More dire consequences of climate change denial

The information in this recent article, Global Ocean Circulation Appears To Be Collapsing Due To A Warming Planet, indicates that, as is repeatedly the case, humankind has failed to recognize and acknowledge the reality of what Billy Meier first warned about in 1951, regarding the unnatural, manmade climate change and global warming, and the dreadful worldwide consequences.

Ptaah told Meier about the specific dangers that could unfold should the global conveyor belt break down:

“That is right, because if the global conveyor belt – which, as the enormous current, runs through the oceans and constantly mixes their water – breaks down, then the movement of the oceans will cease, which then means that the majority of all life on Earth will be extinguished.”

This is also related to the melting of the glaciers, which Meier also first foretold in 1964, all of which are the effects of manmade abuses, the causes of which are rooted in overpopulation. For all the climate change deniers, the paid-off “scientists” who are merely shills for the various industries, those whose political and/or religious views regard the realities of the manmade environmental destruction as radical and inconvenient theories, etc., all we can now say is, the people were warned…and did they listen?


I will probably refer to this article frequently because of its enormous implications. Intelligent, thinking people can easily see that it confirms the singular authenticity of the Meier case. It doesn’t necessarily mean an end to the inane accusations, attacks, etc. However, the kind of twisted, illogical mental gymnastics that the skeptics would have to engage in will be quite self-evident, reflecting exactly the kind of denial that has gotten humanity this deep in the hole.


New Interview:

Michael Horn Discuss UFO Disclosure, ET Humans, and Billy Meier’s Prophecies


Thanks to Todd for information about the oceans.

18 comments on “Another Billy Meier Prophecy Fulfilling

  • Having studied climate change for the past few years I will say that we are in DEEP trouble. Most people are clueless, even after record smashing heatwaves, droughts, rain and flooding events, crop losses, record low polar ice (both poles), and on and on and on.
    Next up is methane, a hundred times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2. Methane levels are rising (especially in the Arctic) and global heating will be severe as the methane values go up.
    A mass extinction event is coming, far sooner than our overpopulated world realizes. Our fate is sealed on that point.
    Nuclear weapons will probably be used as a means of last resort to bring on a global nuclear winter. But that only buys a couple of years, after wiping out most of life on earth.
    The only meaningful question that remains is whether some humans will be able to survive and make it through the extinction bottleneck.
    Watch the methane, and global average temperatures. That will tell how soon the story unfolds.
    There is no way to stop abrupt climate change or the 6th great extinction, The Anthropocene. In fact, it’s already started.

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