Cowardly Kevin Randle, spineless skeptics, still suppress Billy Meier UFO evidence

People who, through their own research and investigative efforts, have already concluded that the Billy Meier UFO case and its evidence are singularly authentic, often wonder why I bother with skeptics, dolts and cowards who rush to attack the Meier case.

The fact is, with the epidemic of ignorance (that also pervades so-called “science”) I mainly push back on the ones who have been most vocal in their unsubstantiated, often vicious attacks.

This isn’t grandstanding, showboating or bullying, nor is it to convince them of the authenticity of the case, its evidence, etc. It is to create a strong counterbalancing presence to the decades’ long proliferation of unchallenged negative information, and outright disinformation, spread by supposed “experts”, though none of the skeptical attackers possesses any demonstrable expertise on the subject.

In every case, I’ve responded to the attacks of know-it-all bullies who thought the Meier case was easy game, or those who deliberately distort and misrepresent the case in order to discredit it. Tap dancing on the heads of such people is not difficult; with the democratization of information on the internet, anyone can determine the truth for themselves, and express it, if they have the willingness and courage to do so.

Cowardly Kevin Randle

On July 20, JimG, a participant on Kevin Randle’s anti-Billy Meier blog, challenged me to provide “irrefutable proof to support the Billy Meier story using publication dates, copyrights and international book serial numbers”. While, for unknown reasons, I only yesterday received notification of it, I immediately submitted the following information, which Randle…censored:

“Since you’re using a screen name here asking for a ‘credible source’ I must first point out that it’s nice when someone making that kind of request (read: challenge) is also a…’credible’ person. You’re not. You’re anonymous and, of course, present no credentials that would indicate that you have even a nodding acquaintance with what’s ‘credible’.

If you were, you probably would’ve, long ago, challenged the credibility of any and everything that pertains to ‘Roswell’, since there’s ZERO actual evidence to warrant much discussion of it, though I have good reason to accept its authenticity, based on my first learning about it…in 1957, and other factors.

That being said, it’s very easy for a qualified researcher to determine the truth about publication dates on most of the prophecies, etc. For instance, I received the first 1,800 pages of the Contact Reports in 1986. They are the same material from an early English translation that were subsequently published in the Message from the Pleiades, four-volume series that began with this book (Amazon):

Message from the Pleiades

Publisher: UFO Photo Archives (December 1988)

ISBN-10: 0934269149

ISBN-13: 978-0934269148

Now, while the copyright date shown above is 1988, the actual book’s copyright dates go back to 1978. That’s because the transcripts in these books spanned from 1975 – 1978. Wendelle Stevens and his team began the process of having translations done at that time, hence the 1978 date. In fact, they included some of the quotes from those contacts in the following photo book:

Contact from the Pleiades

Publisher: Genesis III Productions; First Edition edition (1979)


You’ll find the Revised edition bears the publication date of 1980…and also has ISBN numbers:

Contact from the Pleiades

Publisher: Genesis III Pub; Revised edition (1980)

ISBN-10: 0937850020

ISBN-13: 978-0937850022

Now, if you go here: and simply do a search for 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 – you see specific information quoted from the Contact Reports of those years alone…which are intros copyrighted, dated, published books. The contacts continue to this day, which is why when you go here:

…you’ll find that there are now hundreds more contacts, not all of which have been translated, with the most recent translation here being from November of last year.

There are other contacts, prophecies, predictions, etc. – which have proved to be impeccably accurate – that have been online since 2002, some of which are in my own DVDs from as early as 2004.

I suggest that you begin there and I also suggest not trying to be dismissive of investigators, who between them, have about…100 years of combined investigation into this singularly authentic, still ongoing contact case, which now spans more than 75 years.

Further, if you’re really interested in the truth, it would be helpful if your comments, questions and challenges are presented in that tone.

Lastly, we’re absolutely not interested in ‘converts’, etc., as this isn’t a religion, cult, belief system, etc. It’s a field of study.”

Randle – who promotes himself with a photo in military uniform – behaves in a  way that is without honor, censoring information that refutes his own lies. While he no doubt wanted to create the false impression that I didn’t respond, Randle’s stated reason was:

“You don’t like the use of a screen name… that’s not your call. So, no, with the opening comment, I will not post. If you wish to rewrite it, then probably…”

I resubmitted it with only the publishing and linked information.

Hero that he is, Randle still was too afraid to publish it.

The Three Stooges of Skepticism

In trying to debunk Billy Meier, Randle had relied on skeptic Evan Bernstein, who failed to note that Meier did in fact verifiably predict the attacks on France, as early as 1981. Even more telling of the prejudicial, belief-based agenda of both Randle and Bernstein is their failure to give even a moment’s consideration – let alone jaw-dropping awe – to just how and why someone, in 1958, was indeed predicting the now ceaselessly unfolding, worldwide irrepressible terror of fanatical Islamists. (The irony of Randle relying on a UFO-debunking skeptic is another curious matter, perhaps a twisted case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”?)

Bernstein blithely dismisses Meier’s painfully prescient warning, saying, “Just like many of the other “prophecies” of Meiers, this one is so general, so unspecific that it could be applied to any number of Islamist terrorist attacks since 1958.”

Really? So who indeed was solely predicting all those “attacks since 1958″…which continue to this day? Not a moment’s consideration to all of the implications of the hundreds of undeniably specific examples of prophetically accurate information from Meier, is given by Randle or Bernstein, so hell bent on “debunking” Meier are they.

Bernstein linked to comments by Dr. Steven Novella, who I long ago revealed as another failed adherent to the religion of Skeptology. And as I also already pointed out before, Novella overconfidently and incorrectly asserted that the WCUFO photos are part of the evidence for “a many-decade UFO hoax“, relying on his own amateur assumptions and those of the equally inept CFI West.

But since his foolish assertions have been throughly dismantled and destroyed by Rhal Zahi’s 74-page analysis and authentication of the WCUFO photos, Novella’s remained strangely silent about it. And while he cited his, at the time, 8 year-old daughter as telling “more convincing ‘fibs’” than Meier, the fact is that now even 8 year-olds can prove to themselves the authenticity of Meier’s pre-computer, pre-digital age WCUFO photo.

So Randle relies on the failed and inaccurate Bernstein, who cites Novella’s demonstrably false conclusions. The Three Stooges of Skepticism strike again.

No Answer Is also an Answer

Since many of the failed skeptical attacks were initiated by Novella, I recently challenged him to substantiate all this and that failing to do so would simply be conceding by default. The “no answer is also an answer” rule applies; it means the non-responding accuser is admitting he’s wrong.

