Threats from a Neo-Nazi


Things wouldn’t have gone this far without support of “UFO researchers and investigators”

The internet has made it easy for people of low, or no, character to hurl libelous, defamatory claims and statements against innocent people with impunity. This is done not only on blogs and forums, etc., but in abundance on sites like YouTube.

The Billy Meier UFO case is of course a frequent target for such vile actions. While paling in seriousness and danger to the 23 assassination attempts on Meier’s life, they perpetuate the false, unsubstantiated charges against the case.

A recent example is that of Kevin Randle, who plastered his blog with false claims and attacks that he, admittedly and shamelessly, copied from long refuted and debunked skeptics. Randle’s behavior was cowardly enough since, despite his decades as a so-called “UFO researcher”, he’d never done any actual research into Meier’s evidence.

The Neo-Nazi

It’s one thing to just be a phony and an incompetent, but it’s quite another to be a neo-Nazi, anti-Semite who spews vile attacks anonymously…and then threatens a law suit for exposing him. Such is the case with Mr. Silvio Santini, who masquerades under the name Magic (and possibly other names) on YouTube.

I recently received a number of emails from Mr. Santini claiming that he isn’t the same person as Magic and threatening that, unless I remove my public comments identifying him, he will sue me. We exchanged numerous emails where I provided various links, etc., that seemed to indicate that they were, in fact, the same person. I asked him to provide me with a sworn, notarized statement to the contrary, where after I would remove, and apologize for, my comments.

Sunday morning, I received another email demanding my retraction and again threatening legal action. Talk about irony and cowardice (and chutzpah!), a defamer who considers it…defamatory to reveal his defamation and identity.

I have sent the following below to Mr. Santini…complete with Mr. Santini’s threats “to take you and Meiers cult out once and for all” and his request to Bob Wiegand to arrange a visit to FIGU, specifically, “A day with the least amount of traffic/visitors and an empty parking lot is certainly preferred.”:

“Mr. Santini,

We are prepared to do make the following public statement and publish it on my blog (with the photos):

‘The person who posts defamatory comments under the names Magic, Oliver, Jo Weiss, etc., is not Silvio Santini (photo bottom left) but actually Silvio Solaris (photo bottom right), who is obviously a completely different person, bearing absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to Mr. Santini.

It is Mr. Solaris who is associated with the anonymous person Magic who is indeed a degenerate, racist, pro-Nazi, anti-Semite, etc., and the author of comments like:

Magic2 months ago (edited)

The pedophile huckster and mongoloid Michael Horn is trying to challenge a man who is waaaay beyond the scam and game he is pulling. Well…good luck Mike ‘the impotent midget kike’…>You never know what is gonna be around the next corner… :-)) Btw. I am not Silvio` lol…. I am so much ahead of this game to take you and Meiers cult out once and for all you have no idea -:))

Magic3 months ago (edited)

Christian Bachinger I challenge you because Meier is full of SHIT. He protects the Zionist agenda of a one world government. He NEVER mentions that ISIS is a creation of the CIA and Mossad to destabilize the middle east. Wonder why? Ever heard of greater Israel?

It is also a mere coincidence that Mr. Santini and Magic are cameramen, cinematographers, etc. Obviously Mr. Santini couldn’t be Solaris/Magic because Magic endorses pro-Nazi sites like

Further, the following email to former Navy Seal, Bob Wiegand, is also obviously from someone impersonating Mr. Santini:

From: Silvio Santini []

Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 1:50 AM

To: WiegandsFiles

Subject: Billy Meier / Control Pictures

Dear Bob Wiegand,

I hope you are well and in great spirits.

I posted my comments at your youtube channel as ‘Magic’ in regards to Billy Meier and Michael Horn.

Mr. Horn said: “Skeptics are always welcome to visit Meier”. So I would appreciate it if you can schedule a date about the second week of May with FIGU to visit Meiers property for some control pictures.

A day with the least amount of traffic/visitors and an empty parking lot is certainly preferred.

Please do not share my personal- as well as contact information with Michael Horn, Taro Istok or anybody not directly involved with this procedure.

Best Regards,

Silvio Santini


Michael Horn’

Why litigate when I am prepared to make this very public retraction on my blog, which has readers from 192 countries? Certainly, this will help clear your good name in the industry, internationally, etc.

