Billy Meier on what’s ahead for Brazil and South America

On July 27, Billy Meier was asked about the future of Brazil and South America, as it becomes even clearer now that the western powers are driving the world into more devastating wars. Meier said that Brazil is still one of the upcoming countries regarding the near and distant future. But his concern is about the still huge and strongly delusional belief in Catholicism that can be found almost everywhere in Brazil.

Brazil and the rest of South America are mentioned as among the very few places around the world that could be considered as safe, if a big and “nasty” war would take place between the West and the East. In that case, it’s absolutely possible that millions of refugees would try to move especially to Brazil.

This reinforces what he said as far back as 1951, as well as what he was told by Sfath in 1946.

Huge Increase in Immigration

Unofficial reports confirm an influx of immigrants from African countries in the north of Brazil. This is still not officially acknowledged. Also, over 125,000 Venezuelans have crossed into Brazil, as they try to escape the societal breakdown there.

In the last 10 years, immigration to Brazil jumped 160%. In 2015, almost 120,000 immigrants, mainly from Haiti, Bolivia, Columbia, Argentina, China, Portugal, arrived in Brazil, as well as 4,747 North Americans.

The American Taliban

Speaking of Americans, who would’ve thought that American leftists would go so far as to emulate the statue destroying Taliban, in their hell bent rush to roll over the rights of their fellow Americans while trying to delegitimize an election they disagreed with?

So insipid and pathetically weak are those who kowtow to the bullying and political correctness from the left that they’ve gone to even greater lengths to avoid “offending” these losers. And does anyone else see the irony in all of this being related to a…football game, that all-American pastime where (supposedly) manly men crash in concussion-causing collisions while trying to “gain territory” in this mock war?

Lurking Dangers

It’s not that there’s something really new in terms of American policies; we were warned about the dead-end course and, more recently, the lurking dangers, the causes of which are to be found in these policies. So now, the citizens of this country also have a ringside seat* to the fulfillment of the prophecies. While it would be, and would’ve been, much preferred that the people paid attention to and responded reasonably to the many decades of warnings, it seems instead that we’re very much at the point that Billy Meier lamented regarding those “who can’t do anything to stop what’s going on”.

Clueless in Canada, or Just as Dumb 2

To the north of us, the prime minister of Canada appears to be having an uh-oh moment as some reality seems to be seeping into his coiffed cranium.

Maybe we can see a pattern here, how dumb charmers get put into office, like Trudeau and the make-up happy Marcon, as part of the globalist agenda. But while that dubious kind of charm may have influenced gullible voters in their countries, it doesn’t exactly explain the appeal of the dreadful, psychopathic “Angel” of Germany, who’s condemned her citizens, and much of Europe, to a rather nasty fate. Nonetheless, Sfath also forewarned Meier, in 1946, that this “irresponsible, naive-sick woman might-holder in Germany will contribute all the more to the fact that millions of refugees will stream to Europe from politically and economically underdeveloped as well as unsafe war-burdened countries which have fallen prey to terrorism.”

Ain’t Got No Beef with This Idea

On a brighter note, especially if you’re a cow, chicken, pig, etc., some high-rollers are getting behind making meat without killing animals, as Meier had already discussed some 22 years ago.

But Look Out

Speaking of food, with Amazon purchasing Whole Foods, they’re well on their way to facilitating a one-source-only, Orwellian way to control almost everything people need and want…which is a way to control everyone. Maybe Bezos himself will ultimately be a casualty of the monolithic machine he’s created. Kinda like how robots will turn against their creators, as not only Elon Musk has warned but, long before him, Billy Meier.


*Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately

Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately (Part II)


The Spiritual Teaching in German / English
​​DECALOGUE (The Ten Recommendations) resp. DODECALOGUE (The Twelve Recommendations)

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48 comments on “The Future of the Americas

  • I have a feeling that a Heather Heyer did not die in Charlottesville. False flag to draw up and enforce more laws, mock disaster by paid protesters. Susan Bro did not “act” like a mother who lost her daughter. You cannot fake grief. What mother calls her daughter Ms Heyer? Faith Goldie has a different video of the car than the one shown by MSM. What a surprise that the whole thing turns into a race war. Well orchestrated just like the Ukraine. People acting like the taliban destroying Buddist monuments. They know we cannot fight them if we are too busy fighting each other.
    The InternetParty out of New Zealand is drafting legislation to stop the 5 eyes from spying. The drones are on the verge of becoming independent and are armed, the legislation includes drones as well. They need as many people as possible to help draft it, if anyone is interested? It would be a good opportunity to insert BEAM’s words of wisdom.

    • Sheila,
      “I have a feeling that a Heather Heyer did not die in Charlottesville”.
      With all due respect, I’m really confused as to how you came to such a conclusion. Do you really think “they” paid-off a neo-nazi, Heather Heyer and her family to “enact more laws”? Is Heather Heyer trapped in a gov’t dungeon never to be seen or heard from again? Sometimes bad things happen without nefarious gov’t intervention. Yes, the gov’t will use this tragedy to enact more laws, but is a “false flag” really necessary?

