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Disinformation organization accidentally confirms authenticity of Billy Meier UFO case

One of the premiere disinformation-distraction entities in the mess that is the UFOCI (UFO Community and Industry), OpenMinds, actually, published a monumentally important interview with Jim Diletosso, a member of the original team investigating the Billy Meier UFO contacts, which essentially (and accidentally) confirms the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts. There’s a lot more to say about it but first…

The Company They Keep

It’s very interesting that Alejandro Rojas is the interviewer, the same guy who previously made the usual unsubstantiated claims about Meier and me. (He is right though that I am “disrespectful” of these trash dispensing, lights-in-the-sky chasing poseurs and charlatans.) OpenMinds is the organization that bought up all of the documents, publications, research, e tc. of the late Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, the lead investigator in the Meier case, and then sold posters of Meier’s photos…while claiming the case was a hoax.

In case there’s any doubt how deeply invested in the UFO con OpenMinds is, they’re now promoting yet another phony outfit that’s going to conduct a “Scientific study of UFOs” (read: try to capitalize on the presumed gravy train in this bogus and unscientific field while ignoring the Meier contacts).

Just how phony is this new TTSA-like enterprise? Well, again we have a so-called “UFO researcher”, Rich Hoffman, with a very questionable level of competence; how do you not find the Meier contacts and its evidence…with 52 years of experience?

And just how credible, as opposed to utterly laughable, is Robert Powell, formerly of MUFON, who actually wrote the following to me, in response to my providing him with an abundance of Meier’s still irreproducible, singularly authentic UFO evidence? Well, in his own words:

“I am swamped currently with tasks related to the study of UFOs. I have not had a chance to look at the information that you have sent me and I do not anticipate having the time in the near future.”

As previously pointed out, he was too busy “studying” UFOs to look at the only authentic evidence of extraterrestrial craft! And he was going to make sure to remain too busy.

The Truth

But getting back to the interview, Diletosso gives clear, credible and truthful answers and details about his role in the investigation, his own expertise, the real facts about the analysis of the metal samples by Marcel Vogel, his own analysis of four original negatives, the opinions of other scientific experts, etc.

This should be the go-to interview for anyone wanting to really know more about the investigation into Meier’s evidence. Diletosso maintains a nice, professional neutrality about the Meier case and its evidence, as well; he’s not there to make claims about it being extraterrestrial, only what the facts are, as revealed through real, professional scientific analysis.

Jim Diletosso is another one of the people, along with Wendelle Stevens, Lee and Brit Elders and the rest of their team, to whom humanity owes a huge debt of gratitude for their work in bringing the Billy Meier contacts to worldwide attention.

Like a number of the other original investigators, he was attacked and maligned by many in the UFOCI, people whose time would be much better spent discussing matters for which they were truly qualified, assuming they had any. Certainly, deliberately or not, the critics have done a lot to promote the deliberate disinformation and distraction from the various intelligence agencies, secret services, power-mad politicians, pseudo-scientists, weapons manufacturers, false political and religious leaders, financial interests, etc.

But…as with all things negative, there are positives that arise, such as in this case, stimulating the world’s attention and interest in the Billy Meier UFO contacts, an unintended by-product of all the negative, attention-catching, efforts.

A Litmus Test

It will be very simple to see and know if I’ve mischaracterized OpenMinds as some kind of profit-oriented, disinformation-spewing tool of the dark forces. Assuming that they don’t rush to remove the Diletosso interview, the next logical – ethical – step they should take, as far as I’m concerned, is to publicly, and loudly, announce the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts and get about discussing not only the content but the implications of the material.

Hopefully, we don’t see a repeat result of what happened when the Plejaren offered the Jimmy Carter administration contact with them, only to be denied and declined because the terms – essentially telling the American people some harsh truths about religion, etc. – were unacceptable to the Baptist president.

Is OpenMinds ready now for the truth, or are they die-hard, fundamentalist adherents to the religion of power, money, control, disinformation, distraction, etc.?

