Michael Horn Live, EP 4: How to Reprogram Your DNA

UFO disinfo, cannabis, American shootings, DNA and…solutions

Tuesday night’s show, EP 4, will touch on a number things, such as:

  • Disinfo group, OpenMinds, confirms authenticity of Billy Meier UFO contacts
  • New UFO disinformation group goes for the money
  • The real dangers of pot holes on the cannabis highway
  • The latest American mass murders
  • Why tragedy victims rush to give media interviews
  • Risk: A personal experience
  • Fighting as opposed to peace-making
  • Using Future Self to reprogram your…DNA
  • Super Special, LIMITED Future Self Promotion!

Future Self

As we move forward into the future we are choosing to create, we also must remember that we don’t insulate ourselves from life by studying the spiritual teaching, we immerse ourselves in it.

The revolution begins within.

Michael Horn Live, EP 4, Tuesday, November 7

Pacific Time 7:00

9 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 4: How to Reprogram Your DNA”

  1. Hey ladies and gent, I’m in the process of making a trailer for Theyfly’s youtube, along with a playlist for Meier-specific UFO footage etc, and I could use your help in assembling the correct clips.

    If you folks will look through youtube and pick out the clips (clips of the UFOs and documentaries) that have remained untouched (as in, unedited or unchanged from their original state) and please either post the links here or send me an email at jedaiahx@psiraise.com

    1. Hi Jedaiah,
      This is the Wendell Stevens documentary “Contact”. The very beginning of the film has some of the original UFO video footage from Billy.
      I’ll look around and see what else I can find.

      Contact: Billy Meier Documentary (1982)

      Written and directed by Larry Savadove, Contact follows the investigation of alleged extraterrestrial contactee Billy Meier. The investigative team is comprised of Wendelle Stevens, Brit Elders, Lee Elders and Thomas Welch.

    1. Terry,
      Thomas Welch was part of the investigative team with Brit & Lee Elders. Wendelle Stevens contacted them to bring them in on the investigation. Watch the movie. Aside from Michael’s documentaries, it’s one of my favorites.

  2. Hi Mike,

    With the new confirmations regarding gravity and Pi number, is Earth Humanity going the right route with extending our human life span by investigating and understanding how longer mRNA (or RNA messenger) contributes to cell growth and longer life spans?:

    I figured to put this out with the news about pi and gravity being corrected if Billy or the P’s would comment about life extension.

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