And there’s been no answer, no evidence, no retraction, no…nothing from Novella. He’s defaulted and thereby conceded. I’ll make sure that Bernstein gets this and also has a chance to step up or, more likely, also run away.

Who Cares?

So, I make noise.

I took the fight to the skeptics at CFI West, beginning in 2002, and from there to many others, like Michael Shermer, Derek Bartholomaus, Stuart Robbins, the cocky Phil Plait, etc.

People who practice medicine without a license are quacks, as are people who peddle pseudo-scientific bunk and junk and pretend to be genuine scientists.

The truth doesn’t need defense but there’s nothing wrong with standing up for it and letting people know where to find it.

Avoid the Flailing Oars

If we lived in a time when people were overflowing with integrity and courage, then if someone was wrong, they’d openly admit it and even sincerely apologize. But we live in the blessed internet age, which has evolved along with the devolution of ethics and values, where every envious wannabe can easily hurl defamatory statements, often anonymously and without any accountability.

Unfortunately, this is something that America as a country has, to a great degree, given rise to  through its neglect of real values and its warmongering, cowardice, bullying and lying its way around the world, not wanting to learn how life really works. The American philosophy amounts to, “Anything for a buck.”

In a country of some 330 million people there certainly are many, many good people who want to know the truth. While they have to avoid drowning in the sea of irrational religions and dead-end politics, they are also outnumbered by, and have to avoid the flailing oars of, those who like nothing more than frantically paddling around on, as well as submerging themselves in, those dark and murky waters.

The Stench of Cowardice

Those waters are rapidly rising, as are the temperatures in the, equally denied, cycle of the primarily unnatural, manmade climate change, environmental destruction and the approaching chaos and anarchy. As the heat rises, we more easily notice that something…doesn’t smell right.

There’s no need to be puzzled, it’s the stench of cowardice from the widespread, putrid denial of the truth, by those who care only for profits, at the cost of anyone and anything that stands for the often harsh, real truth.

Don’t Let the Door Hit You

We should welcome and help speed along the long overdue dissolution of what is – at best – the insidiously useless field of ufology, with all of their phony “experts” and money-grubbers, and the cultic and equally pointless, truth-suppressing, pseudo-science that is skepticism. A plague on both their houses, one that, should he choose a more honest, courageous and truthful approach, Dr. Novella could perhaps one day also contribute to curing. The truth is the best medicine.

“No matter how fast a lie can be it can always be overtaken by the truth.”

The OM, Canon 32:1189

See: FIGU Canada Newsletter


See also:

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74 comments on “The Stench of Cowardice

  • “The truth doesn’t need defense but there’s nothing wrong with standing up for it and letting people know where to find it.” Bravo MH!

    • In the entire Meier’s case, this has only proven to be true and continues that trend with rising colors. I mean, when you sit to think about why Plejarens said no more photos, and the date why they said to stop — then you think about the fact that we have photoshop and other photo-manipulation software, you have to think, this whole case (and this is only an iota of an example compared to everything) has been thoroughly planned out and well executed.

  • I’ve posted a comment on Randle’s blog, but, not sure if anyone’s home.

    The Plejaren have stated that they operate a strict ‘Prime Directive’ non-interference code in their relations with Earth humans and consistent with that, this manifests, in my view, in the fact that they never publish scientific information before at least one Earth human being has put this down idea down on paper somewhere in the world and as, often, an unconfirmed theory.

    Confusingly, Skeptics’ seek out and cite the publication dates as proof of a hoax, but, laughably and miserably fail to see that Meier has an impossible knack of publishing this information just before it has become scientific ‘fact’. That’s even ignoring that they fail to show how Meier obtained this obscure information/theory in the first place.

    If we were to attempt this, even in today’s electronic age, e.g., take any published theory, from any popular science magazine today, that we think will likely become established fact in the near future, the probability of us choosing ones that do become established facts ,within the timeframes of Meier’s hundreds of corroborations, i.e., within a few months to a few years later of the theory becoming fact, we would quickly realise how truly impossible this would be for us to achieve at the current time. Skeptics need to show how Meier could do this as Langdon attempted to do with Meier’s UFO photos, but, they won’t because they are scared of being proven wring, so all we have are false theories amounting to nothing.

    How many times have we seen articles on Facebook or in magazines about this or that theory or upcoming invention, only for it never to materialise; even many years later, or, to be proven completely wrong years later. One needs onyl to observe life to note such things. So how can skeptics explain this not happening ONCE to Meier in regards to his scientific information?

    • Where did you find this:

      “…the fact that they never publish scientific information before at least one Earth human being has put this down idea down on paper somewhere in the world and as, often, an unconfirmed theory.”?

  • It’s something I’ve noted in my study, for example, the bromine gasses effecting ozone was discussed as a theory before 1979, when Wendelle had it from Billy in writing, but, did not appear as scientific fact, e.g., until ‘The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer’ until 1987.

    There are many more examples like this. The significant thing is the timing between the obscure theory being written down, Meier’s information appearing and then that information becoming fact. It’s the statistical impossibility of Meier (really, the Plejaren) knowing every time that this WILL become fact with no errors that is the real significant thing about his information in my view – not the fact that he was first which I know is something you support.

    • I think Meier posited the destruction of the ozone long before that. And with all of the various, specific examples of corroborated scientific information, I haven’t seen anything stating that the Plejaren always wait till someone on Earth has written it down. the various astronomical examples by Meier also speak against this.

      • The contact report about the ozone was in 1975 I think, but, it had been theorised as had the astronomical information. Again, it’s not being first that important to me, it’s his being right before it has become established fact. The directive around non-interference has also been stated by the Plejaren and especially in relation to scientific information, so, this too must be considered in my view.

        • No, Meier first warned about the ozone damage in 1951:


          21. Through the guilt of the people, all storms will assume increasing and more violent forms, such as hail storms, blizzards and flooding rains, as however also the ozone-layer will become very dangerously damaged.

          100.) Also, when nature defends itself against the human madness of planetary destruction, the Earth becomes ever more naked and less fruitful, and through the fault of humans the air will burn, because the ozone shield will slowly be destroyed.

          124.) And through the fault of humans, chlorofluorocarbons sluice through the atmosphere, the Earth will burn, and melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer will take hold and demand many deaths, and all that because, through human irrationality, the majority of the ozone shield, which protects against the rays of the sun, will be destroyed, whereby the atmosphere will be like a curtain full of holes and the strong and burning light of the sun will burn the skin, and the eyes of many people will be permanently blinded.

