We were warned decades ago of what is now inescapably coming down upon us

There is a great deal of interest in the recent exposé of the deep state and shadow government by Kevin Shipp. It turns out that Billy Meier revealed the real function and extent of what he called “the actual secret USAmerican world government”, the CIA, in 2006, including even its committing murders within the USA. In fact, Meier seems to have summarized what Shipp says (11 years before he stated it), “So the CIA is not only the secret service that governs and controls the USA, rather the entire world.”


In the newest contact between Billy Meier and Ptaah, the 688th, it’s explained that, as was the case with all other US presidents including Barack Obama, Trump will be powerless to enact any good ideas and intentions that oppose the will of the real powers lurking in the shadows, behind the scenes.

Of course, not all his enemies and opponents are hidden from plain sight and certainly

not all of Trump’s ideas are good ones, especially those that either ignore, or worsen, the increasing, largely manmade – and now unstoppable – environmental destruction.

And Trump’s recent economic decision regarding suspending the debt ceiling, is simply another signpost telling us that we’re getting closer to what the Plejaren foretold, in 1987 (16. To 22.).

Capital Power

However, even more pertinent to Shipp’s information, and probably as unknown to him as to the majority of people, is this information – from more than 70 years ago – in Sfath’s 1946 Letter:

“However, the future of the financial economy will be difficult, because starting from the year 1988, it will become quite dark all over the world with regard to money, because then the foundation of a capital power takes place in the USA, which will intervene as a worldwide effective shadow-bank and world shadow-government in the entire global financial world and dominate many countries and their structures. In the USA itself, this capital-might will expand to a state-internal shadow government, which – in a secret wise for the population of the USA – will govern the United States of America in accordance with its will, as is also done by another US-American shadow government that has already been existing for a long time and will survive even until far into the future. The new capital might, which will be founded in 1988, as I have already explained, is to set up a global capital network, and indeed in a short space of time, through which then not only are the world’s financial community of banks extensively ruled in accordance with this world shadow government’s own might structures, but also the politics, various political systems and the economies of many countries.”

The 1988 date given by Sfath is significant because of such unpublicized “capital power” entities as BlackRock, Inc. – which was founded in that year.

…Must Come Down

So it will be that continued, unwarranted provocations and actions against Russia will also continue and increase. We already know from the ample, prophetic warnings that this ultimately proves enormously destructive to the US, and many other peoples.

No matter how many warnings about once avoidable events were, and continue to be, published, the successful dumbing down of the overly entertained populace, complacently playing with their techno-toys and imprisoned by delusional religions and dead-end politics, continues unabated.

Universal Laws

Indeed, the gravity of the situation is ignored, despite the inescapable Newtonian concept, “What goes up…must come down.”

There still is much that one can do, by themselves and with other like-minded people. Learn more about the immutable universal laws and The Way to Live in harmony with the non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching.



Taj & Nyssa talk with Michael Horn


Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the Kevin Shipp information.

Thanks to Anthony Hall for pointing out the 1987 financial information.


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  • Your statement, “No matter how many warnings about once avoidable events were, and continue to be, published, the successful dumbing down of the overly entertained populace, complacently playing with their techno-toys and imprisoned by delusional religions and dead-end politics, continues unabated”, has to be the most accurate grouping of words I have come across in a while! Thank you for the Kevin Shipp info. I have previously purchased ‘The Silent Revolution Of Truth’ … soon to mail out [yes I know there are more streamlined methods] the monies for ‘As The Time Fulfills’.

  • Thank you, MH. More timely information and corroborating evidence.
    Yes, the climate worsening is unstoppable now. Whether due to abrupt climate collapse, economic collapse of the world banking “Ponzi scheme,” or collapse by nuclear conflagratio- or a combination of all three – we are simply awaiting the end of industrial civilization.
    Good time to hone up on first aid and basic survival skills.

    • Ian,

      I don’t know for sure but I imagine that it will try to hold onto power, domestically and globally, for as long as it can. I think that Sfath mentioned something about it extending far into the future.

      • Far into the future could possibly be the 2030s when the earthquakes and volcanoes probably will destroy their Deep Underground Military Bunkers and all those who reside underground in them.

        • I think you’ve heavily deluded yourself there, you all have [response to follow up comment from others].

