The Controversial Billy Meier UFO Case!

Richard C. Hoagland interviews Michael Horn regarding new evidence


THIS Sunday, November, 19th, 2017

Sunday, Nov. 19th, 9 PM – 12 AM PST

Monday, Nov. 20th, 12 AM – 3 AM EST


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23 Replies to “The Controversial Billy Meier UFO Case!”

  1. I’m using a more trusted email account now … For what it’s worth, I have suggested previously to MH that I have attempted several times making appeals to R.C. Hoagland to take a closer look at the Meier story. I’ve actually asked Hoagland the question that he asks, “Can you handle the TRUTH?” His question appears at the top of a google list when using the search words, other side of midnight:
    [The Other Side of Midnight – Can you handle the TRUTH?
    The Other Side of Midnight hosted by Richard C. Hoagland takes you on a journey through the minds of exceptional scientific experts, investigators and analysts.
    ‎How To Listen · ‎Shows – The Other Side of … · ‎Richard C. Hoagland]
    It will be good listen because RCH has indicated a healthy % of interest in the scientific evidence the Meier case holds, but quite likely less, to NO interest in the spiritual aspects.

  2. Well John at least Hoagland seems to be listening even if he isn`t spiritual. Last time MH spoke to Hoagland, Hoagland`s was only inter stead in colonizing Mars.

    1. He only needs to become brave enough, to become informed enough, to enable becoming a proactive presence to our currently dire ‘reality’.

  3. If Richard would just read the contact notes, check them against history, he would see the truth quickly. The evidence for the contacts is overwhelming, no other case has 1/4 of Edwards case . No other case has shown up close clear daytime photos, sound recordings, landing tracks, hand prints, metal samples, and future predictions or 26,000 pages of conversations . It stands alone among the lights in the sky crowd.

    1. Since he requested the interview and material on the case, I think he will conduct a good interview. I’m half way through this show and I think it’s very interesting:

      1. I know, I know … my emailed attempt at reasoning with members of the MITD ‘experts clique’ was futile at the onset! Here’s where it all went, with two who represent the hocus pocus show, Midnight In The Desert. I was hoping for an Art Bell response, yet, to no avail.;;;
        Dear Art, Heather, Keith, Michelle,

        IF any of you care about reality / truth, which is the opposite of the phony and fantastical, then you’ll read this appeal re: what your program could actually accomplish. I might [millions of others worldwide too] whole-heartedly support your show if there was ever to be a genuine contribution to the human species on this ball o’ wax called Earth. The human race can’t really do anything with fairies, ghosts ‘n’ goblins, spirit guide channelings, witchcraft etc. Hocus pocus is simple entertainment value. Entertainment has its place in our fragile psyche, but at the end of the day, what does entertainment deliver?

        Richard Hoagland is interviewing Michael Horn this weekend. I like Richard’s scientific inquisitiveness, and he’s likely to enjoy and benefit with a furtherance in understanding of the importance that the Eduard Meier story has to deliver to us all. Personally, I DON’T need to follow anything, nor anyone, but it’s nice to be in alliance to truth.

        I will include some of the comments that were logged when Michael Horn has been a guest in the ranks of shows such as MITD.

        “… And that is without a doubt the best show that I think I’ve ever done on the Meier case. Actually, I didn’t do it, I just hosted it. Michael Horn did it so he goes down as the best spokesman for Meier that I’ve ever had on.”
        – Art Bell – Coast to Coast AM (after interviewing Michael for four hours)

        “I enjoyed visiting with you on the air very much and the audience enjoyed it as well judging by the amount of positive e-mail. We should do this again some time and I look forward to meeting you in person out there where the weather is so much nicer!”
        – John B. Wells – Coast to Coast AM

        Even nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host Michael Medved had to admit “… Look, I’m intrigued by this because, again, some seemingly very bright people seem to believe this. Michael, I appreciate your spirit of openness and sharing all of this with us and your willingness to bring us all up to date on the Billy Meier controversy involving flying saucers and extraterrestrials.”
        – Michael Medved – National talk radio host

        “I find the Billy Meier material as compelling and useful as almost anything I have seen. A while ago we posted this: And Did They Listen? — A Profound Offering and an Exercise in Critical Thinking. We at Thrive Movement value ‘And Did They Listen?’ for its stunning and profound content, for how it spurs our critical thinking, for the questions that it raises, and for the conversations that become possible. We pass it along to you and invite your own critical thinking.”
        Foster Gamble, President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media

        “You’re a fantastic guest!”

        – Ian Punnett – Coast to Coast AM (after interviewing Michael for three hours)

        And so I ended with …

        ‘Nuff said MITD … I’m not about to brag about who I am, because I’m like all of you! Human!

        Keith Rowland – the person to submit content to the MITD website for posting, articles, photos, links to interesting stories, responded with,
        ” What do you want from us?
        Best Regards

        I answered, “If you READ ALL I offered, yet cannot understand what the english conveys, then carry on with your norm … carry on.”