          And there tons of things pertaining to Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, etc., that no scientists had put down before Meier specifically reported on them.
          It’s important to NOT state one’s own theories as facts, i.e. “in the fact that they never publish scientific information before…”, which isn’t a fact.

          • In arguing the case, it can be reasonably shown that the above was not published in 1951, unless you can show this?

            I’m not saying that Meier didn’t write this down in 1951 or that he did not have his contacts when he says he did as I think he did, but, in arguing the case, first publication date is not what’s significant in my view, but the fact that he was right before his fact became accepted fact. Arguing on that basis would be impossible to rebuke whereas first publication can and has been.

          • You stand something like after it was “written down” by someone. Well, it was…written down by Meier. And, through applying logic and reasoning to all the facts and verifiable prophetic accuracy, and the absolute absence of any evidence that he actually has ever backdated anything, plus the many examples of things that have indeed occurred well AFTER they were in a published document, the examination of means, motive and opportunity…we can hardly call it a “fact” that in every case someone on Earth wrote it down before he did.

          • Yes, agreed, but, if you state that this or that was published on this or that date, but, cannot then show that to a third party, only state as something you believe, as is the case with the 1951 information, then it becomes tricky when arguing the case to others who stand against it (not to oneself and our ability to have an overview and “sense” that all the correlating odds, the different types of evidence, etc., would be impossible for any one man on Earth to achieve without help from intelligent ETs – even without working these odds out mathematically).

          • First, there are many things that no longer exist in their original form, etc., but that did occur, were seen by others, etc.

            But the real point is that you stated something as a fact…which ISN’T a fact. BTW, publishing also means that someone writes something down, prints it out, shows it to others, etc., which of course is what Meier did pre and post internet.

            All of these define publishing:

            a : to make generally known
            b : to make public announcement of
            a : to disseminate to the public
            b : to produce or release for distribution; specifically : print 2c
            c : to issue the work of (an author)

            Again, you stated something as a fact that…ISN’T a fact, it was your opinion.

          • Yes, but, what specific evidence is there available today that the 1951 information was generally known/made available to the public?

            If others knew of it, where is their testimony about it from the 50’s?

            I did not say that my theory was a fact, just my view only, but, I have read that the Plejaren will not release scientific information that has not already been worked out by someone on Earth (including Billy, so in that sense he can be first), but, I won’t be able to find that reference any day soon.

          • Here is what is said (

            5. Now, in the 373rd official contact conversation, the discussion came about that “Billy” (BEAM), at the age of 14 years, already wrote a long letter to the responsible ones of the world and sent 3000 copies (with help of his teacher Gustav Lehmann) to all the governments of Earth as well as to decisive organizations, newspapers, journals and schools, etc., without ever having received an answer or without something being undertaken from what was written.

            7. In the course of time this letter went the way of the perishable. However, as the conversation about it came up on January 21, 2005, Ptaah explained that he had received a copy of the letter from Asket, one of his nieces, and although everything was indeed already very faded, it could certainly still be made legible.

            Honestly, if people can’t – as I already specifically stated – reason their way through ALL of the evidence, as already long established over decades of investigation…WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK?

            As I said in this blog, ” nor is it to convince them of the authenticity of the case, its evidence, etc.” There is really VERY little remaining evidence for most of what transpired between people…except for legends, myths, reports, etc., present. And there isn’t ANYTHING, in all of recorded history, that has the consistency, logic, credibility, accuracy, etc., etc., etc., plus…the man is still alive and publishing today.

            My point, which I’ll state for th last time is, please don'[t publish things as facts that are opinions.

            Finally, as has already happened, when people see events transpiring that are in documents that, one way or another, can be shown to be published before the events occurred…then they will look and see OTHER events about which people were skeptical, claiming backdating, etc., that will be put to rest in the process. This has happened with the HP and the 1958 letter, etc.

            It’s up to people to discover it now for themselves…or jerk themselves off with skeptical nonsense and the foretold events come down on their dense heads.

          • Mike, others have done this so I saved my precious time and checked out their findings. In no way does this mean that Meier’s info is no less amazing and 100% accurate and I don’t understand why you are being the way you are.

            As to my theory, there is this…

            And how does this agree with your directive, which says that you may in no way interfere in the affairs of other peoples and civilizations?
            181. This can be reconciled because we interfere in no affairs at all; rather, we only send out impulses to certain scientists, who can encounter solutions with these and work on them, without them even having the slightest notion of the fact that they have received impulses from us.
            182. So they will be of the opinion that the impulses come from themselves, and they will ascribe all insights and successes to themselves.
            183. It must be said in this connection that we offer no solutions through these impulses; rather, we only transmit impulses, through which suggestions for ideas result in certain directions and so on.


          • That DOESN’T say anything about what they tell Meier!!!!!!!!!!!!

            And what “others” say is nothing to count on, you don’t show who they are, what they’ve said and you haven’t independently authenticated it either.

            THat’s exactly the problem with people like Randle…who didn’t do THEIR OWN research!

  • Actually I can figure it out, but, I can’t, nor have you been able to, produce any evidence that the 1951 letter was published then nor any testimony, e.g., from Gustav Lehmann or anyone that read the letter.

    Yes, that’s our fault, not Meier’s, but, I still wouldn’t be able to prove categorically that the 1951 letter was published at that time, e.g., to anyone that hasn’t read all the information, the investigations, etc., despite my acceptance that it was written in 1951 as I’ve got no reason to doubt. That’s just a fact.

      • Michael, is your point basically that since we have verifiable copyright dates of some things Meier / Plejaren said before the “official” discovery that we can then infer that what was said in 1951 was actually written in 195,1 even though we don’t have the physical document in hand?

        • My point is that the TOTALITY of the still irreproducible evidence in the case establishes the authenticity of any evidence in question because of the unparalleled accuracy, consistency, preponderance of evidence; character and credibility of all the principal parties, as repeatedly established through multiple, independent investigations using recognized and established investigative methods and means, with the complete absence of any provenly false, faked, hoaxed, evidence, etc., etc.

      • Your latest comment hits the nail on the head for me Michael, but, what do you think I didn’t substantiate and I will attempt to do so as I tens to not have opinions based on nothing thanks very much?

        Admitting that someone else had published a, massively unknown, theory just before Billy’s stated facts can be proven to have been published, does not undermine the significance of the fact that Billy got it right every single time when these hypotheses were later substantiated by scientists. At least not to me. I keep saying this over and over as this obvious impossibility seems lost on many.

