Nick Pope attacks Billy Meier UFO case – but admits he knows nothing about it

Oh, when will it end? The UFO field is certainly the least scientific, credible and professional field of study, as Nick Pope again demonstrates. If there were any doubts that the field is filled with charlatans, frauds, phonies, incompetents, profiteers, etc., Pope eliminates them.

While the outlandish claims and sensationalized, evidence-less tales have made UFOlogy little more than a grotesque mish-mash of tabloid quality drivel, Pope simply…bores us to death with dead-end, 5th hand information that he dispenses as a supposed “UFO expert”, while cockily demonstrating gross ineptitude.

Not surprisingly, Pope has zero actual, testable evidence to bring to the table for his own cause.

Despite his background with the British Government’s UFO Project, there is no need to be concerned that he’s an agent provocateur, as his very earnestly irrelevant, self-satisfying, bookish concerns pose no risk, saving the intelligence services the effort of having to ply, pay and provide him with such boringly insignificant material.

The Sock Drawer Beckons

During a recent appearance on C2C*, with George Noory, he haughtily attempts to be dismissive of the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO case but only succeeds in coming off as clueless and completely uninformed and, like the rest of the skeptics of the Meier case, abysmally cowardly. When Noory suggests debating me, Pope slaps the suggestion away; in a cute avoidance of such a confrontation he mutters something about attending to his socks instead.

Of course, the most useful thing would be if he stuffed them in his mouth, and hoped that they magically covered the two feet of his that preceded them.

Unlike some of the other hapless skeptics, who’ve let their mouths lead them into troubled waters, Pope is simply a dismal academic who understands not a whit about real research…or he would have at least tried his hand at investigating the Meier case.

As I told him in an email, “I’ve been getting flooded with emails about your C2C appearance where you chickened out of George’s suggestion that you debate me on the Billy Meier case. Hey, honestly…I don’t blame you. While you and all the hucksters milk the UFO cash cow – while you still can – the singular authenticity of the Meier case is now indisputable (as if it ever wasn’t). Have yourself a lovely day and if the desire for truth ever compels you to man up, as they say over here, do feel free to get in touch.”

I sent him a few links** that any credible investigator would, upon review, find quite compelling. But, Pope keeps his record of blissful ignorance intact, proudly ignoring them, his sock drawer beckoning and reminding him that discretion really is the better part of valor, lest one reveal themselves to be yet another yipping, toothless ankle biter. His lack of interest in, and response to, Joe Tysk’s brilliantly clear assessment of the ironclad authenticity of the Meier case tells us that Pope knows better than to venture into waters that rise so many leagues above his head.

As the Time Fulfills

As the time fulfills, the clumsy clowns of the UFO industry try to keep the circus going. But they too will have to face the reality and the difficulties that are beginning to descend upon humankind and the planet. The jokers and jesters, along with the rest of the rip-off artists and disinformation and distraction agents, and the pedants like Pope have had their far-too-long a day, trampling on and obscuring the singular truth, betraying humankind in the process.

*This link may not remain accessible.


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51 comments on “Another Clueless “UFO Expert”

  • Let it be known that Nick Pope is currently attacking anyone calling out Pedophile and Satanist John Podesta.

    Pope knows little to nothing about the ET presence other than what’s he’s been told by the Cabal and has been lauded by MSM organizations protecting them. He is a gatekeeper and a fraud, and will go down in history as such.

    • I’m unaware of his role in that and, honestly, the proof of Podesta’s involvement, which may or may not be so. My focus is strictly on his role as a bungler and disinformation agent regarding UFOs.

      Also, please use your first and last name when submitting comments.




        My name is Kabamur. I’m one of many incarnated Pleiadian Souls here at this time. There are many having contact lately but indeed Billy was unique. Those who teach the truth or learn about Billy and Pleiadians must know the full truth about their involvement without our planet, and what the many changes are about which are happening on the planet. This included the truth about the satanic criminal Cabal which has been ruling our planet for over 25,000 years. This is why the Pleiadians the the Galactic Federation are here. The Podesta wikileaks emails are a good place to start for the uninitiated.

        The Shift to 5D will soon occur which means we will soon be able to more freely interact with Pleiadians and other star races more directly.

        • Hi,

          I think you have the wrong blog and I’ll allow this one, idiotic post of yours to demonstrate why. I don’t want to ruin the fun for attentive readers but, just to be clear:

          1. There are no “Pleiadians”, as you’d know if you weren’t in such a rush to try be important and plagiarize the Meier material, etc.

          2. There are no “incarnated Pleiadian souls”, or any other “souls” as they’re called, which you’d also know if you’d bothered to actually study the case and the spiritual teaching.

          3. You obviously also know nothing about, well, anything as “many” AREN’T “having contact”…and certainly NOT you.

          4. The imaginary Satan hadn’t yet been…invented 25,000 years ago and neither had his so-called “cabal”.

          5. As for the looney “Shift to 5D” and all that delusional interaction that also won’t happen, get your head out of whatever inappropriate cavern you’ve inserted it, use your real name in life and wake the hell up.

          • Haha yep my day too, it just shows you how much brain washing and misguided info is being push on unsuspecting souls.


  • Well well well,one more charlatan io the crowded dead UFO fantascyland? Why not add Peter Devanport to the list of charlatans who so elagently spout out about all those people who so lovingly see “Lights in the Sky” when all those people really see are the US military spying on all those innocents trying to get those innocents to make sure we behave ourselves like good little boys and girls and do what mommy and daddy tell you to do when the little toothfairy pools out your tooth i.e. the little grey men with big black eyes (CIA) bio-chip you and make sure you do as they tell you to do. This make me wonder just when will this world EVER laern to grow up as sentient civilized intelligent human beings and star to listen to the REAL truth from Billy Meier and the Plejarens once and for all! and so the moral of the end of my story “And So We Were Warned Cause and Effect!”

