Storms Unleashed, Lessons Unlearned

As the prophecies fulfill, the people pray and perish

It is to be hoped that nothing as severe as the recent hurricane in Texas happens to Florida and its population, lest the tragedy be further compounded by a similar, brain-dead, terminally deluded, response as that which came from the Governor of Texas. Yes, the surviving residents should now offer prayers to the imaginary, non-existent, ancient cult deity of life and death who, clearly as capricious and vengeful as ever, literally rained down death and destruction on a huge city, and to whom also, choke, gratitude should be offered for having spared them the fullness of his wrath.

Makes sense, right?

The People Were Warned

This isn’t a compassionless, we-told-you-so moment. It’s a we’re-still­-tellingyou one, in hopes that those among us who have some un-hypnotized brain function will check the real, long-range, weather forecast, dating from 1948 to the distant future. And then check the HornsNotes version, where search terms like flood, storm, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, seaquake, volcanic, etc., will yield many further reminders of what’s yet to come. You’ll also find…41 references to overpopulation, the underlying cause of all this grief, resulting from suicidal obedience to one of the bedrock religious principles, as exhorted in Genesis 9:7.

It would be reassuring if at least the lessons of the storms – and other catastrophes – that hit low-lying coastal areas had been, or will be, learned. But as Billy Meier succinctly pointed out, in 1958:

127.) And in the Third Millennium the time comes when big parts of the continents disappear and the people will have to flee to the mountains, yet their sense of the catastrophes will only be of short duration, because they will forget everything again quickly and therefore make an effort to do much rebuilding, because they are already creating phantasmagoria, through movies and television, as well as later through a worldwide netting of computers and electronics, through which they deceive themselves and see things that do not exist, and are only visually determined for the eye, subsequently their sense for reality disappears and they can no longer distinguish between reality and fiction, whereby they lose themselves more and more in the labyrinth of life, while those who produce phantasms commercially as well as religious and sectarian phantasms, have an easy game with the people of faith, who they deceive in every possible manner and make them into humble beings, like cringing dogs.

Well, what do you know, he even then gave a nod to the gullible “people of faith”…and those who will deceive and exploit them.

Change of Course

If one thinks it’s in poor taste to be so critical now that the long foretold, mega-disasters are beginning to occur, what kind of a reception will there be for anyone who dares to point to the decades old warnings about the coming US civil wars…should we also allow these to occur?

And as we even now watch the machinations of the Deep State, along with various psychopaths from both parties, and others who are hell bent to push Russia into what for us will certainly be a final, totally destructive and obliterating nuclear war, might it now be a good time to change the course of this already sinking ship of state to a safer, more welcoming harbor?

As Always

The answer, as always, is to study and apply the spiritual teaching. By doing so, one also answers the questions about how this study could possibly effect a positive change of course. We see and experience the first noticeable effects in our way of thinking, from which our feelings and ultimately our actions proceed. It will only be through the admittedly slow, patient and practical application of the might of the thoughts that humankind – the survivors –will, ultimately create a balanced, loving, peaceful, free and harmonious world, comprised of people who manifest and emanate those qualities.

In other words, a people and a world that exemplify the exact…opposite of what delusional, belief-based religions and dead-end, advantage-oriented, partisan politics have predictably created on Earth, as everything ceaselessly unfolds in strict accordance with the immutable law of cause and effect, not imaginary, never to occur “divine intervention”.


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74 Replies to “Storms Unleashed, Lessons Unlearned”

  1. Hello Michael … admittedly, although I was introduced to the Meier [Pleidian / Plejaren ?] story back in 1980, seemingly, I am not in-the-know as to what the [Pleidian / Plejaren?] might list as to anything positive that Earth humanity has accomplished. Can you fill me in?

      1. Oh, don’t be so modest, MH!
        John, take a look at contact report 544. And others.
        Billy: …”If I thereby think solely of Michael Horn, who has already worked for so many years for the teaching and the mission, he and his work cannot be highly enough appraised. Indeed, not all human beings need to be working in his tireless scope, because a lesser commitment is already very valuable, and such a one can be achieved by many in America. However, these correspond only to a minority, but if they engage themselves, then much can be achieved through them. A small number of human beings can also achieve much and bring, in many others, change for the better and good, if they make an effort. How does it go? Constant dripping wears away the stone….”

        Ptaah: “…But we are very pleased regarding the ongoing efforts for many years by Michael Horn, whereby he has provided extraordinary services, which are of inestimable value….”

          1. You won’t be embarrassed if I remind you that one hobbit and a few of his friends took down Sauron and his army in Tolkien’s epic heroic saga of “The Lord of the Rings”.

