The Days of Reckoning

Billy Meier’s prophecies of storms, volcanoes ceaselessly fulfilling

With the massive storm, Hurricane Harvey striking the Houston area, attention is understandably focused on the disasters, stresses and terrible plight of many of the inhabitants.

As is always the case though, absolutely no thought is given whatsoever to the real, underlying causes, or the decades of advance warnings of what humanity will face, should the prophecies and predictions be ignored, as they have been and doubtlessly will still continue to be by the masses.


While it is stubbornly denied that overpopulation is the actual, core cause of these problems, and which has led to manmade climate change and all of the other long-foretold consequences, the imbalances forced upon nature will now continue to ceaselessly take their toll, both because of and despite human ignorance.

Those wishing to retain their sanity will not only have to prepare for, adapt and get used to the environmental destruction (along with the geo-political upheaval) but also the rigid denial that will be, perhaps even more loudly, proclaimed by all those with vested ideological, religious, political and/or economic interests.

The Guilt of the People

Billy Meier clearly stated, in 1951:

21.Through the guilt of the people, all storms will assume increasing and more violent forms, such as hail storms, blizzards and flooding rains, as however also the ozone-layer will become very dangerously damaged.

22.Monstrous deluges will belong ever more to the order of the day, because through the overpopulation, the forest wetlands and swampy plains will become altered in function to become residential areas, whereby the wild waters of the flooding rain will find their way into the houses of the people because they can no longer escape into uninhabited wetland areas.

And ever so presciently, in 1958:

28.) Storms, ranging from heavy to the heaviest will, from now on, until far into the Third Millennium, bring unspeakably much misery, need and suffering to the human as has never happened since time immemorial.

120.) However the Third Millennium will also be the time when people will be frightened of the future because the world political, military and environmental situation will be very precarious because the national powers of the USA and Israel in the same way threaten with war and destruction as, worldwide, will also the rebellious terrorists, and in addition, because humans have so terribly plundered, raped and desecrated nature, it will hit back with violent seaquakes and earthquakes and with monstrous rainstorms and primeval storms.

We specifically emphasized the storm warnings…seven years ago.

The Coming Volcanic Eruptions

As Meier would do later, in 1951, 1958, etc., in 1948, Sfath spelled out the dangers of the now looming eruptions from already known, as well as unknown, volcanoes which, like storms, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., will increase in frequency and magnitude, surprising many people by their fury and devastation.

The new FIGU – Zeitzeichen has an article titled Vulkane: Gigantische Magmakammer unter US-Bundesstaat Washington entdeckt – weltweite Aktivität, which appears to be the German version of this article. As the article states, “A seismic signature of a previously undiscovered ‘hot zone’ has been found beneath three of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, just over in Washington – Mount Rainier, Adams, and St. Helens.” The implications are especially staggering in light of what we already know from Sfath about the now inevitable, massively destructive coming eruption of Yellowstone, which may be preceded by the major eruptions and devastation he forewarned of in Central Italy, as well as in Northern Europe.

On Monitoring Volcanic Eruptions

While there can now be no doubt about the complicity, willing or otherwise, of the USGS in keeping from the public advance warnings of earthquakes, such as are provided by with great accuracy by Dutchsinse, there is some good news regarding predicting volcanic eruptions…if it will be applied.

This excerpt explains what Ptaah told Meier about the process:

Billy: But, what am I still interested in: Even your daughter Semjase has once said that volcanic eruptions could be predicted very precisely without prediction (seeing into the future), i.e. alone through seismic monitoring and investigation of it can the time of an eruption be predetermined very precisely.

What was she speaking of?

Ptaah: Volcanic eruptions can actually be predicted in an easy manner, at least with regard to short periods of time, which probably was the meaning of my daughter’s explanation.

Billy: Right, we spoke at that time in the context of weeks, days and hours.

Ptaah: If I have to explain the whole subject in a way that also the simple people not  educated in geology understand it, I then must do that in a simple manner: In order to determine the moment when a volcano will erupt, respectively when a volcano will explode, the technique of seismography (from the Greek* σεισμός, seismós, = tremor. Note by Billy) must be applied, through which in the volcano-internal streams – which we also describe as magma chimneys or magma channels, respectively – the magma seismicity or the seismic waves of magma, respectively, must be measured with seismometers when the magma is spasmodically pressed upwards by the enormous forces within the Earth.

By means of the occurring seismic wave patterns it can be very easily established, whether a volcano is in a relatively dormant state or whether an eruption is coming.

