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Coming attractions are over, now the main feature begins

In contrast to the quiet hurricane season in the Southern Hemisphere, we now see headlines like “Hurricane Maria hammers Puerto Rico with force not seen in ‘modern history’”. Sound familiar? Actually, it sounds like the coming attractions for things like  this, from 1958:

28.) Storms, ranging from heavy to the heaviest will, from now on, until far into the Third Millennium, bring unspeakably much misery, need and suffering to the human as has never happened since time immemorial.

The Main Feature Begins

The long-foretold increase in frequency and intensity of environmental and climate related events are undeniably, at least for most reasonable people, now upon us.

Along with the recent, huge quakes in Mexico, now there’s a new one in Japan, also:

29.) The most severe earth and seaquakes will take effect with primeval-like force and demand millions of human lives, as also will deluge-like masses of rain that evoke monstrous flooding and cause mighty destruction as the human has never before collectively experienced or seen.

We also have new information from scientists, indicating that Campi Flegrei is moving closer to its inevitable eruption, as Sfath warned about in 1948, apparently with many others yet to come.

Dr. De Siena is quoted as saying, “The big question we have to answer now is if it is a big layer of magma that is rising to the surface, or something less worrying, which could find its way to the surface out at sea.” Perhaps he would benefit from Ptaah’s information about how to tell when volcanoes are going to erupt. Certainly, instead of pumping another $700 billion into the military budget, hastening the now almost certain destruction of the USA when it finally succeeds in provoking Russia into the next world war, funding such research would do much more to really protect people from the now inevitable environmental destruction.

Why Bother?

For the readers of this blog, the question may indeed be…why bother? Billy Meier has been publishing specific prophetic warnings from as far back as 1946 and what difference has it made? As recently as August 2017, in response to Meier’s concerns about the immense storms that are coming to Europe and Eurasia, Ptaah confirmed that “Thereto it is too late, because it is now that time arrives, that already the old prophecies have announced, which but also your and my father’s predictions in the 1940s and 1950s have explained…”

Well, to also answer the title of a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, no one will stop the rain. In 2004, I put out my first DVD on the Meier case, titled, “The Meier Contacts The Key to Our Future Survival”. As the liner notes state, “The DVD then presents still alterable prophecies for the near future and examines some of the core principles recommended as guidelines for human survival and evolution by the Plejaren.” Of course, you can see within the DVD many of the specific events that Meier foretold have now, years later, come true with most of the rest now unalterable.

Watch it for yourself, share it.

The Spiritual Teaching

The aforementioned “core principles recommended as guidelines” refer to elements of the spiritual teaching, and are even more critically important to our – now very threatened – future survival than when I produced this documentary.

Somehow, without any outside advertising, or anything even resembling a budget for it, several million people, from 196 countries, have found my website and blog, which provide links to the spiritual teaching, and to profoundly timely books, with titles like: The Way to Live, The Might of the Thoughts and The Goblet of the Truth.

It is the spiritual teaching that will be like a raft to those drowning in the rising flood waters, an impenetrable shelter for those whose foundations have crumbled midst the quakes. But it’s better not to wait until the inevitable, storm driven, swirling tides are inundating the still dry and safe lands.

And so, whatever may come from nature, and from the endless machinations of the power-hungry, it’s better to be among those who are learning now what those who survive will then hunger for.

That’s why we bother. For the future. For the survivors.

The people were warned…and did they listen?


Please refer back to this information, from 1951…as the time fulfills:

25. The monstrous mass and weight of the cities and villages continuously stress the inner structures of the Earth more and more through which the tectonic plates will be adversely affected, inevitably leading to increasing tectonic displacements and faults, through which immense tremors will be evoked world-wide, whereby finally the deaths will go into the hundreds of thousands and into the millions.

26. And these tremors also have influences on the Earth’s entire volcanic activity, consequently, also the volcanoes that are multiply connected together world-wide that will become ever more frequently and more destructively active.

27. That will also demand many human lives, indeed, especially in those areas where unreasonably, habitations are built too closely to volcanoes, as is also the case with beaches by oceans, by great rivers and seas, where the immediate shorelines are built up, which, through storm waves and tsunamis, will be flooded in violent measure and will demand very many human lives.

28. Yet were that not enough, because through the continually growing overpopulation that already in 50 years will have increased to over six billion, as is predicted, many monstrous and insoluble problems will become apparent.

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Derek Scheeler

Regarding the previous comments on this article, I’d like to point out one of the first Creative Laws that I’ve learned, which discusses the importance of making mistakes and not condemning mistakes because they are a valuable and necessary part of learning and a person’s evolution. This includes the mistake of misinterpreting parts of the Meier material, proselytizing, and reacting and angrily commenting on another persons post.

We are all aware of the extremely important bank of information that Billy and FIGU members have been working to compile for many decades, as well as the tasks surrounding the FIGU mission.

I wish for all of us to remember to work together and cooperate as we decipher this vital, complex, and enormous amount of information for everyone’s benefit.

Daniel Leech

Oh you thought I made a mistake as opposed to not caring enough to verify the reference. When Michael gets back he’s going to have to ask you to A: substantiate your claim because what you’ve explained about tye creative natural laws may appear in reality been more than what Meier has explained and B: use your real name like everyone else. C: No we are not all aware of the bank of Billy Meier or else there would have been more progress by now. D: if MH doesn’t moderate you like he does everyone else I am going to claim he comments on his own blog.