Unlike your attorney, I’m willing to do this for free.


Now perhaps Mr. Santini will make some real magic and disappear along with all of his hateful comments, under any and all of his various screen names.


While each person is responsible for their own thoughts, feelings and actions, things wouldn’t have gone this far without the support of the relentless torrent of false, irresponsible, defamatory, unsubstantiated claims and attacks against the Meier case and its evidence by the “UFO researchers and investigators” in the UFOCI.

Packed with profiteers and phonies ,who saw an easy opportunity to make a buck with all their speculative, dead-end theories and claims, they also supported and promoted the attacks on the Meier case, often, like Kevin Randle, without a piece of self-researched and verified contradictory evidence, just their own lust for fame and fortune.

As Meier was told, in 1953, that MUFON would be his “greatest adversary” *, they along with others in the UFOCI who specialize in disinformation and chasing lights-in-the-sky, like Open Minds, have close ties to all the various “UFO experts” and host numerous expos and cozy club conferences, from which any presentations of the singularly authentic Meier case are noticeably missing. Many of the presenters are also openly anti-Meier. So, in the grand American tradition, the truth has been marginalized and made subservient to profits and the inflated egos of wannabes who managed to land themselves in the midst of the least scientific field that would allow them a forum in which to conduct their charlatanry.

All of this plays nicely into the agenda of the intelligence agencies, deep state, globalists, military-industrial, religious and political interests the consequences of which, ironically, Meier has long warned about (see: 40,).

In this environment, is it any surprise that the internet attacks proliferate and that degenerates, like Mr. Santini, not only chime in and pile on but feel empowered to threaten those who dare to call them out on it?


*71. In regard to that, take note especially of the coming worldwide organisation for ufological work, MUFON, because – along with various pathological know-it-alls and slanderers of truth – it will be your greatest adversary.


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142 Replies to “Threats from a Neo-Nazi”

  1. It`s always better to think positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts,that`s why I would rather not read the Prophecies and Predictions again beside some things have changed over time which will render some of Billy`s Prophecies and predictions irrelevant such as the case with Russsia which is no longer a communistist state for example.

  2. Salome Joe
    I hear you! I oh so hear you.
    To me there is a great number that can’t accept a bloody good idea from someone, anyone that is not themselves. My own father is the CEO of the organisation that rejects any good idea from me. This to me is another of the very many negative effects of overpopulation. If we weren’t so bloody overpopulated we could both educate and separate out the false and negative ones much easier and faster.

  3. Here’s some very interesting info from Jacobus which, for reasons unknown, he couldn’t get to post here:

    The numbers do corroborate what you guys are saying about Silvio Santini hiding behind different user names. (as I told Mr Santini in the youtube comment section Taro spoke of.)

    I was playing around on the calculator only to discover the numbers 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 hiding in plain sight.

    Magic = 33 (English Ordinal)
    Jo Weiss = 44 (Reverse full reduction)
    Jan Schultz = 55 (Reverse full reduction)
    Oliver = 6×6 =36, and 9×9 =81 ( Reduction and Ordinal)
    Semjase Tlazolteotl = 77 (single reduction)
    And finally… silvio8008

    The chances are now even more likely that they all belong to Silvio Santini.

    Use this calculator to verify the numbers:

    NOTE: Here’s some more from Jacobus but if there’s any real interest in the numerological discussion, I’ll create another specific blog for it:
    Well Melissa, the secret societies use numbers like a secret language. Take for instance the “G” inside the compass and square from the Freemasons. When a=1, b=2, c=3, until you get to z=26, the capitol “A” will now be 27, capitol “B”= 28, until you get to “G”, which will have the numerical value of 33. Nothing mysterious about it. The average “person” has 33 vertebrae in his/her spine.

    Person =33
    People =33
    Society = 33
    Secrecy = 33
    Masonry =33
    Sunday =33
    Bible = 33

    In America, prohibition ended in 1933. Thats why, when using the gematria calculator:

    alcohol = 33
    sugar =33

    What is the biggest killer? You guest it…Alcohol. In one study, alcohol scores the spot internationally as the number one killer, AIDS second.
    Thats why here is South Africa, you get Beer bottles with 330ml and 440ml volumes.