        That fact makes skeptics run to all sorts of irrationality and unsubstantiated opinions about Billy backdating and lying, for which there is zero evidence. There is not zero evidence that others published similar information as theories before Billy stated them as facts, nor that some of his ideas were also covered in sections of others that came before him. What’s amazing is that one man did this and when researching the investigation, I quickly realised the only window of opportunity was the inter-dimensional one the Plejaren flew through to supply this information, looking at it realistically.

        Also, for me, it is direct evidence of the Plejaren’s ability to track developments in the world, also, supporting that these are ETs as no secret intelligence group on Earth is THAT good.

          • Not EVERY thing, I didn’t say that: Just the main thrust of the idea, or, overarching fact (which was only available as a theory).

            Can you demonstrate through available evidence, one time that Meier published something that had not already been theorised beforehand because I can’t and I don’t care to as it’s not significant for me, only for those who deal in absolutes.

          • I did and every time I checked, someone somewhere had theorised about exactly that just before Meier. That’s, again, the main point I’m making, i.e., the significance of this only being available to anyone as a theory before Meier stated these as facts, e.g., how could Meier have known that these would be verified soon afterwards as facts every single time unless being prompted by intelligent ETs who are able to see the future? Backdating? No evidence of that. When mistakes have happened once or twice, these are not withheld and so minor as to be insignificant. Lying? No possibility or evidence of that when you view all the evidence.

            But you’ve challenged me so just pick the best one from your links and I will substantiate what I’m saying, or, I’ll pick it for you if you’re struggling for time?

          • Really, every time? Well, I don’t have time for this and I know that even starting with and most everything else:

            Official Contact Report 35, Tuesday September 16, 1975

            Ptaah: …Already the magnetic poles are being displaced increasingly. Thus today the magnetic pole is already displaced into the Canadian Ice Sea, while also the south pole has been dislocated, and moves in the direction of South America. By the time of the third millenium, in about 1,000 years, the migration of the poles will be in South America, while the north pole will have moved to Saudi Arabia. The calculated location of the north pole in the year 3,000 resulted in a location point between Jidda, on the Red sea and Mecca.


            Wandert der Nordpol, October 4, 1975

            “In a thousand years, all compasses point towards the Islamic holy Mecca, Soviet scientist’s believe.”

            Official Contact Report 115, Thursday, October 19, 1978

            Semjase: …Through murder and forced mass suicide, some 200 children and about 1,023 adult human beings will meet death, but out of all these, only a number of approximately 1,000 will yet be discovered. This tragedy will occur in Jonestown, a settlement site in Guyana, named after the megalomaniacal and consciousness-impaired sect leader Jim Jones, who, with a large part of his fanatical followers influenced under hypnosis, has immigrated to Guyana and created a settlement site there, where he holds his believers like slaves.

            Billy: …What still interests me and what I no longer know exactly: in Iran, another civil war of short duration is still to break out shortly before the overthrow of the Shah. Do you know when this will be?

            Semjase: Sure, on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of February, 1979.

            Billy: It concerns Vietnam and China. Will China really attack Vietnam at the end of February or something? And will it really be just a proforma attack, which represents the very first precursor to what repeats itself at a later time and what will then form the actual starting point of a war, at least by that part which will be started by China, if the thoughts and actions of those responsible don’t change to the better?

            Semjase: You know about these things very well and also know that everything will be inevitable; thus, it will, in fact, arrive.

            Billy: …And what about, for example, the Queen of Holland, who should resign, according to my calculations, in the spring of 1980? Do I also have to be silent about that?

            Semjase: If it concerns such harmless things, like the resignation of this queen, then the disclosure of your knowledge plays no major role, for this queen isn’t in a world political situation that could provoke the important changes through an early disclosure of the fact that she wants to leave her office.

            Billy: You speak of the prophecies, in which there is talk of the overthrow of the Murderer-Emperor Shah-in-Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, of whom you have, indeed, already spoken, and of the death of the Yugoslavian dictator Tito, who shall pass away in the next three years, when Saturn shines its light on the Earth, and of the invasion of the Soviet-Russian army into Afghanistan at the end of the year 1979, as well as of the re-election of Indira Ghandi as Prime Minister in India and her then following death, which will shake the entire Indian nation, as well as of the alliance of the Americans with various Middle East and Far East countries, to which still the alliance of the Pakistanis with the Chinese comes, along with many other events to be expected.

            Semjase: …Around the turn of the year 1980, fanatical and Khomeini-enslaved student elements will overtake the American Embassy in Tehran and will take all of the embassy personnel as hostages. This will lead to serious difficulties in the domestic and foreign policy of America as well as to very inconsiderate and rather childish actions of the American president, who, among other things, will allow an attempt to free the hostages, which will be doomed for failure from the very beginning, to be carried out. The victims here will only be the prisoners in the American Embassy, but also around a dozen American families in the USA, because with this liberation command of insanity of Carter for the hostages, around 12 American soldiers will lose their lives through a misfortune….This will ultimately lead to the fact that the first outside of country, external acts of terrorism will find their beginning, so namely first in England, where the Iranian Embassy will likewise be occupied and hostages will be taken another time.

            Semjase: …But this quake will be a bad omen for the imminent outbreak of the St. Helens volcano, which stands in connection with the Andreas fault, which itself extends from the high north of western America until deep into the south of the country. The scientists will first make no connection at all with the small seaquake to the volcanic eruption. They will also suppose after the first time that the volcano will soon come to rest again. But they will be mistaken in this because they won’t be looking for a direct connection from it to the Andreas fault. Already about ten days after the outbreak, however, some scientists will think about the events and recognize that the Andreas fault plays a significant role in these events.

            Billy: I have, namely some political machinations, which must lead to the fact that the ways are actually paved for the fulfillment of the prophecies.

            Semjase: What possibilities have you calculated?

            Billy: …In addition, my calculations yielded that the Americans could get involved with the Pakistanis and the Chinese because they have to fear an advance of the Russians from Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean, through which the whole situation becomes even more muddled and through which the Russians are forced to further steps, which could produce rather bad consequences, and this would be the beginning for the fact that the Bear then breaks out, as this is written in the prophecy. Moreover, it also arose from my calculations that the Scorpion, even Indira Ghandi, in her nature of instability and intrigue-strength, can suddenly take a catastrophe-wielding political step in the direction of Russia, which could mean a renewed threat to overall world peace, for then the Russians would also gain a foothold there, namely in India, and thus would again have a free way to the Indian Ocean, like if they would penetrate through Persia or Pakistan, whose rulers are so childish and inadequate and ignorant that the possibility must also be given to them, that they will pave and open the ways for the Russian army

            Semjase: …The Olympic Games have, unfortunately, already been caught in the wheels of the politics of the earthly governments for many decades, and this will be openly expressed to the world for the first time in the year 1980.