  2. Grüße Michael!,

    I feel as of right with both Hurricane Harvey and Irma taking place is only the beginning of what is to come as explained by both Meier and Quetzal in regards to the Henoch Prophecies (which I now feel are predictions as of this moment) and that all we can do is prepare ourselves the best way possible as well as applying the spiritual teachings on how to deal with the upcoming catastrophic events, such as this country (United States) possibly collapsing by 2020 as stated by Meier and Quetzal!(If I am not mistaken). I would assume that the best safezones would be to head north into Canada or build an underground bunker/storage, just my ideas for safezones at the moment.

    *I would also like to add that I would like to inform you all on another “suppossed” contactee by the name of “Peter Maxwell Slattery” of Australia. Not only does he claims to (from what I’ve seen on one of his YouTube videos in a link below) have multiple Extraterrestrial visitors/contactors but even footage of lights, suppossed spacecraft, military helicopters surveilling him, and a fleet. He also has 2 videos of himself providing information about the Pleiadians /Plejaren and he claims to be in contact with a Pleiadian woman by the name of “Shi-Ji”. And he also has a video on his predictions that he claims to have came true. Now I don’t completely believe this but I only wanted to share this with you Mr. Horn and to the others on this blog for all your viewpoints with this in concern. And he is also in contact with James Gililand. Could this man(Peter) be a victim of deception?, pulling a hoax? or is there a lot more to this man’s story?* (Links Below with his YouTube channel and some of his footage)

    His entire YouTube channel –

    Predictions That Came True By Peter Maxwell Slattery – (What is your view on this?)

    Pleiadians – Plejarens, their home & Shi-Ji’s Craft –

    Pleiadian – Plejaren Beings, their Crafts and technology –

    “Photo” of Pleiadian 2017 by Peter Maxwell Slattery – (I am skeptical about this one as this is suppossed to be the Pleiadian woman “Shi-Ji”) he snapped this picture from the 22nd of July 2017

    UFO FLEET Over Melbourne Australia 4th of May 2017 –

    UFO FLEET Over Melbourne Australia Part 2 – 4th of May 2017 –

    Helicopter Surveillance –

    Light Being from Andromeda filmed in sky by Peter Maxwell Slattery –

    Sound recording of a UFO – 2017:
    (What could this be? Michael I what is your opinion?)

    This video caught my attention
    Circle from ET Contact – Peter Maxwell Slattery:
    (The tracks that where filmed by Peter reminds me of Rala’s and Menara’s landing tracks that where photographed back in June 29th 1976 with both Meier and Konrad Schutzbach present at the site of the tracks, here is one with Konrad taking measurements:
    And here is both Meier and Konrad standing side by side for comparison –

    1. Hi,

      People are free to look at that info, though I won’t make it an ongoing topic of discussion for several reasons. First, there are no…”Pleiadians”, so anyone claiming contact with them is lying. This is explained in the Meier material.

      As Meier himself was told, and as we know, there are all sorts of ways now to create/hoax videos, etc. Among many things, the actual Plejaren don’t do”energy work” on people, a rather New Age concept in itself.

      Also, since James Gilliland is effectively a mind-control project himself – his UFOs were said by Ptaah to be secret US military craft from Area 51 – the person and material you link to would most likely be in the same camp, if he’s not an outright hoaxer himself.

      The UFO phenomenon is not of great importance at this time. The UFO controversy was accelerated by Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos and films, etc., but the more important information is in the prophetic material and, fundamentally, the spiritual teaching. My guess is that this guy has…none of that.

      P.S. Black helicopters showing up can be more of an indication of a military involvement in whatever they’re supposedly “investigating”. There have long been known to be intelligence operations, etc., in Australia, and they have connections to US interests too.

      1. The Contactee Industry is still growing! and thanks for the information from Ptaah in regard to Gililands UFO’s! Wow the shadow military industrial complex must have a large variety of classified space and aircraft!

        1. I refer to the whole mess as the UFOCI, theUFO Community and…INDUSTRY. It would be simply laughable, tabloid fare if these people had not been complicit in suppressing (and attacking) the Meier case, with all of its invaluable information for humankind.

          The field is full of frauds, phonies, charlatans. etc., and you might want to check out the blundering Kevin Randle, how’s now committed to this folly:

          1. Oh dear. Kevin must be mad that his viewcount went down after we logically questioned his lazy, fake, hoax investigation.