The Changing Landscape

There are events, not only already transpired but looming on the horizon, that will be changing much of the landscape, in many places, literally as well as figuratively. We have been forewarned about them but humanity has chosen not to listen. Being a deliberate obstructionist of the truth is a poor investment of one’s time, personally, as well as for an organization.

We all make mistakes, of course, but we have the choice to correct, or perpetuate them. OpenMinds, long an attacker – and a profiteer – of the Meier contacts, now has the opportunity to join with other truth seekers and let the lessons of the past fade into the distance, having chosen to participate in a much more productive future.


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Future Self

As we move forward into the future that we are choosing to create, we also must remember that we don’t insulate ourselves from life by studying the spiritual teaching, we immerse ourselves in it.

The revolution begins within.

Michael Horn Live, EP 4, Tuesday, November 7







30 Replies to “The UFO Truth”

  1. Hi Ned I totally agree with you and Jim too. I hate to listen to Peter Devenport spewing out people who saw UFOs(Lights in the Sky) thing when we all know they re are nothing more than military aircraft’s trying to fool the public as nice sounding as Peter Dvenport is.

  2. Michael

    Strangely I have absolutely no interest in UFO’s whatsoever and I have no idea why, maybe it is because I am more interested in the spiritual teaching I don’t honestly know. However if I was a UFO researcher and someone say’s “here is some photo’s I took of some UFO’s, Oh I nearly forgot here is some video footage as well and I took them on my cheap cameras and here is couple of thousand pages of conversations I had with the Aliens from another world”, I’d be over him like a rash, I would mither the life out of him, but NO they don’t mither him they don’t want to know they don’t want to mention Billy at all unless they are accusing him of being a fake/charlatan/liar etc.
    Billy does not want ANY ONE to just take his word, he wants people to look, research and check his “story” out for themselves and the don’t because if they did they would end up having to get an honest job.
    If I was to take a picture of something in the sky usually at night all fuzzy and blurred they would make money off it especially if I tell them that I was abducted and so on – I’d have the likes of Nick Pope knocking on my door, (incidentally I once wrote to him and informed him of Billy and his teachings – I heard nothing).
    Your relentless battle with these UFO EXPERTS is an encouragement to me on many levels and the top level is that I carry on with the teaching of life.
    As always, my best wishes to you all.


  3. hello Michael, am just now finding you and your work, very impressive and I wonder, comparing to what is out there in public awareness are the healing chambers….or Light Chambers to heal people… you have info to share about this? Thank you for doing what you do to put out the real info….be safe..Jim 🙂

  4. Knowing the way psychoanalysts work (please don’t ask me how I know this) they tend to move the individual away from themselves and be objective about the subject. So if we use that analogy with the lights-in-the-sky fantasists, those charlatans and sorry-to-say psychopaths and ask them to stand away from the mostly unobserved phenomena that the movies focus on and look at it from the drivers of such craft: would you show yourselves to us? I mean barbaric liars who make up stories and have nuclear weapons and want to use them and sell the makings of them to our supposed enemies? I don’t think you would if you were in your right: open-mind. You don’t want it so open your brains fall out! Also, they know there is so much spilled radiation from our un-cost-worthy nuclear “energy” problems that is the almost five hundred dangerously leaking radiation poisoners all over this unstable planet. You think global warming is just bad for the humans? Try all life, when the earth breaks loose and tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes show up all over the place due to the movement of underground magma… underground lava, the molten rock of this planet, which BTW is a good source of heat to run generators that provide electricity to electric vehicles and heaters which I think, are better than gasoline explosion engines. They have been adding water to oil wells since 1972! That water can never be used again without the taste of oil and gasoline!

    I would leave the people of earth in the dark for eight hundred years myself looking at them from that point of view.

    UFO’s are merely a vehicle that brought the amazing information to your “open minds” they (those lights in the sky) are not nearly as important and the information they have brought us. And how free it makes you feel when you discover our true nature and how to use it for the future to have a peaceful, tranquil and loving life rather than war and famine! Read some folks it is very interesting! Enjoy your journey!

    1. “I mean barbaric liars who make up stories and have nuclear weapons and want to use them and sell the makings of them to our supposed enemies?”

