October 7, 2017, three-hour presentation on Billy Meier UFO contacts

Michael Horn at Dulce Base

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dulce, New Mexico

A three-hour, multi-media presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts will be given by Michael Horn, the American representative for the Meier contacts. Still ongoing – for more than 75 years! – these are the only scientifically proven, singularly authentic UFO contacts.

Topics include:

Ironclad UFO & ET Evidence · Prophecies & Predictions · Defeat of the Skeptical Challenge

You’ll also learn:

·  WHY the UFO cover-up is solely about Meier’s contacts!

·  WHY they are the key to our very threatened future survival!

·  WHY the UFO community has kept this from you!

Horn will also speak about the specific environmental and geo-political events Meier foretold that have already happened…and the ones that will occur. He will also discuss the solutions, found in the non-religious, belief-free, Spiritual Teaching, which is the core reason for Billy Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren, extraterrestrial human race.

· There will also be a segment for all questions and challenges.

· Tickets will be on a first come, first served basis.


92 comments on “Michael Horn at Dulce Base

  • Hey Michael,
    Watch out for little green men fighting black beret marines whilst there lol.
    Apparently that’s what happened at Dulce….NOT.


  • I just watched a youtoob interview of the co-founder of the International UFO Congress explain why the ufo CI tried to torpedo the Meier case. They all wanted exclusive rights to the story, and Billy said, “No.” So out of greed and selfishness, they attacked the case. And they have been chasing lights and dead cows ever since.

    • And so what we get are monkey brined “UFO researchers”, like Kevin Randle, who proudly and confidently proclaims (http://kevinrandle.blogspot.in/2017/08/i-retract-my-original-billy-meier.html):

      “I say again, this case is a hoax. Meier has not traveled around the galaxy. He has faked pictures. His predictions are found to be wrong or based on information that is already in the public arena.

      Here’s the irony. Had the supporters just ignored the statement of my opinion rather than attacking me personally, not many who visit here would have paid much attention to it. Now, however, I have published a number of articles showing that Meier was wrong, Meier faked photographs, and that he has offered no independent corroboration of his contact claims. Even his ex-wife has said it was all a hoax.”

      …proving that the long rumored brain transplants, involving monkey brains being transplanted into humans, have been proceeding along nicely.

      • I see what you mean MH. But to me I would rather they were not challenged, just an opinion. Let me tell you a story Michael, its easy maybe for you MH to see the wider reality and many of the educated things that are going on behind the scenes which have been shown to us but which are difficult to present to the audience, but I have seen situations where sometimes individuals have not had a thorough education or upbringing or the variety of lessons and experiences MH, I write to you in peace and respect, they have maybe not had the variety of lessons and experiences that would qualify them to sift the truthiness from the facts, the scientific information from the results etc, reality from the fanatical, dream from the illusion, and some of those individuals if I may make my point given the time and space and peace to just exist and review it some more can see the various fragments which shine through to them. The thing about consciousness as you know MH is that many individuals are calibrated differently, the brain as you know is developed differently from individual to individual, some hunt for the truth by first provoking the answer which may reveal the lie, they want to see your reactions Michael, once they corner you enough and reveal what they need they you’ll be discarded, there are others that won’t be thanking you for it, and there are others which will heavily attack you, while others are going to see in the wrong light and others are going to make the wrong judgement of you.

        I respect what you do in the fight you put up, I just hope… what happens is sometimes individuals become reasonable of their own accord, whether that has anything to do with Billy Meier’s information or not is neither here nor there, this process happens naturally and over time, tends to be proportional to their environmental influences, typically aligned to their local job and proportional to their community somehow, so by pressuring individuals to align with Billy Meier and attempting to force their reasoned co-operation what happens is maybe a general unnecessary disturbance in whatever they are doing not enough to swing the seat. You get a different response from everyone you ever confront, I leave it to you to work it out Michael. All the best with it all. Bye.

        • Hi Daniel,

          Everyone is free to have and state their opinions, Randle included, of course.

          In a way he is the proverbial poster boy for everything wrong with the field of UFOlogy, its self-proclaimed experts and researchers and, more broadly, with the American mindset itself.

