C2C Listener’s Guide to Billy Meier Predictions

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A reference guide to already fulfilled and still fulfilling geo-political and environmental predictions

The following excerpt is taken from Extract from talks with Sfath, May 5, 1946. While the original is not broken into paragraphs, I have done so simply to make it less daunting to read.

As Meier explains, these are not alterable prophecies but predictions, meaning that the events are certain to occur, as Sfath obtained the information from observation of them, through time travel and “future cognitions through foresights into the future”, though exactly what this means and how it was done, is not explained.

The information is valuable not only for what has already been accurately foretold but also because, in consideration of its indisputable accuracy, it forewarns us about the magnitude and impact of these now unstoppable problems, so that we may use the information to better prepare for the coming times and assure our own future survival.

It must be emphasized that the most assured way of preparing oneself to navigate the ever-rising, swirling and treacherous waters is through the study of the non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching.  Further specific, instructive information can be found in books like The Way to Live, The Might of the Thoughts, The Psyche, etc., all of which, and more, can be found here.


Warnings about the Refugee Crisis, Terrorism from 1946

Predictions of events now upon us rooted in US policies

However, there will also arise world-spanning terrorist organizations, whose fanatical founders will be trained by military personnel, and so forth, of the USA, who then gather like-minded ones around them and carry out bloody religio-political conflicts all over the world and ruthlessly and mercilessly, bestially torture and murder countless innocent human beings and those who are of another religion.

However, as I have already pointed out in previous explanations, in the coming times and well into the 3rd millennium, upcoming secret service, military, criminal, warlike and even terroristic, subversive, felonious, political and economic machinations by the USA in foreign countries will cause many state systems to break down and lead to civil wars and terrorist wars, resulting in great refugee flows and hasty migrations.

Thus, a very unpleasant and far-reaching terrorism will develop, as well as a Flüchtlingswesen (everything concerning the refugees) that can no longer be stopped up until the far future. Over time, this will result in extensive flows of refugees that spread out over the entire Earth and in 70 years will be composed of around 70 million refugees, whereby in the second decade of the new, that is to say, 3rd millennium, an irresponsible, naive-sick woman might-holder in Germany will contribute all the more to the fact that millions of refugees will stream to Europe from politically and economically underdeveloped as well as unsafe war-burdened countries which have fallen prey to terrorism. In the course of this, many will only be of the designation as per real and life-threatened refugees, because a large number of others flee from their homeland at that distant time only out of economic, criminal, felonious and for terroristic reasons, to profit in the countries of refuge as well as to act criminally and feloniously.

But there will also be those who are ausgeartet in a religious sect-delusion, which pass themselves off as refugees in distress in order to get into the countries of refuge as terrorists, in which other religions and sects predominate, in order to spread death, terror and destruction there, especially among those innocent ones of another religion who are uninvolved in the war and terror. The majority of those governing and other responsible ones for the refugee immigrations, however, will be largely incapable of responding to the upcoming of the arising problems in a logical and rational wise, because they will make wrong and insufficient decisions and bring up and decide on measures that will be useless and let the terrible things continue. Thereby, it will come about, that the problems and the difficulties with regard to the handling of the masses of refugees and what ought to be done concerning them on their behalf, will be pushed up all the more and the necessary solutions made more difficult. It thereby arises, then, that the way to unlawful actions and deeds, and thus also to murder, mass murder and destruction are paved for immigrated criminal, terroristic, and felonious elements.

Thus, more and more extensive problems and Ausartungen will arise, which will ensue in Europe through criminality and felonious acts as a result of the refugee disaster and the diverse political, paramilitary, racist as well as religiously and sectarianly formed terrorism until the end of the 2nd millennium and to the beginning of the 3rd millennium and far beyond that. And it will be, that then only by means of rigorous measures can the refugee problems be solved, whereby however the necessary measures and steps thereto will not be undertaken by the governments and other responsible ones, and consequently neither right decisions nor precautions will be taken, nor right actions carried out. And this will be so, because they neither see the reality, nor are they able to assess everything correctly, consequently the problems are not solved, but still deepen and multiply.

It is not seen by all those responsible, what will result from everything, because based on their intellect and rationality, they are not capable of doing so, which will lie in the fact that some of the rulers and others vilifying their responsibility, only think and act for themselves, and to them, everything else and thus also the prosperity or adversity of the human being will be of disinterest. This is why, it also will be – and especially in Europe –, that all security organizations of the countries affected by the Flüchtlingswesen (everything concerning the refugees) will be extremely dewy-eyed, neglectful and ignorant and will not recognize the real situation for a long time.

So the cognition will escape them, that with the refugee flows, a large number of criminal and felonious elements as well as politically and religiously radicalized and sect-driven murder- and destruction-commissioned terrorists will be infiltrated into Europe and in all other countries of refuge, where they then over time in single- or group-perpetrations spread death, terribleness, ruin and destruction. On the other hand, the other part will be so out of touch with everyday life and unrealistic, ignorant and naive as well as hypersensitive, weak, feeble, softened, fragile, squeamish, and so lowly-intelligent and sickly in thoughts, feelings and with respect to the humaneness, that they will downplay everything and even more so do everything, that all the terribleness will continue to rise and, as a result, all problems will increase.

