Recent developments in the Billy Meier UFO case

I recently had call from a retired federal OSI investigator, who I’ve been in contact with since January 2017. He’s also a retired police detective, with a long career overall in law enforcement and investigation.

When he originally contacted me, he was very skeptical of the Meier case. This conversation was therefore quite interesting because…he was the one telling me that Meier’s evidence from 1964 in India – which was written up by a credible reporter in a prominent newspaper – was one of the strongest pieces of evidence he’d ever seen.

Since I’m also familiar with the rather ancient kind of camera Meier used, of course I concurred. While only about 11 of the original 80 photographs that the reporter had seen and commented about remain, they are quite good, with the one where the hologram of a cross was generated above Meier’s head being mind-blowing. It was indeed one that the reporter had also described…53 years ago.

Additionally, this man said that while he had also initially doubted Phobol Cheng’s account of the UFOs, etc., he now had considered a number of other factors and concluded that she, too, was most likely telling the truth.

Interview with Michael Decon

Here is the link to the new interview I did with Michael Decon. Before the original video (with a total of 7,000+ views) was removed, someone asked a very sensible question, i.e. what can one do about all of these things occurring and those that still will occur?

The answer is to study the spiritual teaching, which will hopefully make sense to, or at least be tested out by, those who are truly concerned.

Now that may sound like no answer at all to some people, when what they’re hoping for is to know exactly when and where certain events will occur and exactly where the best places to survive them will be.

So why should we study the spiritual teaching to try to deal with outer world events? The reason is that only by going inward can we find the real and true answers to help us guide ourselves through the ever-increasing challenges of the outer world, in ways that are consistent with true peace, love, freedom and harmony. And this holds true in times of so-called ordinary, as well as extraordinary events.

It isn’t simply a matter of deciding where to live, how to make a living, etc. It’s a matter of developing the relationship with our own inner being and wisdom that can help guide us to essentially know how to live and not be simply externally preoccupied, materialistic creatures.

We are now asking these questions and having these external events and experiences because we have, for far too long, surrendered the responsibility for our own lives over to external forces, like religion and politics. For many millennia, human beings have been taught to turn over lives and personal power to imaginary gods, saviors and saints, and very failed and false leaders. Because of this we’ve also lost touch with nature and its laws.

This has resulted in our stupidly overpopulating and clogging up the planet with far too many human beings, domesticated animals, etc., with the associated manifold, manmade, negative consequences now piling up on us.

Now the first signs of desperation, and even despair, are appearing among people who are accurately sensing that there are real reasons for grave concern. This will only be compounded by those who will panic, lose control over themselves and react fearfully.

Turning inward to find the answers helps us reconnect and reawaken to what Meier calls “the good human nature”. It also guides and inspires us to seek out, and attract, others who are like-minded and like-valued. Many of us should’ve been doing this a long time ago and, certainly, there are those who indeed have been doing so. Now is the time to reevaluate the way we live, feel and act, to get ourselves in a better state of consciousness, before some of these mega-events actually do occur.

More New Interviews

Here’s a charming new interview with Billy Meier and Michelle DellaFave, by Suzy Mezoly, who’s also hosting the Multiple Realities event in NYC, where I will also be presenting. The interview helps to explain certain things about the controversy around the Asket and Nera photographs, and gives some nice insights into Billy Meier and his life.

Michael Horn Debates the Lies of Kevin Randle

Speaking of heating up, there will be a debate between Michael Horn and Kevin Randle about the lies and defamatory statements by Randle, regarding the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, on the ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network, hosted by Rob McConnell.

The show will air Monday, July 17, 2017, at 11:00 PM EST

More Censorship

I tried to post this comment here:

“A man named Billy Meier specifically predicted worldwide Islamist terrorism…in 1958. He also predicted the fall of France and much of Europe to radical Islam…in 1981 and 1987. Easy to verify.”

See if you can get it posted.


