Las Vegas Shooting Core Questions

Casino surveillance camera footage should resolve conspiracy concerns

When something as shocking as the Las Vegas shootings occur, all sorts of conspiracy theories quickly arise. In watching the news on a couple of major TV stations yesterday, I caught an interview with a security expert, whose name I didn’t get. He made a couple of points that would seem to be essential in determining important facts about the shooter and if any other parties were involved.

He pointed out that casinos, like the Mandalay, have such good security camera surveillance, virtually everywhere, that law enforcement agencies often come to assess and learn from them. With the shooter having stayed at the casino for several days, there should be ample footage that would, that should, show him in possession of the weapons, of bringing them in, or receiving them, whatever the case may be.

We can assume that the camera footage is being examined and should answer these key questions. While this will take time, if it isn’t at least being shown and credibly discussed – soon – concerns about the official story will arise, or increase.

The security expert also said that the shooter would have to have had firearms training, or a good deal of shooting experience, in order to have been able to do this. I don’t know for certain, perhaps just being able to rain bullets down on a congested crowd gave him great odds at doing significant damage. This seems certain to also be an important element in determining the truth.

Also, yesterday’s blog, which was posted a few hours before the shooting, linked to this information:

Q: How many IS “sleepers” and/or terrorists are there in the US?

A: What Florena has brought me regarding information from Ptaah, is the following, namely, that on December 31, 2016 the Plejaren had accurate knowledge that in the United States 1,407 IS “sleepers” were present, while further Plejaren information regarding potential terrorists of other domestic and foreign groups, who do not belong to the Islamist State, were calculated to be well over 171,000, in which case these others were usually terroristicly indoctrinated lone perpetrators, as however also of a psychopathic and psychically confused nature.






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  1. NOTE: Several people are having trouble posting comments, Nate will look into it.

    Here’s one from Melissa:

    I feel like they are feeding us tiny bits of information and it sounds like a fantasy novel or Hollywood movie. I have an extremely hard time believing that the girlfriend had no knowledge of all the weapons he had. They said he was stock piling for years. Something just doesn’t add up with this story. Unless he was hiding them in a storage unit or some empty house he owned, she would have had to known he was buying and modifying those weapons. You need machinery and tools to modify weapons and I find it highly unlikely that he would have done that in a storage unit or empty house. He spent most of his time playing the slot machines according to people who knew him. An average everyday citizen wouldn’t have the tactical knowledge to pull this off. It smells more like a well-planned professional job to me.
    After watching some of the videos of the massacre, I’m horrified at the total lack of conscience of whoever was capable of this heinous crime. The lack of empathy and compassion for human life is so very disturbing to me.

    1. Yes Melissa, the state of human affairs does paint a picture of ‘disturbing times’ … whenever anyone, male or female, violently lashes out against society, it tells me there is a complete lack of Love in the person’s life. When there’s no love, there’s imbalance, fear and turmoil. It seems for every action, be it negative or positive, there’s a REaction, and I question whether any time-honoured institution could ever bring about a more balanced, desired resolve. It’s really up to every individual to manage their own sovereignty.

  2. The various mystery schools love their symbology. The grand masters & high members do not distance themselves from religion or politics, etc. There are things to consider when this kind of stuff happens to us. The 32nd floor, next to the pyramid, the same day that monarch airline closed the doors. This smells of the typical Manchurian Candidate and hegillian principle played out as usual. This guy could not have done this by himself & it is doubtful that he even had anything to do with it; just a scapegoat.

  3. This new body language reading video of Stephen Paddock’s brother suggests the family were anti-trump, entitiled, rich, libtards who thought their righteous indignation about the “masses” could be put on a gold-card with a side of fries and mass murder.

    He admits he knew “Steve” had bump stocks like it’s a game. Disturbing. His brother speaks as if he’s either outraged that his brother actually acted out on all the empty excessive threats they made whilst putting the redneck country to rights, or, that so many should now be asking about it as they’re all “sheep”:

    1. To me one of the weirdest things is that this guy is busy giving media interviews, and seemingly enjoying playing it all up, when his…brother’s not only killed and wounded hundreds of people but ostensibly killed himself.

      What ever happened to people dealing with grief, shock, etc., in the privacy of their homes, with their families, etc.? Maybe it’s just another case of the hyper-idiotic American syndrome of needing to be on-camera, “famous”, etc., as a substitute for self-reflection, dealing with life, etc.

      1. He appears to be too busy covering up their true political persuasions (extreme-left) so that they dont harm the left, or, maybe the powder he’s still partying off of “Steve’s” generosity. They better make sure they keep that powder well away from Steve’s ashes.

