As Things Heat Up

Recent developments in the Billy Meier UFO case

I recently had call from a retired federal OSI investigator, who I’ve been in contact with since January 2017. He’s also a retired police detective, with a long career overall in law enforcement and investigation.

When he originally contacted me, he was very skeptical of the Meier case. This conversation was therefore quite interesting because…he was the one telling me that Meier’s evidence from 1964 in India – which was written up by a credible reporter in a prominent newspaper – was one of the strongest pieces of evidence he’d ever seen.

Since I’m also familiar with the rather ancient kind of camera Meier used, of course I concurred. While only about 11 of the original 80 photographs that the reporter had seen and commented about remain, they are quite good, with the one where the hologram of a cross was generated above Meier’s head being mind-blowing. It was indeed one that the reporter had also described…53 years ago.

Additionally, this man said that while he had also initially doubted Phobol Cheng’s account of the UFOs, etc., he now had considered a number of other factors and concluded that she, too, was most likely telling the truth.

Interview with Michael Decon

Here is the link to the new interview I did with Michael Decon. Before the original video (with a total of 7,000+ views) was removed, someone asked a very sensible question, i.e. what can one do about all of these things occurring and those that still will occur?

The answer is to study the spiritual teaching, which will hopefully make sense to, or at least be tested out by, those who are truly concerned.

Now that may sound like no answer at all to some people, when what they’re hoping for is to know exactly when and where certain events will occur and exactly where the best places to survive them will be.

So why should we study the spiritual teaching to try to deal with outer world events? The reason is that only by going inward can we find the real and true answers to help us guide ourselves through the ever-increasing challenges of the outer world, in ways that are consistent with true peace, love, freedom and harmony. And this holds true in times of so-called ordinary, as well as extraordinary events.

It isn’t simply a matter of deciding where to live, how to make a living, etc. It’s a matter of developing the relationship with our own inner being and wisdom that can help guide us to essentially know how to live and not be simply externally preoccupied, materialistic creatures.

We are now asking these questions and having these external events and experiences because we have, for far too long, surrendered the responsibility for our own lives over to external forces, like religion and politics. For many millennia, human beings have been taught to turn over lives and personal power to imaginary gods, saviors and saints, and very failed and false leaders. Because of this we’ve also lost touch with nature and its laws.

This has resulted in our stupidly overpopulating and clogging up the planet with far too many human beings, domesticated animals, etc., with the associated manifold, manmade, negative consequences now piling up on us.

Now the first signs of desperation, and even despair, are appearing among people who are accurately sensing that there are real reasons for grave concern. This will only be compounded by those who will panic, lose control over themselves and react fearfully.

Turning inward to find the answers helps us reconnect and reawaken to what Meier calls “the good human nature”. It also guides and inspires us to seek out, and attract, others who are like-minded and like-valued. Many of us should’ve been doing this a long time ago and, certainly, there are those who indeed have been doing so. Now is the time to reevaluate the way we live, feel and act, to get ourselves in a better state of consciousness, before some of these mega-events actually do occur.

More New Interviews

Here’s a charming new interview with Billy Meier and Michelle DellaFave, by Suzy Mezoly, who’s also hosting the Multiple Realities event in NYC, where I will also be presenting. The interview helps to explain certain things about the controversy around the Asket and Nera photographs, and gives some nice insights into Billy Meier and his life.

Michael Horn Debates the Lies of Kevin Randle

Speaking of heating up, there will be a debate between Michael Horn and Kevin Randle about the lies and defamatory statements by Randle, regarding the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, on the ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network, hosted by Rob McConnell.

The show will air Monday, July 17, 2017, at 11:00 PM EST

More Censorship

I tried to post this comment here:

“A man named Billy Meier specifically predicted worldwide Islamist terrorism…in 1958. He also predicted the fall of France and much of Europe to radical Islam…in 1981 and 1987. Easy to verify.”

See if you can get it posted.


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  1. P.S. “My past reincarnations were just AWFUL so I just DON`T want to even remember them. That`s what my Reki instructor told me back in 1998!” Sorry about that. To this very day for me life is just a struggle!!!

  2. Thanks MH I had a really bad nightmare the other night about my arms and legs being cut off in the hospital and they put metal electrodes in my scalp head and that was worse than living in a Frankenstine world on a conveyor belt uh!

    1. P.S. “I don`t want spend the rest of my life like that nightmare in a hospital dying for dear life and I don`t want to be turned into half machine half human borg ethier!!!” Just how scary can things get on such a barbaric savage world called earth. Things are starting to not only heat up but aalso things are starting to get very scarey too!!!

