As Billy Meier’s 1975 warnings about La Palma volcano loom

There are new reports of seismic activity on La Palma. Not surprisingly for those who’ve actually paid attention to the information from Billy Meier, it presages the huge, cataclysmic event Meier warned about…32 years ago. How soon, and how large, the actual event may be is not yet known. That the volcano will erupt, and cause much damage, is a certainty.

Evacuation Plans for East Coast?

The warning and advice from the Plejaren to grade down the western facing side of the volcano was ignored, of course. Now, based on the possibility of a worse-case scenario, inhabitants of all coastal areas that could be affected should be warned and have contingency plans.

Depending on the severity of the eruption, when it occurs, damage could be anywhere from moderate to unprecedented.

Cause and Effect

The coming earthquakes, seaquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc., the already upon us and long warned of fires and firestorms, will doubtlessly now occur, along with the terrorism, geo-political upheaval, wars, famines, etc.

Equally doubtlessly, the so-called “experts”, the media, phony leaders, politicians, pundits and bought-off scientists, the skeptical clowns and know-it-alls, will ignore and continue to suppress any mention, or recognition, of this vast body of specific, unerringly, prophetically accurate information, which fulfills because of human ignorance.

The abysmally religiously deluded, as well as the politically, terminally hypnotized, hamster wheel mentality folk, all suffering from and perpetuating exactly the kind of dead-end, illogical, emotionalized, fearful and defiantly stubborn, arrogant thinking, denial and behavior that has created the majority of humanity’s problems – and complete lack of willingness to learn, adapt and correct these tendencies – would literally rather die than face the truth.

Be careful what you wish for, as the saying goes.

The prophecies, like the immutable Law of Cause and Effect upon which they are based…cannot be fooled, cheated, or prayed away to imaginary, non-existent deities and saviors. Suffer if you like with the realization that, contrary to reality, had any God existed, it would have been the willful source of all these scourges and pleading, before or after the fact, for “mercy” to any sadist is a rather futile endeavor. Logic and belief mix as well as oil and water.

It Doesn’t Matter

For those who’ve come to the realization that the only real answers now are to be found in the study and application of the spiritual teaching, we know that we will do our best, in every way and circumstance, to be of assistance to ourselves and others. We also know that, despite still trying to reach others who may be ready to really wake up, in a sense…it doesn’t matter.

Those now who truly want to know the way to live need only choose to do so, in order to find it. Some may be among the survivors of our extremely, and still unimaginably huge and costly, mistakes.

And to them it may matter, greatly .


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    • Hi Terry,

      As I mentioned in my new blog, there are technical updates being down to the blog that may interfere with accessing parts of the blog.

    • Hi Terry
      It seems you may have a bug in your system. If you do not have a anti-vrius and a spy-ware remover please get one. If for some reason you can’t backup your wanted documents, format and re-install your os. IMPORTANT do not buy anything over the internet when your computer is acting up. You are being Phished.

      Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

    • No, and why should they? They’ve long explained that knowing certain specific things would be unhelpful. It’s mentioned in Contact 251 (


      I did not notice any mistakes, other than typing errors. One thing that was not quite correct, though, was the chronological order of events; but I assume you did this for a purpose so no specific years and other calculations of time could be gleaned from the data. I, for one, find this very sensible. In some places you repeated yourself, for example, when you advanced the time of an event and then repeated it at the proper place.

  • I don`t know if you`v heard about all the wildfires now happening all over the state of California MH. Could this and all the hurricanes,tornados now happening all over the US etc be tide into those ominous predictions now taking shape here in the US and elswhere around the planet? No dates given but this but this could clearly be the start of something bad and awful so Billy and the Ps warned us about but no dates given which seems to be getting closer,however there is one very very glaring omission which never ever get`s mentioned and that is “overpopulation” which nobody wants to talk about anywhere,etc,etc,etc!

  • It would be very useful to know the year. A person could then shout from the rooftops , instead of telling about it and 30 years pass and it hasn’t happened. Say it was this year, and a person spread the warning like wildfire , after the event people would wonder how did you know? Enter stage right The edward Meier Contacts, they begin reading, they begin learning, act 2 the world starts to change. Instead of speaking about an event that could be 100 years away.

    • Here lies the common issue assuming that knowing the exact times would make a difference and Meier would be celebrated as some hero or deity and or FIGU along with him.

      This is exactly what people want, sometimes unconsciously. Some trailblazer or savior. It’s also not what will actually save earth or turn people to the teaching the correct way.

      There are more than enough accurate predictions from Meier and events etc that have been called.

      Why do you need anything more? We should be passed waiting on signs and wonder. It’s time to turn to the real cure. And that can only be found by living ones life according to the teachings. That’s also the only thing that can wake people up.

      Unfortunately you live on earth, and earth is very stupid and unevolved. They need to feel the fire to understand why it burns before they can appreciate the material.

    • “a person could then shout from the rooftops, instead of telling about it and 30 years pass and it hasn’t happened”. Including the rest of your post, those cognitions may cause a growl at you Barry. Only Michael Horn and Randolph winters have ever in history spoken about the future in a matter of fact way within the God and Alien and Prophet framework, the Disney ‘alien abductions’ documentary doesn’t count because they were all actors and liars and it’s only Michael still around and your on his blog so get his answer to it. So Michael, tell us, why is it only the Planet seeker satellite of 2025 to replace Hubble that is the only long term prediction with a date available?

