The Stench of Cowardice

Cowardly Kevin Randle, spineless skeptics, still suppress Billy Meier UFO evidence

People who, through their own research and investigative efforts, have already concluded that the Billy Meier UFO case and its evidence are singularly authentic, often wonder why I bother with skeptics, dolts and cowards who rush to attack the Meier case.

The fact is, with the epidemic of ignorance (that also pervades so-called “science”) I mainly push back on the ones who have been most vocal in their unsubstantiated, often vicious attacks.

This isn’t grandstanding, showboating or bullying, nor is it to convince them of the authenticity of the case, its evidence, etc. It is to create a strong counterbalancing presence to the decades’ long proliferation of unchallenged negative information, and outright disinformation, spread by supposed “experts”, though none of the skeptical attackers possesses any demonstrable expertise on the subject.

In every case, I’ve responded to the attacks of know-it-all bullies who thought the Meier case was easy game, or those who deliberately distort and misrepresent the case in order to discredit it. Tap dancing on the heads of such people is not difficult; with the democratization of information on the internet, anyone can determine the truth for themselves, and express it, if they have the willingness and courage to do so.

Cowardly Kevin Randle

On July 20, JimG, a participant on Kevin Randle’s anti-Billy Meier blog, challenged me to provide “irrefutable proof to support the Billy Meier story using publication dates, copyrights and international book serial numbers”. While, for unknown reasons, I only yesterday received notification of it, I immediately submitted the following information, which Randle…censored:

“Since you’re using a screen name here asking for a ‘credible source’ I must first point out that it’s nice when someone making that kind of request (read: challenge) is also a…’credible’ person. You’re not. You’re anonymous and, of course, present no credentials that would indicate that you have even a nodding acquaintance with what’s ‘credible’.

If you were, you probably would’ve, long ago, challenged the credibility of any and everything that pertains to ‘Roswell’, since there’s ZERO actual evidence to warrant much discussion of it, though I have good reason to accept its authenticity, based on my first learning about it…in 1957, and other factors.

That being said, it’s very easy for a qualified researcher to determine the truth about publication dates on most of the prophecies, etc. For instance, I received the first 1,800 pages of the Contact Reports in 1986. They are the same material from an early English translation that were subsequently published in the Message from the Pleiades, four-volume series that began with this book (Amazon):

Message from the Pleiades

Publisher: UFO Photo Archives (December 1988)

ISBN-10: 0934269149

ISBN-13: 978-0934269148

Now, while the copyright date shown above is 1988, the actual book’s copyright dates go back to 1978. That’s because the transcripts in these books spanned from 1975 – 1978. Wendelle Stevens and his team began the process of having translations done at that time, hence the 1978 date. In fact, they included some of the quotes from those contacts in the following photo book:

Contact from the Pleiades

Publisher: Genesis III Productions; First Edition edition (1979)


You’ll find the Revised edition bears the publication date of 1980…and also has ISBN numbers:

Contact from the Pleiades

Publisher: Genesis III Pub; Revised edition (1980)

ISBN-10: 0937850020

ISBN-13: 978-0937850022

Now, if you go here: and simply do a search for 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 – you see specific information quoted from the Contact Reports of those years alone…which are intros copyrighted, dated, published books. The contacts continue to this day, which is why when you go here:

…you’ll find that there are now hundreds more contacts, not all of which have been translated, with the most recent translation here being from November of last year.

There are other contacts, prophecies, predictions, etc. – which have proved to be impeccably accurate – that have been online since 2002, some of which are in my own DVDs from as early as 2004.

I suggest that you begin there and I also suggest not trying to be dismissive of investigators, who between them, have about…100 years of combined investigation into this singularly authentic, still ongoing contact case, which now spans more than 75 years.

Further, if you’re really interested in the truth, it would be helpful if your comments, questions and challenges are presented in that tone.

Lastly, we’re absolutely not interested in ‘converts’, etc., as this isn’t a religion, cult, belief system, etc. It’s a field of study.”

