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Here is a quote from a newly translated article by Billy Meier:

“Hence one can and must look only prudently at the present and onwards as well as into the future, because only there can something be changed and changed for the better.”

As Andrew Grimshaw, who sent me the article pointed out, the timing is interesting in light of my new book, Future Self.

My focus on, and promotion of, Future Self has provoked some interesting conversations. For instance, my friend Pat raised some concerns about it on my video channel, to which I posted a lengthy reply.

As we move forward into the future that we are choosing to create, we also must remember that we don’t insulate ourselves from life by studying the spiritual teaching, we immerse ourselves in it.

The revolution begins within.


Michael Horn Live, EP 4, Tuesday, November 7

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  • I’ve completed a review of all the comment exchanges from Michael’s episode 3. I have a satisfactory grasp of the efforts of two particular individuals to share understanding, and I feel it unnecessary to ‘judge’ any of it. We all like to impart understanding, yet we are somewhat limited by any language we have at our disposal, possibly with an exception to German. I happen to question the needless complexity of English almost every day! And, before I forget, it’s interesting to me how the so-called 10 commandments resemble the 12 recommendations. Without question, I subscribe to Michaels, “The revolution begins within.”

      • I’ve always had an inquisitive component, Jedaiah, and, I’ve looked into the Meier contacts for any info re: biblical commandments relating to 12 recommendations. So … I would like to repeat my question from Michael’s episode 3 @ youtube. WHO [in history] would, or could, have known about the 12 recommendations in order to ‘falsify into the 10 commandments? My intention isn’t to verbally ‘spar’, it’s a logical question, methinks.

        • Yes, thanks Jedaiah, thumbs up … within my passionate ‘proactive-ness’ your “thanks Moses” flew over my head! still [chuckling.] ((-;]

  • I totally agree on this, Michael. We need to study, but more importantly, we need to live the spiritual teaching if we ever expect any real change to occur. Knowing all the details in the contacts is great, but knowing the inner workings of life/consciousness and striving to live in harmony with creation is more important that anything else we can do.

  • One of the top headlines on drudgereport… Prince William warns that there are too many people in the world …
    “Rapidly growing human populations risk having a “terrible impact” on the world, the Duke of Cambridge has warned. The Duke said that as a result, wildlife was being put under “enormous pressure” and called for the issue to be addressed with renewed vigour.
    His concerns echo those of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, who in 2011 advocated “voluntary family limitation” as a means of solving overpopulation, which he described as the biggest challenge in conservation.
    His grandson, royal patron of the Tusk Trust, told the charity’s gala dinner in London that measures needed to be taken to save certain animal populations.
    “In my lifetime, we have seen global wildlife populations decline by over half,” he said.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did as Billy suggested? Paying attention to the future rather than how we may have possibly been infinitesimally “damaged” in some way… by someone who we thought was “close” to us, who we may have mistreated in the past, but we selectively disregard that as it is not relevant to our current gewalt: no English translation I understand but it means to use all force and coercion both consciously and unconsciously to enact harm upon another for an ulterior motive or just to be mean. It is a common and serious problem in the world today, those with the need to be right yet unfortunately, are not and have to lie to prove what is not true. Why “put from the rough?” if you can do truth and ride along a natural trail traveled on for millennia? I would suggest the Dodecalogue available here: or Michael’s new work describing this very notion in easy to understand language:,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch get it on kindle for less than $8 and be deciding your future before dinner tonight! It is amazing, once you understand this process how much you can get accomplished. I just painted my entire house including the roof with elatostomeric polymer by thinking ahead, preparing the tools and time and dew point etc etc etc and VOILA! All done and it rained today!

    Enjoy this book folks, you deserve it!,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

  • Sorry to have to bring this article up,but this bears noting,”cause and effect!” : From for 11/24/17 A Radioactive Plume That`s Clouded in Secrecy by Linda Gunter

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