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  • Hello,
    Thank you for the information on Numerology! In regards to nicknames, how does this pertain? For example, a person named Michael but goes by Mike most of the time. Michael = 19 vs Mike = 18 .

    Thank you,

  • It all sounds very baffling to me, I must look into it and see what’s what as I have no clue at all. Sounds very interesting though!

  • Jedaiah, my birth date is 29/11 so I am a master number like you, although I got to 11 from 29 instead of 38 like you. Why is the meaning different from us?

    • No that’s just one category. The life path to be precise. There are dozens more categories which have different meanings with the numbers. I’m sharing it here bit by bit as I’m hopping between planes.

  • Numerological knowledge operates your individual data in order to give you the deeper insight of your possibilities and tendencies. It is NOT a destiny determinator. Picture it as crayons and you have the ability to paint whatever picture you want using said crayons.

    The following are a couple factors discovered concerning numbers and there are more we probably haven’t even discovered yet.

    Life Path: One of the most determining categories in numerology is the Life Path Number. It consists of the sum of digits in your birth date. Life Path number may be one from 1 to 9 and master numbers 11, 22, 33 are also included. Each master number intensifies particular characteristic depending on the number to which it relates – 11 is 2, 22 is 4, 33 is 6. The effects from these numbers may be both positive and negative.

    This indicator is way more important than most of numerological categories, as it has direct influence on your life caused by your date of birth.

    Expression: Expression number is one of the basic numerological categories. It is fully derived from the name obtained by the person at birth

    Birth Date: The Birthday number is one of the things in our life that is stable. It is not in our right or ability to change it. It tells us the mission of the person that had been formed by the day we came to life.

    Personality (name): Personality number shows the way other people see you at first, the essence of your image.

    Hearts Desire: Sometimes it is called a Sour Urge number. This is one of the most interesting categories in Numerology, as Soul Urge number shows everything that is hidden, our inclinations, secrets, preferences, ideas and dispositions. This indicator is quite important and you can often see it close to Life Path number or Expression number. You rarely share the secrets this number keeps with people around you, it is your soul’s essence. (Please replace the word soul with consciousness as many numerologistsare misguided)

    I’ll update more categories later tomorrow. My personal thoughts on master numbers are simply a double or more potent in terms of what it must do. It is neither above nor below any others.

    • They say master numbers are a two edged sword, difficult and very hard to master. When I look back on my life it may explain/attribute to much of my past troubles/turmoils. Sometimes I wish I was born with a normal number.

    • Your example of life path numbers based on day of birth, I didn’t realize some months had 33 days. Things you learn while holding a crayon.

    • Hi Jedaiah,
      My life path number is a 6, which I think also means 33 as a master number? Can you tell me anything about this number or direct me to where I might find trustworthy information. Thanks

      • For the record, this whole “master numbers” stuff is, in my opinion, one of the current issues with numerology. There is no number ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other, and in the case of master numbers, I think it applies as double the effect. IE: 11 may be an effect of double 1s or new beginnings.

        For Melissa: The below information is for you. There are more things, like cycle, rationality number, inner urge (i renamed this from soul urge because that name is stupid), etc. but I think this will be sufficient for now. Please strip it apart and let me know how it feels to you. Keep in mind these numbers are not destiny forecasters or choosers, merely, crayons for you to paint your own picture.

        (your lifepath based on peaceful warrior)

        2: Balance
        4: Stability
        6: Vision

        Those on the 24/6 or 42/6 life path are here to work through issues of perfectionism, process, and responsibility, taking life one step at a time, manifesting their vision in practical ways, and accepting the inherent perfection of their life. Since our life purpose doesn’t come easily, 24/6s and 42/6s have a hard time accepting themselves, others, and the world as they are. Both 24/6s and 42/6s can get lost worrying about petty details—things they said, should have said, or shouldn’t have said or done. Regrets and guilts are a familiar part of their life until 24/6s and 42/6s expand their vision to the bigger picture, to the overriding perfection of life. With 4 issues combined with ideals of 6 energy, 24/6s and 42/6s have difficulty with patience; they see their own and everyone else’s potential and push to reach the summit, but they would rather make the journey in one leap than follow the step-by-step process they’re here to master.