Randle – who promotes himself with a photo in military uniform – behaves in a  way that is without honor, censoring information that refutes his own lies. While he no doubt wanted to create the false impression that I didn’t respond, Randle’s stated reason was:

“You don’t like the use of a screen name… that’s not your call. So, no, with the opening comment, I will not post. If you wish to rewrite it, then probably…”

I resubmitted it with only the publishing and linked information.

Hero that he is, Randle still was too afraid to publish it.

The Three Stooges of Skepticism

In trying to debunk Billy Meier, Randle had relied on skeptic Evan Bernstein, who failed to note that Meier did in fact verifiably predict the attacks on France, as early as 1981. Even more telling of the prejudicial, belief-based agenda of both Randle and Bernstein is their failure to give even a moment’s consideration – let alone jaw-dropping awe – to just how and why someone, in 1958, was indeed predicting the now ceaselessly unfolding, worldwide irrepressible terror of fanatical Islamists. (The irony of Randle relying on a UFO-debunking skeptic is another curious matter, perhaps a twisted case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”?)

Bernstein blithely dismisses Meier’s painfully prescient warning, saying, “Just like many of the other “prophecies” of Meiers, this one is so general, so unspecific that it could be applied to any number of Islamist terrorist attacks since 1958.”

Really? So who indeed was solely predicting all those “attacks since 1958″…which continue to this day? Not a moment’s consideration to all of the implications of the hundreds of undeniably specific examples of prophetically accurate information from Meier, is given by Randle or Bernstein, so hell bent on “debunking” Meier are they.

Bernstein linked to comments by Dr. Steven Novella, who I long ago revealed as another failed adherent to the religion of Skeptology. And as I also already pointed out before, Novella overconfidently and incorrectly asserted that the WCUFO photos are part of the evidence for “a many-decade UFO hoax“, relying on his own amateur assumptions and those of the equally inept CFI West.

But since his foolish assertions have been throughly dismantled and destroyed by Rhal Zahi’s 74-page analysis and authentication of the WCUFO photos, Novella’s remained strangely silent about it. And while he cited his, at the time, 8 year-old daughter as telling “more convincing ‘fibs’” than Meier, the fact is that now even 8 year-olds can prove to themselves the authenticity of Meier’s pre-computer, pre-digital age WCUFO photo.

So Randle relies on the failed and inaccurate Bernstein, who cites Novella’s demonstrably false conclusions. The Three Stooges of Skepticism strike again.

No Answer Is also an Answer

Since many of the failed skeptical attacks were initiated by Novella, I recently challenged him to substantiate all this and that failing to do so would simply be conceding by default. The “no answer is also an answer” rule applies; it means the non-responding accuser is admitting he’s wrong.

And there’s been no answer, no evidence, no retraction, no…nothing from Novella. He’s defaulted and thereby conceded. I’ll make sure that Bernstein gets this and also has a chance to step up or, more likely, also run away.

Who Cares?

So, I make noise.

I took the fight to the skeptics at CFI West, beginning in 2002, and from there to many others, like Michael Shermer, Derek Bartholomaus, Stuart Robbins, the cocky Phil Plait, etc.

People who practice medicine without a license are quacks, as are people who peddle pseudo-scientific bunk and junk and pretend to be genuine scientists.

The truth doesn’t need defense but there’s nothing wrong with standing up for it and letting people know where to find it.

Avoid the Flailing Oars

If we lived in a time when people were overflowing with integrity and courage, then if someone was wrong, they’d openly admit it and even sincerely apologize. But we live in the blessed internet age, which has evolved along with the devolution of ethics and values, where every envious wannabe can easily hurl defamatory statements, often anonymously and without any accountability.

Unfortunately, this is something that America as a country has, to a great degree, given rise to  through its neglect of real values and its warmongering, cowardice, bullying and lying its way around the world, not wanting to learn how life really works. The American philosophy amounts to, “Anything for a buck.”