      • I just want to clarify that there are probably others associated with FIGU who speak about the Meier material, etc.

        I have no idea why some things are given dates, other than to say that examples such as the telescope are not related to any specific, negative events, cataclysms, etc., and so don’t contribute to the fear, etc., that knowing the other specific dates could produce.

        • Right, good one Michael that hit nearing the right explanation. (opinion) Because the space industries are undisturbed by any other industry, in other words their economic environment and turn over of staff is exclusive to a special training and schooling which is not effected by anyone or any other circumstance, even a war or social crisis doesn’t effect the schedule of the space industries because they’re dealing with big money and there is only a few of the projects and individuals to count. Enclosed loop market (opinion)

  • Well Terry the majority will just bury their heads in the sand and when the time comes will scream “why didn’t someone warn us” to which Billy’s ghost* will call out “what do you think i have been doing for the past 80 years”.

    I wonder if the people at the center will be ok during these times of upheaval? Hope so.

    *yes i know ghosts don’t exist.


    Gordon Barnes

  • We should just prepare for 700 more years of suffering. People are stubborn and trapped in religion. I kind of don’t understand the plejaren way, I mean doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Seven times, seven prophets, same results. Humanity cannot corrupt the teachings this time but, I fear the response will be just like ancient times. They have been trying to bring the spirit teachings to earth for 13,500 years. Our world is worse than ever.

    • At that time there was no proper education …. where as now it’s far far better and all are available for free online ….

    • “We should just prepare for 700 more years of suffering.”

      — Such a bleak view. Instead of looking at it like this, see it for what it is in reality – which is 700 more years of stubborn earthlings learning the hard way. Your life still has to be lived and can be lived in peace or disharmony, regardless of the state of the world, that is your choice.

      “People are stubborn and trapped in religion.”

      — Yes, so if you know this, don’t hurt your head so much.

      “I kind of don’t understand the plejaren way, I mean doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

      — If you studied and applied the teachings, which is more or less their real purpose for being here, not pointing to lights in the sky or giving warnings for you (or anyone else) to go showboat about, then you’d understand why all of this is so difficult and why it requires so much time.

      “I fear the response will be just like ancient times. They have been trying to bring the spirit teachings to earth for 13,500 years. Our world is worse than ever.”

      — You are FUDing. The spirit teachings aren’t religious, they aren’t supposed to convert anyone. People have to see it – reject it, be burned, realized it has merit, come back to it, study it, live and experience it, apply it, form wisdom from it (See: The Seven Steps of Education) and eventually become it.

      This alone will take several hundred years living in an underdeveloped world. Instead of FUDing, I’d highly recommend you absorb the spirit teachings to its core; its roots, and take your time to understand it. This is the only way to change the world my friend and the reason why it’s taking so long.

      Well… to be fair, ‘long’ is relative. It’s only ‘long’ to us earthlings. 700 years on a universal clock is not even a nanosecond.

  • It has always been a divide , between those who are spiritual and those who are materialistic. How will it be ,if many of those spiritual people perish because of the earth upheavals and many materialist survive. We will be going backwards. Hopefully those who embrace the spiritual teachings of the Plejaren will be around to carry on.

    • Hello Claude, my opinion is that the spiritual individuals are equally dependent on those with with the strong material intellect, we’re all dependent on each other. Perhaps Michael can tell us about the evaluations the Plejaren made about the spiritual people 13 and half thousand years ago and perhaps he can dig out the information that explains some of these more complicated matters such as the short life and the religions which already existed even before the Malona was destroyed, perhaps Michaels experience can reach into the books and can untangle some of these more complicated matters for those concerned such as you Claude.

      • Actually, most of the information – most of the accurate information – can be found the same way I find it…by searching all related sites for it.

        Contact 251, already provided, indeed explained a lot about the genetically modified people, the religions, etc. Apparently, Daniel didn’t fully read, and/or understand it.

        As for things like “spiritual individuals are equally dependent on those with with the strong material intellect”, that’s sounding like another misconstrued opinion on Daniel’s part.

        As I said searching all related sites should help to clarify.

  • This is an excerpt from my own collection of information…….from over 1000s and 1000s of pages of info i had sourced , weeded out and collected over 35 years . Sorry i havent got time at the moment to give you the information of the primary contact information.

    2021 CE Few if any recognise that yourselves are the initiators of all evil and catastrophes which are rampant on your world, whereby you have created the real cause in that you have driven your overpopulation into ever higher numbers and drive it higher still.[130]
    2020 CE Sfaths Vorausschauungen was carried up to this year.[131]
    >2020 CE China transitions from solely being an economic power dependent on a global economy, into the next world power and superpower.[132]
    ?=2020 CE[133] USA relinquishes superpower[134] status due to a specific culmination of precipitating factors.[135]
    <2020 CE[136] Innumerable nations bust themselves voluntarily, socially, politically, financially, economically and morally. Ironically due paradoxically to an overflowing wealth.[137]
    <2020 CE[138] North American continent is stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded in Earth's known history.[139]
    ~2019 CE Prostitution takes on an unbelievable form of social acceptability becoming designated an honourable profession officially recognized by authorities as taxable and therefore so carried out into the public that children are not even spared from it.[140]
    ~2018 CE Enormous forest fires and gigantic hurricanes/typhoons will occur that are greater than ever recorded, but not by a fantasy amount more than historical.[141]
    ~2017 CE Terrorist machinations climbs beyond measure in diverse countries.[142]

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