  3. Hi Michael, I trust your in fine fettle… Just thought I would pass on the following (as future corraboration for Billy ) On BBC World news today ( u.k. 19th ) there are 2 articles you may want to read 1) about a Mr Alexander Horn a detective with the Munich / Bavarian police tasked to investigate ‘OETZI’ and his findings thus far… and another entitled ‘Quake hunters’ in India, and that geologists have linked over 100 quakes to dams being built…
    Anyway enjoy your day Buddy, and all the best Gary

      1. Sorry Michael, I have no clue how to do that (provide links that is ) I really am embrionic in my computer knowledge, also no nothing about facebook, twitter, etc etc… so can only advise you or your daughter look it up, or perhaps someone else be kind enough to supply you with said ‘links’ All the best…

  4. Hi Michael, seems like the interview video has been removed from Youtube by its owner. Any idea what’s up with that?

      1. It appears that this is still removed by the user which strikes me as strange after I previously watched the entire interview two days ago. Shadow Governments at work here!

        1. My mistake the video is still up. Head to the “LOVENOWMOVEMENTS” Channel on YouTube to see the interview there.

  5. It should be added to study the one and only: TRUE spiritual teaching so as not to confuse it with those other confusing untrue teachings… whose followers say one thing then do another.

    Was just in Disneyland, a place that was once only an idea in one man’s mind and while sitting at a bench at Griffith Park Walt decided to go ahead use the imagination of Hollywoodland at the time and create a park for children as well as adults and Disneyland was born. He took his imagination and turned it into the reality and consciousness to be utilized by many and optimized many of our lives in a positive way. The power of creation comes from first an idea, then knowledge, then recognizing and utilizing that knowledge to become; wisdom and then the power or might to create from a thought. It is not just imagination, that is the stepping stone to wisdom and then might.

    We can change our environment for the positive by being neutral, reading the true spiritual teaching (there is only one) and leading by example. We cannot make change by complaining about things and politicians for making our lives miserable, we have to take responsibility for ourselves and decide how we can optimize our lives to the most neutral and thoughtful result by logic and reason, a force-able force-less-ness so-to-speak.

    Many are mired in the muck by false ideas purpetrated by those unable to change; by just a news comment rather than true-ly looking at their lives, utilizing their limitations and strengths and producing a life which is more conducive to themselves, learning, cognating, recognizing, utilizing and then being happy about the work of improving their own lives while helping others to do the same in a fulfilling way. That is happiness. Honor your work, honor your parents and enjoy the life you are creating. Stop blaming others for your downfalls and failures in responsibility and take the reigns of your own life and grow in wisdom and mighty-ness.


  6. LOL! MH is “a guy” that talks about Billy Meier!

    I am starting to wonder how many “people” are out there that know about The Mission and know that BEAM has been “dead on” all along and are waiting for their 15min of “fame” or opportunity to “lord” it over those that they think deserve it; just when the “United” States aren’t so United? Revenge, Retaliation, & Retribution! I mean, we are talking about an “(((Americanised)))” or largely “(((American)))”-affected planet here. I mean, Jeremia “predicted”, not “prophesied”!, but if you don’t want to accept anything Quetzal or ANY TRUE PROPHET has disseminated, don’t worry your pretty little head about it!
    [I just turned off a Katherine Heigl movie; to rejoin the real world; at the 42min mark because she thinks it’s OK to portray a nasty, deceitful, revengeful piece of work in, Unforgettable (2017), it’s horse sh*t . Remember her from 61 episodes of the TV series, “Roswell”, LOL!
    What?, $25million…ish isn’t enough to keep one away from the horse sh*t? Decadence… The lessons seem so hard to ‘earn.]

    You can purchase a very nice, fertile (plenty of horse sh*t) and large property for around $1million Australian dollars near Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (just west of the top of the Great Dividing Range), and if “they” nuke Amberley RAAF Base, the westerly winds should protect it! And I can’t remember the last time one of our “protectors” shot one of you Ahmerrycans, I think it last happened before I was born, during WWIII! (Only it was an Australian that was, yet again, murdered!) You know, defending oneself and one’s country, NO? I DIDN’T THINK SO!!! (I am not saying she was on the right side of neutrality, I mean, why are you taking someone else’s name “before” marriage? Trying to hide something?)
    Best of luck over there on the other side of the Pacific, north of the equator!

    Don’t forget your daily diet of The Spiritual Teaching.

    – The Silent Revolution Of Truth –

  7. Suzy’s interview was very interesting and enjoyable to watch. She has a good camera to get such a good looking You Tube video. I am now listening to your Coast to Coast interview MH.

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