Could explain conspicuous absence of media mention

While the shooter was clearly responsible for his dreadful actions, what is the Mandalay’s responsibility here for failing to detect the weapons and threat, and protect the public? After all, their surveillance systems rival those of law enforcement agencies, and going to such great lengths to keep track of their guests and customers, their behavior and their movements, must bestow some obligation on them to the public interest, and safety, as well.

So far, the relevant surveillance videos haven’t been made public. They’re probably under review by law enforcement agencies. But while the casinos care mainly about the millions, and billions, of dollars that flow to and trough them, certainly this Las Vegas casino should now be held accountable for damages that may have resulted through their...negligence.

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  • Another thing I heard was that this shooter was also planning io go to Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and kill and maim as many people as he possibly can in other cities,the guy must have been on hard drugs,who knows?

  • It’s really hard to ascertained what motivated this man to commit such a crime. Articles I read doesn’t add up to anything. This event overshadowed what happened in Edmonton last weekend.The lunacy is everywhere and it’s intensifying.
    And the article about the lack of surveillance on hotel hallways…that’s where you meet strangers! Good or bad…anything can happened. Why would anyone would want to work on such a place when your employer cannot guarantee your safety. Those janitors, housekeepers are not there to police the hallways. They will think of their own safety. I always feel uneasy whenever I need to use a hotel during my travel.

    • Hi Dolly there was surveillance but they just don’t want to share that info. I remember reading in a contact report that out of the 176 failed terrorist attempts on U.S. soil between 2001-2015 only 6 CANNOT be traced back to the NSA, CIA, FBI. So I would suspect he may have been the military accountant that fudged the books and needed to be gotten rid of. He worked for one of the major US arms dealers from 1985 to 1988.

      • Bingo Sheila—not to mention all the new regulations and invasions of privacy that will come from this attack.

  • While the whole incident is terrible and sad ,I think people hereafter must think twice before being part of large gatherings.

        • NOTE: This person provided a fake name and email. However, I will post this content, which others may check for accuracy, as I am traveling now. However, I won’t post any further comments from this person:


          Contact Report 670 line 145 reads “…tragedies with many deaths, as will be more and more the case in schools, and so forth, caused by psychologically disturbed perpetrators, as well as by terrorist assassinations at public events and gatherings of human beings.”
          Contact Report 229 ‘Jeremias predictions’ reads “…legions of soldiers and fanatics obsessed with terror will massacre innumerable innocent human beings, and the cult believers will persecute and strangle anyone who seeks and recognizes the truth.”
          Contact Report 71 line 37 reads “…the abuse of terrorists will rise greatly and change over to new murder tactics”
          Prophetien und Voraussagen Book Monday, 9th February 1976, 01:30 AM reads “…massacres [of] the faithful, their priesthoods, the bishops, cardinals and their cohorts. Their blood flows on the plaza of Peter’s dome; for error-teaching, cult and madness, a very hard reward. For the Pope himself a most terrible end is nearing, by the executioner of the anti-Logos, with the red beard. Only through help the Pope flees from death, so he sees France, Switzerland and Germany. The cult religion will be destroyed and erased, which so long has panted after Man’s possessions.”
          Contact Report 150 line 324 reads “…insane extremists of terroristic character come onto the scene in the smallest groups, who stage hi-jackings, take over and occupy embassies and schools and administrative buildings, murder human beings, in order to cash in on amounts in the millions of extorted funds in exchange, so that afterwards, they can live a happy and comfortable life. Those responsible ones of the nations assist this riff-raff in that they fall for the extortions, on the one hand, but then carry out similar actions themselves on the other hand, while it is at their disposal, that they have a damned lot of power and use it to also start up wars, for which they can also use the damned religions in this regard, especially the Christian churches, which of their own do not truly like to have peace. But with all means they aim for and defend the fact, that the nations of Earth has set up warring armies and manufacture, accumulate and store war materials, in order to conduct war, while always under the cover of the peculiar and insane screams, that according to a god’s order, peace and also love would have to prevail on Earth with the execution of the actions. If one confronts these idiots and power clowns with this fact, the answer that every nation would need its own army with suitable weapons develops a demand, in order to defend itself against enemies breaking in. An idiocy without equal…”

  • After the shooterinsident in Lios Vegas come more bad news from Canada about 3 men who were radicalized by ISIS to bomb New York City cincert venues, Times Square with crowds and subway trains! Fortunately the FBI and the New York police have been investigating this for several months and finally manage to thwart this terror attack in New York City.