          And while it really isn’t even a drop of water on a duck’s back, these people quickly, easily and without any concern slander, libel and defame people they don’t know and evidence they don’t actually research and think through. When it’s pointed out to them, their typical reaction is to search for…anything to support their uninformed, ignorant, attacking conclusions and to go further on the offensive.

          Again, they’re entitled to do so.

          My purpose, quite often, in getting in their face is to voice actual facts, research, etc., not so much for them but for those who perhaps innocently come along and are exposed to these “expert opinions”, which may close the door to their own thinking and/or awareness that there’s more to the matter than the individual and collective efforts of these profit-hungry frauds claim.

          In whatever lifetime people desire to find and know the truth they will be impulsed towards it. I offered Randle, in private conversation, various bits of information, including about Roswell, his supposed area of “expertise”, but about which he also knew absolutely nothing.

          So perhaps I may be helping some of these people to become curious, if they can get over themselves. A glaring problem is the complete lack of their willingness to utter those three, simple little words, “I don’t know”. I’m here to remind them that they don’t know and in that way to encourage them to stop polluting others with their nonsense.

          If you read his blog you’ll see a pretty fixed mindset among the few people who comment as part of the choir. The controversy that may arise when these mini-confrontations occur also often attract the attention of other people who are unfamiliar with the facts. In some rare cases people may begin to change their viewpoints based on the facts.

          Over the last 15 years alone, I’ve watched this terrible, suppressive farce that is the UFO industry retard the awareness and development, the availability of the truth for the sake of bogus organizations, like MUFON, OpenMinds, exopolitics, etc., and various charlatans and lunatics in the field. I’ve chosen to take the proverbial fight to them. All the various kinds of efforts have, somehow, contributed to several million visitors to my blog and website…with no advertising.

          So yes, there will be excesses and errors, etc., on my part but I’ll probably continue to counter the garbage when I encounter it. I do fully understand and appreciate what you’re saying and I should also be clear that I don’t have personal grudges against anybody, I just chose to get on peoples’ cases when they…invite a little attention.

          • When many in the future ask why the majority didn’t know about Meier’s warnings, the UFO community and industry will be seen for doing the most whitewashing and harm and their worst is still yet to come.

            I read a recent translation of “Prophetien und Voraussagen” provided by Daniel Leech here (Lines 1 -87): http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/UK_Map_Data

            Although, incorrectly placed in a page about the UK IMO, this does suggest that an evil anti-logos will rise, possibly in Switzerland (land of peace), who pretends to be the 2nd coming shortly after a comet (red meteor) hits and through the, “Power of evil with lying powers, wonders and signs and diverse seduction, deception, lying and betrayal, toward unrighteousness and erroneous teaching of those, who get lost in the erroneous knowledge of the Anti-Logos…”

            All these UFO nuts who hate Billy will likely be the ones rolling out the red carpet dripped in their own blood for this “child of evil in manifold form” and loving the all-out 2nd coming apocalypse UFO ET crazy-show, with (military) UFOs and lights to top it all off and recreate what the false Gods of old did.The UFO community will lap it all up, as they are trapped in religious thinking. The prophecy says that the world will be so devastated, that this anti-logos will go underground and he will fail but all will.

            It appears to me that this one will be the kind of contact all the Meier naysayers and haters want, a contact lord with real tricks and just before this one kills them all (No joke). Something tells me that this prophecy may have been averted, but, I’m not 100% on that.

          • Thanks Michael, I think you are right to and you should continue, I just wanted to briefly stick up for the vulnerable. Hey Matt, I wasn’t going to comment but, I made that page, it’s not a new translation, very old by dyson, that book is available on that website of you check. If you don’t like the content on the wiki there you are obliged to login and change it. The prophecies as Billy explicitly states are worded in an outlandish and heighten paranoid state and do not reflect the reality of the future, that is also in that book on that website, they are designed to be rhetorical and instigate the individual to get paranoid and anxious and do something about it. So this is why I made the scruffy made with the wild insane data.

