Oooops, Too Late!

Coming attractions are over, now the main feature begins

In contrast to the quiet hurricane season in the Southern Hemisphere, we now see headlines like “Hurricane Maria hammers Puerto Rico with force not seen in ‘modern history’”. Sound familiar? Actually, it sounds like the coming attractions for things like  this, from 1958:

28.) Storms, ranging from heavy to the heaviest will, from now on, until far into the Third Millennium, bring unspeakably much misery, need and suffering to the human as has never happened since time immemorial.

The Main Feature Begins

The long-foretold increase in frequency and intensity of environmental and climate related events are undeniably, at least for most reasonable people, now upon us.

Along with the recent, huge quakes in Mexico, now there’s a new one in Japan, also:

29.) The most severe earth and seaquakes will take effect with primeval-like force and demand millions of human lives, as also will deluge-like masses of rain that evoke monstrous flooding and cause mighty destruction as the human has never before collectively experienced or seen.

We also have new information from scientists, indicating that Campi Flegrei is moving closer to its inevitable eruption, as Sfath warned about in 1948, apparently with many others yet to come.

Dr. De Siena is quoted as saying, “The big question we have to answer now is if it is a big layer of magma that is rising to the surface, or something less worrying, which could find its way to the surface out at sea.” Perhaps he would benefit from Ptaah’s information about how to tell when volcanoes are going to erupt. Certainly, instead of pumping another $700 billion into the military budget, hastening the now almost certain destruction of the USA when it finally succeeds in provoking Russia into the next world war, funding such research would do much more to really protect people from the now inevitable environmental destruction.

Why Bother?

For the readers of this blog, the question may indeed be…why bother? Billy Meier has been publishing specific prophetic warnings from as far back as 1946 and what difference has it made? As recently as August 2017, in response to Meier’s concerns about the immense storms that are coming to Europe and Eurasia, Ptaah confirmed that “Thereto it is too late, because it is now that time arrives, that already the old prophecies have announced, which but also your and my father’s predictions in the 1940s and 1950s have explained…”

Well, to also answer the title of a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, no one will stop the rain. In 2004, I put out my first DVD on the Meier case, titled, “The Meier Contacts The Key to Our Future Survival”. As the liner notes state, “The DVD then presents still alterable prophecies for the near future and examines some of the core principles recommended as guidelines for human survival and evolution by the Plejaren.” Of course, you can see within the DVD many of the specific events that Meier foretold have now, years later, come true with most of the rest now unalterable.

Watch it for yourself, share it.

The Spiritual Teaching

The aforementioned “core principles recommended as guidelines” refer to elements of the spiritual teaching, and are even more critically important to our – now very threatened – future survival than when I produced this documentary.

Somehow, without any outside advertising, or anything even resembling a budget for it, several million people, from 196 countries, have found my website and blog, which provide links to the spiritual teaching, and to profoundly timely books, with titles like: The Way to Live, The Might of the Thoughts and The Goblet of the Truth.

It is the spiritual teaching that will be like a raft to those drowning in the rising flood waters, an impenetrable shelter for those whose foundations have crumbled midst the quakes. But it’s better not to wait until the inevitable, storm driven, swirling tides are inundating the still dry and safe lands.

And so, whatever may come from nature, and from the endless machinations of the power-hungry, it’s better to be among those who are learning now what those who survive will then hunger for.

That’s why we bother. For the future. For the survivors.

The people were warned…and did they listen?


Please refer back to this information, from 1951…as the time fulfills:

25. The monstrous mass and weight of the cities and villages continuously stress the inner structures of the Earth more and more through which the tectonic plates will be adversely affected, inevitably leading to increasing tectonic displacements and faults, through which immense tremors will be evoked world-wide, whereby finally the deaths will go into the hundreds of thousands and into the millions.

26. And these tremors also have influences on the Earth’s entire volcanic activity, consequently, also the volcanoes that are multiply connected together world-wide that will become ever more frequently and more destructively active.

27. That will also demand many human lives, indeed, especially in those areas where unreasonably, habitations are built too closely to volcanoes, as is also the case with beaches by oceans, by great rivers and seas, where the immediate shorelines are built up, which, through storm waves and tsunamis, will be flooded in violent measure and will demand very many human lives.

28. Yet were that not enough, because through the continually growing overpopulation that already in 50 years will have increased to over six billion, as is predicted, many monstrous and insoluble problems will become apparent.

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  1. Each person learning about the case, reading the contact notes, reading the spirit teaching, will eventually snowball into a force that cannot be stopped. The disasters will happen regardless. It’s only on the verge of destruction and suffering do we change. I bet the people in Houston have a completely different attitude now than a month before the hurricane /flood. Same in Mexico, thinking changes when suffering is afoot.