            Billy: …First, the Americans will cry out and will try to undermine or boycott the Olympic Games in Russia. Then soon, a wide variety of America-friendly countries will unanimously join in in this wolf-howling and will enforce a worldwide Olympic boycott, and with certainty, also approximately at least 50% of the Swiss population will be involved in this indelicate dance…

            Billy: …But tell me: do you already know, in the approximate framework, what percent of all countries of the Olympic allies will decide for the implementation?

            Semjase: Not exactly, because in this respect, I have made no exact calculations. However, the participation might move within the framework of approximately 58-64%.

            Billy: …In Berne, there will be murder and mayhem, because there, an embassy will be stormed. Also Geneva and Zurich won’t remain spared from terror and anarchy enterprises. In addition, criminal activity will horribly take the upper hand, and in Zurich, one morning shortly after the turn of the year 1980, it will come to a major bank robbery attempt, during which two gangsters and a policeman will be shot. And, which I would have nearly forgotten: in the month of April, 1980, Switzerland will, for the first time, receive an official State visit from England by a royal couple. Elizabeth and Philip will visit Switzerland.


            Jonestown Massacre, November 18, 1978

            Islamic Revolution of 1979, January 16, 1979

            Chinese Forces Invade Vietnam On Wide Front, February 17, 1979

            Iran hostage crisis, November 4, 1979

            Rolf Clemens Wagner, November 20, 1979

            Russians invade again, December, 1979

            The Olympic Boycott, 1980

            1980 Summer Olympics boycott, 1980

            Mrs. Gandhi reelected in India, January, 1980

            US military role in 80’s: neutralizing a more aggressive Moscow, January 2, 1980

            Iranian Embassy Siege in London, April, 1980

            List of state visits made by Queen Elizabeth II, April, 1980

            Beatrix Takes Queen’s Crown In Netherlands, April 30, 1980

            Thousands Mourn Death Of Tito, May 4, 1980

            1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, May 18, 1980

            Volcanoes, Quakes may be related, May 30, 1980

            Brezhnev comes visiting, but Gandhi keeps her distance, Dec 8, 1980

            Indira Gandhi Assassinated, October 31, 1984

            …it simply isn’t so.

          • All spot on and brilliant, but, according to my “unsubstantiated theory” about the non-inteference rule regarding scientific info, you have have not disproved that as…

            Official Contact Report 35, Tuesday September 16, 1975
            From the ‘Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1’ for which there is no copyright for 1975.

            Your Wandert der Nordpol link does not work, but assume that this was a news report (and so scientists would have been discussing this theory for a while, no? And had written this down? Certainly before October 4th 1975 we can reasonably assume?

            Official Contact Report 115, Thursday, October 19, 1978
            Date of original translation: December 21, 2010
            From ‘Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 3’, No copyright date for 1978.

          • No more time, make up your own mind. But anything stated as a “fact” requires substantiation. You keep making assumptions.

            Done now.

          • Mike I don’t want to be an annoyance, When I find evidence to the contrary, I’ll no longer assume that my non-interference theory about the scientific info is correct, but, based solely on the “facts” presented, I can’t in all reason do that yet.

          • Matt,

            Unless and until you provide documentation for EVERY one of Meier’s specific, prophetic/predictive statements being first published elsewhere please don’t make that assumption.

            Even more to the point, please show the information from the Plejaren stating that they WON’T give Meier any scientific info UNTIL it’s been stated somewhere by our scientists.

            I really don’t know why you’re indulging in this unsubstantiated conjecture and assumption and yes, it’s a waste of my precious time. Again though:

            Please show the information from the Plejaren stating that they WON’T give Meier any scientific info UNTIL it’s been stated somewhere by our scientists.

          • Following on from my wrongly placed comment
            August 1, 2017 at 10:26 pm
            and MH’s August 1, 2017 at 10:38 pm….

            Well, if they have directives, as is clearly stated in that CR excerpt (probably elsewhere too), around the information they give to scientists to ensure that they don’t interfere in our affairs, they would not tell Meier anything that had not been worked out by someone on Earth through their own effort, including Meier, which is what I said all along I think you’ll find. Otherwise, it’s one rule for one and another for others. Not their style.

            The difference is the quality, consistency, breadth, number of consecutively, accuracy and more complete information from Billy compared to the dispersed, incomplete, inconsistent scraps of theory, available to a few scientists, the skeptics think is on par.

          • Good gosh, that’s your interpretation, assumption, and yes you’re still saying it! It’s…NOWHERE to be found in their communication! NOWHERE!

            from here on I won’t be responding any further. This is draining and taking my time away form preparing for interviews, etc, blogs, lectures, etc.

          • As to not showing you anything: In fact you showed that in 1975 it was recognised that the poles were shifting towards SA. You could not produce a copyright date from 1975 for Meier and that was your best evidence? Have you a fundamental issue with that fact?

            Does it mean Meier is lying? No

          • Matt,

            Does the statement “When I find evidence to the contrary, I’ll no longer assume that my non-interference theory about the scientific info is correct” not seem illogical? It seems quite clear to me that the mode of though in which we, as humans on earth, make assumptions and then form those assumptions as prejudices within ourselves is precisely the one of the many modes of thought that the Spiritual Teaching (and thus the reason for the Meier contact to occur in the first place) is intended to remedy. Simply accepting the Meier case as fact, without altering our own thoughts and feelings towards that which is real and verifiable, would only result in another pattern of belief taking the place of the old one, would it not?

            I am not saying this as a personal challenge, but I don’t think we should be placing responsibility for our own assumptions upon Michael’s shoulders.

          • Apologies, my previous post should have read as “It seems quite clear to me that the mode of thought….” and further along, “…within ourselves is precisely one of the many modes of thought….”. I really should proofread before I click the ‘post comment’ button. 😉

          • MH/Stuart,

            So you’re saying that there’s no, zero, nada, directive around the information that the Plejaren make available to scientists, including through Billy, despite this being specifically mentioned in CR 214?