And if the politicians and other responsible ones – who are often directed by the economy – are confronted with complex and important questions, then they will mostly give only short answers, because they are not able to think deep-reachingly, because their intellectual capacity corresponds, as a rule, to no high value and barely even requires a high level of intelligence. Regarding this, I have already explained some things to you several times in the last two years, to which has also to be explained now, however, that the rapidly growing overpopulation will also bring forth activities, that will be related both to politics as also religions and sectarian-terrorism and globally call forth malicious, murderous and destructive consequences.

As a result of the relentlessly increasing overpopulation, more and more human beings who are religious and sectarian believers as well as ausgeartet lustful for murder will very quickly appear, who fall prey to a completely ausgeartet, blind, fanatical and blood- and death-demanding religious belief- and sectarianistic-delusion. And regarding this, especially in Asia, Western Asia, as well as in Arabia and Africa, but also in other regions, large religion-related murderous and organized sects will form, acting out throughout the world death-spreading and spreading angst and torment. And this will be unavoidable and will come to pass, as the look into the future clearly shows, and the beginning signs for this already appear at the present time.

The fanatical religious and sectarian belief represents a dangerous return of religions and sects in the coming decades and in the 3rd millennium, through which deadly belief-related conflicts, torture, Gewalt, murder, wars, terrorism, suppression, physical and psychical Gewalt and destruction will be triggered. The truth shows regarding this, that the role of religions and sects is ambivalent and so ambiguous and doubtful and calls forth heavy conflicts, in which fanatical belief-factors will play a major role in many malicious Ausartungen and effects.

Among the believers of the various main religions and their almost innumerable sects, manifold acts of Gewalt and hatred have been ruling since ancient times, even though all religions and their sects preach love and peace, which however corresponds to nothing other than a phrase of obfuscation; such that every religion and sect, by means of their dogmas and their belief, can captivate and exploit all the believers of the world. Furthermore, it shall thereby be concealed from the believers, that truthly the religions and sects are hostile to each other and that every single one of them wants to make the believers turn away from the other belief-orientation. This is exactly what will disingenuously happen in the coming new times, even before the millennium change, through the planning and realization of interdenominational devotions, believer’s meetings, prayer and discussion groups, church festivals and ‘worship services’ and so forth.

But also bloody and death-bringing religious and sect-driven machinations will increase, as will be the case in the coming month of August in the people-rich India, when bloody clashes are called forth in the city of Calcutta as a result of governmental disputes between Islamist and Hindu believers, which will demand more than 2300 human lives. And this will go on until well into the 3rd millennium, because, as always, the believers of one religion and its sects will be hostile to the other religions and sects; the Christians and Jews against the Muslims, and vice versa, the Buddhists against Hinduists, and vice versa, and all other religious and sect believers against the other religious and sect believers.

Thus, in this regard, the future will be and will also bring in the 21st century, at many places in the world, torture and hundred thousand-fold Gewalt, murder, death, unpeace, physical and psychical Gewalt and destruction. And this will likewise come, through the hatred by large parts of the populations in those countries where streams of refugees immigrate and the refugees are of a different belief than the natives. The consequences of this will be hatred of foreigners, belief hatred, religious and sect hatred as well as racial hatred, which spreads out across entire countries and calls forth pillaging, acts of Gewalt, murder and manslaughter, inhuman deeds and actions as well as great destructions.

And in many countries, especially in Europe and the USA, foreigner- and racial-hatred groups, and even large foreigner-hatred and racial-hatred organizations will form and also spread their hate-mentality into the respective national populations, just as everything will also be carried into other states and into other populations, where other groups and organizations of similar kinds will form, which will then band together transnationally with others. From the foreigner- and racial-hatred, a belief-hatred and religious hatred will develop very quickly, a hatred against those who are of another religion, as well as against those who think differently, who will not affiliate themselves with the foreigner- and racial- or religious-hatred and will distance themselves from it.

So it will happen that the hatred-obsessed ones and the ones who think differently and distance themselves from hatred – who also form groups and organizations and refuse to accept any radical machination with regard to hostility, feelinglessness for others, ruthlessness, unhumaneness and irreconcilability, etc. towards those who think differently and those of another religion, as well as refugees –  will confront each other more and more hostilely and fight one another up until bloody conflicts. And ultimately, it will be inevitable that the governments and the security agencies of the countries will also get involved in these machinations, through which, out of everything, civil war-like conditions or even actual citizen uprisings can result.

Many of those who indulge in foreigner-, racial- and religious-delusion, will fall prey to an uncontrollable might-illusion, and in their hatred of foreigners and racism, to an obsession to be absolute master over life and death of the fellow human beings by means of anarchism, torture, Gewalt and murder. Following this, those who are obsessed thereof will gather large numbers of like-minded followers around them, who will take hold of weapons and all sorts of other deadly means in order to thus carry out worldwide assassinations and acts of terror and to massacre and murder human beings on a huge scale, and to destroy many things.

The great mass of the overpopulation will bring with it, that unavoidable unemployment and ever-increasing poverty will prevail, wherethrough innumerable human beings, occuptionless and activityless, will take the day and the time as it comes, have no regulated future, nor will they see any, and grow weary of their hopeless condition. Therethrough, it will come without doubt, that very many mostly young and younger human beings, in their hopelessness, will listen to criminal political seducers and sectarian hatred-preachers and terrorists, as well as other felonious propagandists and will fall prey to them.

Everything will happen in religious places, in families and through public institutions of various kinds and also with new, modern techniques, through which individual human beings or whole groups will be indoctrinated by agitator-promoters, whose suggestive-strong recruitment- and hate-speech for Gewalt, war and terror bears fruit and will lead to murderous assassination attempts, suicide assassinations and other bestial murders as well as to immense destructions. Thus many women and men will go into wars and terror, and will spread unspeakably much affliction, misery, pain, terribleness, death, ruin and destruction.

