Things wouldn’t have gone this far without support of “UFO researchers and investigators”

The internet has made it easy for people of low, or no, character to hurl libelous, defamatory claims and statements against innocent people with impunity. This is done not only on blogs and forums, etc., but in abundance on sites like YouTube.

The Billy Meier UFO case is of course a frequent target for such vile actions. While paling in seriousness and danger to the 23 assassination attempts on Meier’s life, they perpetuate the false, unsubstantiated charges against the case.

A recent example is that of Kevin Randle, who plastered his blog with false claims and attacks that he, admittedly and shamelessly, copied from long refuted and debunked skeptics. Randle’s behavior was cowardly enough since, despite his decades as a so-called “UFO researcher”, he’d never done any actual research into Meier’s evidence.

The Neo-Nazi

It’s one thing to just be a phony and an incompetent, but it’s quite another to be a neo-Nazi, anti-Semite who spews vile attacks anonymously…and then threatens a law suit for exposing him. Such is the case with Mr. Silvio Santini, who masquerades under the name Magic (and possibly other names) on YouTube.

I recently received a number of emails from Mr. Santini claiming that he isn’t the same person as Magic and threatening that, unless I remove my public comments identifying him, he will sue me. We exchanged numerous emails where I provided various links, etc., that seemed to indicate that they were, in fact, the same person. I asked him to provide me with a sworn, notarized statement to the contrary, where after I would remove, and apologize for, my comments.

Sunday morning, I received another email demanding my retraction and again threatening legal action. Talk about irony and cowardice (and chutzpah!), a defamer who considers it…defamatory to reveal his defamation and identity.

I have sent the following below to Mr. Santini…complete with Mr. Santini’s threats “to take you and Meiers cult out once and for all” and his request to Bob Wiegand to arrange a visit to FIGU, specifically, “A day with the least amount of traffic/visitors and an empty parking lot is certainly preferred.”:

“Mr. Santini,

We are prepared to do make the following public statement and publish it on my blog (with the photos):

‘The person who posts defamatory comments under the names Magic, Oliver, Jo Weiss, etc., is not Silvio Santini (photo bottom left) but actually Silvio Solaris (photo bottom right), who is obviously a completely different person, bearing absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to Mr. Santini.

It is Mr. Solaris who is associated with the anonymous person Magic who is indeed a degenerate, racist, pro-Nazi, anti-Semite, etc., and the author of comments like:

Magic2 months ago (edited)

The pedophile huckster and mongoloid Michael Horn is trying to challenge a man who is waaaay beyond the scam and game he is pulling. Well…good luck Mike ‘the impotent midget kike’…>You never know what is gonna be around the next corner… :-)) Btw. I am not Silvio` lol…. I am so much ahead of this game to take you and Meiers cult out once and for all you have no idea -:))

Magic3 months ago (edited)

Christian Bachinger I challenge you because Meier is full of SHIT. He protects the Zionist agenda of a one world government. He NEVER mentions that ISIS is a creation of the CIA and Mossad to destabilize the middle east. Wonder why? Ever heard of greater Israel?

It is also a mere coincidence that Mr. Santini and Magic are cameramen, cinematographers, etc. Obviously Mr. Santini couldn’t be Solaris/Magic because Magic endorses pro-Nazi sites like

Further, the following email to former Navy Seal, Bob Wiegand, is also obviously from someone impersonating Mr. Santini:

From: Silvio Santini []

Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 1:50 AM

To: WiegandsFiles

Subject: Billy Meier / Control Pictures

Dear Bob Wiegand,

I hope you are well and in great spirits.

I posted my comments at your youtube channel as ‘Magic’ in regards to Billy Meier and Michael Horn.

Mr. Horn said: “Skeptics are always welcome to visit Meier”. So I would appreciate it if you can schedule a date about the second week of May with FIGU to visit Meiers property for some control pictures.

A day with the least amount of traffic/visitors and an empty parking lot is certainly preferred.

Please do not share my personal- as well as contact information with Michael Horn, Taro Istok or anybody not directly involved with this procedure.

Best Regards,

Silvio Santini


Michael Horn’

Why litigate when I am prepared to make this very public retraction on my blog, which has readers from 192 countries? Certainly, this will help clear your good name in the industry, internationally, etc.

Unlike your attorney, I’m willing to do this for free.


Now perhaps Mr. Santini will make some real magic and disappear along with all of his hateful comments, under any and all of his various screen names.


While each person is responsible for their own thoughts, feelings and actions, things wouldn’t have gone this far without the support of the relentless torrent of false, irresponsible, defamatory, unsubstantiated claims and attacks against the Meier case and its evidence by the “UFO researchers and investigators” in the UFOCI.

Packed with profiteers and phonies ,who saw an easy opportunity to make a buck with all their speculative, dead-end theories and claims, they also supported and promoted the attacks on the Meier case, often, like Kevin Randle, without a piece of self-researched and verified contradictory evidence, just their own lust for fame and fortune.

