Another Clueless “UFO Expert”

Nick Pope attacks Billy Meier UFO case – but admits he knows nothing about it

Oh, when will it end? The UFO field is certainly the least scientific, credible and professional field of study, as Nick Pope again demonstrates. If there were any doubts that the field is filled with charlatans, frauds, phonies, incompetents, profiteers, etc., Pope eliminates them.

While the outlandish claims and sensationalized, evidence-less tales have made UFOlogy little more than a grotesque mish-mash of tabloid quality drivel, Pope simply…bores us to death with dead-end, 5th hand information that he dispenses as a supposed “UFO expert”, while cockily demonstrating gross ineptitude.

Not surprisingly, Pope has zero actual, testable evidence to bring to the table for his own cause.

Despite his background with the British Government’s UFO Project, there is no need to be concerned that he’s an agent provocateur, as his very earnestly irrelevant, self-satisfying, bookish concerns pose no risk, saving the intelligence services the effort of having to ply, pay and provide him with such boringly insignificant material.

The Sock Drawer Beckons

During a recent appearance on C2C*, with George Noory, he haughtily attempts to be dismissive of the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO case but only succeeds in coming off as clueless and completely uninformed and, like the rest of the skeptics of the Meier case, abysmally cowardly. When Noory suggests debating me, Pope slaps the suggestion away; in a cute avoidance of such a confrontation he mutters something about attending to his socks instead.

Of course, the most useful thing would be if he stuffed them in his mouth, and hoped that they magically covered the two feet of his that preceded them.

Unlike some of the other hapless skeptics, who’ve let their mouths lead them into troubled waters, Pope is simply a dismal academic who understands not a whit about real research…or he would have at least tried his hand at investigating the Meier case.

As I told him in an email, “I’ve been getting flooded with emails about your C2C appearance where you chickened out of George’s suggestion that you debate me on the Billy Meier case. Hey, honestly…I don’t blame you. While you and all the hucksters milk the UFO cash cow – while you still can – the singular authenticity of the Meier case is now indisputable (as if it ever wasn’t). Have yourself a lovely day and if the desire for truth ever compels you to man up, as they say over here, do feel free to get in touch.”

I sent him a few links** that any credible investigator would, upon review, find quite compelling. But, Pope keeps his record of blissful ignorance intact, proudly ignoring them, his sock drawer beckoning and reminding him that discretion really is the better part of valor, lest one reveal themselves to be yet another yipping, toothless ankle biter. His lack of interest in, and response to, Joe Tysk’s brilliantly clear assessment of the ironclad authenticity of the Meier case tells us that Pope knows better than to venture into waters that rise so many leagues above his head.

As the Time Fulfills

As the time fulfills, the clumsy clowns of the UFO industry try to keep the circus going. But they too will have to face the reality and the difficulties that are beginning to descend upon humankind and the planet. The jokers and jesters, along with the rest of the rip-off artists and disinformation and distraction agents, and the pedants like Pope have had their far-too-long a day, trampling on and obscuring the singular truth, betraying humankind in the process.

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52 Replies to “Another Clueless “UFO Expert””

    1. Hopefully, people who are sincerely interested in the overall UFO topic will finally realize that not a ONE of those so-called “experts”, nor any of the skeptics, ever can produce substation for their claims. Pope send you nothing but a cowardly avoidance of dealing with specifics and facts. The same is true of the rest of them. They’re all actually offended and angered that someone would dare be telling the truth, singularly authentic, etc., because it ruins their game, which they’re trying to ruin out as long as they can.

      Their shameful sham is possible because of the non-existence of actual scientific and investigative standards. Yeah, I could, and often do, go on and on. Then I think of what Meier has put up with, and survived, and it’s hard for me to think of what really could be excessive in standing up for him, the case, the evidence…the truth.

  1. Nick Pope quotes:
    “The skeptics have to be right every day, but the believers only have to be right once.”

    “One can think of extraterrestrial visitation as being the ultimate low probability high impact event.”

    “Questions such as whether or not we’re alone in the Universe and whether or not we’re being visited are some of the biggest and most profound questions we can ask.”

    “The UFO community talks about Disclosure, but it all depends on what there is to disclose. Governments have already released a lot of fascinating documents on the subject, but there’s no smoking gun, so we’ve already had disclosure, but with a little d, not a big D.”

    “I’ve seen no evidence that the government has an alien spacecraft hidden away in an air force hangar somewhere. If they do, I wasn’t told about it, and I would have known.”

    1. The most telling of Pope’s quotes is:

      “If they do, I wasn’t told about it, and I would have known.”

      Clearly, he’s going to be among the…last to know the truth.

    2. Just so you know John, I talked to a retired Canadian military man who did see a UFO in a Canadian military base in the early ’50s. A few years ago Popular Mechanics had a picture of a UFO on the front cover, which was named the Avro Aero. I mailed it to him and when I saw him again he said that’s what he saw.

      1. Uhhh, methinks I should clarify a bit –….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.8.876…0i131k1.0.W6Tl95RjmgM – and then there is the other non ufo jet aircraft [Avro Arrow] that was politically / militarily scrapped in 1958. –

  2. Nick Pope is a Money making Charlatan.
    I have his book and he has a photograph of
    Billy Meier UFO in there and admits the Meier
    Case is real.

    He didn’t talk about Meier, just added his pic
    and his book was PRO UFO. he wasn’t saying
    one single case was a hoax.

    Perhaps he was just using Meiers case as a stepping stone to just think of as many UFO cases as he can and declare them all true as a way to promote his book and get a book deal.
    His book was marketed as PRO UFO.
    it sells good to the gullible people!

    maybe deep down, he doesn’t believe any UFO stories.

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