And the more extensive the overpopulation becomes, the more mainly young and younger human beings will see no chance for their future and will fall in bondage to the might-obsessed ones, sectarian fanatics and terrorist preachers who are irrationally screaming for sectarianism, assassinations, torture, war, murder, suicide, death, ruin, physical and psychical Gewalt and destruction and follow their inflammatory rhetoric and propaganda-recruitment of lies. In this wise everything concerning this will run rampant ever further and more maliciously in the time to come and develop into murderous terrorist organizations, which on the one hand will be strongly politically might-determined, on the other hand, however, will in particular be sectarianly interest-driven in the background.

And in a sectarian way, several particularly large terrorist organizations will form, whose murderous and destructive performing of mischief will demand many thousands of human lives, particularly in various Islamic countries, as well as in the USA, in Asia and in Europe. As a result of a wrong interpretation and wrong understanding of their religion, these murderous sectarian organizations will spread death and ruin worldwide in many countries, without pity, without any mercy, humaneness, and leniency, and will even bring whole or large parts of countries under their Gewalt and terrorize them.

Contact Conversation and Predictions of Sfath, September, 1948

NOTE: As I mentioned regarding the excerpts from Sfath’s May 5, 1946 letter, these are predictions obtained by Sfath through time travel and “future cognitions through foresights into the future”, and not prophecies. The totality of these predictions, from which the following excerpts have been taken, can be found here.