  • I don’t know about this one Michael.
    If we were to consider these moron parents who sued Macdonalds for making their kids fat whilst being abjectly oblivious to their self responsibility in being informed enough not to feed their kids rubbish food but also no one having forced them to.
    Another thing is if Freddy got severely injured by being struck with the knife that the would be assassin behind the bushes had thrown which thankfully or rather unfortunately hit Billy then should Billy be liable for not surveilling SSSC enough for that to happen to Freddy and would he be culpable in failing to provide his duty of care to Freddy.
    My assessment of the situation is that although this heinous crime is in no way justified nor am I blaming the victims I do tend to think that in an era of terrorism people should be more concerned about their family and their own safety rather than to lead their so called ‘way of life’, whatever this stupid statement supposed to mean and habitual seeking of entertainment at all cost, they would’ve been better to avoid places where there are large gatherings of people.
    These shooting sprees will happen so much more in the immediate future as one copy cat after another whether on new years day, in shopping centres, drive by shootings on a busy street, football matches especially on grand final day, the olympics, tour de France, tennis matches, golf tournaments, in stadiums, and so on people should avoid places where there are large gatherings of people if they truly care about their own safety.
    I am not saying that people should cower down in fear and stop everything they do in life but its about time people acted more sensibly or at least go to venues with tighter security.

  • I just came back from a supermarket,does this also include supermarkets and cothing stores too that have large crowds shopping for food and clothing,etc,etc,etc?

  • MH Off-Topic , Please tie this corroborated evidence somewhere in your archives (if you don’t already have this Info)
    Date/time of contact: Thursday, January 10th, 1977
    6. 1) Severest earthquakes, in their extent worse than anything since 900 years before, will shake the Earth from 1977 till far into the future and far into the third millennium and change the surface of the planet and its climate.
    7. The number of the deaths will be much higher than in the last 50 years prior to 1976
    8. Due to submarine volcanoes, new islands will be formed, whereby our analysis reveals that the first island of this type will emerge near Japan.

    And the Corroborated evedence below as follows.

  • What I meant in my last blog is any department stores,malls supermarkets etc, any where there are crowds of people big or small where terrorist and any other shooters might try to kill and maim as many people as they possibly can etc?

  • We are all in one way or another responsible for the area we live in. We live in a sue-crazy litigious society, I think this is the plan, to bring about a kangaroo court to give protection to those who need it more and more: politicians!

    We live in the land of the privileged, just like we can order pizza or an uber at our door in meer minutes or order a book from Amazon in the morning and get it in the afternoon. Folks want it all NOW!

    If we made Mandalay liable, which as I mentioned before; EVERYONE is liable… then they would have cameras in the bathroom and bedrooms of every room, linen closet and window of every supposedly private space in the world and according to Edward Snowden, it is possible!

    Indeed we are all responsible for the actions of our countrymen! We need to show them the way to be, to be the person we wish to live with and find harmony unless there is no other way around the problems facing us in this time of lack of resources, lack of arable land, lack of jobs, lack of teachers who understand they don’t need to be sergeants but, rather; teach us what we want to learn regardless of the contents of some petty exam created by those who do not DO the thing they TEACH! Tell me what the department of education has done to help this problem except make therapist wealthy with students so over taxed with overcharged tuitions and burdened with books spouting un-truths as factual and intimidating the students?

    We, the true human beings of this world need to be empathetic and thoughtful to the needs and actions of others. Rather than changing the channel and watching some flippant sit-com we should be communicating about reality rather than fantasy and hate. A truethly democratic Senate capable of thinking beyond the need for a new boat house or summer cottage in the Hamptons. Software that kills people in cold blood while giving points for killing and maiming would be banned and harmony and peace would have better fertile ground to reign. Fat chance for that happening. Why? Because folks have been told lies from war mongering liars and psychopaths so prevalent in our society that they are worshiped and the average human being thinks that is the right thing to do. They might say: “Our god sent us” and all that BS. It does appear the solution is beyond harmony and empathy and becomes actionable. Those in the clandestine black factions of our government spending 500 BILLION of our tax dollars on who-knows-what while simultaneously enacting laws taking away MORE of our rights and then mysteriously similar illegal, immoral, intimidating, mortifying and stupid actions occur which make the point for taking away more of our rights seems WAAAAY too convenient for my taste. I only wish those that perpetrate these crimes against the very hand that feeds them, would grow a conscience (be righteous) and THINK about what they are doing rather than their own petty, perverse ulterior motives… again we are speaking about GEWALT; the falling out of the good behavior that it is to be a true human being.


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