October 7, 2017, three-hour presentation on Billy Meier UFO contacts

Michael Horn at Dulce Base

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dulce, New Mexico

A three-hour, multi-media presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts will be given by Michael Horn, the American representative for the Meier contacts. Still ongoing – for more than 75 years! – these are the only scientifically proven, singularly authentic UFO contacts.

Topics include:

Ironclad UFO & ET Evidence · Prophecies & Predictions · Defeat of the Skeptical Challenge

You’ll also learn:

·  WHY the UFO cover-up is solely about Meier’s contacts!

·  WHY they are the key to our very threatened future survival!

·  WHY the UFO community has kept this from you!

Horn will also speak about the specific environmental and geo-political events Meier foretold that have already happened…and the ones that will occur. He will also discuss the solutions, found in the non-religious, belief-free, Spiritual Teaching, which is the core reason for Billy Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren, extraterrestrial human race.

· There will also be a segment for all questions and challenges.

· Tickets will be on a first come, first served basis.


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  • Just to add to what Terry stated. I think it’s healthy to harmonise within overall. Just as piano strokes can precisely emphasise a certain feeling when a note is played. The inner notes, the inner keys of the heart and mind…have the same opportunity for the concetrational type of precesion…your spirit is a steady hand. Be in tune.

    • Usually, a single musical note in and of itself is more of a neutral nature, until/unless it is preceded, accompanied, or followed by another note(s). The presence of other notes may contrast, or harmonize with it.

  • when notes are played together or preceeded by others is what I meant to say.
    So in other words just piano notes can are played with precessional harmony. The notes and keys of the mind and heart…have the same opportunity for precessional harmony. Ones spirit is a steady hand, be in tune.

  • WOW thankyou Luis and MH. I never thought of these musical ideases in such a beatiful and such spiritual way. I listen to music alot and often wonder why the Ps never think of clasical and soft quiet music as being so spiritual and relaxing too. I`ll have to think about that.WOW!

  • In consideration of however the [Plejaren] might respond to the same question, I will respectively hold to simplicity here … to all of you [including Michael H.] WHAT would any of you offer as to your personal understanding of the term, fear?

    • Interesting what you ask John, in Asia what sometimes happens is they identify a fear as associated with an event opening in their reasonably immediate future, that its connected to a reality that lies waiting for them in their near future, that it indicates basically an aspect of their future they are not permitted to look deeply into yet, and a fear therefore holds many different hidden and concealed values not manifesting so openly on the surface yet. Read that back a few times and still most do not know what it is in the west and how to look at it that way.

      • Reply to my own comment, Semjase’s comment to Billy in the context I presented here is her saying the rest of his life won’t be out-of-the-blue eventful, its all plain sailing for you the rest of the way along my man, already overcome the greatest obstacles now.

          • depends how you look at it, he hasn’t move homes since if you look at it that way, or had to be a little boy again.

          • Adults do not use the word fear in the same way as children and youngsters do. Robbie Williams before his live performance on a stage in front of 2 million screaming fans told the camera he felt sicky and his body was just doing its thing, sicky and butterflys in the stomach, caused by a reduction of blood flow to the organ, because its going elsewhere usually, going through what it needs to go through in preparation for what was being anticipated to occur in his immediate future. Fear this word can be perceived various different ways.

          • One can’t even begin to compare the “fear” that a well-paid performer goes through, doing something they’ve chosen to do, with what anyone would go through when confronted with sudden, terrifying, dangerous situations.

            There was no “plain sailing” for Meier just because he conquered fear. Suffering, life-threatening trials and tribulations, etc., are often extremely challenging and quite significant, even if one isn’t burdened by fear.

          • I see you’re being difficult with me, let me try wording it another way. You’re in your pouch… inside your lot in life, your career your profession, all your thoughts and actions have geared you up in preparation for the life your leading now.

            If say you jumped lot, to a different nation, abandoning everything you knew and started a new career and new language all in one hit and made no preparations for it, then I guarantee that a raft of new fears will unravel before you were you to begin thinking about the new unfamiliar arrangement you’ve never seen before.

  • To build on what Jedaiah and Luis excellently said.

    Unnatural illogical fear; fear of one’s own mortality, fear of the truth (burying one’s head in the sand), and of course the paradoxical fear of one’s own loving creator. Weakness of consciousness. The non-creational being.

    Natural logical fear; what drives us to not step into the path of oncoming traffic, or to not (openly) land on a planet inhabited by lunatics.

    Our understanding and overcoming of fear is a good starting point. It is the first thing that Semjase and Billy teach us.

    Contact Report 1:

    1. You are a fearless human being.

    1. I have learned to overcome fear and become objective.

    2. I know. We have been studying you for years.

  • I genuinely appreciate all of your above responses … and my honesty will share with y’all that I had no ‘ulterior motive’ to ask the question, “WHAT would any of you offer as to your personal understanding of the term, fear?” I will share that I have exercised many close looks at personal encounter situations which produced introverted / extroverted fear[s.] That said, when it comes to anything related to the ‘extraordinary’ that I might cross paths with, fear never enters the equation. I know it’s not the same for everyone, and I’m not attempting to falsely prop myself up with mere word text here.

    • Well, I had an exact match of the voyager disk, in my home for some time. The voyager disk/record is one of the most frightening objects ever created by human hands on earth, due to the arrogant and ignorant undesired effects it could cause (reference contact report 115). So I face my fears rather boldly and fearlessly.

  • Youtube Alert: Mario Marin is the new fake name of Jo Weiss, Magic, Silvio Santini, etc. If you have a youtube channel, you can block or ban this user from commenting on your videos. It is a waste of time to argue with this person. I finally learned that his true belief is that there are no E.T.s anywhere that have ever visited here or that any exist in the universe. If you go into the settings and preferences of your account, you can ban users from commenting and also possibly select someone to be a moderator of your channel.

    • Hello Greg, I appreciate the heads up about that. On that subject, have your ever thought about it for a few extra moments? That we’re the ones that are the minority in it. You know what we know about the various groups that visit quite often all over the world right in front of everyone. That is very sensational if all the details are fully unwoven, and it embarrasses everyone else too because it demonstrates they don’t know about the creative natural laws either, but it also embarrasses us too because it demonstrates that we decided to live as a minority on a Neanderthal level world, apparently ptaah once showed his ship to someone and they photographed it, its a contact report im the low 300’s, but the individual just kept the photo to himself which shows that we have no interest in sharing the secret with everyone, anyway ptaah had to telepathically impulse the mans subconscious so he would give the picture to eduard so eduard would publish it so we would see it. but it then also embarrasses them too, individuals like the one you indentify here, because it demonstrates they do not understand things about the creative natural laws such as that consciousness is creating our own little worlds and bubbles and we often are looking at the thing and not seeing it as is demonstrated quite nicely in the tom hanks cast away 2000 film I thought. Ptaah calls it reality-estranged-naivity, important to have respect when using all this terminology I use btw, and as Michael encourages me, it’s all opinion what I have said except the contact report mentioned.

      • To everyone:

        Please search the 660+ blogs here for topics that are relevant to the comments you’re making. I won’t approve any more clearly off-topic posts, which may have merit elsewhere on the blog.

        • All best wishes for a successful presentation in Dulce. Unfortunately I’m unable to attend, and I look forward to any report that might be posted here. It would also interest me to know the age demographic of those who attend.

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