Terry Carch

Hi Shelia and Melissa, I just wrote down Melissa`s words of wisdom in my notebook so I can review and refer back to them when if the day comes that we won`t have the internet anymore thanks to all those nefarious entities trying so very hard to ruin planet Earth. Thankyou both. Salome Terry

Silvana De Angelis

This article has the potential to inspire people who are willing to learn about the alternative sources out of the oficial narrative, although with obvious deviations, reasons perhaps information lost in time, but for the most is good, hope it reaches out to many 🙂

Silvana De Angelis

Did reply with the hope that it will reach as many as possible, I really wish that I can attend to your presentation because they’re always very interesting and informative.

Silvana De Angelis

I think I’ve read that Billy have meet with a group of Native elders and he said that they agreed in most points, so perhaps the Natives will do a good job in spreading the teachings of Creation. Or only wishful thinking …

Daniel Leech

Have you ever heard or read of anything like this Michael in CR’s I havn’t? With respect what could a ‘native elder’ possibly have of any value to say about anything frankly compared to what humans indigenously from another world who live 10x the length of our lives witnessing 30-40 of our generations would have to say, and what about all the others in the federations which visit and which are rarely ever reported to exist.

When we live for a thousand years ‘natively’ and not aided by organ transplants, then we’ll be living within the creative natural laws.

Vincent Kentfield

Animal agriculture is a big player in terms of environmental destruction. Given Meier’s and some Pleiadian views on veganism and vegetarianism i wouldn’t think this would interest anybody here who participates on this blog.

Matt Knight

Hi Vincent,

Growing palm for oil and using fertilizers on crops are also very big players in terms of environmental destruction. Unlike palm which degrades, animal waste does enrich soil. Studies in Australia have shown that more sentient creatures are killed per kilogram of usable protein in crop farming than in animal farming:

The problem is not down to meat-eaters, vegetarians, or, vegans; it’s down to overpopulation and every human of every persuasion, using cars to go anywhere, travelling the world to destroy the next sacred place of beauty and not closing borders to those who would rather have their family die from lack of resources and education than have no family at all. It’s basically too late.

Daniel Leech

True Vincent, but any civilisation in the universe merely unfolding in a somewhat conservative normal wise has a footprint, even the world Ptaah describes that has an economy based around many locally growing fruits which are harvested by hand on each meal has a footprint.

To learn everything we need and go through the vast variety of lessons we require takes time and a lot of energy, resources, requirements, struggles, consumptions, mistakes etc. It’s slightly different however when extraterrestrials settle a world which already has its own Neanderthals, degenerate after exploding a world and then have their life limit capped to 7 Plejaren equivalent years and then are expected to learn a lot while simultaneously caring for the vulnerable and on top of that develop high technology to get them out of the mess they got themselves into and do it all before their 70th birthday.

Daniel Leech

There are 6 references there. 7 plejaren years is in cr184. degenerated and exploded world is cr4 and cr251. Fruit economy is cr345. Neanderthal cr70. Settled cr238. Capped cr219.

Daniel Leech

Have you never done that on your blog here before Michael? If not thank you for your honesty, I’m looking to actually solve some of the mysteries contained in the contact reports if you don’t mind.

Vincent Kentfield

I am aware that the practice of veganism is not perfect regarding the killing of sentient creatures, and i certainly don’t profess that it is an ideal situation for everybody to adopt. A large amount of crops which are grown are used for animal feed, not for humans to consume directly. The Amazon rainforest has been devastated by logging companies to make way for cattle and to grow soya beans, again most of the soya beans are turned into animal feed.

I have never learned to drive, no interest in it either. It makes me extremely depressed and i have a huge feeling of hopelessness even when i leave my home, and i am literally harangued by motor vehicles, just can’t get away from them. Don’t have the finance to relocate to a more greener and peaceful location.

Vincent Kentfield

I felt depressed and hopeless before I became a vegan never mind before becoming vegetarian. Are you basing your idea that meat will somehow make me less of a victim on a viewpoint of a few Pleiadians? Please don’t insult me telling me that I need to consume animal products. This would make me feel even worse of a person in doing so.

Vincent Kentfield

Can’t think of any established vegan cultures. The word vegan was only coined in 1944 by Donald Watson, therefore it is difficult to find any empirical evidence of such cultures. A move towards a vegan diet would help the environment, and alleviate the suffering of milllions of animals, and aid the spiritual growth of mankind through not ingesting violence.

I wonder what the Pleiadians and other vastly intelligent races think of such an idea? Probably very much in favour i would think. Or would they be as feebleminded as me because they don’t consume animal flesh? Rotten burgers all around, by order of Mr. Horn the great and wise leader.

Wyatt Clancy

The pennysleuth link doesn’t seem to link to whatever you intended it for, but the first article you see on it “America is going broke, and nobody cares”, is quite good.

Wyatt Clancy

Also, I’ll just sneak this in here, since its important for the USamerican readers here to see. “an electric grid failure the US Department of Energy claims is imminent, according to Michigan Technological University professor Joshua M. Pearce”

Jedaiah Ramnarine

And it is the law of nature that animals must be killed in order for the human being to have meat. Exactly the same is happening out in nature. Based on natural law it is a proper thing if the human being eats meat, in the same way that various predators and other animals –even vegetarian animals like some species of apes– eat meat.

This part reminded me of some parts in this video, where one can observe nature in its freedom. Mainly around 2 and 3 minute markers.

Jedaiah Ramnarine

I’ll take a quarter pounder, with cheese. Really though, the effects of veganism and vegetarianism can be seen simply by the attitude of the majority of said lifestyle choosers. It generally comes across as unbalanced, passive and overall, weak.

John Webster

I thought I’d offer this link – – simply because of the title MH applied to this blog entry. I have spent considerable time at this, if for nothing else, another window of reference from an intelligent source.