Nick Pope attacks Billy Meier UFO case – but admits he knows nothing about it

Oh, when will it end? The UFO field is certainly the least scientific, credible and professional field of study, as Nick Pope again demonstrates. If there were any doubts that the field is filled with charlatans, frauds, phonies, incompetents, profiteers, etc., Pope eliminates them.

While the outlandish claims and sensationalized, evidence-less tales have made UFOlogy little more than a grotesque mish-mash of tabloid quality drivel, Pope simply…bores us to death with dead-end, 5th hand information that he dispenses as a supposed “UFO expert”, while cockily demonstrating gross ineptitude.

Not surprisingly, Pope has zero actual, testable evidence to bring to the table for his own cause.

Despite his background with the British Government’s UFO Project, there is no need to be concerned that he’s an agent provocateur, as his very earnestly irrelevant, self-satisfying, bookish concerns pose no risk, saving the intelligence services the effort of having to ply, pay and provide him with such boringly insignificant material.

The Sock Drawer Beckons

During a recent appearance on C2C*, with George Noory, he haughtily attempts to be dismissive of the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO case but only succeeds in coming off as clueless and completely uninformed and, like the rest of the skeptics of the Meier case, abysmally cowardly. When Noory suggests debating me, Pope slaps the suggestion away; in a cute avoidance of such a confrontation he mutters something about attending to his socks instead.

Of course, the most useful thing would be if he stuffed them in his mouth, and hoped that they magically covered the two feet of his that preceded them.

Unlike some of the other hapless skeptics, who’ve let their mouths lead them into troubled waters, Pope is simply a dismal academic who understands not a whit about real research…or he would have at least tried his hand at investigating the Meier case.

As I told him in an email, “I’ve been getting flooded with emails about your C2C appearance where you chickened out of George’s suggestion that you debate me on the Billy Meier case. Hey, honestly…I don’t blame you. While you and all the hucksters milk the UFO cash cow – while you still can – the singular authenticity of the Meier case is now indisputable (as if it ever wasn’t). Have yourself a lovely day and if the desire for truth ever compels you to man up, as they say over here, do feel free to get in touch.”

I sent him a few links** that any credible investigator would, upon review, find quite compelling. But, Pope keeps his record of blissful ignorance intact, proudly ignoring them, his sock drawer beckoning and reminding him that discretion really is the better part of valor, lest one reveal themselves to be yet another yipping, toothless ankle biter. His lack of interest in, and response to, Joe Tysk’s brilliantly clear assessment of the ironclad authenticity of the Meier case tells us that Pope knows better than to venture into waters that rise so many leagues above his head.

As the Time Fulfills

As the time fulfills, the clumsy clowns of the UFO industry try to keep the circus going. But they too will have to face the reality and the difficulties that are beginning to descend upon humankind and the planet. The jokers and jesters, along with the rest of the rip-off artists and disinformation and distraction agents, and the pedants like Pope have had their far-too-long a day, trampling on and obscuring the singular truth, betraying humankind in the process.

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51 comments on “Another Clueless “UFO Expert”

  • MH,

    Could you please tell us when will your book about yourself be ready, how much would it cost, and if it will be available to download in PDF format?

  • For my two pennies worth I have never trusted Nick Pope. It seams strange that this guy suddenly pops up from his job in Whitehall to “spill the beans” on how the British government for years had been tracking the UFO story. Believe me I have experience in a similar setting and I for one would not just suddenly go around telling all of what I know.

    I think he is just a ploy to distract the public on the UFO subject from the real truth which has always been the BM information and truth.


  • They all still don’t get it, the contacts with Edward are still ongoing. He has physical evidence if which no one else has. Let pope or any other so called ufo expert produce one up-close daytime clear photo, one up close clear daytime video, one piece of metal, and five witnesses to the ships. And maybe two predictions foe the future, then I might listen to what they have to say. Edward can provide 1,200 photos, five videos, 100 witnesses, and 200 predictions that all happened as he predicted. There are no pleadians, they are plejaren, they did that on purpose to openly expose hoaxers.

    • Hello Barry, many think that fictional character Ricco Frost from the 1986 film Aliens has since 1986 somehow turned into a real man, to give you some idea about how much of a waste of time it all is.

  • I agree with you MH. You have taken the case this far and no dought, to the end. That’s a lot of work, Thank you. But we must do our share and do as you have. I have tried with the local radio station here. So far I have one show host, that says that he will interview you when Italy gets hit. But he has agreed to interview you before and backed out. I still keeping looking for other ways to get the case out there. Maybe an email blitz from all of us that post here and maybe Facebook, to George noory while the idea of you debating ufo experts is still fresh in his head. Maybe he will release the tv program. I still keep trying. Salome Robert

  • To be very honest,I think the military industrial complex is using the UFO ploy to bio-chip every single human being so they and their Deep State and Shadow government can try to get control of all of us human beings here on earth with their story plots to catch us all in the act to fool us all into believing that we are the only living beings inthe universe and all other universes to get us to do as the want us to believe like marennet pupets on a string! Isn`t this what the UFO plot all of these nefarious shills are all about trying to brainwash us all so they can start WW4, civil wars, in other words if these shills can`t get control of us then thlese military industrial complex wil try to find some other way around by diving us all up and using forever wars to keep us in a state of hate instead of love,peace,justice,freeom,reasion and logic. Maby this is what all the UFO plopy is all about. This is just what I personally think all this phony UFO story is all about but don`t take my word for it I could be wrong,this is just my guess from what I`m sensing outside of Billy and the Ps.