        M E L I S S A
        4 5 5 1 3 3 2 = 23

        23. (Nick’s numerology)

        “23/5 is a very quick, clever and witty number that can do well in the material world. A key part of this number is exercise: it not only helps to keep your physical components flowing, but it keeps your ideas of the mental world flowing as well. 23 is an excellent communicator and knows how to get its ideas across. It must constantly live in a lively and ever changing environment, as it absolutely hates stagnant situations. 23 is friendly with others, but it must guard against being too thick headed and strict. 23 is the type of number that can end a fight relatively quickly. It must watch out for its selfishness: it can take them on a whim and they wont even know it before its too late. Escapism and thrills such as alcohol, food, drugs and sex can lead to addictions and loss of health if left unchecked.


        The cooperative 2 is focused on socializing and working with others within group dynamics. This leads to adventures and many unexpected experiences. Because of the -1, this can be a great leader if used in the positive, effectively able to direct large groups for a common goal. It is able to direct the dynamics of its social sphere. It is also one of the numbers that loves to throw a great party and enjoy itself with other numbers. Dominant and forceful, this can problems in relationships (unless the other was fine with it). Like its counterpart 32, it must be careful not to step on too many toes. 23 can be cowardly at times, especially when will power has not been fully developed. This is a shame, because will power can open many doors to greater experiences. This number must learn to be adventurous and to go with the flow. It should not think about taking advantage of others for its own benefit: this will only result in karma in the long run. It should think about others positive attributes and how it can weave its abilities with theirs.”

        23. (Chaldean)


        This number is called “the Royal Star of the Lion.” It is a pro­mise of success, help from superiors and protection from those in high places. In dealing with future events it is a most fortunate number and a promise of success of one’s plan’s.”

        O S A K I
        7 3 2 8 I = 21

        21. (Nick’s numerology)

        The 21/3 is learning to work within the limits of not only itself, but of nature. Life can seem to be an uphill struggle at times, but the hurdles are well worth the accomplishments that come in the end. As long as the eye is set on the prize and ones believes it can obtain it, than it will. Its enthusiasm and positive motivation will greatly help it towards its goals. 21’s worldwide perspective can only help in this regard as long as it stays positive. It should remain tenacious and integrated in its work and success should be achieved. With this number, it is best to not scatter talents on frivolous activities, especially if one can’t afford to do so.


        Clearly, the issue of self initiative is of prime importance here. The level of self confidence will determine how well 21 can function in society. Sensitivity and procrastination must be turned into will power. This number works well when it is continuously active. It should not be doing nothing for long periods of time. Social norms may challenge one’s impetus. Your presentation will help you greatly, especially when overcoming your obstacles. Your image and how you control it can impress those within your circle if used correctly. Do not let laziness give you an excuse to act selfishly. Excuses will only undermine your character. Escapes such as alcohol and sex only work temporarily and in the end just drain vital energy. The key is to learn to persevere in the face of all opposition. Learn to face the obstacles head on and ones life will improve.

        21 (Chaldean)

        “This number is symbolized by the picture of “the Universe”, and it is also called “the Crown of the Magi”. It is a number of advancement, honors, elevation in life and general success. It means victory after long initiation and tests of determination. It is a fortunate number of promise if it appears in any connection with future events.”

        MELISSA OSAKI = 44

        44. (Nick’s numerology)

        “44 is another “Master Number” as they are popularly called in most Numerological works, though here a better term for them would be “Mirror Numbers” or “Illusion Numbers.” In this case, 44 represents the illusion of limitations. The realism that can be seen and believed by the eye is a part of this illusion if it chooses this physical path, for the purpose of attainment and accomplishment of objectives In this case, they are hard workers and unafraid to sacrifice what is necessary to achieve what it desires. It must guard against sacrificing their loved ones for material benefits, however.




        Like all such numbers, the 44 has a 0 challenge. If this challenge is not addressed and/or suppressed, the 44 tends toward a more physical focus which can lead to physical hardships as a result, having to hard to achieve anything that it wants. The military, business and careers dealing with integrating/disintegrating power fall under this category. However, if the 44 listens to its core inner self instead, it will guide it to the answers it seeks. The 0 can be interpreted to symbolize “divine emptiness,” and when this enters the heart center the mind falls away and so do the illusions in one’s life, leaving what is actually real behind. This is true for all illusion numbers. When the illusion drops and the ego steps aside, the 44 can choose how to be of service to either itself or to others.

        If they choose the latter, then it uses its knowledge of the laws of nature to help provide for others or to help make the world a better place. If the former, then it uses this knowledge to its advantage, yet a constant greed forces it to always seek out material wealth to possess or devour. Compassion for others is one route all positive Illusion Numbers have in common, and can serve as a gateway from moving from the negative to the positive.”

