Billy Meier on what’s ahead for Brazil and South America

On July 27, Billy Meier was asked about the future of Brazil and South America, as it becomes even clearer now that the western powers are driving the world into more devastating wars. Meier said that Brazil is still one of the upcoming countries regarding the near and distant future. But his concern is about the still huge and strongly delusional belief in Catholicism that can be found almost everywhere in Brazil.

Brazil and the rest of South America are mentioned as among the very few places around the world that could be considered as safe, if a big and “nasty” war would take place between the West and the East. In that case, it’s absolutely possible that millions of refugees would try to move especially to Brazil.

This reinforces what he said as far back as 1951, as well as what he was told by Sfath in 1946.

Huge Increase in Immigration

Unofficial reports confirm an influx of immigrants from African countries in the north of Brazil. This is still not officially acknowledged. Also, over 125,000 Venezuelans have crossed into Brazil, as they try to escape the societal breakdown there.

In the last 10 years, immigration to Brazil jumped 160%. In 2015, almost 120,000 immigrants, mainly from Haiti, Bolivia, Columbia, Argentina, China, Portugal, arrived in Brazil, as well as 4,747 North Americans.

The American Taliban

Speaking of Americans, who would’ve thought that American leftists would go so far as to emulate the statue destroying Taliban, in their hell bent rush to roll over the rights of their fellow Americans while trying to delegitimize an election they disagreed with?

So insipid and pathetically weak are those who kowtow to the bullying and political correctness from the left that they’ve gone to even greater lengths to avoid “offending” these losers. And does anyone else see the irony in all of this being related to a…football game, that all-American pastime where (supposedly) manly men crash in concussion-causing collisions while trying to “gain territory” in this mock war?

Lurking Dangers

It’s not that there’s something really new in terms of American policies; we were warned about the dead-end course and, more recently, the lurking dangers, the causes of which are to be found in these policies. So now, the citizens of this country also have a ringside seat* to the fulfillment of the prophecies. While it would be, and would’ve been, much preferred that the people paid attention to and responded reasonably to the many decades of warnings, it seems instead that we’re very much at the point that Billy Meier lamented regarding those “who can’t do anything to stop what’s going on”.

Clueless in Canada, or Just as Dumb 2

To the north of us, the prime minister of Canada appears to be having an uh-oh moment as some reality seems to be seeping into his coiffed cranium.

Maybe we can see a pattern here, how dumb charmers get put into office, like Trudeau and the make-up happy Marcon, as part of the globalist agenda. But while that dubious kind of charm may have influenced gullible voters in their countries, it doesn’t exactly explain the appeal of the dreadful, psychopathic “Angel” of Germany, who’s condemned her citizens, and much of Europe, to a rather nasty fate. Nonetheless, Sfath also forewarned Meier, in 1946, that this “irresponsible, naive-sick woman might-holder in Germany will contribute all the more to the fact that millions of refugees will stream to Europe from politically and economically underdeveloped as well as unsafe war-burdened countries which have fallen prey to terrorism.”

Ain’t Got No Beef with This Idea

On a brighter note, especially if you’re a cow, chicken, pig, etc., some high-rollers are getting behind making meat without killing animals, as Meier had already discussed some 22 years ago.

But Look Out

Speaking of food, with Amazon purchasing Whole Foods, they’re well on their way to facilitating a one-source-only, Orwellian way to control almost everything people need and want…which is a way to control everyone. Maybe Bezos himself will ultimately be a casualty of the monolithic machine he’s created. Kinda like how robots will turn against their creators, as not only Elon Musk has warned but, long before him, Billy Meier.


*Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately

Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately (Part II)


The Spiritual Teaching in German / English
​​DECALOGUE (The Ten Recommendations) resp. DODECALOGUE (The Twelve Recommendations)

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48 comments on “The Future of the Americas

  • If Elon wasn’t also a slightly preoccupied with human cyborgs and the “singularity” I’d almost think he was reading the material.

  • Well earlier this year, I did in fact give to to Elon Musk’s personal driver and also to some his staff from SpaceX the following: 1). A diagram of the creation (which I gave his personal driver and a personal seat down with some his staff members from SpaceX as well to give explanation.
    2). Contact Report 119 was provided to them.
    3). They were informed of the source of the information was provided by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier.
    However just after those events I lost my phone as well as their contact info.
    This happened during/ and around CES.

  • The lying media says Trudeau is Canada’s Prime Minister but in reality he is the deep state’s go-boy and he is just another piece of the corporation that destroys anything that is good for the people.

  • I am currently in Brasil for a few months, observing and dissecting the human affairs. This country lives a very serious man made disaster related to its idiosyncratic disorders, meaning corruption (..the worst people possible are in the leadership positions), catholicism, irrational procreation of Humans, and simply the delusional hyped happiness that seems artificial (…from external source).

    Out of all this troubled facades it’s religion that undermines the most the future of this ‘ignorant’ nation. Everything is called upon an imaginary ‘god’ (low caps), and praises to the ghost of ‘jesus’, the savior. Young women of about 13 years old and up becoming single mother of one, two, three…children, meaning uneducated humans raising (to become) uneducated humans. There is still slavery going on here, now a more subtle form of it, covered in hypocrisy, and sealed in a ‘socio-economic’ ghetto.