  • MH,

    “When Noory suggests debating me, Dolan slaps the suggestion away; in a cute avoidance of such a confrontation he mutters something about attending to his socks instead.”

    Small correction: “Dolan” = “Pope” or “Nick Pope”.

  • I am very glad that George noory supported MH in the way that he did. In a way he challenged all the UFOs experts, not just this nick guy. I also think that George maybe starting to come to know, the Billy case is true. Well I can’t wait till he ( George ) interviews you next MH. Salome Robert.

    • Robert, I don’t know if or when that will occur.

      I actually think it would be better if he could get some, many, or all of these naysayers to have the debate with me about the case. Unfortunately, it’s still all being dealt with as…entertainment. no sense of urgency, of being confronted by an essential question: “Is this the biggest, most impenetrable hoax…or the mot important true story in all of human history?”

      The only hope of such an encounter rests with the volume of emails, texts, etc., directed to Noory demanding such an event.

      It really comes down to that. And who knows when some really game-changing event occurs that shatters the familiar paradigm quite significantly? At that time, much if not all of the UFO noise and nonsense obviously becomes quite irrelevant, and the question is if enough people’s interest and attention will have already shifted and been focused on the Meier case.

      Really, it’s insane that people like Pope are so comfortably complacent in dealing with the entire matter like some kind of mindless academic exercise about growing potatoes. Another example of mediocrity masquerading as “expertise”.

  • MH, I’m not sure if you already heard/know this but Michio Kaku (who I think you once said doesn’t believe in the Meier case) spoke about Roswell and on alien abductions on his weekly science radio show and said that if anyone who believes they were abducted wants to prove aliens exists all they have to do is steal something from the ship like a metal sample or something and we can settled the whole debate about whether aliens exist and been here.

    16:35 to 17:15 (prior to that he talks about Roswell)
    Dr Michio Kaku Science Fantastic Listener Questions Q&A Jun 25, 2017

    Why don’t you contact him and tell him alien metal samples have already been collected and then scientifically verified in labs and then see what he says?

    Beamship – The Metal

      • Michio Kaku is a mainstream scientist, too busy trying to prove the science of mass effect than that of real ones. He’s likely to keep his prestige over admitting on iota of truth about the Meier case.

    • Ian,

      i will gladly try to get in touch with him but, as I’ve suggested many times, it’s INFINITELY more effective when people OTHER than I try to contact these people. Of course you can let them know that I’m more than ready and willing to inform, address all their questions and challenges, and…straighten them out.

      • MH and Ian, One good thing about Micho Kaku is that Kaku once stated on c2c that even thw military will not even use hydrogen bombs because once you explode a hydrogen bomb it multiplies not only here on earth but also into the DERN Universe too. Rumor has it this Kim Jon Un will try tio do another test run of another hydrogen bomb sometime in mid October roughly some where around October 9th two days before my birthday! Some birthday present from that DISCUSTING Un. Between Un and Trump as the old saying goes “Two wrongs don`t makit it right!” So what can we do and where can we go with all this childish baby babbling sighting with such dangerous sheeples??? “Enough with all this warmongering!!!”

  • Nick pope is considered a little bit more special and worth interviewing compared to the other 40 thousand talky individuals who think they have plenty to say of value because he worked for the MoD in their embarrassing little UFO story collective office back in the decade before the Internet was popular. As Michael said, it proves its all about entertainment and wishful thinking because the audience somehow feels like their with the British secret service for whatever possible value that would be and it makes them feel more excited about it and makes American radio audiences feel more special somehow, that is why Nick is always interviewed, it’s a big delusional game, and not one of the listening mugs ever considers that were there any truth to any of it the government would have released some more substantial data because they don’t have it evidently if Billy Meier is not of interest to them.

  • In the early 2000’s (post 2007) I personally emailed Nick Pope and asked him what he knew about the meier case. He stated he never heard of it and that he would look into it.

    • What even though he had seen all of Billy Meiers photos, that’s a weird thing to say, everyone has seen the big xfiles I want to believe poster with Billy’s photo all over it.

      • Don’t stress yourselves everyone the whole world will change according to CR251 when extraterrestrials (not Plejaren) introduce themselves and tell us exactly how f***** we are because of our delusions induced by short age. There will be individuals who don’t even believe they exist even then, it’s like reincarnation, that’s going to take a few hundred years to get an idea about, and dimensions is an idea for a few hundred years after that.

    • The British only allow individuals that were born in a very exact certain location to be employed in official office positions, but even then only if they pass through the expensive tier education successfully, some can even get away with stabbing their partner and not face jail when enrolled. So with Nick Pope, what we can be sure of is that he has a strong material intellect, but in terms of perceiving and being sensitive enough to receive Plejaren impulses that is very unlikely, so he’s a material intellect hunter, he’ll be able to locate type 1 research but he won’t be able to do say what Billy Meier does and that’s why Billy Meier has been selected, to philosophically present the data in a humanistic normal way designed for humans in mind because he knows about humans.

  • Good on you Michael. Keep at them all.
    I will personally email a few words over to George and any others. I think that’s it’s another catch 22 situation “as they say over here”. Anybody who looks at the Meier Case needs to think with logic/reason so that they themselves are able to see and determine the truth, but unfortunately the majority of people aren’t able to think this way, but ironically it’s most likely only Billy’s teachings and writings that can give them that knowledge to be able to think and vet things through properly. So hence the catch 22.

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