167. From 1978 onwards, there will be a state of conflict lasting into the third millennium in Afghanistan with which the USA will belligerently interfere from 2001 and fight against a terrorist organisation, after which, in the second decade, the terrorist leader will be killed by the secret action of a special unit.
168. In 1979, there will be a war between Iraq and Persia on the Persian Gulf, in which the USA will also interfere.
169. In 1990, dictatorial Iraq will attack and annex Kuwait, which again will be a reason for the USA, through the order of the president, to invade Iraq in 1991 and carry out a bloody and destructive war.
170. In the third year after the turn of the millennium, a further major war in Iraq will take place through the USA, where American troops will invade and emerge as a victorious occupying force and will also execute the dictator.
171. This war will also claim many dead and bring about great destruction.
172. Therefore the USA and especially two of its irresponsible US Presidents – father and son – will have to bear the responsibility for both wars.
173. Everything will come about as a result of untenable and irresponsible lies on the part of the two presidents, as well as the secret services, which consequently have to bear the culpability.
174. From then on, endless religious belief-delusion-assassinations and murder will reign in the regions there, as well as in Syria.
175. In the same place, America will be to blame for the emergence of an Islamist-based terrorist organisation of unimaginable brutality and abominableness, whose murderous terrorist acts will spread fear and horror worldwide – also in the whole of Europe – emanating from a felon who will call himself a Caliph and proclaim a caliphate (Note Billy: With the title ‘Caliph’ a man himself is given the title of a representative or successor of the Prophet Mohammed, while the ‘Caliphate’ is the domain of his rule. The Islamic terror organisation has, in truth, nothing to do with the religion of Islam, which however is nevertheless used as a false claim by the leader of the Islamistic terror organisation).
176. The murderous actions of this terrorist organisation will be carried out by fanatics and by adventure-seekers, misguided ones, criminals, reckless ones and felons, who have been gathered from around the world, who for years will carry out a bloody mischief, torturing people, massacring, treating women and girls with physical and psychical Gewalt, kidnapping people, as well as subjecting countless human beings to beheadings and other brutal and bestial deaths.
177. The great terrorist organisations that will emerge in the coming decades, which are caused by USA secret service felonies and USA war crimes, but, which will also be seemingly religiously conditioned, will originate in Arabic countries and will spread around the world, just as diverse later terrorist organisations will, which also result from the criminal military and secret service machinations of the United States of America and will also claim many lives in several countries of Europe and also in the USA.
178. Terrorist organisations also originate elsewhere, also in Europe, where, especially, radical right-wing terror groups will be up to their anarchistic as well as foreigner-hostile and racially hostile mischief, far into the third millennium.
179. Also in times to come, as it has been since time immemorial, the USA will provoke – through its criminal political and secret service intrigues and government infiltrations and military warlike interventions throughout the world – unpeace, hatred, terror, torture, war, murder, assassinations, elimination and destruction.
180. Through their guilefulness, the USA itself will not be spared from the emerging terrorism, especially when in the first year of the third millennium, New York is hit by heavy terrorist attacks and will have thousands of dead to mourn.
181. But after that, such happenings will repeat themselves in the course of the years also in other ways.
182. In many instances, therefore, America will be to blame for the world-wide emerging terrorism which will demand unspeakable suffering and destruction throughout the world.
183. The terrorism arising in the next decades and in the new millennium will have unimagined consequences, which can no longer be solved, or can only be partially solved by the most heavy military operations and fightings.
184. Also, apolitical terrorist and felonious organisations, which have existed for many decades, or emerge new, can no longer be dissolved by police and military operations characterised by Gewalt.
185. Tens of thousands of young and middle- aged, misguided, work-shy, thrill-seeking and criminal human beings will stream towards these terrorist and criminal organisations of various kinds – which will arise and spread worldwide – because they inconsiderately and willingly let themselves be indoctrinated in order to carry out criminal, inhumane and felonious acts, to resort to torture as well as to commit awful murders, exert physical and psychical Gewalt and to spread ruin.
186. Many people will go over to terrorist and felonious organisations because the political machinations in their own homeland become more and more hostile to the citizens, wherethrough the population is tormented and undermined in their political right to be heard.
187. The unrightfulness arising through that and the resulting resentment will be the cause of unsatisfaction amongst the citizens, as a result of which action will then be taken against the governments, leading to demonstrations characterised by Gewalt and to deaths.
188. That will also be in the course of time after which, in Europe, a dictatorship-union, headquartered in Belgium, is going to come about, which the European countries will inconsiderately join as a result of the promise-lies of the dictatorship’s founder.
189. This dictatorship – it will thus come – will be governed by might-hungry leaders and will sneakily endeavour to bring all European states oppressively under its might.
190. The dictatorship, however, will also strive to extend its might to countries outside of Europe, namely through alliances, in order to – as it has been since time immemorial – newly stir up western hostility towards Russia.
191. And in this respect, the USA will be the first and strongest ally of the dictatorship union and will do everything to newly kindle the Cold War – if the Cold War, triggered by the West after the war in 1945, ends in 1991 – and to agitate against the new Russia in order to provoke warlike actions.
192. But in the USA and the dictatorship union in Europe, there will be human beings who are peace-minded for Russia who will seek to prevent the evil, but this will lead to questionable political actions.
193. All this, along with streams of refugees, wars and terrorism, will lead in the future to unpeace and hatred amongst human beings and between the peoples, as well as to religious hatred, sectarian hatred, hatred of foreigners and race hatred, which will arise very strongly again in the new millennium.
194. And this will arise especially from the year 2005 onwards, and namely through a confused governing woman in Germany, who will evoke the movement of streams of refugees to Europe from socially poor and war-stricken countries, such as Africa, Arabia and Asia.
195. Among the real refugees, however, will be many work-shy ones, criminals, gangsters and terrorists, who will carry out much evil mischief in the European countries.
196. This woman, who is ill in her consciousness and might-obsessed, will also be significantly responsible for many terrible things which will occur through work-shy ones, criminals, felons, those who exert physical and psychical Gewalt and terrorists who have crept into Europe, and this will happen in Germany and in other European countries that belong to a dictatorship union from the 1990s onwards.
197. This might-holder will not be in control of her senses, which will, however, not even be recognised by experts, consequently she will perform her dreadful mischief unhindered and even be praised for it by her simple-minded followers.
198. And this will also be the case if she deceitfully acts against the new Russia, which will emerge from the Soviet Union around a decade before the turn of the new millennium.
199. In her further might behaviour, the might-holder will, in total irrationality, call forth unimaginable masses of refugees from Africa, Arabia and Asia, as a result of which millions of refugees from underdeveloped Third World countries and from war zones will migrate and creep into Europe, leading to serious problems as well as to many criminal, felonious and terrorist actions and deeds.
200. But this will not be recognised by her supporters of low intelligence, nor will the fact that all the politicians who are on her side and support her will not recognise the true political problems, for which reason many among them also will not recognise the entire refugee problem.
201. Fundamentally, they will all be egoistic, imperious, self-obsessed and incapable, and therefore they will not recognise the truth and the precarious refugee situation, whereby they will simply ignore the fact that thousands of true and false refugees will lose their lives on their routes of escape to Europe.
202. The politicians in positions of responsibility who stand by the German woman who has the might will let her do as she likes and even assist her, consequently the woman will not be held accountable for all the many dead refugees she will be responsible for.
203. From the year 2009 until 2017, in the USA, the government will be led by an African-American President who will be well-respected by the majority at first, and can also raise many hopes, which then changes however, because he will not be able to prevail against his advisers and antagonists, consequently the majority of his former advocates will be against him.
204. At first he will be a good governor and will also try to fulfil his plans and election promises, which will nevertheless only succeed a little for him in his entire presidency because he is unable to defend himself against his false advisers and antagonists, thus ultimately becoming a failure and betrayer to himself.