          • Matt I am saying the Prophecies are borderline delusional and don’t get too academic about it, when you read that book you will know from the explanation that Billy provides. Billy explains that the prophecies had to be inflated. What folk don’t know is that predictions are absolutely the future, there is nothing worth argueing about in a prediction. Also antilogo time I have not read for years but we went into this time a long time ago I think ever since the thrashing music came along.

          • Daniel,

            Please provide evidence for your claims:

            “I am saying the Prophecies are borderline delusional and don’t get too academic about it, when you read that book you will know from the explanation that Billy provides. Billy explains that the prophecies had to be inflated.”

            “The prophecies as Billy explicitly states are worded in an outlandish and heighten paranoid state and do not reflect the reality of the future, that is also in that book on that website, they are designed to be rhetorical and instigate the individual to get paranoid and anxious and do something about it.”

          • Daniel,

            Thanks for clarifying. Prophetien und Voraussagen (Prophecies and Predictions) is not yet available in English from the site, so, you must have downloaded an early version available online at one time?

            I’d be interested to know your reasoning for the inclusion of the antio-logos info with the UK page, as the UK in not mentioned at all in that, unless you’re just doing a controversy thing too? 🙂

          • Hey Matt,
            Not so controversial no because the UK is just a mass of land connected to the rest of the land in the world, affected by some of the broader things. The anti-logo’s time as I said, am reasonably sure we are in right now unless I have missed something. The thrashing music, the disharmonious music, this is probably the indicator outer boundary parameters of the time as I said. You can read heavily into the Petale prophecies, most of which were for the 80’s and 90’s probably.

            There was once a time talking of controversy, where I asked a KG member over email because I was researching some information in preparation for a possible film for youtube, whether there was additional evidence on top of what speculations I had to support my claim that the Plejaren were intervening in our evolution, were involved in it. And the response I got was like a very slow, well you’re probably not going to be finding anything in the contact reports about that. As if to say, the contact reports in their entirety, as is, are that.

            Yes that is true what you say about unofficial translations, and I should have more respect but I just like to get the general flavour of what is being discussed, the yes and no’s and logic-blockers which block off entire realms of knowledge etc, to me the wording is not so important because I have recognised that even when ever I reach any stage in my life any pre-knowledge is never going to entirely influence my creative possibilities to make judgements proportionally to the environmental situation I am in, so I don’t let myself get too bogged down by the details so much.

            Bye Matt, hope you make some edits to that wiki page.

          • Daniel,

            I don’t see any actual substantiation for the sentences I quoted. I will ask from here on that you STRICTLY differentiate between what is your opinion and what is stated in the material, by Meier, etc.

          • Here is your evidence Michael.

            Prophecy = a possibility of reality (aka nothing to do with reality aka delusional because its not close enough to reality because its not reality)

            Prediction = actual reality even if its wording may not be a professionally presented reflection of the sequence, its still describing the right event in the right way

            Probability calculation = nothing more than an educated guess, you could even omit the word educated there because education is a given even to make those assessments so its simply a guess.

          • An example of a prediction happened in early September in that contact report, when Ptaah explained that the next hurricane would devastate 100,000 homes, and that a landslide in the alps would also kill, and then it happened a few days later.

          • My apologies I did not see your post before I posted. I will never reference content by quoting, so its all my opinion, and I am just as wrong as any other individual, I have no special title, no special paid service to the community, these are just my comment, nothing more.

          • You state things though as if they are facts, so it would be helpful if you prefaced comments as your opinion, when there’s a chance they will be misunderstood.

            Also, one way to avoid confusion is to indeed quote information you are referring to.

          • Daniel,

            Have you really read ‘Prophetien und Voraussagen’ in its entirety, or, are you drawing conclusions from a few pages of an early online Dyson translation and someone’s opinion?

            Can you provide the info from that book in German about the prophecies in ‘Prophetien und Voraussagen’ being small-scale when in reality? I remember words about these being shocking to motivate change, but, if no change, then the outcome will be, well, shocking.

            You say prophecy is not to do with reality, but, this is not true as the environmental disaster prophecies became predictions only in the recently published 1948 conversations Billy had with Sfaath.