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67 comments on “As Things Heat Up

  • Hi Paul, Try watching some positive videos on Youtube instead of watching the news on TV. All I want is the weather report. Other then that I just read the news from Democracy NO! and Check Coast to Coast AM for the first few minutes and if the topic interest me I listen to c2c. Then I check Star Trek News even if I`m not a fanatic. Then I check out my favorite ballet dancer since I spent 25 years studying and going to the ballet,etc Then I meditate mostly on the Youtube with ambient space,ambient nature all with music mostly classical and relax to meditate and then do research on Science mostly cosmology and medicine, the aging problem due to the fact that we`re missing a third strand RNA and or DNA and stem cell research? Well at least you can find more on the internet than you can find on TV. I try to stay positive,that`s why I li8ke to watch ballet videos after all is set and done. Also good music helps too such as classical,light classical, easy music,soundscape music on TV since there are no interruptions of news and TV commercials unlike CDs you have to change and turn over like tpaes and the old fashion LPs.

  • The infernos also coming true. British Columbia news shows 98,000 hectare forest fire, it’s been burning for over a week now if I recall right.

  • Man, is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong with that Suzy Meszoly character? Channeling, acceded masters and all that bullshit? Honestly, I admire the patience Billy and Christian has for people like that. But she is a nutty wannabe wallaby guru. Why do these crazy people always flock to Americaland?

    Michelle DellaFave, on the on hand, seems to be quite normal and genuinely interested. Interesting video though. I think Billy’s got a great sense of humor. A true legend.

    • How funny was the look on Eduard’s face after licking the gold flake off his hand 🙂 And Christian’s comment of an extra year of life! LOL.
      At least they now have Goblet Of The Truth!

    • Jacobus, I just saw the video very objectively I might add. Billy…is hilarious the oddest momments to me at least was when michelle offered a “healing crystal”…to BEAM. Suzy throwing a few “praise God” in the kitchen was kinda weird. BUT…it’s was still overall good heathly thing to do. What an amazing reconciliation. Here’s my personal opinion with the Asket photo (of her only with her long ears other words the picture of Asket by herself ) clearly the diameters of her face are different as well as the expressional mannerism of Asket are different to Suzies. I think it took alot of courage on Suzies behalf to see BEAM concerning the issue and clearing the air. But Asket without me throwing to many roses at her. I respectfully can say Asket facial expressions to me at least exemply a person of decernment and strength. On the other hand the facial expressions of Suzy from that era seem rather polar opposites. Just my opinion

        • And that is why I have to visit the center, and, or, we need more recent interviews! He really is an example of the spiritual teaching. Makes me smile every time. You can feel the radiance projecting; just from a simple look, a simple gesture.

          Makes you think about all the projected madness we have on televised communications (internet; youtube, TV etc.) and the hatred being pushed / projected, then you see something like this, and it’s just the complete opposite. There’s warmth here, you know? Love.

          • Actually, what we need even more is to remember that saying about “teaching by example”. We have a wonderful example being taught to us about the way to live, by someone who genuinely lives that way.

            Now we need to study, learning embody that lesson, thereby teaching by example ourselves. Less can be more when we grasp what we are being taught.

  • Hi MH Do you have the link to Michelle Della Face interview with Billy and CF? I`d like to see it on youtube if you have it. Thanks Salome Terry

  • As Things Heat Up, Michael Horn incinerates the latest member of the “Debunker of the Month” club, and physics dot org publishes “Manmade aerosols identified as driver in shifting global rainfall patterns” article…. Need to cool off? Perhaps you will take a cool and refreshing drink from the Goblet of the Truth, worth every petro dollar they are asking for it…and then some.

