Hounding the Hucksters

Challenging another denier to debate the Billy Meier UFO case

It’s no secret to readers of this blog that my perspective of the so-called field of UFOlogy is that it’s mainly populated by poseurs, charlatans, frauds, pseudoscientists and outright profiteers, as well as their organizations like MUFON, Open Minds, exopolitics, etc. What other field that is actually deserving of scientific scrutiny, standards and protocols would allow such nonsense? And what other field – if it was conducted in accordance with the highest of scientific standards – would be worthier of them?

An Investigator in Name Only

A recent experience that reinforces this dim view is my interaction with Kevin Randle, who seems to specialize in all things Roswell…and the “UFO cover-up”. In my exchanges with him, I also provided this information from the Plejaren about Roswell, which he neither knew anything about, nor responded to. And, because he has a blog about MUFON, I also provided this, which he told me he didn’t agree with, though he didn’t say why.

I submitted comments to a couple of his blogs in which I also referred to the singular authenticity of the Meier case, along with some hyperbole about myself to liven things up. It turns out that Kevin “doesn’t believe” in the Meier case, which would be fine except what he means that he’s too lazy to actually have ever investigated the evidence himself and has relied on the idiocy of the UFO industry, and failed skeptics, to dissuade him from doing so.

Some researcher and investigator.

Perhaps it’s because he’s so invested in the dead-end narrative about Roswell, and selling his books, that it’s very unappealing to him to be confronted with…the real thing.

The Conspiracy of Cover-up

As is the case throughout the sham UFOlogy industry, those who wail loudly about a “cover-up” often are complicit in perpetuating it, since the only thing of importance being covered up is the singularly authentic of Billy Meier UFO contacts and its abundant, irreproducible physical and informational evidence.

Various scoundrels make noisy distractions with their hyperbolic, anecdotal, dead-end tales about Roswell, lights-in-the-sky, “alien abductions”, phony government hearings, etc., but not a one of them ever ponders the core question: If extraterrestrials have come here in their UFOs, what is the…reason?

As those who are familiar with the Meier case now know that it’s to help us assure our very threatened future survival …not for us to chase lights-in-the-sky, or to create careers for speakers and “experts”.

Time to Debate

Randle has now published a blog on the Meier case, to which I’ve submitted not only a response but also an invitation to publicly debate it, as I did with another profiteering promoter of the go-nowhere Roswell case, Stanton Friedman.

I’m sure Kevin will be more than happy and willing to engage in this debate.


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45 Replies to “Hounding the Hucksters”

  1. “I did note that Jerry had reported, “To prove their reality to skeptical human beings, Semjase [one of Meier’s alien women] said the Pleiadians would make their ‘beamships’ visible to Meier, in turn Meier was to take as many photographs as he could manage.”

    This struck me as silly because if the Pleiadians were interested in proving their existence to the skeptics, why not make their beamships visible to a huge crowd assembled for the purpose. With TV cameras rolling and hundreds taking pictures, that would pretty much prove the case… with one man taking the pictures at some secret location as some unspecified time without corroborating witnesses, the pictures themselves proved nothing.”

    — Just keep in mind these are Kevin’s thoughts.

    1. This to me is Kevin wanting some new “God” to be his Master and Saviour and to share their more advanced technology and weapons with him.
      We who have had the audacity to fly in the face of the believed way to be a good believer and to know that we don’t know everything and to actually read many pages of Contact Reports and Spiritual Teaching writings and look words up in a dictionary that we weren’t quite sure of or didn’t know at all and then think about all of the above, know what the revealing of the Plejaren beamships and their occupants to more than the Prophets has caused in the past.
      I couldn’t read all of his blog, I didn’t want to come out the other end stupider than when I went in. Looking at the comments I guess he will puff his chest out on the couple of people with his same lack of reading and thinking skills and never even know about the actual mission and come out of retirement in a few years to apply his murdering skills with absolutely no knowledge as to what caused this.
      These type of people used to make me angry, then I improved to only getting frustrated, now with a smile on my dial I learn from them a little bit more of how not to be!

      1. The UFO field is crammed full with these kind of people. And it’s important to say that they’re absolutely entitled to whatever beliefs and escapist entertainment they enjoy.

        My problem is the baseless attacks and spreading of disinformation – as if it had even a speck of truth and reality. The shamelessness of this dishonorable man to be spewing his ignorant accusations and, by his own admission, having done absolutely no research, having examined no evidence, analyses, etc., etc., is what I call out.

        These people are hucksters who pump out the nonsense and rehashed tales for which there is no remaining evidence. And that’s what they build their little careers on. When the truth is revealed it threatens them and their nice little game.