  2. We need to secure our own lives as much as possible, especially psychologically and emotionally, so that when things collapse around us (and they will) we can still be functional and rational people. The events that Meier foresaw cannot be changed, any more than the destruction of the planet Malona could be halted by any actions of the higher beings that were watching that planet. I have hopes that those who reside in the Inner Earth will take things in hand, as much as possible, and prevent the worst from happening. . . .. .hopefully a nuclear war can be avoided.

    Also, we need to “proseletize”, that is we need to tell people we know what is happening in the world, as far as we are able. This may affect our work and other relationships; for those of us who have jobs, we may need to be careful about what our employers hear. .. . . However, things can be done without offending anybody. I constantly talk about ET’s, UFO’s and so on, so people are getting used to me being a ET-groupie. I mention Meier and FIGU, but also talk about the Hollow Earth, Agartha and Reptilians. I don’t exclude any group, even and including the Flat Earthers, because everybody is entitled to their own way of looking at things.

    1. Please let’s to proselytize, as per its definition. There are more and more opportunities and ways to talk about the Meier material without proselytizing, now that so many prophecies are fulfilling and starting to affect many more people’s lives.

      1. pros·e·lyt·ize – convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.
        “the program did have a tremendous evangelical effect, proselytizing many”
        synonyms: evangelize, convert, save, redeem, win over, preach (to), recruit, act as a missionary
        “I’m not here to proselytize”
        advocate or promote (a belief or course of action).
        “Davis wanted to share his concept and proselytize his ideas”
        synonyms: promote, advocate, champion, advance, further, spread, proclaim, peddle, preach, endorse, urge, recommend, boost
        “he wanted to proselytize his ideas” – blah blah blah

    2. Carolyn,

      Proselytizing absolutely runs counter to the spiritual teaching. Including your personal speculations about reptilians, hollow earth, etc. along with FIGU-related material could confuse people if and when they decide to research the Meier material on their own. They will wonder why the things you spoke about are disputed in the Meier material. What would your answer be if asked why Meier says one thing, yet you say another? Confusion could result and it may ultimately turn-off the once interested person from the Meier material.

        1. Do not go gentle into that good night. The poems other refrain is “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”. The poem was used in the film interstellar. It’s been suggested that it was written for the authors dying father.

          1. Oh I see now, you thought my posting of the poem was my interpretation of those lines, no my interpretation was “Quetzal said if you don’t tell them you’ll forfeit your evolution”. The posting of the poem was an extra for someone else. btw if you did think that was my interpretation instead of my first line then you may be in a dangerous state of consciousness and need to pull yourself back, step back a little bit and not take anyone at their word for a while.

          2. Taro understood exactly what you meant and he’s right, that’s not what Quetzal was saying.

            He said, and I quote:
            Contact 215
            363. 18) Earth humans must learn not to solely pursue materialism and money from birth until death, and hence they should not listen just to those who have amassed political or military power or an immense fortune.
            364. And so they should neither aspire after them nor try to be like them, and devote neither their time, their work and efforts nor their initiative and lives to them, as well.
            365. If people nevertheless do this, then they forfeit their evolution and thus the meaning of their existence.
            366. And if they do not lose their life in a direct manner, then they make themselves dependent on the rulers of a political, dictatorial, military or materially wealthy form, shouting approval and support for them and becoming those who live an appearance instead of those who truly live/exist.

            In other words, if a human solely pursues only wealth and materialism and spends their entire lives aspiring after those who have, they will forfeit their evolution. They will learn nothing on the side of the spiritual and consciousness realm of living thus never furthering their evolutive value.

          3. Question

            Is Quetzel saying that as an “if” without any connections or a nice way to comment on viewing Earth Humanity goes about its existence right now? The “must learn” part must mean something much more in the now. The “forfeit evolution” part means the rapidly approaching prophecies as quite clearly we cannot all amass tons of wealth and make books on how to get rich with smiles on the cover.

            Oops, too late?

          4. “In other words, if a human solely pursues only wealth and materialism and spends their entire lives aspiring after those who have, they will forfeit their evolution. They will learn nothing on the side of the spiritual and consciousness realm of living thus never furthering their evolutive value.”

            So what opportunities does that leave remaining? And if one of them is my suggestion then you can go.

          5. Oh oh, can I explain what Quetzal was meaning?

            I have my hand up here really high in the air. Is it OK to spell it out or am I supposed to shut my trap and let others figure it out?

            It’s so hard to sit on something good.

