Is TTSA a Smokescreen for Fake ET Attack?

The new, live, hour-long show revolving around the Billy Meier UFO contacts debuts Tuesday, October 17. You can tune in and participate.

In addition to covering all facets of, and answering viewer’s questions about, the singularly authentic Meier case, including the UFO evidence, voluminous prophetically accurate, scientific and world event related information, we’ll be looking into many relevant stories in the news.

MUFON on Steroids?

One recently announced story that’s already provoking controversy and suspicion is the launch of TTSA, fronted by former band, er, front man Tom DeLonge. We’ll examine what’s been presented by and about the participants, in what purports to be some wonderful boon to humanity’s understanding of, and participation in the discovery of, the truth about UFOs, also referred to as UAP, and other matters.

We’ll discuss whether this could be a genuine opportunity for the public to join hands and sing Kumbaya with a bevy of (so-called “former”) military intelligence and CIA insiders, or something a bit more sinister, a MUFON on steroids, prepping the public for a fake ET attack, etc., and all…hidden in plain sight.

Questions for the Show?

As mentioned previously, questions may be submitted to:

Questions will be responded to in the order they are received. And, because many questions have already been received, and not all may be answered during the show, they will be kept in the order they are received and addressed on subsequent shows.

A live chat room will also be available.


36 comments on “Michael Horn Live!

  • After just reading about TTSA, my only questions are what kind of psyop are we being manipulated with now, and when will it all finally end

    • Minimum “investment”, $200. LOL
      The only “Team Member” I am interested in is the story teller, I love a good story. 😉

  • A question for Michael Horn,

    Could you please tell me “according to the information in the case” how many years does it take for the human being to go from a fully material body to a semi spiritual and semi material body like those human beings who represent the High Council in the Andromeda Galaxy? Also, could you please tell me “according to the information in the case” how long does it take for the human being to go from a semi spiritual and semi material body to a fully spiritual body like the level of Arahat Athersata?

  • CR 2:

    You’re right, but how can one prove that they are frauds?

    67. We could prove it, but you should not attempt this because man on Earth is very difficult to convince of the truth.
    68. His consciousness-related intelligence is too limited for that.
    69. One day, he must discover the truth by himself, and only then he will accept it as knowledge.
    70. At present, those individuals who are the least agreeable to recognize and disseminate the truth will be those who had allowed themselves to be deceived by frauds and charlatans for decades, and who had sacrificed millions for the dissemination of the deceitful stories and books.
    71. Their world would collapse, for they would have to acknowledge having been deceived and lose face in front of everyone.

  • Well the people from Erra live by standard time all years long while Earth only lives bu standard time for five months from November to mid-March so why can`t can`t the people from Earth follow standard time all year long like the people from Erra do? I think we could alsoi add an extra month too like the people from Erra do say 13 instead of 12 moths a year too etc?

  • Hi MH I tried to watch your video but my browser is out of date and needs HTML 5. Is there anyway I can wtch your video on youtube without the HTML 5 browser on youtube? I can`t play videos on Google Crome but I can sometimes play videos on startpage internet explorer 7. I`m still waiting for my computer guy to come and fix my youtube videos so I can watch your last video from 10/17/17? Sorry about this but I`ll let you know when and if this browser problem can be fixed.:-((((

  • Michael,

    I watched your YouTube video, but was a little disappointed because you did not answer my legitimate question. The reason why I had asked is because not all the answers that I’ve seen are the same. Therefore I was hoping that you would at least have had the decency to answer my question. It would only have taken you a minute or two to answer.

    • Joseph,

      I’ve received about…50 questions so far. As I mentioned on the show, most of the answers can be found by people doing the same kind of searches that I do.

      BTW, it has nothing to do with “decency”…unless of course you mean that I should put aside everyone else’s question – and everything else that I have to do now – for yours.

      BTW, what use will that information be to you, now, in this life?

      • Yes I did send you a question via e-mail. But you denied my question to MH because I had only given you a first name. Which is, in my opinion, pathetic. And no, I was not expecting special treatment.

        • If you’d given it a moment of thought, you would’ve understood not only that you’re not setting the rules and protocols, but also that with so many people submitting questions, a some may have the same…first names as others.

          Because we want to acknowledge the people who take the time to submit the questions, asking for a first name makes sense.

          Speaking of questions, you failed to answer…my question:

          What use will that information be to you, now, in this life?

          • Excerpt from Contact Report 3

            39. A human being may become hundreds or even thousands of years old when he has reached a certain spiritual and consciousness-related state of relative perfection and a correspondingly high and sound way of living.

            40. But after that state of about 40 to 60 million years, the spirit no longer requires a purely material body and becomes a half-spirit body.

            41. It then lives only in half-material form for an additional 60 to 80 billion years and in such lofty spheres that we can no longer communicate with it from the purely material human level, except when there exists a very high consciousness-related and spiritual level of evolution.

            42. After 60 to 80 billion years, the half-spirit form — the half-material form respectively — transforms itself into the first pure spirit form and enters the level of Arahat Athersata.

            End of excerpt.

            But Robyn doesn’t quite give the same answer for the time spent in a semi-spiritual and semi-material body.


            What difference would this make in my daily life? The truth is, it wouldn’t really make any difference in my daily life. But I find nothing wrong in knowing the correct figures about certain things that are in the Meier material.

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