If the volcano is in a relatively dormant state, then it produces a quiet seismogram, which has long jagged lines, where the points are short-jagged to the left and to the right. However, if there is an increase in activity due to the magma being pressed upwards in the chimneys, then more powerful swings occur irregularly and only in larger intervals; they (the swings) widen far to the right and to the left, or upwards and downwards.

This is the case with a normal relatively dormant state of a volcano. However, if a volcanic eruption is developing, then the short-jagged longitudinal lines of the seismogram becomes increasingly shorter, while the larger swings are becoming more and more frequent due to the increasing activity of the magma being pressed upwards.

Therefore the great swings (amplitude of the seismic wave traces) are getting increasingly more frequent and occur in increasingly shorter intervals which indicates that the magma is more frequently and even more strongly pressed upwards by the elemental pressure from below, and is released through open eruptions and is flung out from the volcanic crater.

However, if the volcanic crater is sealed or locked by an old layer of lava, respectively, or if a magma chimney is covered by soil or a mountain and cannot escape openly then such an incredibly huge pressure is built that the magma searches for a way to the outside through an immense explosion. If this happens, then the whole mountain collapses, producing elemental mudslides many metres high, rolling downwards and over the lands – up to 100 kilometers and more – while destroying everything and killing all forms of life which fall victim to it.

If such happens to volcanoes in the sea, then tsunamis many metres high result, which roll through the sea, up to 1,000 kilometres per hour, claiming many human lives and destroying whole areas as well as the human achievements when they hit onto the land.

But coming back on seismography: If the seismograms are correctly deciphered, and when the great swings (amplitude of seismic wave traces) as well as the shorter jagged lines are occurring in ever shorter intervals, then the instant when the volcano comes to the eruption can be calculated.

The people were warned…and did they listen?


*Word  seismós in bold Greek letters added here by the translator J.B.S


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62 Replies to “The Days of Reckoning”

  1. ” But what now will occur extensively on the planet, the entire earthly humankind, the nature, fauna and flora, the atmosphere and on the climate due to the American felonious acts, now takes its full destructive course, hence the first heavy climatic changes are about to happen, which gather themselves as of December next month. Thus it happens that in the coming month of December, all of Central Europe is beset by an unusual cold spell down to minus 30 degrees, which also grips England and leads to a large number of human beings freezing to death and will end only next year in the middle of March, so in 1947. Yet the coming extreme weather conditions will be even more far-reaching and will continue until 1948, and will bring a great deal of hardship, suffering and misery in other countries as well, and indeed even in the time to come well into the 3rd millennium.”
    These are the words of Sfath to Billy on May 5,1946.
    Humans have a very short memory span. As long as the disaster is not happening in their backyard, not a problem. They go on their merry way. I even heard that the weather change is part of evolution, i.e. normal occurrence. Such an arrogant, ignorant respond!
    During 1946, human population was already at 2.8 billion. We have multiplied so much within 70+ years, that the entire human beings have no clue as to what’s upon us.
    The Goblet of the Truth is now my constant companion plus participating on the peace meditation which happens 2 weekends in a month.

  2. Hi MH I`m not familiar about Mt. Adam,though I may have heard of Mt. Adam. Do you know where Mt. Adam is? Thanks Salome Terry

    1. Hi Terry,

      Mt. Adams is in Washington State. Looney UFO nuts, like mind control subject James Gilliland, think there’s an “alien base” there. But they may be in for a rude awakening, especially if the secret military craft that perform their light shows (fake ET UFOs) vacate the area when things get explosive.

      Ptaah told Meier, back in 2004, that Gilliland’s “UFOs” were really secret US military craft, developed at area 51, and that there isn’t anything extraterrestrial going on there at all…other than in Gilliland’s imagination.

  3. All the terrible things the prophets foretold are happening , wars, 1/3of sea life dying thanks to Fukushima, people being beheaded, blood moons, sun darkened, people being micro chipped , etc . Humanity always thinks its some future generation far off, not this time. This time it’s us .

    1. I agree with MH about the masses not changing to the good and so the prophesies fulfill themselves because they ridicule the laws of cause and effect and give thanks to their gods. NASA is no better when they ignore the fact that they are turning a blue planet red here and they preach how they want to turn the red planet blue out there.

  4. MH,

    “Ptaah told Meier, back in 2004, that Gilliland’s “UFOs” were really secret US military craft, developed at area 51, and that there isn’t anything extraterrestrial going on there at all…other than in Gilliland’s imagination.”

    Do you remember in which contact report was this mentioned?

