Stuart Squirms, Science Suffers

Astronomer threatens legal action in response to Billy Meier UFO info

I sent Stuart Robbins an email* today, which provided him with several links to Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate information, recently and unknowingly, corroborated by scientists, who thought all of the items were…”new discoveries”.

It’s interesting that, less than three hours after I sent my email to him, Robbins had composed his evasive, defensive response.

While he says he’s “always behind in responding, if you send me a claim that you believe in”, Robbins failed to note that no “beliefs” were sent to him, just factual information that he could easily verify, or attempt to rebut, if he was able to.

I then posted my comment** on his blog.


We can now await how Robbins will respond to all this. To reiterate, I sent a professed scientist/astronomer information that corroborates that UFO contactee, Billy Meier, has consistently scooped our best and brightest scientists by 30 years – and much more – with specific, prophetically accurate information in a variety of sciences. It doesn’t appear, nor has it ever been shown, that he could have possibly acquired the information any way other than he claims, i.e. from the Plejaren human extraterrestrials.

But maybe Robbins has another explanation. What I presented to him is either true, or false. There isn’t any other possibility.

Will Robbins deign to deal with this information, ignore it, or take some kind of legal action because I had the gall to put his integrity, character, qualifications, claims, etc., to the test?

The clock is ticking.


*”Hello Stuart,

It’s been a while since I updated you on the newest, independent corroboration of the scientific information in the Billy Meier contacts.

Here are a few links:

Dr. Cornish, Billy Meier Revealed It 30 Years Ago 

Scientists Stunned – Billy Meier Predictions Right Again!

Alien Life? Look Through the Telescope, Prof. Wright

Scientists Make Major “New Discovery” 28 Years AFTER Billy Meier

Space Bulges: The Opposite of Black Holes


It’s 1964 All Over Again

Billy Meier UFO Case: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt 

So that you understand my reason for this, I intend to publish a blog with your responses, which I hope will represent a truly objective, credible and scientific assessment of the information. I will also say that should you choose to not respond i will consider it to be a default acceptance of the accuracy and legitimacy of the information, and conclusions, expressed in the above articles.

There is no trickery involved here. I – and many others – found your previous responses to, and avoidance of, the actual facts to reflect a highly prejudicial, “skeptical” but not scientific approach to this information.

If you truly are a scientist then, absent credible, substantiated rebuttals to this information, it shouldn’t trouble you that the material is correct and represents a singularly authentic, unprecedented scientific event in human history. In fact, you should probably be thrilled that this has occurred in your lifetime.

I look forward to your response.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts

**”To be clear, Stuart has tried to debunk the Meier case in the past and his own claims are demonstrably inaccurate. But more to the point, the links I sent Stuart contained easily verifiable evidence that Billy Meier scooped our best astrophysicists, at least three times, by…30 years and more.

This is quite easy. Since Stuart represents himself as a scientist, he’s obviously aware of the the validity of copyrights, as the internationally recognized standard of proof of first publication. It doesn’t establish that what is copyrighted is true, though in the case of Meier’s information it’s our own astrophysicists who – unknowingly – have corroborated and confirmed the accuracy of the information and, thereby, the authenticity of the Meier case as well.

I am, of course, doing a screen capture of this post, in order to verify that I submitted it, in case it somehow fails to appear.

Also, I will be doing exactly as I said in my email to Stuart. I will publish my email to him, I will refer people to this blog and – hopefully – I will have Stuart’s specific, pertinent responses to the specifics that I have provided him. Should he wish to take more time to try to evade the very important, in fact, historically important claims, evidence, etc., with blogs such as this, he risks being considered less than relevant as a “scientist”.

And I am willing to risk the consequences of doing such an unseemly thing as holding someone accountable for what they have already said, as well as for pointing out how they may be shabbily trying to avoid looking through the proverbial telescope…because they don’t like what they will see.”








35 Replies to “Stuart Squirms, Science Suffers”

  1. Because these are still such sensitive issues for people to deal with, the majority will simply ignore anything partaining to UFO´s and the few ones that do take an interest, will do it in secret, in fear of being persecuted. Although your efforts are honerable Mr. Horn, sadly the majority will choose to ignore and deny the evidence.

  2. If any person takes an honest look at the entire case , reading the contact notes, watching the wedding cake videos, then listen to Lt Col Wendell Stevens talks about the investigation and the CIA shadowing them , thee is only one conclusion , Edward is telling the truth the contacts are real . Then fact check the foretold events with real time history from Google, the news archives, even CNN , you will find the events occurred as Edward said they would . Its really simple, people make it hard .

  3. Complicit companies such as NASA could probably not enact the use of nukes to deflect a meteor in space ANYWAY due to the strict policy of “No Nukes in Space” enacted by the USA ( in Oct 1967 and followed by many other countries. I think Russia still might have that capability (maybe China) IDK and this might be necessary if Apophis is to hit earth on April 13, 2036. So Russia (recently exposed CIA “Patsy”) may be the leaders in peace! Quite a sobering fact if you live in the region south of the Black Sea!!!!!!! Ignoring the problem is either due to:

    1.) financial concerns or worse
    2.) evil concerns by those wishing to cull those who do not fit their “utopian agendas”. I do not know the stance of the current NASA policy on Apophis it may have changed recently but like most science which usually takes something really big to change their highly specialized and therefore “limited” minds. Apophis will be VERY BIG if not corrected or at least define a procedure for it’s redirection regardless if it hits or not. We have a good chance to study it in 2029 when it comes close again rather than growing dope in space (for medicinal purposes only) or whatever NASA does now “for the people,by the people and of the people”! I anticipate a wall of molten rock, tsunamis, earthquakes and huge earth changes from the 300 meter object which if not deflected in space via nukes will hit in various places (Big ones break up) in the middle east region. If there is no deflection it will move like the piloted asteroid by those living on the edge of greater Atlantis which is now a HUGE crack 50,000 miles long! You won’t find a crater with a twenty thousand miles per hour object: a very large 300 meter impact (three football fields), you will find a crack and billions of dead earth humans! Fire and brimstone! Fire and Lava, Fire and molten rock. Learn how to protect yourself Earth humans or pay the terrible price in this life or the next… of being a cave man/woman again! If it hits in the same direction it will spray towards the east coast of the USA which has the La Palma poised rock tonnage which threatens the entire east coast of the Americans from Maine to Rio!

