In addition to going into more details about Future Self, EP 3 will cover some of the lowlights of the UFO world including:

Tom DeLonge and the TTSA hoax
Corey Goode and advancements in military mind control
MJ Banias declining to discuss the Billy Meier UFO contacts


Potholes on the cannabis highway
Breaking the Silence and women’s woes in Hollywood
The Whole Thing: On not protecting the ego

And of course a long list of guests and luminaries who won’t be appearing on Tuesday night’s show, too numerous to mention.







Catch the Michael Horn Live show, EP 3, Tuesday, October 31, here.

11 comments on “Michael Horn Live! EP3

  • Woea MH I just sent a message to Amy Goodman of Democacy Now about the Prophecies and Predictions should North Korea use Fist Strike against the US or vice versa etc! Amy Goodman`s website is democracynow.org if you want to send her the dire warnings of the impending nuclear war with North Korea. the last installment of 10/30/17 is all about Trump`s provocative actions againts North korea and the rest of Planet Earth. Please send the Prophecies and Predictions to Democracy Now should things go wrong between Trump and KIm Jong Un very soon! Thanks Salome in Peace Terry

  • For what it’s worth, I discovered that a mini meditation prior to the broadcast of episode 2 helped me absorb more of the content offered. So, speaking for myself, worth repeating.

  • MH Here is the article from Democracy Now.org that I mentioned earlier for Monday Octoiber 30th 2017 Trump Admin Continues Threats Laying Groundwork for nuclear War The moderators were Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh whoi interviews Christine Ahn As I stated earlier I sent Democracy Now the information on the Prophecies and predictions that Billy and the Ps are warning us all about but I didn`t give out names due to the fact that Democracy Now.org might not believe us so you may want to give Democracy Now a good fair warning just in case some does happen. You might want to check also with George Noory at the opening of c2c from time to time too just in case these prophecies and predictions do spark off something really very very ugly. As I`v stated in the past. “Two wrongs don`t make a right” Coming from those two provocateurs Trump and Kim Jon Un anything this explosive could spark a real nuclear war which we simply “DON`T need!!!

  • I just heard on c2c that China is finally telling Kim Jon Un no more nuclear test rockets due to the fact that a mountain in Asia(Ithink it`s in China but I`m not sure?) is sinking due to all the past six nuclear test rockets of Un. One more nuclear rocket test and the rest of Asia will just sink to say nothing of loosing a contanet or more,etc posibly Africa too, who knows??? Stay tuned!! Better check with Billy and Ptaah or who ever is there with Billy from the Plejaren Federation quick before we ALL sink sooner or later,etc,etc,etc!!! Stay tuned!!!

    • Mr Terry Carch, could you please tell me where you get the latest info like this 10-30-17 info from the P’s and Billy . Thank You very much!

  • Why do terrorists do it? I am at a loss for words for all of NY. If contact 669 is to be taken literally, we have a few hundred more years to go of this s### (garbage). Ptaah (and BEAM) were absolutely right to be sounding the alarms.~

  • Salome Corey,
    I have a feeling that BEAM’S not going to be harsh with only words, next time his Spirit-Form graces us with it’s presence!
    I think it would be remiss of me to not say to the likes of Mahesh & his ilk who read this to not say that it would be a good idea to drop the low-intelligence-money-grubbing-mendacious act and (hu)man-up!

  • Hi corey
    It’s because our aggression gene is defective. Many of us are making a conscious effort to overcome aggression and many others like the terrorists are outcome of overpopulation and hence it may take many more lives for them to manage and overcome aggression. So like Ps said it would take a few hundred years for peace on earth.

  • i regards to this live show #3
    Mr. Horn I find that I really connect ( not in a hokey pokey way ) the material of Mr Meier case as I will explain here. Waaaaaay before I had ever heard of the Meier case and for that matter even the internet. I would spend little bits of time here and there at the community or school library looking at books on UFO’s, History of flight of any nation, German as well Pyramid interests meanwhile I had no clue that all this was going on. I found that some of the UFO pictures may have been real or not I came to the conclusion some of those crafts where so shabby looking that they could not have been from a “Higher race of Beings”. Later on I got busy chasing a pay cheque and during one morning listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast radio he talked about how solid this case was so out a pressing need to find out what hes going on about I soon found myself looking at all the pictures and shortly thereafter the beginnings of the contact notes. Since my dad was a great photographer for the Canadian and sometime US military he passed on his talents of old school photography making. When I see all the photographs that were taken by Mr. Meier I knew from the get go that this is something I was looking for and that this had and still has a emotional impact on me to see that here is something and someone that explains as well as provokes questions that the average bimbo will laugh at. But … to the careful eye and to he intelligent thinker there lies the beginnings of what could be a profound change in not only their life but those who surrounds him/her.

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