In a country of some 330 million people there certainly are many, many good people who want to know the truth. While they have to avoid drowning in the sea of irrational religions and dead-end politics, they are also outnumbered by, and have to avoid the flailing oars of, those who like nothing more than frantically paddling around on, as well as submerging themselves in, those dark and murky waters.

The Stench of Cowardice

Those waters are rapidly rising, as are the temperatures in the, equally denied, cycle of the primarily unnatural, manmade climate change, environmental destruction and the approaching chaos and anarchy. As the heat rises, we more easily notice that something…doesn’t smell right.

There’s no need to be puzzled, it’s the stench of cowardice from the widespread, putrid denial of the truth, by those who care only for profits, at the cost of anyone and anything that stands for the often harsh, real truth.

Don’t Let the Door Hit You

We should welcome and help speed along the long overdue dissolution of what is – at best – the insidiously useless field of ufology, with all of their phony “experts” and money-grubbers, and the cultic and equally pointless, truth-suppressing, pseudo-science that is skepticism. A plague on both their houses, one that, should he choose a more honest, courageous and truthful approach, Dr. Novella could perhaps one day also contribute to curing. The truth is the best medicine.

“No matter how fast a lie can be it can always be overtaken by the truth.”

The OM, Canon 32:1189

See: FIGU Canada Newsletter


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76 Replies to “The Stench of Cowardice”

  1. I wonder whether the “authenticity” of the contact reports is questioned because non of the prophecies were published until after the events had happened? Or am I mistaken about this? Maybe the prophecies were available only to FIGU initiates and not to the ordinary public? Also, some of the photos do look “faked”, particularly the Wedding Cake UFO pics. . . . even to my unpracticed eye. It does look like table-top photography.

      1. Yes Michael, I’ve looked at the evidence. The WCUFO still looks like a glorified garbage can lid to me. . . . . This is not true of the other pictures of the beamships, which look very authentic, also the video of the “disappearing” craft, which I think is a real “in time” video. Why Billy has created “did-authenticating” evidence himself I don’t know. This is the part I don’t understand. Had he stuck with the original material, the authentic pictures and not added anything “in-authentic” to them, he would be taken more seriously by more people than he is!

        Keep up the good work Michael. You have a certain “wiseness-of-being” in you that people trust. You are a credible person and you will be believed if you persevere.

        Agartha and the Inner Earth exist, and IMO the Agarthans are now beginning an action that will influence the outcome of events on the surface of the planet. . . . . They must do this, because if the oceans are radioactive, that radioactivity will also enter the Inner Earth and poison their environment there.

        Billy has told us about the ancient war between the Atlanteans and the Lemurians. Many Lemurian survivors took refuge in Agartha.

        1. Ask yourself what you remember about garbage can lids in 1975. Not garbage can lids from present time, but the ones manufactured in 1975 and previous.

          1. I was 15 years old in 1975, and as far as I can remember, the trash cans were made of heavy-grade aluminum. They didn’t rust and lasted forever, unless they were deliberately destroyed. I recall my dad even used to burn the trash in an aluminum garbage can. . . . it held together for a few years under this abuse, until eventually it gave up the ghost.

        2. Carolyn,
          The WCUFO is a real Plejaren spacecraft that Billy was allowed to photograph. I’m sure he didn’t tell Quetzal, “sorry, I won’t take pictures of this because it looks like a trash can.”

  2. Also, the FIGU is acting a little bit “cultish” in respect to “other” people. They really refuse to talk about certain subjects, like for example the Inner Earth and Agartha, which are “givens” for other people. I have on various sites which were FIGU-related asked questions and so on, for which I have been reprimanded and given insulting replies and personally insulting criticisms of myself, my own thinking and my lifestyle. This reprobation inclines me to withdraw from the group of might-be-interested people. The FIGU group, not the core members necessarily, but the hangers-on, are quite rude to ordinary people (like myself) asking ordinary kinds of questions. They also beat someone down for expressing any view that doesn’t correspond with the FIGU “truth”.

    1. Really, what real significance – in a world now tottering on the edge of irreversible chaos and destruction – does worrying about the unprovable “the Inner Earth and Agatha” have?