        • Jedaiah,
          Thanks for doing that for me. I really appreciate it. I will say that the first set of numbers, 24/6, really resonated with me. I have been a bit of a perfectionist since childhood. I’m at that point in my life now that I don’t focus on it like I used to. I have learned to let it go. It has a way of creeping back in so I always have to be mindful about it. I like to research things until every last piece of the puzzle is solved. Every detail always had to be perfect or I wasn’t satisfied with myself. Put me in a haystack and I would find the needle. It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it. ha ha!
          My last name has changed a few times because I was adopted when I was a baby and now I’m married. I’m interested to know whether name changes have any bearing on your path.

  • Just thought I might kindly add, that the calendar year as we know it, is in fact -6 years off (according to Billy, if I remember correctly). Might assist with some important calculations…

  • Balance number: Everyone has a unique reaction on the situations happening to us during our lifetime. The way we react depends on the inner balance we have, the experience and character that we put into everything we make.

    Rational thought: This category in Numerology lets you know you way of thinking. It can be necessary while making an important career step in your life or searching for hobby that suits your personal preferences. All the parameters should be taken into account. Can you say about yourself that you are a dreamer, or a pragmatist, or a realist or that you can be infantile? If you can’t answer this question the Rational Thought number can help you and provide you with additional information based on the numbers.

    Maturity number: maturity number aims to provide you with better understanding of yourself in your later years. As you are growing older your plans and aims are clearing up and you can divide the priorities to concentrate on. When you feel like being in harmony with yourself, you’ll see that you adapt easily to the realities provided by your number. If you are honest with yourself and your inner world is harmonious you will clearly understand your main goal, you will value your time and sort out priorities. Inner maturity is the source of intellect, comprehension and clear view on life.

    Hidden Talents number: some people have numbers in their names that occur more than once, and even oftener. Such numbers are associated with certain strength or abilities. If you have such number it embodies the favorable characteristic, talent or skill that you obtain.

    Subconscious self number: Confidence in self, individual thought, possibilities and capabilities.

    • Jedaiah,

      I don’t understand how a name given to me by my parents could have an effect on my life? Do parents somehow tap into the child’s subconsciousness?

          • Jedaiah,
            Let me preface by saying this question arises from an honest willingness to learn & understand:
            How does the arbitrary nature of a parent choosing a child’s name reconcile with the numerological claim that a person’s name play’s an important role in their life? Do you see how it seems that the child has no say in the matter of name-choosing, yet we are suppose to be 100% responsible for our own lives? Billy clearly is an exceptional case on Earth, I think we can agree.

          • Matthew,

            I think that, while the parents choosing the name does matter, it is still up to the spirit form reincarnating into the specific body tailored to its evolution. In other words, it means that the spirit form has chosen that particular incarnation regardless of name (which is like crayons; IE: Not everyone named Eduard is doing what Billy is doing) because of other factors involved beyond numerology.

          • Is something of the reverse also possible? For example if the spirit of the baby sends impulses that effects the parents, especially the mother?

          • I obviously meant spirit-form in my previous post ;P ‘if’ the scenario I mentioned is possible, then perhaps the spirit-form influences the naming of the child during pregnancy?

          • On the other hand, there are also cases where a baby is not named until late in the pregnancy or after birth. What are we to make of such cases, in the context of any numerological significance of the individual’s name?

          • That’s what I think happens. I think the spirit-form sends impulses to the spirit-forms of the parents because names definitely carry value/importance. The Plejaren discuss this in the contact reports, but I don’t know which contact number off the top of my head. I also think it’s more of a mathematical vibration impulse that is sent out and the name could end up being any combination of names that calculate to the correct values. If my name impulse number was 23, my first name could have been any name that equals that value. The last name is usually the fathers name so I imagine that is one of the factors of how the spirit-form decides who it’s parents will be. These are all just theories of mine, but I do think it’s interesting.

          • So many interesting possibilities! I also wonder if for the example in the case of an orphan who does not have a known name but picks up ‘nicknames’ years later, if those nicknames would also be influenced by various kinds of impulses?

          • Of course, I saw Jed’s post about nicknames and “minor expressions” after my last post. If minor expressions do occur in actual numerology, perhaps they have something to do with impulses from the personality or psyche and not necessarily the spirit-form? (if I am using the terms in a correct way, also total speculation on my part)

  • JR

    You’ve got it slightly wrong, Eduard doesn’t mean “wealth” protector as you say ( I am focusing on the “wealth”, not the “protector” part, which is acceptable). Eduard means “Guardian of the Treasure” (Hüter des Schatzes)

    Wealth translates to “Reichtum“, which is not the same as ‘Schatzes’ (treasure)

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