            He mentions, “appeals to authority”, but, misuses the term as a cogent form applies when the authority is legitimate, as is the case with Marcel Vogel, Wally Gentleman, Prof. James Deardorff, David Froning, Dr. Michael Malin, Nils Rognerud, Steve Singer, Robin L. Shellman, Steven Williams and Howard Ilson, etc. All experts in their field and all validated Meier’s evidence.

            Mahesh and Kevin continue to delude themselves that their witless opinion is more important than the observations and tests of real experts in their field.

      2. To add to what Michael’s conveying, simply put. “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, is the ONLY Plejaren/Plejaren Federation contactee. Pre and post “The digital age.” In others words the overall information concerning our galilean pendulum of our chronologly as well as the sector of our orientation within the universe(s)…was stalwartly crafted by hand. Most of the compositions your referring to on YouTube…I’m sorry, but they don’t hold a note.

      3. Back when Randoph Winters was doing his videos, he showed us pictures of Haunebu-type flying craft sitting on metal structures somewhere down in Brazil. During the war, the Germans got a few of these craft flying. . . . they were powered by some kind of mercury centrifuge and the ships had three capacitors underneath, similar to the Adamski UFO pictures which were so popular in the late ‘fifties.

        There is some possibility that the earth really is hollow, with an inner sun. The Germans of the Nazi period evidently held this to be true, and evidence exist that the people who inhabit the inner earth gave the Nazis some of this technology. Winters in his videos explains that the Germans, using bases somewhere in South America, were actually able to fly to other worlds, and have continued this activity in the past 70 or so years. For some reason, this information is now being denied by FIGU. . . . . what was formerly presented as truth.

        I do not doubt that there could be Germanic type people who are visiting some of the earth people. . . . if the ships have these capacitors underneath, then they are of the “Inner Earth” or Agarthan variety, not Pleiadian beamships, which have a different technology.

        Recently I looked into a certain Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, who claims to have been dropped onto the earth with her twin sister as a child and adopted by American parents. Billie and her sister were Hermaphrodites, and seem to be exceptional people, to say the least. Billie claims that there are deep underground levels at Area 51 and that the Lemurians, who live in a city called Telos near Mount Shasta, are in control of the lower levels of this base. She/he also claims that he was employed by the U.S. military in top secret work, and worked alongside tall people who were Lemurians. The Lemurians do not live in the “inner earth”, but in an enormous cavern in the earth’s crust. There are other groups of people who live in enormous caverns in the crust. One group is under India somewhere. Billie Faye Woodard is believable, and as far as I’m concerned, with all the activity I have heard about and real-time UFO videos I have watched on You Tube, there’s a lot going on that Meier isn’t talking about.

        1. While there may be “a lot going on that Meier isn’t talking about”, a LOT of what Winters said was inaccurate, made up by him, etc.

          As for Woodard’s credibility, absent any actual evidence, it ends with the “dropped onto the earth”, unless of course their mother gave birth squatting in a field.

          1. Well the Nazis like them or not, were anything but stupid people, and they seemed to “fall” for the Hollow Earth idea, so much so that they invested a lot of effort and technology into creating and maintaining a base in Antarctica, and so on. Do some research for yourself. It’s not difficult to find evidence for the Hollow Earth.

      1. Michael, your loyalty to Meier is admirable, however you should not categorically deny that other people are interacting with either highly advanced Terrestrial people, or communicating with people from other worlds! Meier is not God either, and is capable of human error. He has set himself up as the Prophet of the New Age, and he may well be so. However, there’s a certain arrogance in maintaining the position that he alone is the bearer of truth and that all others will be categorically shot down if they present some other truth or reality with which Meier does not agree.

        1. Carolyn,

          You’re confusing my “loyalty to Meier” with my loyalty to the truth, respect for logic, critical thinking and the need to real, credible evidence. So far, I’ve seen NONE to substantiate all these other claims. And this of course also applies to people who “present some other truth or reality with which Meier does not agree”. If something indeed is the truth, it’s more important than who agrees with it.

          So far, I haven’t seen evidence of the “other truth or reality” that you are alluding to, without any specifics, evidence, etc.

          1. Dear Michael, if Meier is indeed the Prophet Mohammed re-incarnated on the earth, so to speak, then that might explain the mass migration to Europe of the Muslim “refugees”, who the Europeans really dislike and want to remove from their Western Christian societies. Meier’s mind may well be moving these people! It would also account for his intense hatred of Christianity and Christians. I am not under any illusions about him. While his contacts with the “Plejaren” people are quite interesting, there are other aspects to Meier which make me uncomfortable. The Henoch prophecies are really quite threatening primarily for us in the West. Meier is obviously a person who doesn’t support Democracy as a form of government. Why he may be the prototype “communist” and we can (who are of a certain age) remember the threats and psychological devastation that came out of the USSR and its allies during the Cold War. Never will I be won over to the idea that Russia should be “in charge” of the world. I hesitate to say this to all you FIGU groupies, but Meier is working for the “other side”! Take care of yourselves!