      To add, barbaric polemic way folks who don’t actually understand their barbarism is due to a lack of consciousness rather than some competitive gymnastics based on massaging high intelligent quotient numbers between people throughout life. Equally troubling is the dubious nature the rest of everyone else are along for the ride as the polemic-society lunges itself forward without any forethought of the consequences by treating things with a “business as usual” attitude or seeing things being part of “innovation”. I bet such phrases and mannerisms with the way folks are handling the present will be read by fascination from our far future descendants trying to make sense of the people here that clearly don’t make much of any sense with what they have already and are out for themselves and their own profit.

      You can’t have your bread buttered on both sides!

  5. Hi Randy, MY stupid realty refuses to part with their boiler using natural gas which keeps me up at night due to the fact the my bed is right on top of that stupid boile! One other member of my other organization has to deal with cars idling under his bed. We`ve been trying to get this realty tio switch to solar energy which is now cheaper but this realty won`t even do,”the`re just passing the buck to get us tenaents to pay their bills!!!”

  6. I keep wondering when if any at all in this timeline will anyone if “EVER” wake up and start to think and realize just what the hell these stupid morons are doing to our planet with all their foolish dirty nukes,fossil fuels, unhealthy foods, politics,religions, paramilitaries trying so hard to brainwash us all to think war,religion,politics, polution is healthy,each to his/her own in these bad 800 year timeline.

  7. Hi Terry,

    It is best to listen very carefully on how to pronounce the Plejaren words on the Peace Meditation. There is some kind of a code on those words just like the German language. Then start reading them. Some of the letters on the words are pronounce “silent”. In a short period of time you will be able to recite them along with the audio.

  8. Hi all,

    For decades, many of us have reached out to the UFO and Alien industries, presenting the Meier material in hopes that the folks running the shows at those businesses would acknowledge the case and at the very least, investigate it.

    This has been met with (as you all are aware of) extreme skepticism, hate, fear, backlash, suppression etc. (This also extends to scientists and other notable figures who have purposely ignored or downplayed the importance of the case) While reaching out to these people is fine, may I suggest a new light on this matter?

    These dinosaurs do not matter.
    They do not have power over the truth.

    And in my opinion, we ought to stop giving them attention, and, or, the need for their acceptance, because to be quite blunt with you – what good does it do whether they confirm or deny? Sure, it’ll be nice if some of these prominent figures confirm the case, but this is again, handing “power” over to them (so to speak) in a way that is, imo, outdated and unnecessary.

    The entirety of the Meier case boils down to one word – truth.

    Truth needs no defense and it needs no one to acknowledge it because the truth stands the test of time, even if Bob says the sky is purple and influences a bunch of sheep, the sky is still blue, and they’ll come to that realization themselves sooner or later.

    Where am I going with this?

    This mission, the Meier case etc. is so much more than UFOs and aliens, and we have been limiting ourselves and our approach by feeling the need for these dinosaurs to confirm the case, which ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether they do or don’t.

    What we have here is far more than that, which is what prompted me to what I’d like to call Phase 1 in the evolution of our efforts through Michael Horn Live – which was created to give US the power and our OWN voice without needing anyone else. By studying the spiritual teachings, one comes to understand and grasp that this is ALL parts of life. Be it song, dance, film, science, exploration, discoveries, etc. and so much more.

    So what should we do now moving forward?

    Reaching out to those dinosaurs is still an avenue, but it remains just that, an avenue. My suggestion? Start using your talents. Your innate creativity – and that isn’t just limited to writing books or making music. Some of you are geniuses. You have knowledge in science, you have understanding in engineering etc. – use these talents to make a difference.

    Reach out to your communities, your friends, your circles, your loved ones, family etc. Soft-influence through an example. Use your platforms to bring the mission into a “normalized” state that people (especially my generation) will be willing to accept versus wasting time with outdated morons who simply don’t matter.

    The avenues and outreach possible for the mission is unlimited because the mission is the truth and the way of life, and when you consider it from this perspective, we no longer have need to limit ourselves.

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