            Yes, we can assume that CR 35 and 115 were written when they were, but, that would be an assumption as Michael was unable to prove it when asked. Does that matter unless we’re on a mission to convince skeptics (which is not recommended either)? I don’t pretend to be able to, e.g., build a rocket, but, does that mean that rockets cannot be built? No. The assumptions are yours that there is scientific information from Billy that predates anything that was theorised or written about at the time unless you can provably demonstrate this through copyright. I don’t make this assumption and reason why that would be the case when the Plejaren are certainly capable of doing that, e.g., as they provably did with ‘Arkhanglesk’ from HP, which, when I checked this out in 2003 and used all the various spellings, I could find nothing to suggest the Russians could launch an attack from there at that time or had any related interests in doing that, but, then years later they started building up their military bases there. That can be demonstrated. Other things can’t as has been shown in this exchange..

          • In regards to, “I am not saying this as a personal challenge, but I don’t think we should be placing responsibility for our own assumptions upon Michael’s shoulders.”

            In my view, anyone that reads the counters, the lies and false accusations mentioned elsewhere but does not counter these with their OWN reasoned arguments, but, let Michael and others do their arguing for them, IS putting that on Michael’s shoulders and they need to step up. We all need to step up with our own arguments.

            My view is that we CAN prove copyrights for all the CRs through the numbering system, but, not through a publishable copyright for everything and no-one has done the legwork to show how the numbering proves Meier is telling the truth as many here sit back and let Michael do their arguing for them = laziness. I don’t and I don’t remember seeing the name “Stuart Brutsche” appearing in any debates of this kind before either, but, you will see mine, so don’t lecture me about taking responsibility.

          • This isn’t so much a response to Matt’s post as it is an overall comment about evidence, proof, etc. I was just sending this in an email and it seems like it’s relevant to the aforementioned concerns:

            “As far as courts go, that’s also why there are trials. People -attorneys, witnesses, experts, etc. – present evidence and then other people – judges and juries – have to think and reason through it and determine the truth as best they can.

            The fact is that the documentation, evidence,investigative results, etc., are so singularly consistent, accurate, authentic, absent evidence of hoaxing, – and the verifiable prophetic accuracy so easy to establish – that even I could present a compelling case in a court. I already once, several years ago, did a mini-version for a retired judge about info Meier published vs. when NASA published it that when I asked him who would win in his court, he said, ‘You do.’

            But the real shame is that human beings are actually so stupid and stubborn that they’ve missed the whole point of this. It hasn’t been to ‘prove’ Meier right, it’s been to help us assure our own future survival. The mechanism of the prophecies simply shows that more advanced human beings are capable of determining outcomes based on an advanced level of understanding of the law of cause and effect.

            That there are now over 200 confirmed and corroborated examples – and still any debate about it – is mind-boggling, scary and doesn’t bode well for the survival of the species.”

            P.S. Matt has been responding to further attacks by Kevin Randle here:

            While I too have submitted more documentation contradicting Randle, of course he didn’t post it. This is the guy who’s now doing “research” on the Meier case (read: trying to get more skeptical dirt) – instead of debating the false information, lies, etc., that he’s already posted and gathered, not through researching the case, but from skeptics and their unsubstantiated nonsense.

          • Matt,

            While your response to charlatans is commendable, I don’t see any rationality behind misplaced defensiveness in your post, and therefore don’t see any reason to respond to it (Hint: if a person’s life does not revolve around internet interactions why would you expect to see that person’s name on any particular website, much less use that as a litmus test of what they have or haven’t contributed to the mission?). However, if you have considered the content of my above post, and not just the last sentence, then there is a basis for a discussion.


            i would say your comment is relevant and on the mark; it is apparent to me (and stated many times in the CR, as I recall) that the body of evidence provided by Billy and the P’s was formed specifically such that a human who possesses a clear and healthy rationality can accept the case without assumptions or belief of any kind. If they had provided enough evidence to override the belief-based thought patterns of terrestrial humanity in general then not only would have that amounted to a violation of our self-determination, but the effort would have ultimately been fruitless as the belief-based pattern of thought would remain intact. If this assessment is incorrect, please inform me of this.

          • Stuart,

            Taking time to ASSUME I don’t know the difference between an assumption and a fact, you must have misunderstood that I am well aware that what I say may not be correct, but, I’ve not found evidence to the contrary and when testing here, Michael did not show first copyright of a scientific fact from Meier that had not been formulated, postulated, or, hypothesised and no written down beforehand by someone else (to disprove my ‘scientific-info-non-interference-theory’). He didn’t in my view. If he had, I would say that Meier was the first to understand X, Y, Z scientifically and we can prove this by copyright, before anyone else on the planet. Much of this information originally came from the Plejaren anyone so we have no way to gauge if Billy “understood” it other than to report on it. In arguing the case we refer to “Billy’s information”.

            Your pointing out the obvious, might be better placed where others are calling Meier a liar, charlatan, hoaxer, etc., or present your valid counters to show I really making assumptions, not, writing some confused comment with “spiritual” in it and expecting high-fives for pointing out something I’ve clearly acknowledged, but you were not able to counter, i.e., my assuming this, and when I was rattling my cognitive cage to stay sharp and take on some idiots elsewhere where it actually mattered. Mediocrity is so dull.

          • When you seek to “prove” something like a date of publication, it’s certainly wonderful to have a copyright date, which in many cases we have of course.

            But when you really are trying to decide the truth about a matter where – unlike virtually all other important claims – you have an absolutely unprecedented, enormous amount of evidence, you have to use research and…logic. You must incorporate the process, and consideration, of means, motive and opportunity as well.

            Think for a moment of virtually everything we accept in history. How much of the documentation can proven by copyrights? An absolutely minuscule percentage. We have to rely on a comprehensive examination, evaluation and understanding of all other factors, and we don’t have the luxury of still living sources who are still publishing their material, etc.

            Today I published this blog:


            …which contains only excerpts from even more lengthy, detailed documents. Now, if Meier had no verifiably copyrighted information, in fact if he had no verifiably prophetically accurate information, there wouldn’t be much to discuss. So now we arrive at the often overlooked issue.

            The problem isn’t that Meier’s published a bunch of looney, fantasy laden, so-called prophecies and predictions, the issue is that, so far, everything he’s published is:


            This is why the skeptics are in denial, on the attack, going out of their minds, etc. Notice that for the most part, unless they’re really stupid (which is too often the case) they’re trying to say that Meier didn’t publish those SCREAMINGLY ACCURATE predictions before they happened, that he published them after instead.

            It’s going to be bad enough when certain huge events occur that he’s long forewarned of. But the deniers will either go stark raving mad when inescapably confronted with them, or go into even more extreme denial…which will also be insane.