    Kill = 44 (english ordinal)
    Killer = 144 (jewish)

    Ever wondered why the “forty” in ‘Forty-Four’ is spelled without the “U”? Doesn’t really make sense. Well, it was so that:

    forty-four = 144 (english ordinal)

    “Alcohol” will also give the value of “123” which is the number of conspiracy , like the song from Sting. The lyrics go, murder by numbers, one two three, its as easy to learn as your A, B, C..

    Conspiracy = 123 (jewish ordinal)

    Talking about conspiracies…

    In Matthew 1:23 it says:

    “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel.”

    Conspiracy = 123 (Jewish Ordinal)
    Emmanuel = 123 (LCH Kaballah)
    Zionists = 123 (Jewish Ordinal)
    The Son of Man = 123 (Jewish Ordinal)

    We know that the world is run by psychopaths who like to turn everything upside down.

    psychopath =123 (Jewish Ordinal)
    Inversion = 123 (Jewish Ordinal)

    What is interesting to note, is that the name Emmanuel or Immanuel (there must be more versions) is mentioned only twice in the “Holy”Bible, once in the New Testament Book of Matthew and another time in the Old Testament book of Isaiah.

    Isaiah 7:14: “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, a young woman shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Imman’u-el.”

    Isaiah 7:14 equates to 142 verses (31+22+26+6+30+13+14= 142)

    Christian =142 (reverse ordinal)

    Isaiah , interestingly consists of 66 chapters,

    Gift from God =66 (full reduction)
    the hidden one=66(full reduction)
    death bringer =66(full reduction)

    This is naturally only the tip of the iceberg.

    1. That’s…. interesting but I guess I don’t quite understand the connection. Is there something to some type of numerology after all?

    2. Ok, Michael, you’ve piqued my curiosity. I’ve seen you guys talking about these numbers on numerous occasions and I’m wondering what exactly do they mean? I’ve read the contact reports regarding the numbers, but I’ve never really taken it any further. What do these numbers mean and is it good to know the number that your name represents? Sorry for all the questions, but my curiosity is getting the best of me.

      1. Hi Melissa,

        I’m not knowledgeable about numerology (or even oldmerology) so maybe some who are, like perhaps Jacobus, will reveal more.

      2. Now that you mention it… I do remember references in the contact reports to actual Numerology/Astrology, as opposed to the kind traditionally used on Earth. I suppose it could be possible that these Gematria folks might have stumbled across it.

          1. Thanks Michael, I must have neglected to read that one in its entirety. Seems it may be quite a while before we are capable of using astrology in a precise way. Perhaps that is for the better, since terran humans would (as usual) likely place it upon a pedestal above self-directed and conscious development. Sometime I’ll have to look around and see what else I can find on numerology, though.

          1. Jedaiah, I believe Michael was only joking with you in a friendly matter, as I’ve myself picked this up entirely. Hope this helped!

    3. Check out Contact Report 127.

      You should use Billy and Semjase’s table concerning numerology, because the numbers are very accurate, unlike much of terran numerology, which is very religiously based. I’ve studied numerology for years. The numbers do have meaning, though for everyone, it can be taken differently; according to the consciousness and purpose.

      I also recommend Nick’s Numerology. This guy does it in a non-religious, neutral manner, one of the few numerologists I see out there doing it right, in terms of understanding meaning, not table.

      1. Here’s a fun fact.

        J E S U S = 18
        1 5 3 6 3 = 18

        Historically speaking, 18 is regarded as one of the worst numbers; the number of death, mental illness etc.

        18. (based off chaldean table)

        “This number has a difficult symbolism to translate. It is pictured as “a rayed moon from which drops of blood are falling; a wolf and a hungry dog are seen below catching the falling drops of blood in their opened mouths, while still lower a crab is seen hastening to join them.” It is symbolic of materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of the nature. It generally associates a per­son with bitter quarrels, even family ones, also with war, social upheavals, revolutions; and in some cases it indicates making money and position thorough wars or by wars. It is however a warn­ing of treachery, deception by others, also danger from the elements such as storms, danger from water, fires and explosions. When this “compound” number appears in working out dates in advance, such a date should be taken with a great amount of care, caution and circumspection.”