        Since Randle doesn’t post all my responses to him and others there, I’ll post them here for the record. This one was in response to others questioning if he was afraid to debate:

        “Of course he’s afraid. I announced the debate because it’s the right thing to do. Only a slimy coward would publish defamatory, untrue, cheap shot attacks on someone and not have the courage to defend those statements.

        This has going on for too many years, by the frauds and charlatans in this field, which is degraded to the point of idiocy with all of its phony experts and so-called contactees. Kevin Randall displays the lowest kind of arrogance and cynicism, disdaining to even learn the facts that he so carelessly attacks with other skeptics’ long defeated, unsubstantiated claims.

        I know this man, Billy Meier, personally. So, when some hack, who pedals Roswell, a non-story without a shred of available evidence, gratuitously attacks a friend, who I know to be honest beyond reproach, then the gauntlet must be thrown down.

        It’s amazing and ironic that this is the only actual evidence-rich, still ongoing UFO contact case and we these lowbrow, shallow people only want to make a buck peddling nonsense. So let Mr. Randall bring his big mouth and his ignorant point of view to the debate. I think that Rob McConnell will be glad to host it. And certainly Mr. Kimball is welcome to try to chime in with his own superficial, trendy and non-existent level of actual knowledge.”

        If people really knew the importance of this information to their own lives, they would be staggered, shocked and…outraged at the absolute farce that these imbeciles in the UFO industry have made of the entire matter.

        1. MH, Why are so many stupid people on this world o damn hung up on UFOs and religions,etc? Seems to me we`re still living in the Dark Ages,etc.

  2. “I expect that supporters of Kevin’s will have opposing, uninformed views, etc. So, I’m forwarding this as an email to Rob McConnell, who hosted the debate where poor Stanton Friedman took a bad licking for a similarly foolish, unsubstantiated, uninformed, ill-prepared position.”

    — Michael, is there an interview or transcript of this available? I wanna’ see it!

  3. The Roswell incident was interesting because it gave men of this earth the idea that “biological entities” could be grown. I guess that’s why the pig and spinach cross followed soon afterwards. If this is indeed the case then that means there are actually scientists that understand the entities were androids grown/created for that purpose and maybe THAT is what they are intending to keep secret from the rest of the world.

    Also Mercedes took the idea that light could be sent through “pipes” mimicking Selinite as found in the crystal caves of Mexico: http://www.beautifulworld.com/north-america/mexico/cave-of-the-crystals/ which also coincidentally was one of the gifts given by the three Kings of wisdom to the young Jmmanuel on the day of his birth.

    There is a lot to be interested in when studying a foreign culture creating a way to become inventive and to learn from their wisdom. I can see why folks want to study that case and see no other case due to the sheer mystery of the case.

    As a culture we tend to be complacent due to the technology that in part we derived from Roswell and that wealth of information and really that is NOT a good thing to be apathetic about learning so as to keep all the “secrets” to yourself and make money from them alone. I understand that but also love sharing information which this culture needs to do more of.

    For example Washington Post has released all kinds of black information to the tune of about fifty two BILLION dollars annually in this graphic: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/national/black-budget/. We pay for it with our taxes. 52.6 BILLION and folks cannot even buy a home or live on their paltry salary: amazing! No wonder they want to keep it quiet.

    You know, there is an old saying: Great minds think about ideas, mediocre minds: things and weak minds think about people.

    Using it against us in the case of electronic eavesdropping is another thing that is truly unfair.

    I can understand keeping some things away from the crazies that overreact and create fires so they can put them out. We all evolve at different rates.

    Billy has a nice way of putting it:

    smart aleck:
    If a man expresses the truth arising
    out of reality,
    then often comes
    an army of good-witters,
    who dispute the truth,
    to correct it
    according to
    their own taste , or
    to deny it unseemly.
    SSSC, February 28, 2015, 23.31 h, Billy


  4. It’s my understanding that the Plejaren are not interested in skeptics. Proving their reality is hardly the real reason for their contacts with Mr. Meier, it’s helping us get out of the delusional, religious, belief filled, way of life we are living. Our ignorance is the problem…Which will end in disaster if something doesn’t change. So they want to assist with expediting our consciousness evolution by showing us the end result of this way with the predictions and prophecies, and how to fix this big problem with the spiritual teaching. All the eye candy fluff is only to peak interest. After you move past this controversial part of the case, and dig into the contact notes and spiritual teaching, will the real proof of the authenticity of this case be found. The arrogance some of these skeptics wear with pride, is comical. Super advanced inter dimensional beings need to prove their existence to us ignorant, heartless, violent, liars… Smh… They could hardly care less if this man “believes” in them or anyone else that is having a hard time “believing” in this case. Just another prime example of how damaged we as a people are. With scientifically proven facts, deep thinking, and reasoning over facts / information can one ever find truth in anything. It’s not going to be served to us on a silver platter. They’re here to assist us, not do it for us. I respect his objection to the case, but I don’t respect why he does. I’ve yet to hear or read from anyone that thoroughly understands this case, and still has a problem with it. All I read and see are childish attempts of debunking. As much as he’s wrong, Mahesh may be close to someone who somewhat knows a lot about this case and still tries debunking it. And weather he likes it or not, his attempts at this have all been addressed with facts from the case. No disrespect.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show MH! Always great to hear you discuss this and I really hope you get some really good challenges from him and his fans. The questions of the skeptics need to be addressed and discussed. Only through healthy debating/conversation can anything really get resolved….

