this blog, so that we could have a positive and just resolution of the disagreement.”

          1. Just to add to what Michaels saying. Researching the material on your own is always challenging. It’s not easy, but it’s important. You have to think it out really scope it out yourself and try to harmonise with the sense of the message. I think anyone in here can agree, researching and analyticaly coming to conclusions on your own is benifitial. At the same time it can be challenging researching the material depending on a persons type of thinking process but I thinks worth any ones own efforts and time to do so independently.

        2. P.S. This is the idiots attitude that has been cultivated around UFOs by superficial people who are essentially…hobbyists. They are of the low mentality that others have to “prove” things to them, jump through hoops, etc., because they are so lacking in thinking power, analytical skills and a sense of…reality.

          1. Here is an article you may want to read with a grain of salt because this smells of the miiltary industrial complex playing games or these U*FOs m UFO might be the humans from the future earth: From the Sunday Express YFOs hiding the rings of Saturn` Former Nasa scientist blows cover By Sean Martin I don`t know if this is true but it smells like the military are trying very very hard to get control of not just earth but also the entire solar system too! Or this could just be a false flag deal to start and whip up another stupid war or worse WW4,etc.

  4. 23:05 here and still some hurluberlus blabbering on the channel, i’m really getting tired now… 🙁

  5. Hi MH, I almost didn`t get you on my pc. I missed the first 5 to 10 minutes and finally got the End of Days on Youtube. You were superb as always. Too bad we can`t see you on Youtube. Incidentally,you used to have your own radio show some time ago. What ever happened to that? Keep up the great work yo`re doing to get the message out,the more the merrier. Salome and Peace, Terry

  6. P.S. If you can`t find the article, it`s the first article down at the bottom lower bottom from In the News from c2c for Sunday July 16,2017 How can UFOs be hiding inside Saturn`s rings?

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