        Then, Heather Wade [showhost] wrote,
        “Good Evening Mr. Webster,

        I’ll say this in plain language. The Billy Meier case is a fraud and everyone knows it. He took a photo out of an old dinosaur book to “prove” he time traveled. This is documented and cannot be disputed. I don’t have frauds on my show or I would have had Michael Horn on already. I also don’t get involved in drama between Ufologists. Good day, sir.”


        Heather Wade
        Midnight In The Desert

        1. I appreciate it but please know that these people are literally speeding towards irrelevancy. It also must be noted that their audience may also not be ready for, or interested in, the truth either, or they probably would’ve already suggested the interview.

          While I look for any opportunity to spread the word, the fact is that we already have decades of authentication, new endorsements from top military, legal, scientific people, etc. I’m looking forward to the conversation with Hoagland, as he seems to be one of the few actually intelligent, scientifically minded hosts out there.

          Poor Kevin Randle, who tried in vain to score stupid, bone-headed “gotcha” points, has posted two more idiotic, error-filled blogs in an attempt to save face. He couldn’t answer the basic question about the 1964 evidence, and he actually refused the OSI investigator’s invitation to talk to him, simply because he’s just another shallow, thick-headed, phony “UFO researcher”

          So, let’s just remember that the power, and the power of truth, is ours and courting wannabes who host radio shows is long past necessary. If they offer a platform, I’ll take it but I also won’t take prisoners, no need to.

          But really, thanks for the effort. I’ve had to do all of this myself, for years, so any energy added is appreciated. And now you also have a first hand idea of what a bunch of dolts these people are.

          1. MH, thank you for the response. It’s interesting, the timing of things, because after my first emailing to MITD, I sent a 2nd time, pointing towards Heather’s statement, “The Billy Meier case is a fraud and everyone knows it.” It was necessary for me to emphasize that she claims to “speak plain language” for the likes of Art Bell, John B. Wells, Michael Medved, Foster Gamble, Ian Punnett, etc and EVERYONE! I then asked, “Do you realize what your response means?” As expected, no further replies. I should also emphasize, I do not attempt to show any level of support for the above list of names, to which G. Noory, the MITD people, and others could be included. So, nothing more was fired back to me in defence, and the ‘interesting timing’ I indicated above contains an announcement in the program’s 1st 1/2 hour, by Heather Wade, where an admission of a decrease in paid subscription to MITD, translating to “numbers”, or, lack of $funds to maintain the show. She stated that [paraphrased] she’s “not sure how much longer the program will air,” then more or less poured her heart out to guests and listeners with an emotional [paraphrased] “thanks for all the great times.”

  4. Hi MH I only watch half of Richard C. Hoaglands program because all he talked about was Marsr. maby yo can tell Hoagland about Billy`s visit to Mars back in 1976 with Quetzal and tell Hoagland about the fact the Mars was once inhabited by a race of mogoloids and also there was a nuclear war between Mars and what was once Molona now the asteroid belt and some of these bad Martians fled to Earth millions,billions of years ago. Also I read years ago on the internet that that face on Sydonia is human but is NOT a friendly face but a warning sign to stay away from Mars or else there will be another war? Seems to me these unfriendly ETs are there with bases and they are of the Sirius B white drawrf star solar system. I don`t know if these were or are those Men in Black bad ETs(MIB) but this is just my guess but I could be wrong? You may want to check with Billy and the Ps too if you want to? I also herd that these Martians were originally from the Sirius Solar System. This was way back during the mid-1970s though long before I ever heard of Billy Meier and the Plejaren Federation so my information nay be wrong by now thanks to you Billy and the Ps.

  5. Coming from an artistic background from college it nice to dream and fantasize of angels,witches, Christmas faeries,etc especially now that thing on this planet are getting so awful politically speaking,etc.etc,etc. This world is drowning in so much violence and negativity that I like to get away from all the bad and dream of faeries, angels and watch nice quiet movies on the Hallmark channel where there is no violence mot always,sometimes there are other cable channels that don`t support violence and helps me to thing more positive thoughts other than thsoe religious TV and violent movies whjich leaves you thinking violent negative thoughts,etc,etc,etc. I know trhis is pure escapism but who wants to be scared to death about congress,taxes, wars, and what not,who in there own right mind wants all that horrable negativity in their lives, it`s enough to make anyone feel just plain sick and tired of all the bad and negative thoughts,etc. Nough said:-))) Things are bad enough already!!!

  6. Is there a delay in getting the show up on their page? I figured it would be up but all I see is a replay from Saturday night’s show.

  7. Hi guys, I`ll be home for Thanksgiving so I`m going to catch up with all the new MH interviews on Youtube for Thanksgiving instead of watching a parade of stupid military might, giant balloons, and the violent sport of football. “Yes this world is going deaf,blind, and downright very very stupid and senile as far as I`m concerned!!!”

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