Is the Mandalay Also Liable?

Could explain conspicuous absence of media mention

While the shooter was clearly responsible for his dreadful actions, what is the Mandalay’s responsibility here for failing to detect the weapons and threat, and protect the public? After all, their surveillance systems rival those of law enforcement agencies, and going to such great lengths to keep track of their guests and customers, their behavior and their movements, must bestow some obligation on them to the public interest, and safety, as well.

So far, the relevant surveillance videos haven’t been made public. They’re probably under review by law enforcement agencies. But while the casinos care mainly about the millions, and billions, of dollars that flow to and trough them, certainly this Las Vegas casino should now be held accountable for damages that may have resulted through their...negligence.

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  1. What I meant in my last blog is any department stores,malls supermarkets etc, any where there are crowds of people big or small where terrorist and any other shooters might try to kill and maim as many people as they possibly can etc?

  2. We are all in one way or another responsible for the area we live in. We live in a sue-crazy litigious society, I think this is the plan, to bring about a kangaroo court to give protection to those who need it more and more: politicians!

    We live in the land of the privileged, just like we can order pizza or an uber at our door in meer minutes or order a book from Amazon in the morning and get it in the afternoon. Folks want it all NOW!

    If we made Mandalay liable, which as I mentioned before; EVERYONE is liable… then they would have cameras in the bathroom and bedrooms of every room, linen closet and window of every supposedly private space in the world and according to Edward Snowden, it is possible!

    Indeed we are all responsible for the actions of our countrymen! We need to show them the way to be, to be the person we wish to live with and find harmony unless there is no other way around the problems facing us in this time of lack of resources, lack of arable land, lack of jobs, lack of teachers who understand they don’t need to be sergeants but, rather; teach us what we want to learn regardless of the contents of some petty exam created by those who do not DO the thing they TEACH! Tell me what the department of education has done to help this problem except make therapist wealthy with students so over taxed with overcharged tuitions and burdened with books spouting un-truths as factual and intimidating the students?

    We, the true human beings of this world need to be empathetic and thoughtful to the needs and actions of others. Rather than changing the channel and watching some flippant sit-com we should be communicating about reality rather than fantasy and hate. A truethly democratic Senate capable of thinking beyond the need for a new boat house or summer cottage in the Hamptons. Software that kills people in cold blood while giving points for killing and maiming would be banned and harmony and peace would have better fertile ground to reign. Fat chance for that happening. Why? Because folks have been told lies from war mongering liars and psychopaths so prevalent in our society that they are worshiped and the average human being thinks that is the right thing to do. They might say: “Our god sent us” and all that BS. It does appear the solution is beyond harmony and empathy and becomes actionable. Those in the clandestine black factions of our government spending 500 BILLION of our tax dollars on who-knows-what while simultaneously enacting laws taking away MORE of our rights and then mysteriously similar illegal, immoral, intimidating, mortifying and stupid actions occur which make the point for taking away more of our rights seems WAAAAY too convenient for my taste. I only wish those that perpetrate these crimes against the very hand that feeds them, would grow a conscience (be righteous) and THINK about what they are doing rather than their own petty, perverse ulterior motives… again we are speaking about GEWALT; the falling out of the good behavior that it is to be a true human being.


  3. Knowing Isis is rampant all over the world, especially in America, citizens should be prepared for attacks in any form. Did they forget vans/bus /cars driving through crowds ? The Orlando shooting etc ? Not to mention Edward has said – catastrophic events barely imaginable to human beings . Heed his warnings or ignore them at your own peril. Whether the event was home grown or the deep state, or Isis , it all boils down to the reaping of what has been sown.

