America One Year Later

Billy Meier’s information again proves painfully prescient

Today’s news gives us some reminders about what Billy Meier had said, in a few short minutes about a year ago, as well as what he was told by Ptaah, towards the end of last year.

While this is not an endorsement of Trump or his policies, etc., this turned out to be an accurate assessment of his intentions pertaining to Russia (emphasis added):

“But to this, I must say, however, that he is otherwise well-meaning and not bad, also in regard to Russia and Putin, with whom he, in an honest wise, wants to strive for a peaceful political, military and economical agreement.”

Unfortunately, this also turned out to be accurate, as the Democrats and the Deep State are doing everything they can to subvert a cooperative approach with Russia:

“…however, he has good basic approaches in various directions, which he as President of the US intends to bring to fruition if he is not interfered with by his advisors and those who are might-obsessed and want to direct him according to their scheme, and most likely also will in certain matters, as this has been the case with all US presidents and will continue to be so.”

Along with the rest of the absolutely accurate statements by Ptaah, we see that this completely fabricated, lie-filled, time-wasting, politically-motivated charade is still draining the country’s time, resources and any disrupting any possible sense of unity:

“And in order for this to happen, deceitful machinations will be initiated after the election, in order to prove allegedly false election results, by which Trump has illegally won his office.”

We have seen, and still see, the US (and the EU) blaming and provoking Russia, as Meier warned against (0:16). Meier was even more emphatic about the dangers of provoking Russia into a war, in this video from two years ago.

With the inability (and/or unwillingness) of Republicans and Democrats to accomplish anything, and apparently feeling they can simply continue to collect their ample checks (and other ill-gotten gains) with impunity, Meier’s assessment (starting around 0:52) of what would befall the ordinary people of America already looks painfully prescient.

Slinging Mudd

Regarding President Trump, counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd is quoted as saying that the US government “is going to kill this guy”, which kind of reminds us of what Ptaah said to Meier about keeping silent about his foreknowledge of Trump’s election victory:

“It would have been really dangerous if you had told anything, because a very unpleasant and dangerous uproar would have arisen in certain inner circles of government and in certain secret services if they had heard about what I entrusted to you. It would have brought about election-manipulations beyond compare, as well as life-threatening attacks against Trump, and indeed in a secret service wise as well as from the ranks of fanatical democrats.”

I will point out that when asked by George Noory on my recent C2C interview about Trump related prophecies, I mentioned that the Plejaren had warned that certain parties in the secret service and among the Democrats would’ve tried to kill him, the show’s producer not only censored my response but, off-air, “warned” me that I couldn’t report such things!

Commentator Joe Scarborough is beginning to catch on a bit slowly, concluding that “Donald Trump is not in fact a Republican”, but more of an independent based on Trump’s recent issues with party members.

Ptaah’s already stated as much, before Trump took office:

“He would not have received any help from the republican party, even though he belongs to it, nevertheless, if I want to disclose my opinion on his behaviour, I must say that he actually represents a separate party, namely his own, thus his own one-man-party as it were.”

New Civil Wars in America

While Meier reiterates that “America will be wrecked” by coming civil war, he had already spelled it out, with other prophetic information about America, in 1987, and even earlier, in 1981.

2020 Will It Be Hindsight?

Assessing the ongoing deterioration in America, and in light of the undeniable polarization and trending towards civil war, we should be also mindful of the warning that “the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then” that Meier referred to, in 2012. The people were…warned.

Aspartame: Another Corroboration of Meier’s Information

While we’re again pointing out the accuracy of Meier’s information, the latest news seems to corroborate what was suspected but not proved before, that diet drinks and foods can make people fatter.

This corroborates what Meier was told – almost 30 years ago – about the artificial sweetners.

Official Contact Report 223

Sunday, May 1, 1988

Billy: …And what about saccharin, which was widely used during World War II as a sugar substitute? And what about the sweeteners that are used nowadays, like also the cyclamate, or whatever that stuff is called? Can I use this to reduce my increased weight – and even take such sweeteners instead of sugar?

Quetzal: You should avoid that because sweeteners of various natural and chemical kinds, especially in the form of cyclamate, are partially very detrimental to health and usually cause exactly the opposite, namely that they promote weight gain through increased appetite. Moreover, they are extremely unhealthy, as I already said…Moreover, sweeteners of the form cyclamate can produce a carcinogenic effect in men and women as well as in animals.



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Sheila Clark
Another warning coming true. We were warned that domestic animals should not be inside our homes – Fleas that carry the plague.

Terry Carch

Looks like the two civil wars are already starting. Look what happened in the state of Virginia, US of A on Saturday august 12, 2017!

Andrew Grimshaw


“The Cost” of OIL to this planet and it’s inhabitants if the population were to never have exceeded 529 million?

As one example …

We have negatively acted and hence impacted Nature with the same; especially with every single excessive destruction of our home in the name of filthy Religion and Lucre and the rivers of blood and bodies and us.

We all will return to taking care of all after a little glitch in the same.

Andrew Grimshaw

What if? We asked our little people, respectively the children on a regular basis, “Would you rather the mastering of saving a fellow Being’s life, or taking a fellow Being’s life?” instead of, “What do want for Christmas, Easter, Birthday, being rock-stupid, your viewing and purpose-killing pleasure etc?”

Luis Sanchez

I think the overall issue is lack of harmony. The same way someone can use music to express emotion which can simply be either harmonious and melodic (consonant and in agreement various notes) or on the other hand it can be disharmonic (disconsonant, no agreement of sound and only discord). Simply put the teachings of the truth is the music theory…of life, the mozartian accuracy of musical sheets to conduct our way of life as true humans/people of our kind. Just as music theory is overall continuously withdrawn and suppresed within schools and the education system…in the school life here on earth, a mastero’s theory on the way to live as people of kind/humans is suppressed as well. Both effects can only be seen and summed to discord within overall dialogue, or the lack of.

David Kamada


Just thought I should share a very interesting and eye-opening explanation on the Shadow Government and the Deep State by former intelligence officer Kevin Shipp. Link is just below. Thanks!

“CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government”


Jedaiah Ramnarine

An economic global government merging into digital currency eventually.

— Voila

Todd bridges

Claiming a country “could” cease to exist “after” a given point in time is not saying much of anything at all, especially if you give yourself an out by saying “then again, it might not”.