      2. Well all, consider all of the stuff that isn’t mentioned while he’s still holding his cup standing outside his house fielding questions by media that I’m sure is already hounding him. Also, it sounds like he’s being hounded by a lot of other people based on the comments he is making. And, since we’re in the internet age, he probably read and watched all of the looney stuff going around the internet theorizing about everything.

        I didn’t like this video in particular since she goes off the handle a few times beyond analyzing what he’s saying and inserting a particular theory. His “prepared” talking is probably because he’s thought about saying something and went over his had over and over again.

        If there is anything to take away is how powerful the might of thoughts are and what people do to influence that in mostly unconscious ways. Whether it is the presence of all the cameras, the ubiquitous nature of communication where you can hear any theory about into your computer, or people trying do analysis with no-cebos.

        “So, it can be said that placebo and nocebo preparations are essentially the same, however, are fundamentally different in their effect, exactly in accord with that which the patients, when they take such preparations, imagine in relation to the effect.

        With the taking of nocebo preparations, which are truly also placebos, negative effects such as pain and suffering are caused as a result of the patient’s negative imagination, therefore exactly theopposite of that which occurs when placebos, which are assumed to be means of healing, are taken.”

        1. Well, Ned,

          As Jed also fails to fully comprehend yet, based on his aggressive responses to me for wanting to be “right”, citing the teaching is no substitute for actual thinking and experiencing:

          Bruce Paddock arrested:

          “Cruz described Bruce as a drug user, who sold meth and weed.”:

          Please don’t be like Jed and become a jealous hater of someone’s ability to check and recognise actual facts and share these. That would be going backwards.

          1. ” citing the teaching is no substitute for actual thinking and experiencing”

            — From the words of someone who has never studied the teachings. Sad, because the true solution for every problem on earth is in there, really. Maybe one day you’ll get around to experiencing it yourself and perhaps, stop being so incredibly insecure.

            Cheers mate.

          2. I don’t know but I find Matt’s latest comments to be hilarious :D. Is he trolling or is the insecurity / projection that bad?

            “Please don’t be like Jed and become a jealous hater of someone’s ability to check and recognise actual facts and share these”

            …BTW we can sit here and talk about the problems all day (which, I’d think by now, we get it) or we can focus on the solution = (living, breathing, being the spirit teachings)

            Up 2 you.

          3. Maybe start by calming down and not lying about you think I’ve not done and know, Jed. I’ve never accused you of such things. Pretty low. Ego much?

        1. Its the new world order Matthew Reed, the new class system, new social order the Plejaren talked about, very similar to the old world but where the common man somehow has more than he had before but don’t ask me to explain how at the moment because i’m chilling out at the moment if that makes sense.

  4. It does seem like a Hollywood movie. Something fishy: DNC cheaters, Gasoline prices, NRA guidelines, Manchurian Candidates (Frank Sinatra was in that one), Global fraud, Fake Foundations etc. etc. etc. Pure aggression and competition are almost worshiped but don’t kneel when our song is playing!

    Gewalt: the falling out of the good behavior that it is to be a human being.

    Either the shooter or perpetrator are pointing this (GEWALT) out very blatantly. It is a product of overpopulation the PRIMARY cause of 75% of the Earth’s problems.

    The solution will start with us folks, we will have to figure out a solution to this problem and implement it.


    PS> Peace Meditation today do it for yourself. We will see this more and more, just like the weather and earthquake swarms we have been experiencing. They are connected, don’t you wonder why? I guess if you have your nose in an Iphone or computer all day you don’t think to ask.

      1. I heard a radio report last night that the stocks of five companies, gun, munition and security system manufacturers, all went up beginning on 9/11 to Oct. 1. There appears to have been some insider knowledge.

        1. I’d rather be the first in line to die (i.e be without defence) than to revolve my evolution around security systems (including thinly veiled insults) and weaponry. I don’t subscribe to any ‘theory’ that it was there goal somehow, to me it would make a bad investment that is what I mean. It doesn’t take 5 minutes for a reasonable person to embarrass a paranoid individual with even a gesture they didn’t even mean to do but it seemed derogatory they’re so paranoid if you see what I mean. I prefer just living confidently, there is enough trouble in the world to not worry so much about these things.

          1. My theory about the las vegas shooter is that he listened to too much noise music like heavy rock with big headphones and soaked in it too much combined with too much of the free media s*** available with the new freedoms of the new class system. The new world order gives us many new freedoms we’ve never had before in history, but unfortunately some people take that liberty to mean they can now destroy their psyche.

          2. Its written prerogative in the UK. Good luck in finding the truth Sheila I can’t even begin to tell you how complicated it is.

          3. Stop it. The truth is not complicated. The truth is NEVER complicated.

            YOU are making it complicated with interpretations, assumptions and endlessly looping philosophies and poetical intrigue.

            It’s a phase and a common problem of many new age hipsters and so called shamans etc.

            “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
            Albert Einstein

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