As Meier was told, in 1953, that MUFON would be his “greatest adversary” *, they along with others in the UFOCI who specialize in disinformation and chasing lights-in-the-sky, like Open Minds, have close ties to all the various “UFO experts” and host numerous expos and cozy club conferences, from which any presentations of the singularly authentic Meier case are noticeably missing. Many of the presenters are also openly anti-Meier. So, in the grand American tradition, the truth has been marginalized and made subservient to profits and the inflated egos of wannabes who managed to land themselves in the midst of the least scientific field that would allow them a forum in which to conduct their charlatanry.

All of this plays nicely into the agenda of the intelligence agencies, deep state, globalists, military-industrial, religious and political interests the consequences of which, ironically, Meier has long warned about (see: 40,).

In this environment, is it any surprise that the internet attacks proliferate and that degenerates, like Mr. Santini, not only chime in and pile on but feel empowered to threaten those who dare to call them out on it?


*71. In regard to that, take note especially of the coming worldwide organisation for ufological work, MUFON, because – along with various pathological know-it-alls and slanderers of truth – it will be your greatest adversary.


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142 comments on “Threats from a Neo-Nazi

  • If only the world new what was really going on behind the scenes. What happened exactly with the latest assasination attempt on Billy, if I may ask? And how did he manage to avoid it for the 23de time? Was it another shooting?

    • If I recall correctly, it was a year ago last September, he and Daniel Lutz were coming out of the computer room at night, and someone with a rifle narrowly missed hitting them.

      • Seems like a disgruntled civilian, hired hitman etc did it. Unintelligence agencies could just induce heart attacks, or use any other cowardly technique they specialise in. (And where were the night-watchers?)

  • Michael Horn,

    could you give me really good documentaries on the kind of things you are talking about in your blogs, such as: overpopulation, global catastrophes, etc…?

  • This solidify’s the current barbarism of the people of our kind/humans humanity on our planet yet again. Something to note theirs a unmanned telemeter disk that orbits our planet that signals any intelligenant life form in close proximity to earth “warning aggressive humans reside here.” Something to also note…the mission has already SUCCEEDED. And also The Goblet Of The Truth has already left earth and is disiminated in the Dal system. Humanity of earth should be wise to look around see what the barbarism has caused/effected. From Marco to micro…we are not a green planet (which is actually the really color of HEALTHY PLANET, meaning large land mass hasn’t been inilated). Train your eyes and observe the vast deserts of the world…like death valley were there was previous human tradegity. In the Caribbean (the ATLAN-TIC ocean, specifically) their resided an advance race of more because of barbarism (contact report 35). The Helix, NGC 7293…is a system that destroyed by a real Darth Vader. I remember I shared a picture of NGC 7293 with a kind women I was speaking to at the time, her response was “it’s beautiful.” Their’s no beauty in barbarism…only remenents of it.

    • Where did you get this:

      “unmanned telemeter disk that orbits our planet that signals any intelligenant life form in close proximity to earth “warning aggressive humans reside here.” Something to also note…the mission has already SUCCEEDED. And also The Goblet Of The Truth has already left earth and is disiminated in the Dal system…etc.”?

      • I do not know where said claims originate from, but the introduction to the GoTT definitely mentions it’s wide dissemination throughout the universe…. “The consciousness that my introductory and descriptive words for this work would one day
        reach many billions of extraterrestrial people searching for the sense of life, many of whom are living on the most distant worlds and planets, occasioned in me a deep venerability, profound respect and great deference for the millennia-spanning work of the prophets.” (Page XV, GoTT). Also, correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that Asket’s people in the DAL universe are already sufficiently spiritually advanced to not require the GoTT (like the P’s).

        • Chances are they are still learning and developing their behaviors because asket still has a material body and so she can still be prone to making mistakes so in my opinion yes she could share the goblet.

          • Why do you say that towards me always and not to other bloggers? It makes me wonder why you get so many opposers?

          • Actually I have, Darcy. Sometimes I’m pretty busy and don’t have the time to point it out to people.

            I have to moderate every comment and a lot of the time I’ll just approve them if they don’t have offensive language, etc. When I do have more time, I try to pay more attention to the content, etc.

  • I’ve seen plenty of his comments on YouTube . -_- .

    Let’s hope he does’nt hurt himself or anyone else…

  • Sorry fir ny long rant but this is a serious issue that need s to be thought out if we`re going to survive on this savage barbaric world called earth otherwise we will all perish in a nuclear war. I`m not willing to wait 800 years just to find out that earth people finally grew up. By that time I`ll be nothing more than a cadaver decomposed into ammonia with people walking all over me in the dirty soil. I won`t see,hear,feel etc,etc,etc, besides if the Ps an other more kind ben evolent helpful good huamns can live to be 1000,10000 2 million years old thanks to the laws of Creation,why can`t we all learn and do the same as the people from Timers,Erra do? Why can`t this world learn to “Grow Up?”