          6. Daniel, you said: “Quetzal said if you don’t tell them you’ll forfeit your evolution”

            You are putting words into Quetzal’s mouth. He didn’t say that. You are saying that he said that, but really it’s only your interpretation of what he said. You make no sense, honestly. You quoted lines 363 through 366 as being where he said it. He didn’t say that anywhere else either.

            Everyone must take their own responsibility: we are not here to tell or force anyone into the truth. That is each person’s own responsibility.
            351. 15) If the individual person feels the need to actively do something to change the world, its human beings in particular, this actually is within his power, but only in such a manner that he be an example to his fellow man and fellow men.
            352. Thus every person has it within him/herself to begin a change for the better, toward peace, love, freedom, progress, as well as toward knowledge and wisdom.
            353. Everyone must make a start by himself and also discover the way to a free and happy life on his own.

            We shouldn’t worry about being rich and powerful and we shouldn’t spend our lives trying to outdo everyone else. We should simply live our lives in peace, love, wisdom, and knowledge. Obviously we have to make money so we can have a roof over our heads and food on the table, but we shouldn’t spend our lives in competition trying to have it all. For one must strive to further evolve their consciousness and spirit form by learning to live by the creational laws and recommendations. Others will eventually follow our example, over many centuries, until the whole planet finally lives in peace and harmony.

  3. The last two big earthquakes that had shock Mexico (8.2 and 7.1 Ricthcher seismic scales) represents a signal of a living planet that behaves according to cycles of earth plate tectonics and mantle activity. More will come for sure, where ? data could tell you about this with an accurate statistical analysis of possibilities. Nothing more. When? ask Ptaah he is a geologist. You cant imagine how is it until you are within them in 1985 earthquake and now this one in 2017. Mexico City is actually very damaged with the second earthquake (19/09/17 exactly 32 years after the 1985 earthquake, the same day, the same month, a coincidence?), many lives lost and people got homeless instantly. Scientists consider as the most probable cause was that the seismic center located at continent 57 km deep and 120 km south Mexico City traveled so fast that seismic alarms could not warn people before the seismic waves shocked towns and the city; this waves reached a seismic fault that crosses entire city’s basin from north to south that causes many buildings to collaps in fractions of seconds with people still inside of them. Not all the city is destroyed, just an alignment zone along this fault that is hidden very deep underground geological recognized. This earthquake destruction made that thousands of people work now very close to help and rescue, most young x generation and millennia. Predictions made by Sfath by one side and prophecies made by Meier according to plejarians by the other, both warn us that this could happen and it will happen much more times in many places of the world as Japan one day after, hurricanes are now like a train in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans one after another, ocean water is very hot unsual 31-32 C degrees at some ocean zones; this planet is alive and its better keep it safe because we are destroying it at a very fast rate and it could get much madder and throw us away…..nor aliens, nor plejarians nor timars will help, we live in the far end of the galaxy with a dying sun solar system and desert planets so just us could make it work.

    1. Hi Victor,

      On the 18th September, Youtube earthquake forecaster Dutchsinse warned of a 6-7 M earthquake hitting Mexico in the next 2 days. I’ve marked the relevant point in the video here and his description is accurate:

      This was not part of his official forecast for that day, but, his description does suggest that he is able to chart and forecast plate movements accurately.

  4. I disagree with the strength and courage part (women can certainly have these just as much as men if not more at times)

    How about this: the ability to press on in strife, and to learn, remain steadfast, never give up and trust in self and Creation.

    Also concerning this part:

    “TO ALL who comment here, your current individual destinies are subject to the heirarchy of a masculine-driven, fear-based control structure”

    My destiny is my own, bro.

  5. I think one can tell from Sfath’s Predictions obtained through time-jumps that this planet is going to lose some people to catastrophes. That being said we are going to have to remain strong, both in courage, personal power, determination, and health (physical well-being~), plus learn to be strong in the teaching, the greatest gift this planet could have ever received: to be active participants in the great universe-wide Nokodemion-Henok mission, and in some centuries we will find our place among the mantle.~

    What is important now is that each one of you fulfill you responsibility to your own people to become strong in the teaching. As more and more Predictions unfold, more and more people are going to be attracted to the Meier case, and these people will have heavy hearts from the destruction. These people will need to depend on you until they learn to liberate their consciousness themself using their own personal power-strength [learned from studying the spiritual teaching] This isn’t proselytization, these people will come to us because more and more and more will be making stands in the future [because more and more of the Meier case is validated through unfortunate destruction] to try and alter this planet’s future destiny for the entire future of the entire mankind.~

    FIGU books such as the greatest book ever written: the “Goblet of the Truth” teach mankind the destiny modification techniques to forever alter our planet’s destiny back to the good, as well as change our entire societal-structures to be in concordance with the creational laws and recommendations.~

