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29 comments on “New Book! FUTURE SELF

  • Great, thorough read that anyone can understand. The practice and application of Future Self is available to anyone and can be performed by anyone with just a smartphone.

    Highly recommended you read this book.

    The approach is unique and the method’s availability can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone, laptop, camera, computer etc.

    It also aligns with the spirit teachings.

    Be sure to get this, I’m personally using it and it’s been a great experience.

  • Hi Michael, please advise me on what the total cost of your book is (sent to the U.K.) ? I hope you are well, and as allways, WELL DONE…
    Salome, Gary

  • hi michael, very happy for your new book, and very intriguing, I can’t wait to read it. 🙂 🙂

    all the best

  • Hi MH,how much wil the book coast and if I can read it as an ebook howmuch will the ebook coast too? Thanks Salome,Terry

  • Can someone please post a try before you buy paragraph describing what on earth michael wrote in the book a paragraph of text describing it so we don’t have to pay anything and then demand our money back later, embarass him and later still claim he’s a con later maybe even approach the trading standards authority or tell FIGU that he’s ripped off their spiritual dogmas and reinvented them and embarrass their organisation too.

    • “Olga”,

      Please don’t trouble yourself. I’m not interested in selling you the ebook. Since there’s no refunds, I suggest you don’t order it under any other names, etc.

      BTW, since you haven’t read the book, you wouldn’t know it’s contents.

    • It probably has something to do with recording yourself and then listening back to yourself on what you want to do with your own life. It sounds exactly like being your own hero.

    • Oh I also forgot to mention in my previous post to comment on the “trading standards authority”. This is the Meier material we’re talking about and we have a whopper on that subject from Jmmanuel. With all the unspeakable lack of conscious behavior people exhibit coming out in the news daily as we see a ton of people for decades ignore the plight of their neighbors around them as it is pretty clear which master folks serve.

      Talmud Jmmanuel
      25. But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you do not shine before the people with your fasting but before your own consciousness, which is hidden.
      26. You fast for the sake of your health and for the expansion of your consciousness, spirit and your knowledge.
      27. Neither should you amass great treasures on Earth, where moths and rust consume them and thieves break in and steal them.
      28. But collect treasures in the spirit and in consciousness, where neither moths nor rust consumes them and where thieves neither break in nor steal.
      29. For where your treasure is, there your heart is also; and the true treasure is wisdom and knowledge.
      30. The eye is the light of your body.
      31. When your eye is clear, your entire body will be a light.
      32. But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be dark.
      33. If now the light within you is dim, how great then will be the darkness!
      34. No one can serve two masters; either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will adhere to the one and despise the other.
      35. You cannot serve your consciousness and mammon.
      36. Therefore, I say to you, concern yourself about the knowledge of your consciousness, and besides that with what you will eat and drink, and be concerned about your body and how you will clothe it.
      37. For are not the spirit, life and body more important than all the treasures of the world?

      To attempt to correctly paraphase another prophet that is not from the Meier material but an attempted correction:
      *The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes for the Queen of Heaven; and they pour out drink offerings to other tin gods in order to spite Creation. It is not Creation they despite but they despite themselves.*

      Spite in this case is a silly attempt to frustrate or forestall the laws of cause and effect.

  • This book will have a huge impact on those utilising it. I have already gotten so much out of it and this is only day one.

  • Olga,
    Please enlighten us as to any specific “Figu dogma” you have found, bearing in mind that it is up to each individual what they think, if anything, with respect to everything Figu says and prints.

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