  4. Hi Randy, That is why Edward Snowden has stated that if we use upgrades on our computers the NSA and all the rest of those fools in congress and so on would spy on our rights to privacy,that is why I don`t bother with emails,facebook, twitter instagram and so on. If I have anything personal to say then I use what is called “snail mail” the old fashion way of writing a letter which I just did a week ago to a foreign friend from abroad. OIne member of my other organization said if your going to write an email,just don`t write anything personal in your email but that was before Edward Snowden came out with the revalation that the NSA are spying on all of us US citizens. I was going to use outlook Express just before Trump became president but when I heard that Trump and all of his cronies and the cabals and spy on us innocent human beings,I resided not to use Outlook Express and use emails to write emails. Randy, we are loosing all our rignts to free speech and the rights to our privacy,in other words we are loosing our constitution right to free speech the First Amendment and Fourth Amendment the right to privacy and all the rest of our US Constitution and Bill of Rights,etc,etc,etc, thanks yo the stupidity of this no-nothing savage primitive moronic civilization called Earth!

    1. The internet can be a safe place so long as you max out your security and put strange characters in your long passwords! Of course the agencies can access you but they will take the path of least resistance. Make it hard for them to pop your box, stay off Google, which is now Yahoo. Snowden mentioned in a VICE segment last year or so that the three and four letter agencies can bug an entire hotel within moments, say like an act of war or intense fire. He also mentioned your cell phone is your “castle” and is a ripe for the picking honeypot of data about you: GPS, voice data, what you know who you know while the phone is supposedly off, Live camera while the phone is off and battery is out I understand! I mean the guy left a $250,000 a year job to follow his conscience; a thing very rare these days. We are also losing our right to bear arms, in fact we are commenting on it. Our second amendment (right to bear arms) is being taken away one massacre after another. The clandestine agencies have the ability to control certain brains with voice, smells, drugs, psy-ops etc etc etc and we are wholly unaware of it. Look at the Iraq war, they just surrendered! The only “weapons” visable were giant speakers.

      In Switzerland, a neutral country: each Canton (State) has a separate government with separate laws pertaining to those individuals living in the Canton. Every man attends military service till he is twenty eight years old. He has access to a government supplied gun is taught how to use it and is allowed to bring it home. Folks will say they can’t buy ammunition but that is BS haven’t you heard of the internet or reloading gear? Here in the USA they use Grand Theft Auto to teach the players to put a cap in his A$$ and steal this and that while killing the whole way. There is no line between right and wrong and gives those who use it the wrong idea about might or power. Might does not make right if it starts from an evil and inconsiderate starting point. Perfect practice makes perfect.
      Q.) What does that do to the Psyche of the human being?:
      A.) Asartungen and Gewalt. Asartungen: the falling out of the good behavior that it is to be human. Gewalt: using all resources of the human being, both consciousness, awareness, physical and fine matter to enact both consciously and un-consciously the actions we see similar to the Las Vegas terror attack. Yes it caused terror. It was terroristic but do they say that. And why does no perpetrator ever survive these miserable actions? They cannot pull the wool over your eyes if you don’t think like a sheep! Notice I did not use the word “act” because we have enough of those. Realists and honorable folks… that’s what we need now!


  5. It certanly looks like this world will not make it to the next stage of evolution if we don`t learn to watch our backs and grow up to become more advanced spiritually,scientifically,educationally etc, as BEAM has given us all that we need to learn to grow and evolve like the Timarians and the Errans have learned so very very long ago to do away with crimes, terrorism,diseases,hate and so on. The law of Creation requires us to learn to love, with peace in our herats, with freedom,harmony,logic, reason and the to be rational in our minds and to learn to love and respect each other in good will,otherwise we won`t make it to the next stage of evolution like the Ps have done eons ago.

  6. Hi Randy, Why do we have to type such hard complicated passwords that nobody can ever remember,why not iris scans,thumb,finger handprints or even better use the old cable box credit card that would save such non-tech guys such as me hard to remember passwords that you have to type up,put away somewhere incase you can`t remember your password?

  7. To shift focus from danger and catastrophes, we could debate the why of some cultural and artistic views expressed by the Ps through Beam. I read that the music of Earth is considered not harmonic and noisy … But is it all that? There is a lot of noisy music, but we also have beautiful songs and melodies that can be sung a capella or with softer instruments … There are very good instrumental and vocal music. And it surprises me that there on planet Erra, instead of a museum with paintings, songs or sculptures (pictures) of the Earth. .. someone from there negotiates and takes cars to that world…. “Museum of Earth Cars” … On Erra… ? Is that artifacts all anyone interested in?.

