Clueless skeptics defeated by 50-year-old UFO evidence

My friend Joe tracked me down in during my recent travels. That’s Joe, the former top US Air Force OSI Case Supervisor, from 1965 – 1971. During this time, Joe personally supervised over 2,000 investigations into many important people. These included vetting George H. W. Bush, Gen. Westmoreland, and others who were already extremely high level and seeking even higher office, and who, at some point or another, could quite possibly be in positions where they would be dealing with critical situations regarding issues of national security, etc. These extremely thorough investigations went into every aspect of their lives, going back to their childhoods, in many cases.

Since Joe’s service was well before the digital age, it’s likely that there aren’t any easily accessible records about him. However, who Joe is certainly isn’t as important as the inescapable accuracy of what he has concluded and pointed out to anyone who really wants to determine the irrefutable, ironclad nature and singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case for themselves.

It’s 1964 All Over Again

As an extremely high-level military investigator – who first approached me as a skeptic of the Meier case – Joe came to his conclusion that the Meier case is 100%, ironclad authentic, based on his expert analysis and examination of the 1964 evidence and established facts about the primary eyewitness, retired UN diplomat, Phobol Cheng.

Joe caught up with me to tell me that he’d just had a rather heated conversation with our friend Mahesh, the “I-don’t-know-what-I’m-talking-about” skeptic, who has attacked the Meier case for the past couple of years. Joe said he’d had previous conversations with Mahesh during his initial research into the case. But today, unfortunately, it didn’t go terribly well… at least for Mahesh.

Joe recounted to me the frustration he had with the amateurish and inept skeptic from India, who was absolutely unable to plainly and directly, simply and clearly answer the primary, fundamentally important questions regarding Billy Meier’s 1964 UFO photographic evidence and the historical record of it, as established by a still existing, highly reputable Indian newspaper and one of its most well-respected reporters.


Joe said that, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get a straight answer out of Mahesh, only “mumbo-jumbo. When he asked Mahesh to credibly explain just how Meier, a 27-year-old hitchhiking traveler in India at the time, had 80 UFO photographs in his possession, Mahesh tried to tell him that Meier had some kind of a “special camera”. I can tell you, from first-hand experience, that the only thing special about 1940s Kodak bellow type cameras was that they worked well enough to take very basic, black and white photos.

Means, Motive and Opportunity

I’ve frequently hammered away at the inescapable necessity of understanding the importance of determining means, motive and opportunity in investigating and researching something that might be questionable, criminal, some form of hoax, etc. It’s really a fundamental element of consideration in any kind of credible investigation of an individual under suspicion of some kind of nefarious, dishonest behavior, etc.

This of course has gone far above the heads of Mahesh and virtually every other skeptic, amateur or professional, who’s come forward to try to put a notch in their proverbial gun with their utterly futile attempts to take down the impenetrable Billy Meier case.

Such was, and still is the case today. Joe attempted to elicit from Mahesh a credible, substantiated explanation for the 1964 evidence and all he got back in return was amateurish mumbo-jumbo, a complete lack of comprehension of the facts, and a strict avoidance of dealing with them.

Regrettably, Joe’s frustration in dealing with a self-professed “investigator”, who seems to still be utterly clueless as to what real, professional investigation and research requires, also led to what Joe conceded was a rather unpleasant, profanity-laced tirade against Mahesh.

While it’s unfortunate that Joe lost his temper and hurled inappropriate, derogatory insults at Mahesh, it pales in comparison to the slanderous, libelous, defamatory attacks, and outright lies by Mahesh and many of these incompetent skeptics.

Stone Silence

It’s also no coincidence that skeptics who’ve attacked the Meier case, like Kevin Randall, Kal Korff and Jeff Ritzmann, along with Rob McConnell, the now thoroughly discredited and humiliated radio host, have all gone absolutely stone silent in the face of Joe’s refocusing on the 1964 evidence, clinging only to their already discredited, irrelevant and unsubstantiated theories. Randall and Ritzmann have been desperately avoiding addressing the glaring irrefutability of the India evidence in their blogs…as well as my emails taunting them about their failures.