      • Hi Matthew, have you ever looked into the eyes of a mother whose child died? You can actually see the pain in their eyes. Did not see that with Susan Bro. She had the foundation set up before the funeral. What kind of mother does that? Foundations take longer than a week to set up, lawyers are involved. Did anyone know Heather Heyer before this happened? Held in a dungeon? No, it would be easier for them to steal photos from FB. In the same way as dead people vote. Susan Bro has a Twitter feed with a letter of condolence from Mitt Romney on it. She has 2 children, Michael and Kelsey and no mention of Heather at all. Doesn’t sound like a proud mother to me. If you can find one person who actually knew her and is not a paid actor, I would be surprised.

        • Sheila,
          My cousin was murdered, so I have experience with how families grieve after a tragic loss…and it’s not consistent. Some people just handle it differently. How would you respond to someone telling you you’re not “acting correctly” if your child was murdered? You seem to be assessing the situation based on how you feel. As far as Omar Mateen, sure it’s possible the SWAT killed a few people and blamed it on him…but where’s the evidence other than it fits a conspiratorial narrative?

          • I’ve had enough life experience to see how true mothers act when their children are murdered or die. Are you saying you could not see the pain in your aunts eyes?
            “Sure it’s possible the SWAT killed a few people” maybe you should look into that and find out the truth because it’s been published by authorities, but definitely downplayed.
            Will check that out Darcy and I’ll be back.

        • Sheila,
          Yes, I could see the pain in my aunt’s eyes. But even if Heather’s mother is a terrible person and doesn’t act like you think she should act, that still doesn’t mean Heather wasn’t murdered. Where is the evidence other than how you think her mother should have acted? Doesn’t evidence matter? Isn’t evidence what separates the Meier Case from all other cases? I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand where you’re coming from on this. Who would benefit from this conspiracy?

          • This is an interesting discussion but I think we should find a more appropriate Place for it. I may start a conspiracy thread once I get some info from Christian I’m waiting for.

  • Hi Sheila, I wish the Five Eyes would stop spying on all of us here in the US. I`m a senior citizen with multiple disabilities on a very limited. income and I feel as if I`m being watched and used! Yes Australia sounds so great to me! I wouldn`t mind moving there and living in Australia if only I could afford to move there and live there! How about that MH, would you move to Australia too? GoDay Mate:)))

  • That psychopath angel in Germany is in a state of denial that she didn’t do anything wrong on allowing thousands of refugees enter her country. This has put a lot of strain on the social welfare and getting on people’s nerves, re: anti immigrant sentiments and opening deep rifts on the society.
    I just hope this won’t happened in Canada. Trudeau opens up his big mouth without rational thinking. Now we have an influx of illegal refugees coming from the US, thinking that Canada is a safe haven, that they won’t be denied refugee statues. How can that be true?
    There are people who arrived in this country through the proper process. Most of them are contract workers that work their butts off so they can support their love ones they left behind in their country. Besides that they also aspire to one day become a permanent residence. That takes time, a lot of blood and sweat, and many non refundable fees to the government before that can even be accomplished. And they are not cheap according to them.
    Who’s going to support this refugees once they’re here? The government has set up tents along the border. Winter is coming soon. Maybe they can set up camps on Mr. Trudeau’s and his crooney’s backyards and support them with their own personal funds.

  • We need to do something collectively, and fast.

    We have all of ourselves here now, we’ve all come together. Some of us write letters here and there, but it’s not enough.

    We need to agree on a topic, a destination for the letter, and work together or else we can achieve nothing to prevent this catastrophe that will see many of our loved ones dead.

    We need to think of an idea right now. So stop bickering and talking rabble-nonsense. We must think and act quickly!

    The prophecy will be fulfilled when the pope no longer resides in Rome, so what could be done to assure that he remains there?

    This is the most important question, is it not? So what is to be done to ensure that he goes on living in the holy Vatican city?

    • Friends, do not think that I am a leader, and do not think of Michael as our leader, either. We must think collectively together as *equals* in order to come up with the ticket solution that will save our hides and those of our families!

      • Through letter-writing and sending alone, the core group managed to secure the ongoing life of the Olympics, that bring much peace to the world. And joy.

        So it is really so simple: letters can save things, and the pen is mightier than the sword.

        So we only need to figure out to *whom* we must write, and exactly *what*. There are undoubtedly many snakes in the grass who will endeavour to cut off our letters and ensure that the good ones never see them. A letter could not reach Trump, he is far too well shielded. Yet there must be many nations that do not have such espionage factions as the CIA or FBI – and those places, those governments, might just be the key to the whole thing!

  • Except of the south american countries which are said will be among the few places that are secure, would you mind to give short information about other places similar on earth?
    I would appreciate very much. Thank you from Hungary.

    • Hi Olaf,

      The only other specific place I recall that seems to have been referred to is the Flagstaff area, in northern Arizona.

      Also, please feel free to continue to comment here and use your first and last name when doing so.


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