          Michael do you work for the non-profit organisation and draw an income or do you instead pay them, or is it the third way that you use their audience to draw and income off your own business and then pay the non-profit organisation with the proceeds, which way around is that if you don’t mind answering. Its just a normal question don’t make any assumptions like you usually do, and make character assessments of the individual asking the question, just answer the question as it is, or don’t the choice is yours.

          • I’m not sure what you’re talking about but the answer is simple. First, while it isn’t any of your business, I don’t know what “the non-profit organization” is and I do all my work voluntarily.

            Now, let’s hear about your job, income, etc.

        • Volcanoes are far into the future about 200 years from that date conversations took place. America will exist one way or other shape ‘ …. and even after big disaster strike ….. far in the far west with computerized weapons will wreak havoc…’

      • I guess that would depend largely on the role Russia will play in all this would it not? If Russia decides to attack the USA all bets are off I would think.

  • Hi MH Just listened to the radio interview with Taj and Nyssan. You were super as always. Keep up the great work you are doing to alert humanity of all the destruction happening now and into the future.Salome Terry

  • That’s an excellent presentation by Shipp on the Secret Government and the Deep State.

    Sfath’s comments from 1948 on Capital Power are remarkable when we compare them to what happened in the late 1980s. The USA emerged as top dog in 1988.

    The significance of 1988 for world finances, and especially the powerful hegemony of the USA is shown in this short commentary by economist Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, Death of the Dollar, Road to Ruin, and other best-seller books.

    “At the Plaza Accord, the top financial officials from the U.S., U.K., West Germany, France and Japan agreed on Sept. 22, 1985, to devalue the dollar. The dollar plunged 30% in the next two years. The damage was so bad that a second meeting was called at the Louvre on Feb. 22, 1987. That meeting was attended by the top financial officials from the U.S., U.K., West Germany, France, Canada and Japan. Participants at that meeting agreed to halt the dollar’s devaluation. The dollar was relatively stable in the years following….
    [In addition] the Soviet Union was in terminal decline by 1987, and collapsed in 1991. China was still emerging and had a major setback with the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989. Europe did not implement the euro until 1999. The U.S. was king of the hill. When the U.S. wanted a weaker dollar in 1985, we just dictated that result to the world in the Plaza Accord. When the U.S. wanted to lock in the cheap dollar in 1987, we dictated that result also in the Louvre Accord… Whatever the U.S. wanted, the U.S. got” (Rickards “Triffin 2” Strategic Intelligence Sep 2016).

  • “Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the Kevin Shipp information.”

    No Michael Horn, it was me who had sent you the e-mail a while back, but for some reason you never got back to me!

  • Are these groups completely devoid of any intelligence, do they not hear any message\warning Billy has put out there, or are they aware but just don’t give a crap, It’s insanity?

    • It’s definitely insanity. We, the little people, have to pay the price for their delusion. It doesn’t matter who we vote for anymore, the people that they want in power will remain in power. I can’t imagine why anyone would vote for half of those losers on Capitol Hill, but somehow they never seem to go anywhere. When you can’t even tell on someone in the government who is committing a felony, we are no longer in control. The people who should be afraid are the ones committing the heinous crimes, but instead, the whistleblowers are the ones who are afraid. There is definitely something wrong with that picture. When did the truth become taboo? When did doing the right thing become wrong? Don’t these people want their children and grandchildren to grow up in a better world? I always ask myself these same questions, but I already know the answers. The more disturbing part to me is that a good portion of the population already knows that our government is corrupt and murderous, but as long as they have their beer and football on Sunday, their electronic gadgets, their Starbucks coffee, a roof over their head and food on their table, they look the other way.

      • Mike,
        Do the P’s ever give Billy the names of the people that are committing these atrocities or running the show. Maybe if the people have a list of the names it could be made public and maybe hold them accountable. Shake the tree a little bid, let them know we know who they are. Put some fear in them. Please don’t get the wrong impression of me, but there was a very serious group in Ottawa over 25 years ago that if they had a Gadhafi, or a Pablo Escobar, someone with lots of money to finance their operation, their goal was to start assassinating people who in their opinion did crimes against humanity and the planet. I know Billy teaches us to not take life unless its in self defense and I have always had mixed feelings about this, but couldn’t an argument be made that in a way it would be in self defense. We’re protecting our own existence!!!

        • Joe,

          I think one of the reasons they don’t get that specific is so that they don’t enter the chain of cause and effect for things that would go even worse than we’ve made them already.

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