          • I said the prophecy has nothing (or incredibly little if being abstract) to do with reality, my opinion, because reality is what it is, cannot be changed is absolute, there are never any alternative that run alongside it, its linear. My opinion.

            Here is an example “An evil death” this quote can be read in many places of the prophecies, to me in my opinion its not a reality, a reality to me in my opinion would read “Some individuals an evil death”, but the word evil is also not used so often in the predictions because its variable meaning, my opinion. Prophecies to me in my opinion are broad-brush, like painting a wall with a very large brush, the finish has equality-delusion, the light-switch has paint all over it and radiator has paint splodges all over it. A prediction is typically immaculate, its a clean finish which describes the event with the name and with a time-frame even a date sometimes, so aims directly at the actual event so describes the real not the unreal. All my opinions.

        • Hello Michael, I agree, I’ll preface certain things from now on with ‘this is my opinion’ etc. Hey Matt, what I said has struck a chord with you which tends to indicate there’s some truth peeled a few layers back, but its all my own opinion, which means that what I have said has never hit the nail on the head.

          I think all the events are very large events, but not like the reading says, this is again my opinion, the volcano in north america for example, very isolated to a single district of the continent, it is a continent however so very large event as you say, but again my opinion it is not world changing my opinion, only ever regional and also some get over things quicker than others, the local business tends to recover in a matter of month, while the local elderly couple may never recover and move away from the area leaving all behind, again my opinion, the local school tends to have to be up and running very quickly afterwards along with all other public services. Like in Christchurch NZ for example, even to this day may years on some of the buildings have large cracks running along their outside and or been abandoned, so any disaster has a long term effect, but it depends where the individual is in the community and what they are doing which makes that perspective of time relative, my opinions.

          To you question about Prophetien und Voraussagen and the anti-time, here is a quote “…And I say unto you, Man of Earth, you who walk on the path of destruction and of death: If you do not change in a reasonable period of time, you will fall into damnation, which is horror, terror and evil death. As you continue to walk on the path of destruction, the sword of annihilation will catch up with you, which you yourself have forged, and hand which you hand over into the murderous hands of those, which will be born out of your ranks as Anti-Logos, who will destroy all knowledge and truth,…” – So I basically claimed that the disharmonious music represented the outermost and innermost limits and parameters milestones to assign the time to the records, I did this in my own opinion, because to me the word ‘economy’ means a very interconnected world, when politics and social things change this then effects art and artists, when individuals find it rough having a nice time in their life anywhere in history then this transfers over to music (aka the arts, all of the arts) so when a time of ‘anti-value’s or anti-time, anti-logo’s (aka backward polarity where good means bad and bad means good) this to me in my opinion represents a time when everything gets out of hand of the good human nature and becomes distasteful and this results in the entire behavioural mentalities changing and the sensibilities changing in such a way that things become relatively depraved but not in an unreal way. So when I describe thrashing music and disharmonious music, this is a reality indicator, its real, we can see it (hear it), its a marker in the real world of the changing of behaviour. And we’ve had the depraved noises since about the 80’s or so, however its not prevalent as I said before, not everyone is involved with it, its just the public pop-music cultural trend at the public level.

          This is all I have in my opinions, you can read in various contact reports the exact wordings that may fit some of these ideas together or something. Have a nice read.

          • I cannot find the source to quote but Billy explains how the brain is configured and developed over time during the normal educational time/school and into adulthood (not a quote), these are normal explanations to find really I am sure you can find them. With that data you can quickly add 1+1 in my opinion, and add that with distasteful conditions in the world the new generation will grow up thinking thats the way to behave and behave like that, simple really, but again its all my opinion because I have not any source text to reference sorry.

          • Daniel,

            I suggest shorter posts and that they relate to the topic. It’ll make the posts more likely to be read and more understandable.

          • Hi Daniel,

            Got it, it’s your opinion about what “prophecies” mean, thanks.

            Yes, I agree, some open-ended prophecies could become realised, only, locally, if at all, but applying vagueness to all prophecies doesn’t account for where specific global events are mentioned dozens of times, e.g., ‘worst disaster to ever hit humankind’, ‘three quarters of the world’s population’ will perish and Sfath’s ’48 global disaster prophecies come predictions in 2017, etc.