        Of course this is a bit much and slightly religious. A better reference to 18 would be found here:

        “18/9 is about the balance between materialism and the spiritual ideal. Unfortunately, most often the former is more recognized. In either case, wherever the 18 shows up in a chart, it is destined to be an active part in one’s life. Hyperactivity and/or hypersensitivity may be a problem. They may also be dreamers who have a hard time accepting reality as it is and prefer to do nothing. It is important to watch your health, as those with this number may have fragile health concerns. In the occult, the number 18 is often linked with war and destruction. Those with this number will need strong faith in all areas to succeed. Depending on the orientation, it can bring possessiveness or detachment to material things.


        The 1 which is about self initiative, independence and original ideas is embracing the 8, which is about taking those ideas and either implementing or discarding them. This results in evolution or destruction. Obviously, analysis is required in order to ensure that the ideas are fool-proof and will benefit the world for a better cause. This is where the -7 comes in. This number can easily see life wearing rosy-colored glasses, refusing to look deep down and realizing the truth of such things. Such realities will only break in the end and cause the suffering -7 is known for. But it is all to gain a better perspective of the world around us, as the +9 tells. Much wisdom will be gained through your experiences as long as you have the eye to see them. It is important to keep an eye on your health at all times. If it remains possessive to something then it can compound to dysfunction and illness unless it is released.”

  4. If you are reading this Silvio please note that Billy’s call for a one world govt is due to the fact that alien races will not contact us as we are now. Only with a one world govt with no deception will they make their appearance known. It’s not the same thing as your idea of a NWO with oligarchs at the helm. Along with Billy’s idea of one government is the International Coalition of Peacefighters whose mandate is to stop all wars, murder, torture, rape. In the Henoch tradition and not beholden to any country, only to their mandate. Armed with the latest weaponry, surround, subdue, intern lawbreakers into a camp without modern technology. How can you argue with sound logic?

  5. If you all want a good long laugh, I would like to repost a comment from youtube referring to MH. The video is “Billy Meier UFO Evidence 2016” uploaded by “Non Human Entities” and has over 30,000 views. Magic is happy to chime in and reply to the comment….

    John Penuel – 1 year ago

    “Meier is a plagiarist! He stole his “Might of Thoughts” book from James Allen’s “As A Man Thinketh” book. Who knows what else he has stolen. He’s also a wife beater, and a child beater, and he’s not a spiritual person. He thinks he is, but he is self-deceived. He believes and teaches many spiritual untruths. He’s a megalomaniac, who thinks he’s clever, and he thinks he has messages and knowledge that can change the world. Yet even though he has been at it for 50 years, there is nothing but need, suffering, and death all around him. The most outrageous thing about him is he claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ! Yet he acts more like the reincarnation Lucifer. He and his “mission” are complete failures. Anyone who believes his lies and incorrect teachings can only be called stupid. Horn is a stubborn old man who won’t admit the truth on many subjects. He argues with and condemns anyone who disagrees with him, and he has zero diplomatic skills. He makes money off of Meier, so he will never criticize him. He calls the predictions found in the case, Meier’s predictions, when they all come from the ETs. The case is real, but the people on Earth involved with it, including Meier, do not understand what the Plejaren teach. Horn especially does not understand what the ETs teach, and he is an unspiritual ego-maniac self-deceived know-it-all. You can gain good scientific, historical, and predictive information from the Meier case, but the people involved are deceived fanatical followers of a false prophet!”

    1. Ah yes, pause for a moment and contemplate just what kind of confused consciousness comes up with this stuff, about people he doesn’t know, who’ve done nothing to him, asked nothing of him, etc., etc., etc.

      Religiously rotted out brains, psychotics, completely lost. If nothing else, now we know why there’s a mission to this idiotic, suicidal planet.

      1. LOL! The case is real, but because I am not anywhere near the reality of a true Human Being……. only garbage spewith forth from me!

  6. Yeah I’ve had run ins with this guy. (Magic, Mike, Mario Marin) He likes to scam my youtube site. I just ask him to source his material and the defamation stops. He does not research and tends to mirror what you say to him so he may be interested in the case but he has called me a liar since I told him I do not listen to invisible men in space but use logic and reason to understand a way explained carefully for peace and why it is all caused by overpopulation. If this case is true and I am very close to sure that it is… then THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING CASE IN HISTORY. WHY ARE THESE SHILLS INVOLVED IF OTHERWISE? The bad press only HELPS the Meier case. Source your stuff Mario or Magic and whose the liar I use my own name, funny as it may be.


    Be greeted in peace and wisdom.

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