205. He will come to the presidency as a very good man at first, but gradually he will fall prey to the influence of his opponents and act according to their false and hostile instructions because he will be too inexperienced and too weak for his office and will fail.
206. From the 1980s onwards, there will be a world-wide unemployment which will continue for decades until far into the new millennium and will bring a lot of hardship, misery and crime, likewise, also inflation as well as much private, family, state and corporate indebtedness, through which companies, private individuals, families and countries become illiquid, bankrupt and banks also become bankrupt.
207. This will be linked to the fact that trade unions will increasingly and more often organise workers’ strikes, thereby calling on employers to pay ever higher wages to the workers.
208. The higher wages will result in a higher standard of living and it will also happen that foodstuffs and the entire cost of living and all goods of every kind become ever more expensive and become unaffordable for poorer human beings.
209. It will also be the time when young people in the civilised industrialised countries are rapidly and severely falling into demoralisation and a poverty of intelligence, have no control over their thoughts and feelings any longer, fall into severe psychological and reactive psychoses, whereby they also suffer from and fall ill with depression and symptoms of schizophrenia, as well as mania, anxiety disorders and other psychotic problems.
210. This will spread more and more in the new millennium, which is why it will be necessary for you to write a book about that which will be a great help to all those who will then strive to study your book.
211. Worldwide, the value of money will fall very low, which will be the case especially in Europe through the introduction of a dictatorship union currency.
212. This currency will drive some member countries of the dictatorship union into unimagined, horrendous debt, which is to be compensated for by further financial indebtedness.
213. Thus national bankruptcy will emerge as a result of national mismanagement, whereas in other countries this can be prevented in many cases only by governmental financial aid.
214. The same will happen in the case of various large banks, which through megalomaniacal and economically inexpert people, will practise financial mismanagement, and will continue to exist only through financial federal subsidies.
215. All these happenings cannot remain without consequences, because the peoples will rise up and, under certain circumstances, start revolutions.
216. And if then the slimy domestic political machinations of the dictatorship-union continue to be transformed into foreign policy machinations and the smear campaign against Russia intensifies, then that could lead eventually to Russia being provoked into an armed conflict against the dictatorship-union in Europe and the USA.
217. If this were to prove true according to an old prophecy, then the European dictatorship-union would rather be free of its dictatorship than disband as a result of instability and quarrels among the member countries.
218. This could also mean, as the same prophecy states, that Europe would then be pacified by Russia, and the pacification could also spread all over the world.
219. As far as today’s predictions are concerned, these will now be the last, whereby the upcoming happenings line up around the world, so therefore in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the entire American continent.
220. On the American continent much will be destroyed far and wide in a more distant time, as the great caldera will break open, which cannot be prevented, as the Earth being broken open by the great Eifel caldera in Germany cannot, whereby the upper part of Europe will become a sea of fire.
221. Other countries will also suffer great changes, whereby, for example, a large part of Japan will sink into the sea, as also northern coasts of Europe will be swept away by wild floods.
222. Off the east coast of America, in the Atlantic and the Pacific, islands will be lifted from the waters, and New York and parts of the coast destroyed, while in the South Seas great upheavals will take place.
223. But also in the south of Europe, the all-transforming consequences will be enormous when the volcanoes of Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli as well as the submarine largest active volcano of Europe, Mount Marsili off the coast of Italy, together with about two dozen further submarine volcanoes in the Mediterranean, begin to erupt.
224. Also the caldera, that is to say, the super volcano, Phlegraean Fields in Italy, is already making itself more and more noticeable in order to tear open the Earth in the distant future.
225. In Italy and Sicily alone there are 24 dangerous mainland, island and submarine volcanoes, three of which are caldera areas, which will cause much terribleness in the more distant coming times.
226. The fact that by far the most active volcanoes are submarine and are extremely active is not yet known by the Earth humanity in general because these largely unknown underwater volcanoes, which are upon the Earth in their hundreds of thousands, never break through the surface of the water.
227. A whole ring of such underwater volcanoes lies on the peaks of the longest mountain chain in the world – the Middle Ocean Ridge – which however is still today not known to the Earth humanity.
228. Particularly from the year 2001, the southern Italian volcanoes will be particularly active, whereby great activity will be shown by Stromboli in 2002 and Mount Etna in 2003 which are arranged in a zone where the African and the European Earth plates collide.
229. In the new millennium, greater activity will also take place in Vesuvius in Italy, as well as great volcanic activity on the south-west coast of South America, and especially on Sumatra and other areas in Indonesia.
230. However, particularly severe seaquakes worldwide will increasingly lead to huge, tsunami waves, which are many meters high, which will wreak much havoc and claim the lives of tens of thousands of victims, which will be the case especially in the first two decades of the new millennium up to the year 2015, but it will not end there.
231. Everything will continue to an increasing extent, the signs of which will be the great earthquakes in central Italy, which will be the beginning phase of the fulfilment of those happenings which will bring many catastrophes and much terribleness, and much suffering, hardship, misery and destruction over the Earth.
232. This developmental process will be announced especially in the new millennium, by 2015, through many earthquakes and seaquakes which will claim hundreds of thousands of human lives, which will not be able to be prevented by Earth’s humankind.
233. And that there will be so many dead – which will be very many more in the distant future – will only be made possible as a consequence of the high number of the rapidly growing and excessive overpopulation of Earth’s humankind.
234. However, up to the time at which the coming really great natural catastrophes begin, namely from the new millennium and especially from the year 2015 onwards, being the point when Earth humanity will no longer be able to alter anything concerning the coming disastrous happenings and can no longer stop it, thousands of small, medium and large seaquakes and earthquakes will shake the Earth.
235. The most severe of those, from the new millennium up to the actual beginning of that which is unchangeable in the year 2015, shall be mentioned, and everything shall thereby give a glimpse into the horror which will arise through the natural catastrophes.
236. And all these natural disasters are 75% the fault of Earth’s humankind itself as a result of its irrationality and all its destroying machinations on the planet, nature, the entire plant world and water world, as well as all their living creatures.
257. From the year 2016 and beyond, however, those earthquakes in central Italy and around the world will follow – along with severe seaquakes – which will form the beginning of the great coming catastrophes and all predicted terribleness that will be accompanied by immense natural catastrophes.
258. So, in the coming times also tremendous floods and catastrophes, which have never happened since time immemorial, will occur, as well as ever more frequent and more devastating forest fires, which then, aside from Australia, will occur more in the central and northern hemispheres of America, Europe and Asia, and by which also Switzerland will be effected.
259. Great upheavals will occur as a consequence of the disappearing of the ice deserts of the Arctic and Antarctica, because of volcanic eruptions around the world, but also as a consequence of the pole shifting which has been ongoing already for some centuries, as it will also to a large part be due to the destruction and irreparable eliminations and exterminations which are caused, through the human overpopulation, to the planet, to nature, all oceans and inland waters, as well as to the atmosphere and the plant world and world of living organisms and also to the climate.
260. Due to the nature of the geography of the planet, the land, the mountains, the forests, oceans and inland waters, the movements only happen gradually, however, unstoppably, for which the unstoppable and irrational and increasingly excessive overpopulation and its irresponsible destruction machinations and elimination machinations will be around 85% of the cause.
261. All over the world from then on there will be un-peace, which will often lead back to the USA-triggered, irresponsible, secret service intrigues, manipulations and military armed conflicts and wars.
262. This, in addition to the fact that, in many countries, governments will be overthrown internally, with the use of weapons, and power struggles of rival groups will take place, as a result of which increasingly hostile armed conflicts will take place all over the world, often continuing over several decades.