            We mustn’t assume that those in close proximity to Billy at one time necessarily have any more valid opinions, or, grasp on the truth than anyone else. Personally, my view is that continuing overpopulation = environmental collapse = scare availability of food = war = things in uk today being relatively “comfortable innit”: https://youtu.be/YbxnP3cKkyM?t=1m3s

          • There’s a new contact, 688th, on the FIGU site. Ptaah basically says it’s too late, the environmental destruction will ceaselessly occur…and a lot more. Hoping to get an approved translation soon.

          • Yes, the excerpt of CR 688. The following is the opener and this will contain errors, not an official translation:

            …But what do you think of all the storms that are continually breaking through Europe and Eurasia, can anything be done to prevent even worse damage caused by these huge storms?

            It is too late for this, because the time has come, which the ancient prophecies already announced, which my father pedicted and you presented in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as your repeated warnings to the governments and the media of all the world, whereupon you were scolded as a starry-eyed idealist and insulted as a lunatic. Until the beginning of the 1970s there would have been time enough to introduce the necessary measures in the form of a worldwide birthrate and a comprehensive and also worldwide rigorous birth control, as well as to end the destructive machinations on nature, but nothing of the kind was done…”

            German here: http://www.figu.org/ch/files/downloads/zeitzeichen/figu_zeitzeichen_77.pdf

          • There should be an open discussion with video feed for some of the posters on this blog. I feel like some are quick to get defensive and insecure over silly misunderstandings.

            You ever thought about an open air show sometime Michael?

          • I could have something setup but it will be quite time consuming and a good deal of work. However, I think it’ll be good in the longrun / expansion etc. Will contact you about it later.

  • Nice Michael,

    maybe you want to put in some breaking news from the 688th contact on August 20, 2017:
    The true value of pi has been confirmed to be 3.1446… and not 3.14159… by Harry E. Lear ( http://www.measuringpisquaringphi.com). FIGU-Member Guido Moosbrugger already came to the same result when he used the real original height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt for calculating pi in one of his books. I’ve read the book years ago. You can find a picture of Moosbrugger’s calculations on the Swiss FIGU site on page 9 of the Zeitzeichen 77 pdf-file (http://www.figu.org/ch/files/downloads/zeitzeichen/figu_zeitzeichen_77.pdf).

    Once this is accepted by science, which could take years, this will revolutionize a lot of things. For example it will lead to breakthroughs that will enable us to harness the power of black holes.

    • I saw this tonight as well. Interestingly, Mr. Lear derived pi in terms of phi- which also relates to the fibonacci sequence. I had never considered the possibility that black holes could exhibit patterns or behavior relating to fibonacci sequences, *if* that is indeed related to obtaining energy from them in some fashion. Microcosms within macrocosms indeed.

    • One interesting thing in that contact is when Meier shows the calculation of pi to Ptaah for confirmation(?) of it’s correcness but Ptaah instead mentions the Plejaren’s directive is quite interresting, if i have read it right then.

      • It’s true that Ptaah seemed to respond in a way that implied Guido’s (iirc) calculation was correct. However I would submit that without knowing how to derive the true value of pi in our own terms and through our own efforts the number itself is of little value; presumably the logical relationship between phi and pi that Mr. Lear demonstrated will be the seed that begins the garden, so to speak.

  • Since Kevin Randle has refused to publish my comment in 24 hours, I suspect he will not publish it at all, unless he was caught in the path of hurricane Irma and lost power. Suspecting this act of cowardice just like the other frauds like Mahesh CR666 Karamudi, here is the comment I saved in a word document after I posted it on Kevin’s blog…

    “Kevin, you might as well retract your claims of being a UFO researcher. Any amateur who has looked at more than a few of Meier’s photographs would learn that Calliope Meier signed several statements witnessing not only the E.T. craft in the air, but an actual in the flesh E.T., Ptaah, as he entered her living room as she walked in from the other side. How can you conveniently brush off her written and signed testimonies along with over 124 other witnesses, their testimonies, their first hand accounts and physical evidence and their own photographs? You ignore the 1000+ other pieces of evidence that were not falsified, and you call yourself a researcher?