  • Nice to know his important opinion. I also like how the standards for contact went way down since Meier came out as there aren’t many day time low level clear pictures of UFOs. Maybe folks missed it with their devotion to religious thinking mistaking contact to becoming this big religious event where only the most important people and titles are given front row.

    Well, maybe folks have had their head in the sock drawer for too long. After all, the vast majority of the people here don’t make millions of dollars or travel the world doing lecture tours about their Crappy Emotional – 5 initiatives. Also, it’s nice to know some folks that do claim to be in some form of CE-# contact don’t get fielded the tough questions Meier or Mike does. Why doesn’t “aliens” field a Q&A session with their supposed contacts like Meier does? Etc.

  • Phil Schneider remains, to me, the key exception / anomaly amongst “UFO experts.” As far as I’m aware he’s the only person (MH excepted) who pointed to the Meier case as truthful and testified that it was the “real deal.”

    • I Agree Jonathon, In watching and reading all of the “Schneider” material over the past 10 years , it appears that the “brainwashing ” effect from the Gov Reps was only half done and Phil still had the capacity to let out the truth in some things , others …….not so much (brainwashed). Its why he seemed so ………………….IMO….. unstable. Not to mention the Intervention of his death.

      • Thanks Wayne. I hadn’t thought of that. That’s a really good hypotheses and if true could explain a lot.

        Much appreciated.


  • This past year I’ve had some email communication with Paul Hellyer, a man of 94 years who has experience in the ufo conference circuit.
    Earlier this year I emailed MH to ask if he’d ever crossed paths with Mr. Hellyer. MH’s reply was, “Hi John, I wish you good luck with this. I actually did meet him a couple of years ago at an event in Canada. Nice guy, a bit religious, seems to have been completely misled by the disinformation by the usual suspects, i.e. “exopolitics”, etc. Please feel free to send him all the info re ISIS, the Henoch Prophecies, the coming Italian
    disaster, the blog about wandering black Holes, etc. etc., etc. If he can just get a clue it would be wonderful.”
    So, I will offer this link – – of a recent interview with Mr. Hellyer and if anyone cares to listen, then I ask for feedback. Personally, I feel that if Mr. Hellyer turned his attention toward the Meier case and learned of the authenticity, he could possibly become a worthy asset to ‘the mission’.

    • Yes he could be John and as MH said, he has tried to give him Billy’s info. I have also had email exchanges with Paul Helyer as well as meeting him at the same event as MH. Good luck but don’t hold your breath.

  • It goes without saying, I have no authority over how MH conducts himself re: relations with the ufo / exopolitics ‘experts’. That said, there obviously seems to be some ‘smoldering coals’ between individuals on the Meier side vs the so-called ‘experts’ in the field of ufology etc. With respect to the 12 recommendations in the ‘spiritual teachings’ that might relate to this comment, I would hope for the best outcomes between both ‘camps’. It bothers me somewhat [though it would never wreck my day] that I receive a final reply from Nick Pope:
    ” I’ve just realized that your correspondence seems to have been prompted by
    my statement – on Coast to Coast – that I wasn’t a supporter of the Billy
    Meier hoax, and I assume this is “the best, irrefutable, ongoing case on
    planet Earth” you referred to in a previous email. Sadly, I had an email
    from Michael Horn written in exactly the kind of sneering, point-scoring
    ‘this is the only truth’ tone that shows precisely* why* the whole Billy
    Meier fraud is regarded as a cult.

    I said earlier that while I still comment on this subject in the media, I
    don’t have time to get into protracted public correspondence. With
    apologies, therefore, I’m going to have to draw a line under these email
    exchanges. I genuinely wish you well, but please don’t waste your time and
    mine by writing again, because no further correspondence will be entered

    Best wishes,
    Nick Pope

    • I’m glad you’re sharing this because it gives me yet another opportunity to make some things clear.

      People like Pope are the really academics who decided to engage in so-called “UFO research” instead of maybe researching the reproduction cycle of some interesting insects.

      They came into this field to engage in mental masturbation, with no real intent, expectation or – quite obviously – ability to discover, investigate, or determine the truth. You should be relieved to not anticipate any more of his amateurish, insufferable incompetence.

      I had another conversation yesterday with Joe Tysk, the OSI investigator, who added a few more colorful, useful points about this entire dismal, gaggle of clowns that consider themselves to be qualified to “investigate”. I will go into this more on my show, and maybe blog about it, but for now Joe was saying that these people – all of them – are so far below his “pay grade” as an actual, real, super high-level military investigator that they are embarrassing…especially those who make their futile attempts at attacking the Meier case.

      Pompous poseurs like Pope, should have a nice room set aside for them in some distant, dusty hall of study, where they can continue to indulge in the particularly repressive kind of thinking that has held humankind back for millennia.

      There is a reason that Pope, Randle, and the whole sorry lot, will never engage in a debate with me. It isn’t because I’m simply unrelenting. It’s because they are neither interested in, familiar with, nor able to refute the truth, which now is indeed known by an ever-growing number of people around this tragic planet.

      In fact, most of the people who are knowledgeable about the Meier case could easily do what I can in a presentation/debate. We are also in an age where mediocrity reigns…and Pope is one those sharing the throne as this kind of dubious royalty.

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