263. It will emerge that new mis-regulation occurs in the systems of government within various countries, which means that the populations are constantly bombarded with new taxes because the persons responsible, the financial leaders in the governments and those who have the might themselves, do not know how to handle their finances and thereby drive their countries into horrendous debt, for which the taxpayers are then made liable with tax increases.
264. But the time will come when human beings from the populace will occupy government offices, and a purification will be carried out at higher and lower government and office positions, whereby greater attention will be given to the welfare of the populace and also consideration given to the individual human being.
265. This will also result in certain circumstances and changes in political, economic and all other conditions, and through that, equality between the two sexes will also come about, as well as a broader understanding of the really essential requirements of the individual human being.
266. In the process, interpersonal relations obtain validity again, which over the next decades and into the new millennium will very quickly stagnate through which human beings become stunted and lose the value of being human from their sense as well as the true meaning of love, whereby they become cold and unconcerned in their thoughts and feelings and thereby obtuse in regard to their fellow human beings and their problems.
267. This will take place especially from the 1980s, when the new sounds of so-called music will fall completely out of kind and will no longer have anything to do with harmony and music, because at this time, a change to complete disharmony occurs in the consciousness of human beings, which will also impair and damage the nerves as well as the entire cognition.
268.  In many human beings, these sounds will ruin the behavioural control system and call forth a negative transformation of information, which seriously damages the whole of the behaviour in all who succumb to these disharmonious sounds.
269. Everything will lead to the fact that many will be unable to cope with life and become aggressive, unconcerned and out of touch with reality, which will extend to abandoning any sense of self-esteem and self-worth, because the sense of life will be seen only in the disharmony of the sounds which work destructively on the consciousness.
270. In many respects, this then leads to hardship and misery, as well as to the fellow human beings no longer being respected and only being met with highly unworthy unconcernedness and not being given any assistance when they are in distress and need help.
271. To the contrary, everything will lead to the human beings – according to the disharmonic sounds – becoming disharmonious within themselves and, owing to the complete unsatisfaction in regard to themselves, becoming self-destructive and stunted in themselves.
272. And this will also affect their behaviour towards fellow human beings, with the relations with them breaking and their well-being being completely disregarded as a result of indifference.
273. This will result in the emergence of a radical malignancy which will be based in thoughtlessness, recklessness, neglect, lack of concern, unheedfulness, carelessness, unconsiderateness, lovelessness, uncarefulness, imprudence, irresponsibility and inattentiveness through which, in increasing wantonness, many fellow human beings will also be harmed, brutally maltreated, hit, robbed and even beaten to death.
274. The time of these happenings will also be that in which the negative outcoming effects of the advancing overpopulation are laid bare in the way that the law of nature effectively unfolds its regulation in such a form that many human beings will be harmed in their consciousness and body.
275. From the 1960s onwards, a major problem will begin to affect the overpopulation human beings, making them suffer from and susceptible to many serious and often unhealable illnesses.
276. Thereby more and more cancers and many forms of allergy, which assume even life-threatening stages, become the great plague, because due to an over-breeding and weakening of the humankind a wide-reaching immunodeficiency affects very many human beings and this will then continue well into the new millennium.
277. As a result of the increasing overpopulation, it will also come about that human health impairments of the consciousness will take the upper hand and a general weakness of the intelligence will spread, which will make human beings blunt towards reality, become irrational, stupid and slowly stunted.
278. These changes will come, that is certain, and for the majority of the Earth humankind there will be no evolution or revolution for the better for a long time, for which manifold religious thinking will be to blame because this is not directed to reality and its truth, but to falsehood and unreality.
279. The basis of reality and truth will be understood only when the great and unavoidable catastrophes come and call into question the further existence of the entire Earth’s humanity.
280. There will be no divinity then, but only the reality and truth according to which every individual human being must direct himself/herself and live accordingly, and this will be the basis of that which was taught by all six proclaimers of the teaching of the prophets from Henoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jmmanuel to Mohammad and which is now taught by you for the last time.
281. All the prophets taught – and the last also teaches in the present time – that when the sun reaches its highest activity in the coming time, that then the change to the new age after 1844 brings unimagined progress in all fields of Earth human achievements which will be of both good, but, also, of evil and will lead to gradual, incisive changes in every respect.
282. The whole brings a gradual catastrophic activity in the coming time.
283. It will not be as ignoramuses ironically assume, that human life will continue as before, if all the changes come as they are announced through foresight.
284. It will also be that certain happenings will not be gradual but sudden, and consequently the coming changes will be of a different nature.
285. The seeds for this have been sown by Earth humankind by the continual increase of the overpopulation, and now they sprout and will let their evil fruits of irresponsibility, destruction, devastation and extermination grow and be harvested over the coming years and decades, whereby new seeds come about, which again are further spread out and sown.
286. And as regards the occurrence of the wandering of the poles: this will also contribute its part to the transformation of the planet and the conditions of life and to the plights of Earth humanity, causing shifts in the north of the European continent.
287. And it is certain that all things will come thus, but also the consequences of the wandering of the poles, that is to say, the pole shift, can be survived, but certain areas will become dangerous areas where survival will hardly be possible.
288. Through the period of the wandering of the poles there will be many tremendous worldwide tremors and changes – due to which a great part of Earth humanity will die – which will be natural but also caused by the planet-wide irresponsibly bred up overpopulation as well as its nonsensical, destructive, eliminating and exterminating excesses.
289. As already explained, unusually enormous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, rock avalanches and floods of great proportions will occur in the seas  as will tremendous tidal waves, all of which humanity can no longer set anything against.
290. The future new coming wars, triggered worldwide through the blame of America, as well as fatal illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases, uprisings and civil wars occurring in many countries, and the emergence of several major terrorist organisations and small terrorist groups, form the early stage and signal for all happenings coming in the third millennium.
291. And it will be that these will gradually follow one another, and can cause up to two-thirds of the Earth humankind to die.
292. These happenings will inevitably come, and the resulting apocalyptic destructions and disastrous devastations will unleash an unparalleled incredible confusion, among all human-civilised life.
293. The whole coming chaos and disaster in the coming times up to the second and third decade of the third millennium will still appear harmless in contrast to that which the times after that will bring.
294. All chaos periods will, however, always be followed by rebuilding phases, after which, however, destruction will come again and void everything again.
295. Some of these happenings will begin already in the coming decades, with Italy being affected because of the beginning of the coming upheavals, because, on the European continent the main centre of the outgoing destruction will lie submarine in the Mediterranean area, as well as in eastern central Italy where, from the years 2002 and 2009, serious earthquakes, and then from 2016 and 2017 a series of earthquakes will announce the coming happenings.
296. From there, about five countries all around will be affected by the disastrous destructions and devastations and partly sink into the sea.
297. The whole will also extend to the Irish, Icelandic, and western European coasts, and especially the low-lying British coasts, whereby the great upheavals will induce a large part of the humankind to turn away from the wrong belief in religions, sects and an imaginary god, in order to bethink the return to reality and truth and to return with their thoughts and their consciousness to the knowledge of the natural-creational values.
298. The coming times will bring very sad things far into the new millennium, including the worst of all terrible things, which consists of the falling away from the knowledge of the truth of the natural-creational, and thus from the reality and the truth, and again increasingly to the clinging to wrong belief-forms.
299. The darkness of belief and unknowledge will be preferred to the light of clear knowledge, as many of the Earth’s human beings will find that death is better than life, which is why, inconsiderately and unscrupulously, there will be murdering and also suicide practised on a large scale by death organisations.

