New on-air Q&A about the Billy Meier UFO case

A new, live, hour-long, Q&A show will debut on Tuesday, October 17, at 7:00 PM, PST. The link will be provided one day before the show.

The focus of the show will be on the evidence, information and prophecies in the Billy Meier UFO case. Much of the focus will be on the now almost ceaseless fulfillment of Meier’s prophetic information regarding the environmental upheaval, geopolitical events, including terrorism, wars, the refugee crisis, etc., and how we can prepare for the coming times, with the assistance of the non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching.

Submit Your Questions Now!

You are invited to submit your questions now to either:

Questions will be responded to in the order they are received. And, because many questions are expected, and not all may be answered during the show, they will be kept in the order they are received and addressed on subsequent shows.

The show will have a live chat room feature as well.

Special Guests!

From time to time I will interview special guests, such as aerospace professionals, independent investigators, etc., who have already determined for themselves that the Billy Meier UFO case is singularly authentic.


Invitations will also be sent to prominent skeptics who’ve claimed that the Meier case is a hoax. They will be invited to substantiate their claims.

Stay tuned for more information!

39 comments on “Reminder – Michael Horn Live!

          • What does Beier say about feminism? But most importantly Mike and Jed what does he say about the rights of men? Why are so many more action roles in society making life so much more difficult and shorter for men than for women? Is there such a thing as masculinism?

          • Len,
            Billy talks about the oppression and inequality of women quite a bit, but I will list some FIGU articles for you below. To break it down, in a nutshell, both genders are absolutely equal and should have equal access to all areas of life. Men have absolutely dominated women for many millennia and now, through cause and effect, the women demand their equality. It was only a matter of time before the pushback started to happen. “The earth women were, unfortunately, kept away from all knowledge and all rights for many millennia, which is why they still live in this submissive role today.”
            Some men see it as an attack on their rights when they should be supporting the women in their long and overdue fight for equality. Do I think there are some who take it too far and want to squash men in their attempt to raise women up? Yes, but those people will be met with fierce opposition as they should be. However, please do not pretend that women are equally represented and treated with the same respect as men. You know that is a complete farce and holds no water. Every woman I know can tell you stories of being discriminated and looked at as subservient to men.
            Men and women are different in their nature and should openly and honestly accept those differences before any real and lasting equality can happen.



   (scroll down to equality for all)

            There are many other contact reports where Billy discusses this topic and I believe he once said that he was part of the reason feminism began or something similar to that. If I can find those contact reports, I’ll link them here.

          • I concur with Melissa whole heartedly. what about masculinism, why is it that proportionally men when having to do those dirty, tough, strong muscle jobs are required to put in more back break. There are only so many clerical office admin political and social jobs to do, so are we with feminism looking at tough women who drink beer, get dirty and work tough in the future, like men have had to proportionally more so do in the past, or should those strong working men in question now work much much less, no more heavy work for them moving forward. Thank you for the links I’ll bookmark those and read them later.

          • I do recognise there is a disparity that needs to be addressed however I think maybe in many nations now it’s swung the other way and women are becoming more “me me me” while having all the rights and opportunities and lots of tolerance has been shown but some disturbing facts have emerged surrounding the various economic needs of a society for it to continue to exist, the mountains of rubbish that tends to need to be cleaned up typically by men is one of those areas, women will have to pull their weight in the future, just saying, and women will be given plenty of time as you say it’s been going on millennia so they’ll be given plenty of time to recognise all the new duties.

          • Len,

            Two things. I was unable to verify your email, which means I also don’t have any verifiable identity for you, which is required for posting here.

            Please email me verifiable identity, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc., which will not be shared publicly. Also, nothing should be put in the URL part of the comment form if you don’t have a sites tc.


          • This is where those differences come into play and some men are not going to like the answer, but yes, men are generally physically stronger than women and have to perform more of the heavy lifting and things of that nature. It will come down to women and men accepting their differences and working in tandem with each other—a compromise if you will. You are looking at equality as a physical characteristic which can never be true because physical characteristics are different even between men. In other words, men and women are two halves that when they come together and work together make a whole. It’s like the positive and negative of a battery—your battery won’t work unless both charges work harmoniously together. Both are equally valuable and necessary for community cohesion. Men aren’t here to serve women and women aren’t here to serve men. We are here to complement each other in our quest for knowledge, wisdom, love, and evolution. An important reason I can give you to strive for women’s equality is that there is no guarantee that your next personality will be male. If you think women are equally valued and represented then go on about your business and don’t worry about it, but if not and for the sake of future women, look at it from a human equality perspective.

  • Ok I will put my timer and reminder buttons on. Hopefully I can connect, with my gaps on technical knowledge I won’t encounter some hiccups.

  • Well Ill have to stay up here in the UK but will be very worth it. Hope all goes ok Michael and looking forward to you giving those skeptics a logical telling off.



          • Thank you so much for this Michael. May I ask, if you already have the truth then why are you doing a Q and A instead of a full truth of truth to end all reading?

          • You’re welcome Len,

            Nobody has all of the truth. The purpose of the Q&A is to see what questions people have, to provide at least some answers and/or direction to where they can look, etc. Let’s remember that different people have different questions AND, since some people have the same questions, it may help for them to be asked, as they will echo what other people were also interested in asking about, etc.

            I experience this every time I read the FIGU forum, and certainly when Meier was still answering questions there. I can also tell you that we are receiving a lot of questions and the Q&A will be part of the show, along with the discussion of other relevant topics.

            What doesn’t get addressed in this show will be addressed in subsequent shows, etc.

  • Melissa, for the sake of Being on the same page re: ‘belief’, be we females or mere males in our current expressions, please refrain from the use of your above term ‘believe’. We either know, or we don’t. Belief is useless. Maybe you meant to say, “if memory serves”.

    • Yes, John, you are right. I don’t believe he said it, I know he said it. I just don’t remember the exact words he used. Thanks

      • Melissa, I have a strange sense of humour [humor in the American spelling] so, please know that I actually was not meaning to correct your terminology because I accept how easily we humans can overlook simpe things. I was merely stealing some fun so I hope you can have some fun too! Your above paragraphs are sincerely appreciated, to be sure! I’m one of those males who seems to operate more from the feminine aspect! My masculine unleashes itself whenever ego deems necessary! chuckling (-;]

  • Hi John, I totally understand. We so easily fall into our old ways and have to constantly pay attention to our thoughts and actions. The feminism of today has been hijacked by a few lunatics who want to make women the supreme being and it makes it hard for those of us who see the real issues around the world. I personally think a masculine man with a pinch of femininity is most attractive. It’s a delicate balance, but it’s not surprising that we have all this craziness going on with all the hormones in our food and water.

  • On another topic why is it in movies,TV etc that there is so much violence,horror and destruction? If we don`t have violence,horror,detruction then why do these phony religious nuts use these non-violent movies,TV etc find such stupid ridiculous nexuses to advertise and influence the entertainment industry to get us non-religious people to side with them or else watch violent, horror thriller scary entertainment? Why are the people from Earth so intent on such violent destructive behavior or else religions or both,what ate we going to teach children and adults who insist on such violent destructive behavior and religion which to me is the most destructive of all to say nothing of a fake god,etc? “Any technically and spiritually advanced world will have hopefully have learned that such bad behavior will only destroy the health and well being of its world, etc. There is no moral and ethical value in such bad malevolent entertainment and behavior which also includes trying to get people to pray for the sky daddy in the big white chair,etc,etc,etc.

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