            If you want to engage dimwits like Kevin Randle, a mainly fiction writer, etc., you may want to contemplate what’s really going on and don’t just play the copyright game. Certainly I’ve used copyrights to show that such exist and verify publication dates, etc., which has helped those who are rational, sensible, intelligent and logical enough to see past the skeptical subterfuge and grasp the reality. For these people, reading through the clear, consistent, unambiguous, logical and SCREAMINGLY ACCURATE information has been thought-provoking and quite possibly life changing.

            BTW, unless I missed it, it appears that Randle has taken my posts down from his blogs, leaving people’s responses to them the only indication I had made comments. He is such a slap dash “researcher” that he really should be embarrassed by his incompetence. He’s not researching as much as trying to “debunk” the case, evidence, prophecies, etc., such as in his recent blog about Pluto. I won’t go into more of that mess right now, but I suggest that you keep in mind the real way one corroborates or “proves” the prophecies were not retrodicted, etc.

            A question for the skeptics then to keep in mind is, are you saying his prophecies and predictions are wrong, backdated, or both?

            While I understand the feeling of urgency to have people understand the singular authenticity of the Meier case, as the time fulfills…more will. They still may not include the bozos in the UFO and paranormal fields, who will truly be among the last to know, or acknowledge, the truth.

          • My opinion: Controlling problems by modified war-gene through AWARENESS.
            The arguement start from July 31, 2017, so as the sun activity. Check it out.

            Lots copyrighted material in deutsch and early than english version, we are not good at deutsch, so it’s difficult.

            I do feel wording in this blog could offend many honest sceptics who haven’t comprehend the material through reasoning and logic, and it’s difficult to follow it due to environmentally degenerative influence these days.

          • Well said Michael and, just to double check, exactly what kind of ACCURATE was that again?

          • Matt,

            I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…yell. Well, maybe I did. I also just sent you an email with a bunch of easy rebuttals to the latest attacks by that poor, inept Randle.

            At least we’re having some fun around HERE!

          • Matt,

            When posting my original comment I did not have any reason to suspect that you had contrived an argument for the sake of a cognitive exercise, and therefore took it at face value. If that is the source of the apparent misunderstanding, then I am relieved that the misunderstanding is resolved.

            I will say however, that the form of the stated argument, where one presents a theory or idea (even if apparently supported by anecdotes), and then holds it up until disproved, is what initiated my original post. When examining any kind of theory, no matter whom the originator is and what the theory or idea may state, we are fundamentally concerned with how to reasonably prove said theory in the first place; being able to disprove the theory in question is indeed useful but the lack of a disproof is rarely, if ever, relevant. I could form a million different “theories”, every single one of them completely impervious to falsification (at least our currently used concept of falsification), but that would not necessarily make a single one of them useful or relevant.

            Matt, I am not at all implying you don’t know or understand the above but if any given post pursues an argument of the above form, then the person making that post should reasonably expect at least one rebuke (or several).

            On a side note (but maybe related), I did read an excerpt from a CR several months ago where Ptaah specifically described the Plajeran’s directives on what kind of scientific information they are allowed to disclose in a publicly available CR. At the time, he was describing a multi-systemic disorder resulting from tick-bites that terran scientists do not remotely understand (going far beyond lyme disease), and therefore misdiagnose it as many different things. Billy expected the convo to be private but Ptaah explained that the information is disclosable as long as methods leading to the discovery are not elaborated upon. I do not remember if the excerpt was already translated or if I did a partial one myself… so it may take a while to find again. I am not bringing that up to relate to the above conversation, just saying that if anyone comes across it, take note of it for future reference as it may be useful.

        • I should clarify a portion of my above post: even if a theory is falsifiable, lack of falsification does not necessarily imbue validity to said theory.

          • Stuart,

            Could you please tell me in which contact report was it mentioned about multi-systemic disorder resulting from tick-bites that terran scientists do not remotely understand?

          • I don’t recall, it’s one of those times when you read a cr excerpt but you don’t think it’s all that important until some months later. I’m pretty sure the cr it came from was within the past few years, but as we know many of them aren’t translated. I’ll keep an eye out for it myself, and whenever I do find it again I’ll post it here. Of course, one wouldn’t recommend citing that as a piece of evidence in a discussion until we find the actual cr.

          • Ah hah! The excerpt from CR 676 I had read some months ago was just published in figu bulletin no. 98, where Ptaah discusses tick bites, Morgellon’s disease and some information regarding the Plejaran’s directives on releasing scientific information unknown by terrestrial science:

            Billy: Also sind Zecken- oder sonstige Spinnentierstiche der hauptsächliche Ursprung der Krankheit Morgellons. Aber eine Frage: Wieso sprichst du so offen darüber, woher und wie Morgellons entsteht? Verstösst du damit nicht wider eure Direktiven?

            Ptaah: Nein, damit begehe ich keinen Verstoss, denn ich erklärte nur die Ursachen in bezug auf Morgellons, wobei ich aber keine Anweisungen oder irgendwelche Möglichkeiten nannte, wie und mit welcher Technik diese multisystemische Erkrankung erforscht und ergründet werden kann. Dies ist
            die Aufgabe der irdisch-medizinischen Forschung, folgedem ich wohl bestimmte Fakten in bezug auf die Ursache der morgellonschen Krankheit und deren Erreger nennen darf, jedoch über weitere Angaben schweigen muss.

            As previously mentioned, their directives allow for the causes of the disease to be discussed as long as the methods used to investigate the disease are not revealed. Also, a quick search showed that terran scientists have loosely correlated Morgellon’s disease with Lyme disease but haven’t pinpointed the precise interacts that Ptaah listed in the CR.


  • Right you two, back to the Stench of Cowardice…
    (Which neither of you stink of), even though we don’t believe in Karma, we do know of the immutableness of the law of Cause and Effect.
    So these cowards will reap what they sow and kudos to MH for standing up for the Truth.

  • …for some reason my posts are not shown on this blog, maybe something with my Linux, or something…

    Anyway: It is very strange, that all devices that search for intelligent beings, are directed away from the Earth… 🙂

  • …lately China and India in news again (BBC news): If you browse through the latest headlines about the now month-long border stand-off between India and China, you might think the Asian rivals are teetering on the brink of an armed conflict.
    The rhetoric is full of foreboding and menace. A Delhi newspaper says China is warning that the stand-off “could escalate into full-scale conflict”. Another echoes a similar sentiment, saying “China stiffens face-off posture”.