Terrorism, Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Immigrants

The following excerpts are from prophecies and predictions, specifically forewarning about the – present and coming – problems with terrorism, asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants, published by Billy Meier in 1951, 1958, 1964 and 1987.


  1. All that would, unfortunately however, not be the end of all terrors, mass-murder, wars and acts of terror, if the peoples of all nations do not finally become sensible enough to relieve their power-greedy government bosses of their offices and have them turn tail and run.
  2. Basically, it is the people in each country who choose those who govern – normally, unfortunately, it is the insincere ones, who first make great promises,in order then, when they come into power, to let war and terror break out and drive the people under their command with lies and deceit, whereby they become dependent on their superiors and misjudge the real truth.
  3. That however, will bring evil consequences in the future if the people don’t intervene against them – because world-wide, the violent rulers will embroil the people ever more in wars, terror and hate, until the whole thing assumes uncontrollable forms world-wide.
  4. Not only wars, terror, destruction and annihilation with thousand-fold deaths and hundreds of thousands of murdered people will mark the future but also a monstrous overpopulation will be to blame as all natural laws will get thrown out of kilter.
  5. Through mass tourism from the industrialized countries, along with economic refugees from the entire world the industrialised countries will become inundated, as will a monstrous problem with asylum seekers become insoluble.
  6. Also national debts will climb into immeasurability, as well as terrorist extremism and neonazism, etc.


12.) Terrorists will spread murder and destruction worldwide, thereafter they return again to their slippery cracks and hide in order to hatch new monstrosities and bring death and corruption over humanity.

13.) The terrorists, warmongers, wrongdoers, prostitutes, and criminals will organize themselves worldwide and delude themselves that they are kings and emperors of the world, while the people and the organizations established for maintaining order watch powerlessly and have to creep away in order to protect their lives.

21.) And the time is already coming when the peoples will begin to mix, and when many people will flee from their homeland countries to find a hideout somewhere else in foreign countries, and there will be many refugees who have to fight to maintain their lives, while very many others creep into the structures of the better-positioned countries as economic refugees.

53.) An unimagined impending asylum seeker problem will break over the industrialized countries before the turn of the millennium and evoke asylum seeker tourism through which a great many asocial elements emigrate who release a crime wave, whereby the worldly possessions of many people will no longer be safe, nor will life and limb.

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for the earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

84.) Threatening thunder will crack over the Earth and deaths in their thousands will rage when the criminal national powers of the U.S.A. release war into the wide world and when Israel’s national forces spread just the same terror, murder, death and corruption as the Palestinians themselves, from whom uncountable suicide bombers will go; all over the world all variety of military and rebellious forms of murderers will recruit, out of all levels of the population, and drill the recruits into being murder machines devoid of feelings and conscience, to whom also every kind of torture is a shining joy.