  • I wrote a snail mail to a friend in Moscow a week ago suggesting an exchange of cultures between the US and Russia in the hopes of lessening the tensions between the 2 countries and easing the hatred between Russia and the US using culture,history,music,arts and so on bot NOT money,politics, corporatisms and so on in the hope that a cultural exchange of ideas might help lessen and ease hatetred and tensions so we can finally have peace on Earth. this was and is a thought I had a week ago and it`s just something we should all think about not just in opera and ballet but in other eras too. I don`t think I`ll get a reply but it`s just a thought I had and it`s something to think about. After all if Hilary Clinton were president we`de all be dead by now. Think about that. Peace and Salome, Terry

  • Hi Michael just a quick question. I have meditated before but i am absolutely positive that i did it wrong, was wondering if maybe you could give me some pointers please. While in a meditated states is their something i should focus on or just sit and try to stay thoughtless? Also When someone says to search inside yourself for the answer how does one know the answer? That’s a little confusing to me. Will my conscious say thats the answer? Just trying to understand how to properly meditate and i am assuming you meditate the correct way because you have talked with billy for years so I imagine he has in someway shown you or told you how this is done thank you.

    • Hi Justin,

      I don’t feel at all qualified to teach people a specific way to meditate. I think that it’s safe to say, however, until one finds a particular meditation, for example in the Meier material, spiritual teaching, etc., that one can do something like this:

      Sit upright. Relax your hands on your lap/upper legs. With eyes open or closed, breathe naturally and simply follow/pay attention to your breath going in and out of your nose. Don’t force anything or try to have particular kind of experience, sensations, etc. Just be as neutral as possible and follow your breath flowing in and out. This can also be done standing, etc.

      I’m pretty sure that there are people participating on the blog who know of a number of different meditations from Meier’s material. There are some in the book, the Psyche, for instance ( and some that can be found online.

      The way in which one comes to get answers from inside themselves is unique to each person and their own consciousness. So rather than say that it happens this way, or that way, I can say that be stilling ourselves in a natural way, without forcing results, each of us “connects” with the inner process. It’s a kind of you’ll-know-it-when-it-happens thing, and it won’t be nearly as mysterious as even that may sound.

        • Hi Justin,

          Here are some really good links about meditation:

          There are different meditations for every type of situation, e.g., the 77 meditations I find very effective when out and about, walking, etc., for making surprisingly quick positive-neutral conscious changes (for me) in a day or two. I pick 1 line from the 77 that I really need, memorise it and repeat that in my mind for 5 minutes, concentrating on the words. Very effective.

          Hope you don’t mind, but, any reason you don’t use your real name?

    • Candle meditation (focus on the candle flame and be passive aggressive with thoughts in other words if impulsive thoughts come to mind, disregard the impulsive thoughts and simply focus on the burning flame). My brother Dominic had a setback in the past he was living with me for at 2-3 months or so. During the time of visit it was mostly I helped him get orientated few things. One was this meditation.

      • I don’t think the term “passive aggressive” is correct here. The teaching is about developing…neutral-positive thinking.

      • Meditating for roughly half a decade, I can tell you the best way to start is by honing and focusing on a singular thought — which is generally why candles work for starters; focusing on it for 5 minutes and just inserting one word (IE: “Sun”) is how I started.

        Once the training wheels are set and you’ve developed your mind into singular thinking, you can remove the “sun” part and use the developed focus to concentrate on nothing.

        Bit by bit, you increase the time interval – 5 min, 10 min and eventually 20 min.

        Be patient. Find a calm environment or use meditation frequencies / soft music if necessary. Takes a while to master meditation and even years in, it still requires tremendous concentration and well placed effort.

  • Hi MH I didn`t know you can meditate stand up but when I can`t really focus and are in the opposite of relaxing then I just meditate looking at photos of nature and or space on Youtube and eventually I`ll finally relax close my eyes with the music volume every low and literally get an empty feeling of loss of time and space. I don`t set a specific time to meditate sometimes 20,30, even an hour or more at most 90 minutes. I try to meditate at least once a day but mostly twice a depending on my schedule and how busy I am but I try to get in at least once a day at least but I don`t keep a time schedul I just maditate here I can find the time to meditate when ever I have tree time but I try to get it in somehow.

    • Hi Terry,

      There are lots of ways and kinds of meditation. Meier has also said that we can meditate while we do different things during the day, working, etc.; some may call this a form of concentration, etc.

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