Both Randall and RItzmann now busy themselves with utterly irrelevant “UFO cases”, the so-called paranormal, etc. In other words, apart from taking impotent pot shots at it, they now leave the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO case to people who know far more than they do – which also includes most of the readers of this blog.

Even Joe agrees that no “authority” is necessary in order for any reasonable person to come to the same irrefutable conclusions that he did, simply based on a logical and objective analysis of the 1964 evidence.

While Joe is of course his own person, with his own opinions, I am sorry if Mahesh was on the receiving end of such un-pleasantries. Hopefully though, he will greatly upgrade his own education, which requires those three basics – means, motive and opportunity –  must be considered and dealt with in an impeccably professional way.

Lower Head, Run Into Wall

BTW, in yet another delightfully incompetent, arrogant and uninformed blog by Randall, he mistakenly claims that information about the connection between damage to the ozone layer and atomic radiation first appeared, in 1960, in a science fiction movie. Of course he failed to do any real research into the Meier case, or he would have noticed this, from 1951:

21. Through the guilt of the people, all storms will assume increasing and more violent forms, such as hail storms, blizzards and flooding rains, as however also the ozone-layer will become very dangerously damaged.

Prior to that, in 1946, Sfath warned about the damage to the climate from atomic radiation, and also warned about the damage to the ozone, primarily due to various poisonous gases. And, of course, Billy Meier was indeed the first person to warn about all of the consequences of unnatural, manmade climate change, such as are now undeniably upon us:

The problem with being an inept, agenda-driven skeptic is that, in their desperation to attack the Meier case, they fail to actually research it and its contents, seeking out instead that which they think will disprove its authenticity…but never does.


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  • I just heard George on C2C push this UFOs expert on Billy. I mean he really pushed Billy in his face. He supported MH in a very postive way. Still would like to see the tv show that they filmed. Well it was good to hear him do so. Salome Robert.

  • It was last nights show in about the end of the first hr of the show. George even challenged him to debate you MH. I could not beleave what I was hearing. Of course the ufo expert, declined to do so. But wow, George really pushed him on it. That is such good news. It maybe be me but as George kept interviewing this ufo expert. He seemed to be making fun of him. Ok very well and good. Salome Robert.

  • Hi Michael
    I am from chennai india .I happened to read Meir material for the past six years and I am really thankful that these ET s are giving us so much information especially contact report 251. Wow! You may think people are sceptical about the Meir case but equally there are number of people believe his case is true.
    The ET s also mention about China attacking India
    Did Meir mention anyrime when this would be and what would be the fate of this country.
    thanks and regards
    Shiva Balu

  • Regarding Billy Meiers explanations about incarnation. Have any of you ever seen the phenomena where a notable thug is somehow mixed into the hoard of regular thug, such as say eminem the talkist. Considerably more notable than his peers which is a particularly generous compliment. Has anyone looked at incarnation, racial mixing and multicultural societies from what the Plejaren have said.

    • Daniel, Eminem isn’t a thug. Perhaps he portrayed a rather exaggerated caricature version when he was younger in order to conform to the publics appetite for rebellious angst. But I can obviously see his lyrical technical abilities can make some uneasy.

  • Shiva Balu,

    I don’t think Meier mentioned a specific time-table for that, and I always thought what was mentioned was possible future conflict between India and Pakistan?

    Be strong, and be personally prepared for anything to happen (positive or negative), and remain neutral at all times, even to the good people of China, who are also human beings just like you, although a very different Earth culture.~

    You could always try to neutrally let your leaders neutrally know for true (lasting) peace with China (and Pakistan?), even if some sides have deep concessions.~

  • Shiva, one more comment, I recommend reading the Goblet of the Truth, this book could put down all war if the right people were reading it.~

  • All war = all the wrong kind of war not gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit [forced forcelessness] related to disarm war, and banish the prisoners.~

  • Why do we waste our time with people like Mehesh, you said in one word Mike…CLUELESS!!!!
    I can identify with how Joe felt dealing with this guy, I deal with it on a daily basis.

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