    1. Meier said that the Plejaren music closest to ours was similar to three classical pieces, so that affirms that we have beautiful music too. They were mainly talking about the dissonance of much contemporary music.

      We don’t know if/how they display terrestrial arts. we do know that Meier saw some of their paintings, which rivaled nature in realism. Also, they may have “made” the cars through their technologies, or purchased them on Earth somehow.

      1. Doesn’t Quetzel have a museum full of weird and wonderful transport from around the universe? I’m sure that BM has seen many of them when he visited Quetzels home.


        Gordon Barnes

  8. NOTE: It seems like some posts, from a variety of people, end up in the spam folder, for no known reason. I’m trying to find and restore them. If you submit a post and find it hasn’t appeared, let me know and I will search for it.


    This one is from Bob Wiegand:

    Truth is stranger than fiction, most can’t handle the truth, those of you here say you want the truth, but do you? There is a price to pay for it, and you won’t like what you see. If you really want to know the truth – you will lose your job, wife/husband, family, friends, associates – your doors will be shut and you will pay the price of financial ruin to know the real truth. There is a very dark hand or time period that has been activated so to speak over the earth – RIGHT NOW the object is to take out USA – PERIOD – Realize Once Billy dies, the P’s are gone – for centuries – NO contact with the core group ever! – SO – this will come, The Casinos will install metal detectors and Back . x-ray machines now – give it between now and 90 days. They will claim for insurance reasons. These will expand to train stations, bus stations, post office, it will become normal. Gun legislation will make no headway with TRUMP. But, places can be gun free zones. MGM CEO Jim Murren, is a man who sees the world through pink glasses made in communist China – he supports CAIRE – ANTIFA – LEAGUE OF UNITED LATIN AMERICAN CITIZENS – NAACP – ORGANIZATION FOR CHINESE AMERICANS – COUNCIL ON AMERICAN ISLAMIC RESIDENTS – HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN – SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER run by his PHILANTHROPY AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT FUND. groups that are radical groups and publicly matches any donations of hotel staff to these organizations. His wife worked in the Obama Administration. Several shooters on the ground and about the 10th floor of Mandalay KEPT THE PEOPLE MOVING LIKE CATTLE. The people ran from location to location being corralled like cattle to keep them out in the open. Hillary Clinton immediate TWEATS shooter used a silencer. So, when did she fight in a war, oh yeah she got SEAL’s killed and a ambassador and a sitting ruler of Libya and at least 1million civilians voting for war after 911. Paul Ryan pulls the bill relaxing rules on silencers immediately. The weapons were AR-10 308/7.62 caliber – that thud thud sound are these big heavy bullets firing at a slower cyclical rate than AR-15 or 22. AR-15’s were used at close range and shooters would circle and force the crowds away from protected areas. Full Auto firing would burn out a silencer and bullets would fly out of barrel widely. Photo’s of the dead guy and his guns shows no silencers. I say the dead guy was put there – no shots came from 32nd floor – killings were in areas that location had no angle for. Door was blown open so the HRT can say 3 things 1. Suicide, 2. Blast killed, 3. HRT shot him. I say this is run like the JFK Killing with the Patsy being shot before making it to squad car. He stated to press he was a Patsy. I went to the window said he shot JFK from, I am an expert shooter, impossible shot – would take a 10,000 weapon to make that shot – BUT EVEN THEN IT WOULD NOT HIT TARGET – CAR WAS MOVING TO FAST AND ANGLE OF BULLET WOULD IS WRONG. As for weapons – 23 guns and bullets and gear in the hotel room can total from 50k – 100k depending on scopes and number of rounds. While you all argue points AND WORDs and WHO is gay and who is LGBYTQF… and who is not, the culprits are running right over us. WE HAVE NO POWER to do anything and Billy states this TOO! If this post bothers you, then, you need to evaluate why you even read anything Billy puts out. These are the details of the coming about of the HENOCH PROPHECIES.

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