85.) Organized murder and terror commandoes will live secretly in cities worldwide and plan and carry out deadly attacks in order to kill thousands of people and produce unimagined destruction.

86.) There will be no more order and no effective rule to protect the lives of the people, because, through the fault of the warmongering national powerful ones, the rebellious, religious, sectarian and fanatic terrorism will flare up like a bright flash in the night in order to sow death and corruption.

87.) Through inhumane terror attacks, torture and through war, very many people will degenerate and fall back into barbarism, whereby everybody will scream for the torture and death of their neighbor when they are of a different view or act counter to the law, thus hate and revenge will spread out and even the order-bringing organizations will be evilly attacked and their efforts to create order will be hindered, whereby human atrocities among the people can gain ground, and nobody more is going to hurry to help the other if she or he gets into need.

120.) However the Third Millennium will also be the time when people will be frightened of the future because the world political, military and environmental situation will be very precarious because the national powers of the USA and Israel in the same way threaten with war and destruction as, worldwide, will also the rebellious terrorists, and in addition, because humans have so terribly plundered, raped and desecrated nature, it will hit back with violent seaquakes and earthquakes and with monstrous rainstorms and primeval storms.


Also asylum seeker, neo-nazi and extremist entities, ethnic migration, worldwide terrorism and new wars will spread out and create dissent, need and misery and other new, big problems.

These exist in all areas, therefore in medicine, in the vanishing drinking water, in the inexhaustible consumption of energy as well as in constantly increasing worldwide terrorism.

Also asylum seeker, neo-nazi and extremist entities, ethnic migration, worldwide terrorism and new wars will spread out and create dissent, need and misery and other new, big problems.

To that also belong measures against the world-control-addicted machinations of those state powerful ones who release criminal wars and terror in the whole world, carry out wars and acts of terror themselves and tip other countries into chaos, whereby they also trample the mentality of humans in the dirt as well as want to break and exterminate their religion and politics.


167. Monstrous forces will be created by science and will be released by the military forces and armies as well as by terrorists, causing great destruction.

168. Millions and even billions of people will be killed by acts of terrorism, by wars and civil wars; and finally, in some parts of the world, every third human being, and, in other places, every fourth human being, will lose his or her life. 187. Due to the fault of scientists, enormous power will be seized by the power-hungry and their military, their warriors and terrorists, and power will be seized as well through laser weapons of many types, but also via atomic, chemical and biological weapons.

175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver.

176. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery.

177. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time.

178. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world.

92. In all, America will play the most decisive role, when in the guise to strive for peace and to fight against terrorism it invades many countries of the Earth, bombs and destroys everything and brings thousandfold deaths to the populations.

193. The military politics of the USA will likewise know no limits, as neither will their economic and other political institutions which will be focused on building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time.

194. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalisation, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

222. Yet all the apocalyptic events will not only be brought about due to the use of unbelievably deadly and destructive weapons—such as chemical, laser and others—and by cloned murder machines; but in addition to this, the Earth and nature, maltreated to the deepest depths by the irresponsible human beings of Earth, will rise up and cause destruction and bring death onto the Earth.

223. Enormous firestorms and gigantic hurricanes will sweep over the USA and bring devastation, destruction and annihilation, as this from time immemorial never before will have happened

224. Not only will America, but also all other Western industrial countries which still live at the beginning of the new millennium in the delusion that they could dominate and rule over underdeveloped nations, i.e., Third World countries, will not only soon lose influence over these but must defend themselves against them.

225. According to the prophecies of Henoch, the truth about industrialised countries is that they only seem to appear to be true civilisations, but in fact they are not; because more and more, at the end of the 20th century and at the beginning of the third millennium, they will disregard all true love, true freedom and true wisdom as well as true peace along with all values of humaneness and all values of men’s and women’s true being.

226. But not even all the terrible happenings will hinder the USA in continuing to proceed with its actions against all countries.

227. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings.

228. Overall, this is the most important part of Henoch’s prophecies.

239. Hatred against strangers, foreigners and people of different religious beliefs will be the order of the day, as well as the rise of neo-Nazism, terrorism and right-extremism.

258. However, the main objective of the aggressors will be to bring all of Europe under their military control, and for that purpose France will be selected to be the headquarters. France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces.

259. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.


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david gustafson

I think viewers and of people whom are interested in this site and of Mr. Meier’s material. When there is a posting or of creation of web site I think it would be of great value to others of as many people grab any content of interest and download it for off-line reference for themselves. That way we cannot be held hostage against those with the ability to enforce take downs of content.

Terry Carch

Hi David, What I did was bookmark on Google Crome and on Save As. That way you can store it and listen to MH on c2c whenever you have the time to listen to MH on c2c. Hope that helps.

Gordon Barnes

I wonder what the music Sfath is refering to “when the new sounds of so-called music will fall completely out of kind and will no longer have anything to do with harmony and music, because at this time, a change to complete disharmony occurs in the consciousness of human beings, which will also impair and damage the nerves as well as the entire cognition.”. I wonder if it was rave music in the UK…any suggestions.



Les Payne

What I’ve heard so far is right up the alley with my beliefs !!!

Melissa Osaki

Hi Les,

Welcome to the blog. If you have any questions or need links to more information, let us know. Our goal is to rid ourselves of all beliefs and only pursue the truth. Salome