    • Terry,

      I hope you do realize by now that you, and that we, are not our bodies and that while “you” won’t be “waiting” for 800 years, etc., your spirit form will have had a number of reincarnations between now and then, when a new personality will most likely enjoy a far better world.

      • I agree. That’s my understanding too. We can do the best we can on each lifetime, to learn from life experience. It’s a journey on the physical plane. The part piece of Creation which resides on our bodies while we’re here gains knowledge and wisdom. This is why it’s important to be mindful of our thoughts and feelings. Positive neutral that is.

    • Hello Terry.

      300 years old is the maximum I can see a human living right now, in these conditions, for the comming centur(ies). Our spirit-forms should re-incarnate arround 3-4 times until then (800 years from now). This is my own view. I’d personally be happy living up to 70, this is what it takes to become mature apparently. Can’t endure so much in these conditions. There are more grown-ups then it seems, only they are not considered yet and are pushed aside. There are quite a few young adults, youg persons, children actualy, who are much more aware then their predecessors.

      Life = Striving
      Death = Evolution of the Spirit = Life

      I think that natural death occurs when enough knowledge wisdom and experiences etc. are gathered and need to be “processed”. It is not necessary to live up to 10 000 to reach that point on Earth.

      Striving to make a boy! (and then a girl of corse)

    • Well if the worst happens and the global population is in the very low thousands then the spirit form will be waiting quite a long time for reincarnation. After all, a good chunk of the land and sea in that potential scenario should be unlivable and irradiated for quite sometime before it could be recovered/reclaimed to be productive. That means that all those stories of “underground cities” aren’t actually going to house tens of thousands of people but rather are (most likely) large supply caches for hundreds of people to survive potentially thousands of years.

  • Mike, why do you waste your breathe with these bozos like Santini, the guy is part of what I call the 85%. The 85% in my opinion, is the percentage of humans on this planet that are a waste of life and refuse to use any logic at all. There are approximately between 8 and 9 billion people on the planet and we need to get down 539 million. This guy likes to hear himself talk, let him take legal action, I would call his bluff. The will end up showing his true colors. He’s just another coward hiding in front of his pc. The internet can be a useful tool but unfortunately we have to deal the likes of these people as well. Mike I want to change my site name to simply joe, is that ok?

    • Joe,

      I don’t really think 85% of the people are as full of hate, etc., as this guy. Obviously, we get all sorts of skeptical claims, attacks, etc., which is no problem. But this guy – who openly made threats to harm people – also left enough clues to make it possible to expose his real identity. And the UFOCI helped make it possible for people to think it’s okay to escalate attacks on the Meier case – the sky’s the limit – with their own deliberate false attacks against it.

      The situation with Kevin Randle, a so-called “UFO researcher” who openly defamed Meier and the case on his blog – without doing ANY of his own research and investigation – is a perfect example. He even stated that he relied on what other people had said!

      I think what we’re discussing underlines the need for people to use their full names here.

      • I’m not talking about people that are full of hate, I have just reached a point when dealing with people who refuse to look at the FACTS concerning any topic before forming an opinion. IMHO there is no way anyone with a functional brain can seriously research Billy’s material and listen to the interviews or videos with Lee Elders and walk away without saying this guy is for real. If they doubt it after that then they must have a hidden agenda. If this guy made threats then let the law deal with it. Last I heard it was against the law to utter threats. I find it very hard to have a mature intelligent conversation with the average person, as soon as the topic turns to Billy or climate change or anything that is of high priority to mankind and a switch goes off that shutdowns the logical side of their brain. These are my 85%!!!! It may be harsh but it would make for a better place.

    • There’s also the philosophy of discouraging others of such slanderous behaviour. For one reason or another, the Meier case is a disinformation magnet. Too many phonies hiding behind anonymity, getting away with spreading disinformation much too easily. Plus, this alerts others to keep an eye out for not only this joker but many others. When we pool our information we can expose these frauds and their agenda.

  • Well Kevin Randle as well as Santini actually have a good case study concerning long term effects of extreame skeptics. KK (if you don’t know who I’m referring to kindly do your research reference contact report 483). Simply put, emotional response negitively to the material is counter productive. It really does take time. Personally I don’t have words to describe the emense graditute and thankfulness I have for the material the teachings even just simply having opportunity of speaking with everyone who’s found the same information. It’s clearly not for the faint hearted. Michael actually described the studying of the material. It’s the magnitude of a doctorate.

  • Well Luis, Reading the Prophecies and Predictions twice in the past is pretty scarey to me in the first place 1. Let`s be clear, The Prophecies and Predictions are very very negative and not very very helpful. 2. I don`t want to become a Borg let alone become half human half animal.

    • Terry, the negative prophesies are given specifically to change them into positive. They tell us where we are headed and if we don’t want to go in that direction, we try to stop it. So they are helpful. Or would you rather be blind sided? I personally think it’s better to know, than not know. Don’t be so worried about becoming a Borg either, that might be in your next incarnation so you’re fretting in this life, for nothing.

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