Recent developments in the Billy Meier UFO case

I recently had call from a retired federal OSI investigator, who I’ve been in contact with since January 2017. He’s also a retired police detective, with a long career overall in law enforcement and investigation.

When he originally contacted me, he was very skeptical of the Meier case. This conversation was therefore quite interesting because…he was the one telling me that Meier’s evidence from 1964 in India – which was written up by a credible reporter in a prominent newspaper – was one of the strongest pieces of evidence he’d ever seen.

Since I’m also familiar with the rather ancient kind of camera Meier used, of course I concurred. While only about 11 of the original 80 photographs that the reporter had seen and commented about remain, they are quite good, with the one where the hologram of a cross was generated above Meier’s head being mind-blowing. It was indeed one that the reporter had also described…53 years ago.

Additionally, this man said that while he had also initially doubted Phobol Cheng’s account of the UFOs, etc., he now had considered a number of other factors and concluded that she, too, was most likely telling the truth.

Interview with Michael Decon

Here is the link to the new interview I did with Michael Decon. Before the original video (with a total of 7,000+ views) was removed, someone asked a very sensible question, i.e. what can one do about all of these things occurring and those that still will occur?

The answer is to study the spiritual teaching, which will hopefully make sense to, or at least be tested out by, those who are truly concerned.

Now that may sound like no answer at all to some people, when what they’re hoping for is to know exactly when and where certain events will occur and exactly where the best places to survive them will be.

So why should we study the spiritual teaching to try to deal with outer world events? The reason is that only by going inward can we find the real and true answers to help us guide ourselves through the ever-increasing challenges of the outer world, in ways that are consistent with true peace, love, freedom and harmony. And this holds true in times of so-called ordinary, as well as extraordinary events.

It isn’t simply a matter of deciding where to live, how to make a living, etc. It’s a matter of developing the relationship with our own inner being and wisdom that can help guide us to essentially know how to live and not be simply externally preoccupied, materialistic creatures.

We are now asking these questions and having these external events and experiences because we have, for far too long, surrendered the responsibility for our own lives over to external forces, like religion and politics. For many millennia, human beings have been taught to turn over lives and personal power to imaginary gods, saviors and saints, and very failed and false leaders. Because of this we’ve also lost touch with nature and its laws.

This has resulted in our stupidly overpopulating and clogging up the planet with far too many human beings, domesticated animals, etc., with the associated manifold, manmade, negative consequences now piling up on us.

Now the first signs of desperation, and even despair, are appearing among people who are accurately sensing that there are real reasons for grave concern. This will only be compounded by those who will panic, lose control over themselves and react fearfully.

Turning inward to find the answers helps us reconnect and reawaken to what Meier calls “the good human nature”. It also guides and inspires us to seek out, and attract, others who are like-minded and like-valued. Many of us should’ve been doing this a long time ago and, certainly, there are those who indeed have been doing so. Now is the time to reevaluate the way we live, feel and act, to get ourselves in a better state of consciousness, before some of these mega-events actually do occur.

More New Interviews

Here’s a charming new interview with Billy Meier and Michelle DellaFave, by Suzy Mezoly, who’s also hosting the Multiple Realities event in NYC, where I will also be presenting. The interview helps to explain certain things about the controversy around the Asket and Nera photographs, and gives some nice insights into Billy Meier and his life.

Michael Horn Debates the Lies of Kevin Randle

Speaking of heating up, there will be a debate between Michael Horn and Kevin Randle about the lies and defamatory statements by Randle, regarding the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, on the ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network, hosted by Rob McConnell.

The show will air Monday, July 17, 2017, at 11:00 PM EST

More Censorship

I tried to post this comment here:

“A man named Billy Meier specifically predicted worldwide Islamist terrorism…in 1958. He also predicted the fall of France and much of Europe to radical Islam…in 1981 and 1987. Easy to verify.”

See if you can get it posted.