  • I wonder whether the “authenticity” of the contact reports is questioned because non of the prophecies were published until after the events had happened? Or am I mistaken about this? Maybe the prophecies were available only to FIGU initiates and not to the ordinary public? Also, some of the photos do look “faked”, particularly the Wedding Cake UFO pics. . . . even to my unpracticed eye. It does look like table-top photography.

      • Yes Michael, I’ve looked at the evidence. The WCUFO still looks like a glorified garbage can lid to me. . . . . This is not true of the other pictures of the beamships, which look very authentic, also the video of the “disappearing” craft, which I think is a real “in time” video. Why Billy has created “did-authenticating” evidence himself I don’t know. This is the part I don’t understand. Had he stuck with the original material, the authentic pictures and not added anything “in-authentic” to them, he would be taken more seriously by more people than he is!

        Keep up the good work Michael. You have a certain “wiseness-of-being” in you that people trust. You are a credible person and you will be believed if you persevere.

        Agartha and the Inner Earth exist, and IMO the Agarthans are now beginning an action that will influence the outcome of events on the surface of the planet. . . . . They must do this, because if the oceans are radioactive, that radioactivity will also enter the Inner Earth and poison their environment there.

        Billy has told us about the ancient war between the Atlanteans and the Lemurians. Many Lemurian survivors took refuge in Agartha.

        • Ask yourself what you remember about garbage can lids in 1975. Not garbage can lids from present time, but the ones manufactured in 1975 and previous.

          • I was 15 years old in 1975, and as far as I can remember, the trash cans were made of heavy-grade aluminum. They didn’t rust and lasted forever, unless they were deliberately destroyed. I recall my dad even used to burn the trash in an aluminum garbage can. . . . it held together for a few years under this abuse, until eventually it gave up the ghost.

        • Carolyn,
          The WCUFO is a real Plejaren spacecraft that Billy was allowed to photograph. I’m sure he didn’t tell Quetzal, “sorry, I won’t take pictures of this because it looks like a trash can.”

  • Also, the FIGU is acting a little bit “cultish” in respect to “other” people. They really refuse to talk about certain subjects, like for example the Inner Earth and Agartha, which are “givens” for other people. I have on various sites which were FIGU-related asked questions and so on, for which I have been reprimanded and given insulting replies and personally insulting criticisms of myself, my own thinking and my lifestyle. This reprobation inclines me to withdraw from the group of might-be-interested people. The FIGU group, not the core members necessarily, but the hangers-on, are quite rude to ordinary people (like myself) asking ordinary kinds of questions. They also beat someone down for expressing any view that doesn’t correspond with the FIGU “truth”.

    • Really, what real significance – in a world now tottering on the edge of irreversible chaos and destruction – does worrying about the unprovable “the Inner Earth and Agatha” have?

    • While I don’t think that pro-FIGU people should be rude to questions they see as extraneous to the real matters at hand (because the intent behind those questions is often innocent), I can see why the reaction you are describing takes place. Consider an analogy that might explain the situation from the perspective of FIGU:

      Picture for a moment, that you are on the back of a large, crowded bus travelling through the countryside; the bus is moving at a good speed (maybe 50-60 mph) and you can’t get to the driver because there are way too many people in the way and the driver only cares enough to listen to the person directly next to him. You also can’t just jump off, because you would certainly die in the process. Incidentally, you happen to have a map given to you by the company that hired the bus. Upon reading the map, you realize that not only is the bus heading in completely the wrong direction, it is going towards the grand canyon and will drive off the cliff of the grand canyon within twenty minutes.

      Naturally, you start telling everyone around you that not only is the bus going completely in the wrong direction but it will also be driving everyone off of a cliff. Now a problem arises, because half the people who hear you think that the map is a work of the devil and most of the other half don’t care about your map because they intentionally never learned to read in the first place. In spite of all this, you spend the next 19 minutes trying to convince the other people on the bus that the bus is, indeed, going to be driving off a cliff and our intended destination can clearly be seen in the back window. Now that that bus is only one minute from the cliff, you can clearly see the canyon in your binoculars. In spite of this, almost everyone else on the bus is too busy reading about the latest social media drama on their iPhone to notice, that indeed, the cliff is directly ahead of the bus and the bus driver is so intoxicated that he no longer know where the break pedal is located.

      Meanwhile, a person next to you says that your binoculars are probably broken and proceeds to begin a conversation about next week’s basketball game. And your like…… Really!?!?!?!?!?

      It’s not a precise analogy, but I would say it describes the situation for most FIGU-minded people fairly well.

      • Folks should take a look at Billy and Christian in the latest interview with the woman who was mistaken for Asket as a reference with how to properly deal with questions, ideas and thoughts outside the truth. They handled it (Billy in particular) very well, patient and loving nonetheless – even when “channeling” was brought up. Billy friendly declined by saying something like “we’re not in the channeling business.”

        Even after he was told :”god bless you”, he still smiled and accepted them anyway. I think this is important to note; in terms of behavior as an example of the spirit teaching which is free, harmonious, peaceful, loving and wise — regardless of others’ beliefs.

        • This is a good point Jedaiah; I suppose I shouldn’t have come off as making broad generalizations about what ‘FIGU-minded’ people think. Perhaps being aware of the source of our own frustrations (even if well-founded) and consciously equalizing those thoughts/feelings would make some headway in communicating with people from different mindsets. Indeed, Billy sets a difficult example to follow; I suppose there is no other way to ultimately ensure the success of the mission than to make the necessary changes within ourselves, is there?

          • Billy’s example is not difficult to follow if you are truly searching for the truth. He didn’t get that way overnight, and there are others like him with positive, balanced attitudes who probably haven’t even studied these teachings.

            It’s a matter of conscious, strict discipline that eventually becomes easier with time because it eases into the fabric of your thoughts, feelings etc. and so, influences your subconsciousness and behavior naturally.

            In a nutshell: be patient as you gradually become a creature of Creation.

          • And ultimately, yes, even though Billy is a good example to follow — we ourselves have to make the changes within us, for us, and allow the domino effect to ripple forth across the world (and eventually) the universe at large. To be fair, it does start with difficulty / challenge (natural), but it does become easier the more love, harmony, wisdom, knowledge, peace, equalizeness etc. is stored, practiced, conditioned and seeped into the very depths of the human’s consciousness.

          • Certainly true, though in this case I was just referring to whomever may be involved in the scenarios Carolyn described although I have no idea how often that does or doesn’t happen. There was also a half-way internal musing in there about the observation that we don’t have a Landesgruppe, but I don’t know anything about that situation other than Christian’s letter so that’s as far as I’ll go in that regard.

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