    Will this asteroid trigger the la palma volcano landslide of the Azores? If anyone should be suing someone it should be those effected by it’s possible impact zone and area of inundation as well as those (via taxes) who pay for such nonsense as creating litigation against possible scientific probability. Did NASA even look at the new value of Pi = 3.14460 55110 29693 14427 82343 43371 or did they use the old NOT pi = 3.1415926535 created by Archimede’s “calc”who used real life not a cheat formula. It is not off by much but apparently these “learned scientists” do not know how to find this on! Test it yourself in real-life as some folks have: you might be surprised then think about the possible meteor named Apophis as being an Apollo object. The Red Meteor on the Torino scale; Russia is concerned and doing something about it and if the USA does not get it’s “act” together rather than only think about the implications of this impact, our policies which deny the implementation of even the possibility of this action will NOT be considered a world power like it once was. Come on dudes! Do the work! Research! Life is out there, at least read one book by Billy Meier before you can no longer improve your mind and actually accomplish something this life rather than a title that no-one understands. Read the truth rather than serious charlatan’s opinions of what is real and what is an obvious fraudulent machination for their political agenda: you will learn faster and evolve in consciousness more towards wisdom and peace and away from power and self-benefiting-machinations of materialistic ones funding the bulk of “scientific work” for the last three decades!

    1. Just want to clearify:
      Phi have a definit calculation: Φ = 0.5 + √5/2 but π has not?
      if giza pyramid width is 2, pyramid height is √Φ, pyramid slide height is Φ, from:
      2 x π x √Φ = 8 (8 is the circmference of the pyramid of giza)
      π = 4 / √Φ = 3.14460551102969 ….
      not 3.14159265358979 ….
      0.003 difference

      1. 0.003 difference could mean nothing at the seed of civilization, but once civilization grow to a tree, this difference could cost tremendously!!
        So another reasoning dictate that logic help civilization withstand the time while approximation limit its growth…
        so the universe have grown to such a huge entity should have a strong logic basis, not chaos. Billy’s published book implicate that the “chao” view is a limited, unintelligent, unknowledgable view of us.

        1. Hi MH I just read Harry Lear`s website and wondered if Stepen Hawking would b e interstead in reading this article from Harry Lear about the Pi and Phi Pi=3.14605511 etc,? I doubt you`ll get an answer from Stephen Hawking but he might want to take a look at this Pi and Phi inductive an deductive logic thought reasoning but this to me logically is very very reasoning and thoughtful and beers alot of truth. I think Ptaah and Quetzal would know more than we do about the value of Pi and Phi and Billy too. Salome in peace Terry

  4. The international treaty on the use of weapons of mass destruction in space or “other space bodies” relates to their orbit or stationing in space or on other bodies. This would not apply to weapons launched directly from the earth at an object threatening life on Earth.
    Articles VII and X (I think it is) are of note. The main issue could be that the country undertaking action could be seen as liable for any damages sustained by other states or countries. This could be a reason why the US is prepared to stand back and let Russia try if it wishes.
    Yes, China is not a signatory and so could engage in such action anyway, although that would probably provoke an international incident, which however could be resolved with rationality and calm.
    More to the point, any country can apply for an amendment to the act to allow for use of nuclear weapons to protect the earth as a whole from any extraterrestrial threat to our planet. There should be little opposition to such given the mention of Apophis or any other asteroid or meteor and the intention of such action to merely safeguard our earth from its threat.
    There remains no excuse for our earth not taking this preemptive action to protect our planet.

  5. Stuart Robbins is not a real scientist. He cannot accept reality or facts based on logic and is worse then a pseudo science.

  6. Sorry to be off topic but be warned “Cause and Effect” Timing is of the essence, a must read, so far: Nuke fallout ALERT as Russian RADIOACTIVE LEAK weeps across Europe from from DAILY STAR SUNDAY NEWS-WORLD NEWS BY Douglas Patient Published 11 November 2017 subtittle IRSN issues warning as radioactive leak sweeps across Eruope

  7. I take my hat off to Michael and all others that stand for the Truth !!! It is not easy, but it is understanding that those of a certain mindset, whether through experiences of early life, religious affiliations, political view, etc, etc, will always pose that “push-back.” In the region I live in which is highly evangelical, I get a lot of heat because of teaching the Billy Meier story at a community education program for eleven weeks. If you follow the Billy Meier story and live-out the teachings of the Laws and Recommendations, you undoubtedly will experience some sort of push-back. But let us rally around one another and give encouragement to each other to “keep on keeping-on,” especially to those like Michael Horn who carries the flag of Truth into some heated confrontations. So if you are living and giving the truth in your daily life, let this be a word of encouragement from my smoldering skin due to the flames of push-backs…I’m with you, and so are a lot of others.

  8. Stuart Robbins bans anyone who doesn’t agree with him/her. That’s why it looks like no one ever disagrees with his/her nonsense. Stuart Robbins outed.
    Michael has the intellectual honesty to debate anything, Stewie not so much. Yeah, you suck Stewie.

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