    Just because they got divorced and she made defamatory claims, you throw out thousands of pieces of physical verifiable evidence? Do you actually think people who get divorced always say nice things about each other? She had a difficult life, not being able to speak German for a long time, and then being ridiculed by her neighbors, and then not being able to deal with people from all over the world coming into her house all the time.

    You and the armchair researchers that the co-founder of the International UFO Congress lamented about don’t know that she almost killed her husband? Not a credible way to make a conclusion. You always fail to mention the other side of the story. The reason why so called UFO researchers tried to torpedo the Meier story is because they wanted exclusive rights all to themselves, to write their books and give their talks. All of your excuses are so lame, just like all the others who can’t wrap their head around the facts. What positive contributions have you made to the world, in all of your years of research? How have you made the world a better place? We don’t need your books to learn about Roswell and other crashes when something much much more important is taking place right now. MUFOFF. “

    • Greg,

      Interesting that you should submit those comments, as I also submitted this:

      “Dear Kevin,

      I’m delighted to see that you took such a firm and unambiguous position on the Meier case, clearing declaring that it’s a “hoax”.

      Now that this is a matter of record, please explain why you not only know better than our friend Joe, the former top Case Supervisor for the OSI but, to the point, exactly HOW Meier took/obtained…80 UFO photographs, in 1964, in a remote part of India, as was reported by a well-respected reporter, in a highly credible newspaper that had already benign existence for over 100 years at the time.

      11 of these original photos remain to this day.

      Also, please substantiate your implied claim that Phobol Cheng – a retired UN diplomat – and her friend were lying when they came forward, 30 years later, to substantiate those events in India, including being eyewitnesses to the craft and to Asket.

      As Joe explained, the India evidence is ironclad and anyone contesting it – and the singular authenticity of the Meier UFO case – bears the burden of proving the contrary, which he, as a top-level, military professional could not do.”

      I also submitted comments here that didn’t get posted:


      I think the attempted “debunking” by Randle, Korff, Rob McConnell, etc., didn’t occur. They are probably going to distance themselves from any more discussion of the Meier case…while they try to find other ways to profit from all the UFO idiocy.

    • Probably not. I also don’t expect with Randle’s background being a UFO debunker to get “razvedka” which requires a different level of intelligence work and probably aid folks to think differently. David M. Glantz has a good book titled The Fundamentals Of Soviet ‘Razvedka’ (Intelligence/Reconnaissance) where the two are directly related and context separates them seeing as the Russians use one word for it. This goes a long way in showing how any information works its way into the intelligence network for those folks curious to understand the whole process of decision making (from people with far more responsibilities than being a UFO-naut).

      • Randle isn’t any kind of actual researcher. He made his first pronouncements that the Meier case is a hoax…before he did any actual investigation, if you can call it that. He still knows absolutely nothing about it and the factual evidence.

        I suspect he’ll remain quiet and refrain from any more statements that add to the conclusion that he’s a know-nothing amateur and profiteer.

  • MH maybe try and warn the audience how nuclear war is triggered by one in particular deranged liberal nazi angela merkel of germany. Perhaps show the audience what she has done to europe and will continue doing until someone trys and stops her. Show the audience about all the refugees and how they will wreak havoc on us living in western countries. Just a suggestion. But if people saw this was all predicted back in 1948, I think it bumps up Billys street credit quit a bit.

  • Hi Matt I like your last statement “Not to worry”- whilst walking briskly away. I find this last statement very positive and forward thinking which is the idea of emphases on the positive rather than the negative which the laws of Creation are bound by since it`s better to think positive thoughts and not worry,things are bad enough as they are,how else can we all get by each day without worrying as it is. As a neighbor used to tell me” Life is a bowl of lemons with the pits thrown in,etc,” or ” Life is a bowl of cherries with the pits thrown in,”etc, and so on,take your pick oranges, lime,you name it. Salome,Terry

    • Thanks Terry.

      Yes, it’s an acknowledgement that worry will be a factor and sharing this let’s others know and share a true human experience as a result of bad news, which cannot be ignored or bullied by a forced positivity, but, can be turned into action.

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