    Mankind is going to make it, although the next two centuries may contain some difficult learning experiences [mostly self induced°], we will forge ahead with a recovery operation for this great planet of ours, if our contingency-disaster people get better [and more adept] with each operational catastrophe.~

    Hang in there people, and be strong, your own people will be counting on you [until they get a solid firmness under their feet, and give up breaking their teeth on the stones of untruth]. The stones of our overpopulation disaster will leave many stones of mistakes to learn from in the future, as direct lessons in the future to the people to alter this planet’s destiny forever.~

    Take care of yourself always, and kind regards, [thanks to MH for waking me up always]
    ~Corey Müske

  6. The mainstream doesn’t help at all either. Instead of providing articles with scientific research that theorize that humans are the reason for the increased severity of natural destruction, they provide articles of that Christian clown claiming the end of times is near. I see it all over my social media feed from friends.

    If they can do this, why not mainstream Meier’s materials that explain it well, why the severity of natural catastrophe has only increased?

    1. It’s all part of the deliberate suppression of the Meier material. The people pulling the strings are fully aware of it, but their megalomaniac greed-idiocy blinds them. And that’s how it is going to be for a long time still, unfortunately.

  7. The storms are getting fiercer and fiercer can you imagine if they did not die off, which they do now because the poles are cool… can you imagine when the polar ice caps are gone and the methane reacts with the ozone layer to take the last little bit of shield off our atmosphere? Well if you can’t stick around, cause you will be able to experience a perpetual hurricane on the West coast and the East coast of every continent of the earth.

    How can we fix it? Solve what is causing it: O V E R P O P U L A T I O N.

    75% manmade the rest due to methane from under the polar ice caps (remember those?) nuclear accidents and resulting radiation.

    One way to fix it: Geothermal energy from the molten core of the earth (magma). A safe clean and ever present source of heat to create steam, electricity just add waste water, produces electricity and distilled water (rain water). Remember the rain?

    Take care… Salome

    1. Assuming people make a determined effort for peace then we can fix OP. But, folks are behaving around the subject matter in a very militant and down right warlike attitude seeing as they’re born to the role without realizing it. After all, why do those in power promote lots of children if not to build a wall of folks between them and their potential enemies?

      Asia is rearming. There is no NATO in Asia and all of those nations are getting weapons and might go at it in the future and possible to resolve their centuries old disputes. It’s an important security challenge that the US has trying to keep the current world order that has been working for seven decades.

  8. I’m very appreciative of this blog, and the genuine sincerity that Michael puts forth, and, of course, I need to include “Billy” Meier and everyone associated with ‘the mission’. I am also very appreciative of those who take the time to contribute comments & links. Above all, I endeavor to permit mySelf the understanding that ‘false perception’ in humanity on Earth is possibly the sole reason why we have what we have on this planet. Had a critical mass of humanity reached a point of ‘True perception’ long ago, we could likely have avoided much of the dark history that has been recorded into our consciousness. But then immediately, I need to remind myseIf that we learn from mistakes, even if they repeat. I accept that if any human points a finger of ‘judgement’ toward anyone, or to anything perceived as a threat, then the perception is based on fear, or, lack of understanding, lack of knowing Love. I offer a quote from one of my favoured authors, Peter O. Erbe – ” “To love something in this world as True perception would, we have to love everything alike, meaning we grant every thing an equal right to be. Then we may have our preferences, but still evaluate all as expressions of love.”

  9. Regarding the previous comments on this article, I’d like to point out one of the first Creative Laws that I’ve learned, which discusses the importance of making mistakes and not condemning mistakes because they are a valuable and necessary part of learning and a person’s evolution. This includes the mistake of misinterpreting parts of the Meier material, proselytizing, and reacting and angrily commenting on another persons post.

    We are all aware of the extremely important bank of information that Billy and FIGU members have been working to compile for many decades, as well as the tasks surrounding the FIGU mission.

    I wish for all of us to remember to work together and cooperate as we decipher this vital, complex, and enormous amount of information for everyone’s benefit.

    1. Oh you thought I made a mistake as opposed to not caring enough to verify the reference. When Michael gets back he’s going to have to ask you to A: substantiate your claim because what you’ve explained about tye creative natural laws may appear in reality been more than what Meier has explained and B: use your real name like everyone else. C: No we are not all aware of the bank of Billy Meier or else there would have been more progress by now. D: if MH doesn’t moderate you like he does everyone else I am going to claim he comments on his own blog.

  10. Hi Shelia and Melissa, I just wrote down Melissa`s words of wisdom in my notebook so I can review and refer back to them when if the day comes that we won`t have the internet anymore thanks to all those nefarious entities trying so very hard to ruin planet Earth. Thankyou both. Salome Terry

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