Ironclad Evidence Billy Meier UFO Case Real

OSI investigator cites 1964 India photos, documentation 

For the past several months I’ve been engaged in conversations with a former OSI investigator and Case Supervisor,* I’ll call him Joe, who initially confronted me with his suspicions that the Billy Meier UFO case was a hoax.

As a professional investigator, he understands the need for precise, discreet application of the methodologies involved in ferreting out the truth. These include the necessity of determining means, motive and opportunity (MMO), which are essential elements in investigating people suspected, or accused, of a crime, etc., as well as thoroughly assessing the character of persons under investigation.

The inability of the unscientific, amateur and professional skeptics to establish MMO, is part of what led to their complete failure to debunk the Meier case (the other part being its factual authenticity). They relied instead on glib, unsubstantiated claims that Meier “could have done” it this way, or that he “probably had access” to something, etc., and they unfairly and inaccurately assail Meier’s character, without any substantiation.

In their vain attempts to explain away the inexplicable specificity, and accuracy of Meier’s prophetic information, as well as his still irreproducible physical UFO evidence, they effectively credit Meier with being a genius and a master of photography, special effects, model making, trick photography, filmmaking, CGI, sound recording, metallurgy, electronics, and a wide range of other technologies, sciences, etc.

Because of their deeply ingrained beliefs, they are more comfortable making him into a super-human “hoaxer” than the modest, truthful person that he is.

India 1964: The Ironclad Evidence

On August 5, I had another conversation with Joe. What follows is my understanding of what Joe said.

Joe began by pointing out the virtually ironclad nature of the documentation, from 1964, including the article from The Statesman,** where the reporter, Mr. Venkatesh,*** mentioned the 80 or so UFO photos Meier had in an album. Joe had searched for any evidence that Meier did, or even could have, faked those photos, or bought them from vendors selling UFO photos in rural India in 1964, etc. Certainly, had such existed, the very competent reporter himself would have at least raised questions about where, and from whom, Meier could have gotten these photos in 1964.

The Hologram in the Sky

In fact, Mr. Venkatesh describes several of the UFO photos that still exist, including this remarkable one of a hologram of a cross above Meier’s head, which we captured as well during the filming, of The Silent Revolution of Truth, in 2006:

Phobol Cheng

Joe pointed out that Phobol Cheng, who’s now a retired UN diplomat and who was 10 years-old when she was at the Asoka ashram with her brother in 1964, when Meier was there, would have nothing to gain by showing up at a UFO convention, 35 years later, and attesting to the truthfulness of Meier’s story. Joe rhetorically asked what her motivation would be and what she could possibly gain in this public way. He suggested that this wouldn’t have happened, unless the story of Meier in India was true and that she had complete belief in it.

Joe pointed out that Phobol Cheng is also in a video showing she returned to the Asoka mission in India. Then there is another video where she went to Switzerland, in 2000, to meet Billy Meier and talked about the time they were together at their in 1964.  She is also interviewed in New York City in 2000.

And in this full-length version of Phobol Cheng’s 1999 presentation, Sashi Raj, a friend of Phobol’s and another credible eyewitness, also corroborates being at the Asoka ashram and seeing the UFOs for herself. She also describes seeing symbols in a field (from 27:14) long before crop circles became a public concern.

Joe’s conclusions about Phobol Cheng’s credibility also echoed those by a consultant to the US military, who’s an expert in reading body language, which he expressed in The Silent Revolution of Truth (starting about 24:36).

UPDATE: August 8, 2017

For anyone who may doubt Phobol Cheng was a diplomat at the UN, I just received these two official UN documents from Lolo Courtemanche:

The Hovering UFO

Joe also found the film (42:50), where Billy Meier is seen on a hillside with a UFO hovering in the sky above his head, to be very compelling. He said that the only way that could have been accomplished is with an accomplice and, from everything Joe could determine, Meier didn’t have accomplices and did everything by himself. This corroborates what all of the investigations, by Wendelle Stevens, Lee and Brit Elders and their team, author Gary Kinder and others, have independently confirmed.

India and Another Billy Meier Prophecy Fulfilling

India and China move towards war foretold in 1987

Perhaps just wanting to lend credibility to Billy Meier’s abundance of specific, prophetically accurate information from decades ago, India and China are positioning themselves to do their part, as warned about by Meier, in 1987:

244. And China becomes dangerous, especially to India, as also at this time China maintains uneasy relations with her.

245.  China will attack India; and if biological weapons are used, around 30 million human beings will be killed in the area of and around New Delhi alone.

246. However, this will not be the end yet—because the effect of biological bombs and missiles, etc., used cannot be controlled at that time, and terrible epidemics unknown up to that point in time will arise and will spread quickly to many areas.

247. Also Pakistan will allow herself to be misled to instigate a war against India, which will be especially dangerous in view of the fact that both countries are developing atomic weapons.

*As a Case Supervisor, Joe’s responsibility was to open a background check and cover a person’s entire life, from birth to the present time, to see if there were any derogatory/negative items that could make this person a possible national risk before they were granted a security clearance.  Some of the investigations required Joe to send OSI Special Agents worldwide to gather evidence that he would then use to prepare a final report ,based on solid documentation of that individual’s past and present. There aren’t any so-called “UFO experts” – let alone any skeptics – who are even remotely as qualified, or experienced, in actual investigation as Joe.

**The Statesman newspaper, founded in 1818, had already been in existence for 146 years by the time that ***Mr. Venkatesh, a former Special Representative of The Statesman, interviewed the 27 year-old Meier.

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Phobol Cheng in Laughlin, Nevada, 1999 (transcript excerpt)

Bhante Dharmawara (1889-1999) Phobol Cheng’s grandfather




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  1. Michael,

    If this question is a repeat, excuse me, I had no indication the message was sent.

    Is it possible to find out if this technology exists from Billy’s contact’s perspective on an unsuspecting population towards evil purposes?

    Also, where is his contact’s position ( presently) concerning the present state of the fukushima meltdowns and is the Pacific Ocean compromised?

  2. Hello Michael, I have just also learned something that may be of interest :
    A cross has already appeared in the sky in 1826 in front of 2000 people in France at Migné-Auxances.
    It was 40 meters long, placed horizontally, 55 meters high, staying half an hour and perfectly visible.
    This was accepted as a miracle, but the cross was not turned towards east but west. So when the church was reconstructed, it was turned towards west.

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