    The above prophecies are very true, and it’s already on the way. The outcome will be disastrous, like putting dry wood in the blazing fire.

    Truly, I don’t think that there is a safe heaven on this little agonizing Planet of ours, if prophecies are to become ‘reality’, as we already know that they will, because Earth Humans simply can’t step on the brake, even while seeing the solid wall approaching.

    “The pessimistic is the optimistic with experience.”

    There are still lessons that we must endure through pain. Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen. Very sad images are to be displayed on your local news, if we are able to have electricity to run our ‘toys’.

    May you find safety within the BEING…

    • Hi Claudio, My father used to say to me when he was alive that “That there is no place on Earth that is safe!” To this very day and beyond you can bet even now and into the future and beyond there will never ever be any place that is ever going to be safe ever again!

  • Mock military, degenerate persuasion for conflict within as many sports, especially football indeed, as USA defence department pays nfl with tax payer money to hold exotic tributes.
    As well as make a big deal about who is more patriotic standing for degenerate, chaotic world policing policy s under the guess of a song. Let alone using statues as a way to pit one side against the other…. As I guess they should be standung tall to have a chance in knocking them down separating us on superficial, erroneous, assumption filled beliefs.
    They just opened a very large Amazon distribution center down the road from me in MN(now biggest building in town I live). Pay good money even part time for the average high school graduate and above… To basically be a robot, machine zonning out belly up to a conveyor belt. Until machines slowly take folk over, for greed and ever more profit.

    • Benjamin,

      Basically, everyone has to decide that of themselves. But I think it’s important to create cooperative relationships with like-minded people, which doesn’t mean that they must know about the Meier material, just have good, common values, etc. Beyond that, it’s a matter of personal preference, resources, etc.

      I’m working on an ebook tentatively titled, “Tips for Tranquility Throughout the Day”, which will have lots of specific suggestions for keeping your life flowing, etc.

        • Meier material or not indeed. Morals are something we, as a population, all have. Ignoring them is the problem. Banding together with those that have, and actually live with, morals are the people I want with me when times get tough…

      • Thanks for the reply MH, looking forward to that e-book,. Also i am currently drinking from the goblet of truth, it sure is refreshing . Thanks for the fast shipping. Salome

  • Wyatt Clancy wrote – “Has Meier ever said anything about Australia and its future?”

    Wyatt, I presume you mean in relation to the world war 3 (Henok) prophecies? No, he hasn’t which may be a good thing for Australia.

    Even if WW3 does not break out Australia imo will have a good future because it is an island continent far away from troubles of the rest of the world. It is not overpopulated and is also mineral rich $$$ so Australia’s financial future is secured.

    • Hey Ian I wish I could move to Australia if I had all that money I would just pack up and get the hell out of the US because the US is the biggest arms producing and war mongering country in the world! All I know is I just want to be where I can live safely,freely, quietly, peacefully etc,etc,etc!

      • Terry, unfortunately you will need lots of money to be allowed to immigrate to Australia. (or job skills Australia needs) If I recall correctly Australia has become the top destination millionaires around the world are migrating to. No prizes for guessing that most are coming from suicidal Europe! Also, Melbourne just won “worlds most livable city” 7 years in a row. What’s there not to like about living in Australia? It really has it all and is the only first world nation not overpopulated.

          • Yes probably by radicalizing Muslims already here. But it won’t be nowhere near as bad here as rest of the suicidal Western world who open their borders to anyone and everyone. Australia has had among the toughest asylum seeker policy in world for decades. For decades we have been criticized by European politicians and medias about our tough asylum seeker policy which is to let NO refugees come live here. Any refugee that arrives here (in boats) are intercepted and taken to offshore island and processed there but they don’t get to come live here. They are resettled elsewhere in other nations. They are not genuine refugees anyway because genuine refugees do not bypass several other suitable nations to get here. Our government knows that and has said it. Imo they only try to come here because of our high living standards and good welfare money. Hopefully our government keeps sending them all back for all time.

      • Terry you shouldn’t believe anything people tell you, do the research instead. The planet is monstrously overpopulated and that destroys the whole Earth’s climate, besides Australia is a gigantic desert that alone is not a safe place to live and the desert is growing bigger everyday there. Fukushima reactors meltdown affects Australia so does the slowing down of the ocean currents that can cause mass extinctions of people and animals and ozone holes can sterilize all life with the suns deadly UV radiation and so and so on I can go on and on.

        • Darcy, Australia’s inland is a gigantic desert, not Australia. There is a difference. According to Figu Australia is not overpopulated. They measure it by arable land to people. Nowhere in the world is safe but Australia is a lot safeR then most nations in Northern Hemisphere where Fukushima radiation is circulating. And if WW3/4 happens then the whole Northern Hemisphere is foretold as being unable to be habitable. The southern part of the Southern Hemisphere will be the safest but not nowhere will be safe.

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