    2. While I don’t think that pro-FIGU people should be rude to questions they see as extraneous to the real matters at hand (because the intent behind those questions is often innocent), I can see why the reaction you are describing takes place. Consider an analogy that might explain the situation from the perspective of FIGU:

      Picture for a moment, that you are on the back of a large, crowded bus travelling through the countryside; the bus is moving at a good speed (maybe 50-60 mph) and you can’t get to the driver because there are way too many people in the way and the driver only cares enough to listen to the person directly next to him. You also can’t just jump off, because you would certainly die in the process. Incidentally, you happen to have a map given to you by the company that hired the bus. Upon reading the map, you realize that not only is the bus heading in completely the wrong direction, it is going towards the grand canyon and will drive off the cliff of the grand canyon within twenty minutes.

      Naturally, you start telling everyone around you that not only is the bus going completely in the wrong direction but it will also be driving everyone off of a cliff. Now a problem arises, because half the people who hear you think that the map is a work of the devil and most of the other half don’t care about your map because they intentionally never learned to read in the first place. In spite of all this, you spend the next 19 minutes trying to convince the other people on the bus that the bus is, indeed, going to be driving off a cliff and our intended destination can clearly be seen in the back window. Now that that bus is only one minute from the cliff, you can clearly see the canyon in your binoculars. In spite of this, almost everyone else on the bus is too busy reading about the latest social media drama on their iPhone to notice, that indeed, the cliff is directly ahead of the bus and the bus driver is so intoxicated that he no longer know where the break pedal is located.

      Meanwhile, a person next to you says that your binoculars are probably broken and proceeds to begin a conversation about next week’s basketball game. And your like…… Really!?!?!?!?!?

      It’s not a precise analogy, but I would say it describes the situation for most FIGU-minded people fairly well.

      1. Folks should take a look at Billy and Christian in the latest interview with the woman who was mistaken for Asket as a reference with how to properly deal with questions, ideas and thoughts outside the truth. They handled it (Billy in particular) very well, patient and loving nonetheless – even when “channeling” was brought up. Billy friendly declined by saying something like “we’re not in the channeling business.”

        Even after he was told :”god bless you”, he still smiled and accepted them anyway. I think this is important to note; in terms of behavior as an example of the spirit teaching which is free, harmonious, peaceful, loving and wise — regardless of others’ beliefs.

        1. This is a good point Jedaiah; I suppose I shouldn’t have come off as making broad generalizations about what ‘FIGU-minded’ people think. Perhaps being aware of the source of our own frustrations (even if well-founded) and consciously equalizing those thoughts/feelings would make some headway in communicating with people from different mindsets. Indeed, Billy sets a difficult example to follow; I suppose there is no other way to ultimately ensure the success of the mission than to make the necessary changes within ourselves, is there?

          1. Billy’s example is not difficult to follow if you are truly searching for the truth. He didn’t get that way overnight, and there are others like him with positive, balanced attitudes who probably haven’t even studied these teachings.

            It’s a matter of conscious, strict discipline that eventually becomes easier with time because it eases into the fabric of your thoughts, feelings etc. and so, influences your subconsciousness and behavior naturally.

            In a nutshell: be patient as you gradually become a creature of Creation.

          2. And ultimately, yes, even though Billy is a good example to follow — we ourselves have to make the changes within us, for us, and allow the domino effect to ripple forth across the world (and eventually) the universe at large. To be fair, it does start with difficulty / challenge (natural), but it does become easier the more love, harmony, wisdom, knowledge, peace, equalizeness etc. is stored, practiced, conditioned and seeped into the very depths of the human’s consciousness.

          3. Certainly true, though in this case I was just referring to whomever may be involved in the scenarios Carolyn described although I have no idea how often that does or doesn’t happen. There was also a half-way internal musing in there about the observation that we don’t have a Landesgruppe, but I don’t know anything about that situation other than Christian’s letter so that’s as far as I’ll go in that regard.

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