          2. Carolyn, with all due respect, that’s a bunch of hogwash. Billy is no commie and he never said that Russia should be in charge of the world. He said that “peace would eventually come from Russia”. Why do so many people have this deep rooted hatred for Russia? America and Britain have done far more damage to this planet and pose a far greater threat than Russia ever could. The Plejaren live under a true democracy. Every single person gets a voice under a true democracy and there are no homeless people or elites. Everyone contributes to society and everyone gets food, shelter, and clothing in return. There are no hierarchies and no greed for power. Don’t worry, we won’t even begin to think like that for another 800 years.

        2. Carolyn,
          “Meier’s mind may well be moving these people!” Are you serious??? Billy is not some sort of supernatural-guru-mind-controller. Please read the material before making such over-the-top statements.

  3. I don’t think people really grasp how bad the coming chaos and destruction will actually get. Folks are too mesmerized by their fantasy movies, video games and techy toys—they’re safe in their little bubbles and supplied with a lifetime of fantasy and science fiction while they think that everything bad happens in some faraway land.
    Look at the devastation in Texas and how fast those folks have been displaced, many bordering on homelessness, and now Florida is facing the same path. That’s two large chunks of the U.S. population, in only a matter of weeks, completely devastated and in need of long-term efforts. The fires out west are also causing devastation and destruction—people are being forced to flee their homes in droves.

    Earth, our home, has suffered from tremendous abuse, through our perpetual arrogance, greed and utter stupidity—and now, by the law of cause and effect, Mother Earth begins to cleanse her wounds. How could we be so foolish over and over again? This is not the first time we’ve been on the brink of destruction—why do we never seem to learn from our dreadful and inglorious past? I know, I know—religion and overpopulation are the ultimate driving forces of our demise. For all the technological advances we’ve made, it’s so hard to believe we still succumb to primitive religions.

    I hope everyone stays safe out there.

  4. Forming a community with like minded people (who have sensing on what is really going on) makes sense to me. Everyone can use their sets of skills, i.e., gardening, sourcing for food and water, electrician, farmer, hunter, plumber, carpenter, etc..Community takes time to establish.This is the time to do it now rather than 2020.
    I remember a late friend who wanted to leave the United States and move back to Canada. At that time, I didn’t understand the political climate of the US. All I remember him saying was that US is becoming a dangerous place to live. He was collaborating with my late husband in forming a community so we can be self reliant. He doesn’t know anything about the Meier material. On his way back to the US, the border security detained him at the border. He described his border experience as unreasonable to the point of interrogation. Maybe that’s what happens when someone is driving an older model vehicle, people get tagged.
    I tell my children that if they want to go on vacation, stay in Canada and don’t think about crossing the border. It’s very dangerous out there now. I have friends and relatives that are living in the US.

  5. Two more hurricanes just formed, Jose and Katia. Jose formed just behind Irma and have 75 mph winds. Katia formed at the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and has sustained winds of 75 mph. It’s 4 hurricanes in less than a month. In the meantime, BC and Alberta are still battling the forest fires.

  6. In Washington State where I currently live, we are seeing very unusual weather patterns too. It hasn’t rained in over 2 months in most parts of the state. We’ve got multiple wildfires all over the state. Oregon has wildfires too. I know there’s a couple of other states with wildfires also, around the US, but I will say it is a very bizarre thing for this lack of rain in our normal wet climate here. Climate change is real.

    The summers have in recent years here have had many, many days over 90 degrees starting in late May/June. That used to only happen in August.

  7. Oh I should also add, they are now saying that Hurricane Irma is the biggest on record. Category 5. It’s devastating the Caribbean and headed towards Florida. There are 2 other hurricanes near it in the Atlantic; hurricanes Katia and Jose. Wow. Very scary!

  8. I did also took the time to read the many comments which are also full of sense

    Stay strong! Find a safe zone my American friends

    Canada is less overpop… but still very very far from paradise for that I can tell you… Many of us have to travel way up to the north… seasons are all f****d up… and the same acid, toxic, poluted, poisonous and nuclear rain falls everywhere… because our mother Earth just like creation makes no differenciation… when the wind blows it blows equally for each blade of grass


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