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67 comments on “As Things Heat Up

  • Thanks Michael for the reminder of going inward and tapping to our good human nature. I find that this is the only way for me to live now. I simplified my life greatly. What’s interesting before is not interesting anymore.
    What I find amazing with people is that when one is living out of town in an acreage, they posed the question ” Are you not afraid to live alone? or don’t you find it too far to drive to get to work? or are you not lonely?” and many more fear mongering questions or statement.
    What they don’t realized is when a person lives in peace, harmony, love, joy, these same energies are also extended to nature and the planet. Generating these energies are much more pleasant. People feel that when they enter that realm of space. People say it’s like living in paradise.
    Human mind are busy chattering. There’s no chance to rest and contemplate on their life’s purpose especially if one is involve in religion or politics etc. I even heard a comment they like going to church because they enjoy going to. I guess it’s a social club and if they like to hear the nonsensical sermon or their priest/pastor. This is also true on funeral service. It makes me feel weak inside because there is a continuous control pattern on the human consciousness. The sermon of total submission to this imaginary god, “that he knows best on why he/she died”. Then they go to church to pray for something that needs a good outcome. They even go as far as fasting for several days to appease the god. Then the outcome of the prayer is totally opposite on what was prayed another excuse comes up: “god has abandoned me” or something else. Oh my…when will this illusion ends. Religion impairs the consciousness and psyche.

    • Hi Dolly, I live alone and I* don`t even believe in prayers anymore no matter how positive prayers may be. I try to meditate when ever I can using my breath most of the time. If my breath is shallow due to airborn allergies then I just do what MH suggest,think of the world Salome or Peace, Flower,Sun etc,you get the picture. Fortunately MY co-opl installed trees which helps lessen the negativity but I just wish my landlord would put up solar panel collectors,etc!

      • It will be really nice if we can get off the grid and be self reliant. But I’m sure the government will still find a way to tax on people. There will always be a loophole in the system.
        It’s really a privileged to be living with nature. There’s so much to be thankful for. I know I affect my surrounding in a great way. It’s more than a way of life. I call my space Meditation Chamber.

        • I just finished watching the interview of Billy with Michelle Della Fave. I hope this brings clarity with the Asket and Nera photograph fiasco. Thank goodness she has stepped forward. I’m sure she is also affected by this negative publicity that went around for so long without her knowledge. It’s wonderful to hear Billy spoke in English. And Christian Frehner there as well. So much info that it’s worth watching it again. Thanks Michael for sharing that.

  • I agree with you Dolly and Terry. I live way out of town in a small village here in the UK. It takes me an hour to drive to work, and I am sure that I have more important things to do with my life than work (or the work i do to pay the bills anyway). Even as a child I could never understand why we need money to pay for things like food, water, energy etc etc. I remember from the contact notes that Billy was told by the PJ’s that we are the only planet that they know of who uses money as some form of transactional use. Makes you think doesn’t it.

    • Hi Gordon, unfortunately the use of money is not going away anytime soon even in 800 years time when humanity becomes peaceful and loving beings. I remember reading from a contact report that money will still be use even at 2000 years into the future because humans are addicted (lack of better word) to profit. When will humanity learn that as we shed our physical bodies that we dont bring anything with us materialy…that’s anyone’s guess.

      • Wow I didn’t know that Dolly. Why would we still use money 2000 years from now, it doesn’t make sense. Surely we would understand in that time that money and the bartering system is beyond all comprehension. And only a few would profit from their misery, I hope that by that time we as a race will negate the need for money or the need to own things that we don’t need.

        Salome and peace.


  • Hi Michael

    Seems like your interview with Mr. Deacon has been deleted from Youtube. I’d like to listen to the interview, do you know where I could get a hold of it?

  • Good interview, Michael, you really ripped the phonies a new one. 😉

    Michelle seems to be a really nice person, a bit too much into esoteric nonsense maybe, but very charming. Hopefully she and Suzy will get rid of their beliefs and start studying the spiritual teaching.

    • G’Day and Salome Ashton,
      I just wanted to acknowledge you and your Dad!
      As you know, we have a lot to learn about us, we have plenty of time on our side; take it easy on the unknowing ones by knowing that they will learn in their own time; play nice and lovingly with them, for your own cause and effect. You are the smith of your destiny!
      – The Silent Revolution Of Truth –

  • Thank you, MH.
    “Go within, or go without.”
    Thanks also for reminding me that when I go within and focus on the positive and good human nature and relationship with Creation I will experience the same in my outer world.
    No more”doom and gloom” climate change is killing us all. I’m done with that.
    I only want the inner journey that leads to peace and harmony with nature.
    And I’m going to make a serious effort to turn off the negative influences, such as television.
    Your post is spot on 100% right. Now is the time for self-discovery and spiritual progress.
    Who knows? It might even help in the next experience of evolution.

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