  5. According to the material there used to be a Hyperborean base at Mt. Shasta but they left by the end of 1988. Interesting that all three volcanoes Mt Rainier, Mt. Adam, Mt. St. Helens form a triangle which appear easily connectable under ground. That will be huge when it blows.
    I find it strange that nothing is being said about the nuclear plants in Houston during this flooding.

    1. Nuclear plants in Houston eh? Some theorize that HAARP was used to control the storm and “stop” it over Houston. There seems to have been some high frequency transmissions that were visible in infrared satellite pictures, coming from inside Texas, north of Houston. These transmissions it is theorized stopped the storm in its tracks, causing it to dump all that water on Houston. So, my dearies, who is controlling HAARP? The Americans seem to be their own worst enemies!

      1. There are a lot of conspiracy theories…that are just that. The law of cause and effect explains things better. Meier’s warnings about the environmental damage from manmade causes may have seemed hyperbolic but they’re not. So no conspiracy theories are necessary to explain the events now beginning to come upon us.

  6. Since I live within 45 miles of Mt. Rainier’s Northwest slope, and was on a boat on Puget Sound when Mt. St. Helens blew and watched the ash cloud rise and head east, I’ve been very aware of the threat it would pose based on the information at hand at the time. This latest revelation has once again piqued my interest. Although I have little hope to move any time soon, I have made my home in an area as strategic as possible in order to survive the destruction should it take place, although I may be on an island surrounded by pyroclastic flows. It would seem that my little liberal corner of the USA may end up being quite the target zone for ill mannered man made cataclysmic events, from North Korean missiles, 9.0 seaquakes, Tsunamis, exploding mountains, and rioting leftist black hood wearing mobsters, I take solace in the fact that my spirit will survive through anything short of the planet exploding.

  7. Thanks to Billy for giving thinking ones a chance to prepare.

    Regarding the UK, I’m planning to move to the South Pennines (best I can achieve with work) and Line 293 from Sfath’s 1948 conversation seems to provide a time frame for the worst disasters:

    293. The whole coming chaos and disaster in the coming times up to the second and third decade of the third millennium will still appear harmless in contrast to that which the times after that will bring.

    More details for what will happen to the UK, Ireland and “five countries all around” Italy (after 2030 according to Line 293):

    296. From there, about five countries all around will be affected by the disastrous destructions and devastations and partly sink into the sea.

    297. The whole will also extend to the Irish, Icelandic, and western European coasts, and especially the low-lying British coasts, whereby the great upheavals will induce a large part of the humankind to turn away from the wrong belief in religions, sects and an imaginary god, in order to bethink the return to reality and truth and to return with their thoughts and their consciousness to the knowledge of the natural-creational values.

    Although others do not consciously know this information, we are all connected and to the Earth, etc., and it’s hard, but, one can sense all these things and since having a very vivid dream about England being drowned by the sea in 2001 and telling all my friends about it, for years, I’ve been mindful that I’d need to move. House viewing commences tomorrow.

    1. Hi Terry,

      Stonehenge, London, the East coast and most of the South will, no doubt, be sleeping with the fishes. One of Billy’s prophecy poems says, “Only legends of it (UK) will be told” and most of England is less than 100 meters above sea level. Looking at the topography, think Scotland has a better chance:

      Hoping to start am FIGU interest group in the North of England next year, once I’ve moved, if anyone’s interested.

  8. The one thing that caught my attention from people getting saved were their many thanks to god for being saved. However, not one thanked or blamed the all creator god for bringing the hurricane to Houston. Strange how god only works when things are favorable but isn’t held accountable when conditions aren’t favorable. Sorry if this is an insensitive post, but it also detracts people from owning up to these man-caused climate change.

    I have lived in the state of IL for many years and have noticed that the winters are no longer the winters I experienced as a kid in the same city of IL. We used to have major snows during the winter that would have kids miss school for 2-3 days. Since 2008, when i moved back to IL, we have had very mild snow, maybe 5-7 times within the winter season. Also hearing other climate change deniers take notice of these similar climate changes, yet won’t associate it to man-made climate change.

    1. Exactly. I was going to write about people not quite getting the fact that the presumed “god” they were praying to would be the same one that is trying to drown them…if such beings were real.

  9. The law of cause and effect is on display for all to see…

    The problem is… because of the blindness and deafness caused by false religious and cult teachings – which leads to ingrained faulty illogical irrational thinking (sheep following each other off a cliff…) most don’t “see” this immutable law of Creation and they certainly don’t comprehend it.

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