    1. Hi Adrian,

      I certainly welcome the questions and challenges. If people offer them, then there’s the opportunity to explain and possibly clear up a LOT of misinformation, etc.

  5. Jedaiah, simply put the Plejarens (not pleidians) are aware that the military and criminals would attempt to ambush and seize the crafts something to note they’re THOUSANDS of years advanced from us they had working stations on earth till 1995 (Apollo 13 was released that year..I would have traded the contact notes and the teachings over a stupid Peggy Bundy rerun any day..I was about 26 years old when discovered all this), they have a thorough and rational idea of outcome(s) if they were make a large public landing. To add that their was supposedly a open contact that was to happen in the US (because it had largest communications in early 2000’s however for obvious reasons (gulf wars/wars/gelwat the idea was abandoned. (Official Contact Report 251, Friday, February 03, 1995).

    1. “To add that their was supposedly a open contact that was to happen in the US (because it had largest communications in early 2000’s however for obvious reasons (gulf wars/wars/gelwat the idea was abandoned. (Official Contact Report 251, Friday, February 03, 1995).”—-That is outrageous! I mean the US shadow government. See what it has done to the entire earth humanity! We lost the only chance to witness the landing of Plejarens and we will be never able to! Because I remember Quatzel said after year 2029 they would leave earth and will never enter our space time dimension ever again!

      1. I wish I had gone to Edmonton last week to habitats for humanity to ask former president Carter if he regretted not taking Billy up on his offer in the late ’70s.

  6. I heard the Plejarens don`t use beam ships and motherships anymore thanks to Asket`s people from Timers The Plejarens use stargates instead. This makes me wonder what they will do with all those beamships and mothership that are no longer being used now that the Plejarens from Erra are combining with Asket`s people from Timers,these two worlds might just combine to become one big ultra-superworld. Frankly I really like the idea of Erra and Timers becoming one nice big world now that they both share and combine their technologies and timeline together. I personally like the idea of those two world combining and working together to save lives and so on etc,etc,etc.

  7. Regarding Randolph Winters, why do people state his statements are “another winters tale!” regarding allegations of Winters making things up regarding the Meier material? I have on my book shelf his book “The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness”, published some time ago now, which in my opinion has a lot of good information regarding the Meier material. Did he fall out of favour with the Figu? Was he found out to be making exaggerated remarks regarding the case and if so where is the proof of him doing this.

    I would have thought that after him actively researching the Meier material and then publishing a book on his findings in a positive light then why would he lie about things…what is it he has gained in doing that?


    1. Randy was an excellent speaker and presenter who, for whatever reasons, started to change the information, insert exaggerated, false, made up info, etc.

      The problem was this mixing of the facts as he knew them and his own creations, fantasies, etc.

      I was Randy’s “opening act”, doing New Age comedy songs before he’d speak. Then I’d sit in the audience with everyone else to listen to his presentations. I started to think, “Hey, that’s not in the information…” or “Where’d he get that from?”, etc. So I decided to do my own presentations and Randy was kind enough to give me some slides (pre-computer days) to show, etc.

      1. Ah thank you Michael for that, glad to have a clearer explanation. Just wanted to see and to be honest to make sure that the information in his book is, and dare i say it, 99% correct with a sprinkling of theatre…so to speak. Don’t know what he is doing these days but I hope he is well.

        Need to order some books from the site and for the CD of Spiritual Teachings and the book on Spiritual Teaching..to be set back to good old UK

        Salome and hope you and your daughter are doing well these days too.


          1. All done, purchased the new Talmud and the Spiritual Teaching DVD. Cannot wait to start learning although I have the original (not in parchment) book of the Talmud.

            Thank you for your help and guidance Michael, glad to hear your both ok. Fingers crossed one day I could see you present here in the UK.


  8. Well maybe we could do a crowd funding page and get you over here. We could feed you up on crumpets and tea and send you on your merry way afterwards 3 stone heavier hehe.



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