Michael Horn Live! Episode 2

The new show about the reason for the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts

Here are some of tonight’s topics:

Is the IS about to Be Destroyed?

According to the news it is. So, is Billy Meier wrong about the coming terrorism?

Is TTSA another Major UFO fraud?

They’ve raised about $500,000 and still can’t find the real, FREE evidence? What about that…fake alien attack?

What about theUFOs?

Isn’t the Billy Meier case about UFOs and extraterrestrials? What’s going on here?

Future Self

How does Future Self relate to everything we’re talking about here?

Tuesday’s Show Here


17 Replies to “Michael Horn Live! Episode 2”

    1. Who, I wonder, is that chocolate angel I see in the first second of the Michael Horn Live Episode 2 video? 😉

  1. Mike,
    Is there anyway your live show can be aired earlier, I get up around 5:30am every morning to go to work, so shows starting at 10pm or later make it very difficult to stay up and listen live.

    1. Joe,

      There are sooooooo many time zones and we can’t accommodate them all. But the good news is that the show is available on YouTube afterwards. So you don’t have to lose any sleep over this one!

    2. lol joe… it’s as if you are asking MH to change the past… lol

      Most Americans and anglosaxons really believe they are the Navel of the Earth…
      it’s incredible.

      to listen to a live show you gotta catch it live… there is no other way arround

      I respect you joe… keep diggin into the meier material… you just recently found about it… there is a ton of stuff you have to know NOW…. maybe think of job change maybe… don’t forget to study German as well in your spare time if you want to catch up with the Truth

      with respect


      1. Hey Maxime,

        I found billy when i was around 16 years old. I’m 60 now. I’m pretty familiar with him. I remember the magazine cover had picture of a young billy of course and the heading was something like “the oldest man in the world”

  2. I am certainly looking forward to episode 2. Last week I asked my mother [89 yrs.] and father [93 next March] to join me in the viewing. I connected my computer to their screen in the living room and we watched episode 1. The three of us were introduced to the Meier story when Wendelle Stevens, the Elders [and technical team mates] brought forth the initial information.

  3. Hi MH I just caught Part 2 but toward the end you mentioned that Japan will go into the sea. I read on the internet some time ago that if Japan goes so will the rest of the world go too. I wonder if I missed the ending of part 2 or does part 2 lead right into p[art 3? Thanks. Salome in Peace Terry

    1. Also, a nice story in the end regarding the actual cup of the last supper. Ptaah has an alabaster cup from Jmmanuel’s time handed down from his father and grandfather given by Jmmanuel’s group. Neat stuff.

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