Richard Hoagland Interviews Michael Horn, Really

Will explore the evidence and prophecies in the Billy Meier UFO contacts

The previously scheduled interview hosted by noted, cutting-edge science researcher, Richard Hoagland, will be:



Be there, or be hyper-dimensional!


THIS Saturday, November, 25th, 2017

Saturday, Nov. 25th, 9 PM – 12 AM PST

Sunday, Nov. 26th, 12 AM – 3 AM EST



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60 Replies to “Richard Hoagland Interviews Michael Horn, Really”

  1. I keyed in on something that I doubt is unique to my perspective, yet bothers me all the same, regarding a repeated theme with Richard and his insistence that the Plejaren are responsible for our failures. I find it very difficult to accept that someone with the perceived acumen that Richard would seem to possess, could not find it obvious that nearly everything that we Earth humans think we need has been created in such a way as to be self destructive on almost every level. Our transportation of goods and people, our creation of energy, the production of food, our governing systems, the monetary system, health care, immigration, housing, construction of buildings and infrastructure, and so much more. To me, you almost have to try to NOT see the failures as they are EVERYWHERE! I left a comment on the interview that I hope Richard will read, maybe it will make some sense to him.

  2. Hi MH I finally listen to you with Richaerd C. Hoagland and you were superb as you always are. I used to like listening to Hoagland on c2c but I think Hoagland is so cued into Mars that it`s just not worth reading or listening to him since he is just so one dimensional and so focus on Mars without even thinking there are other more interesting worlds being discovered. Hoagland just wants numbers and thinks ETs from Vega Lyra will save this world which we know is false. ” The Spiritual Teaching is where it is not the other way around,but I really enjoyed what you had to say and hope or better yet wish Hoagland would just get the message about the Plejarens and their real mission,so much fior Hoagland and all those numbers,etc,etc.

  3. Hi MH,

    I listened to the Richard Hoagland Interview, I thought you handled it very well.

    With Mr Hoagland insisting that the Plejaren could be deceiving us and that they actually could be from the Pleiades, I was hoping that you would say they said they were from there at first to allow the student of the work to discern all the fakes that would pop up all over the world claiming to be in contact with beings from the Pleiades.

    Hoagland has a model that seems to include a saviour scenario, something that the Meier material never mentions. Whilst he admits the contacts are real and the photographic evidence is legitimate he has only focused on the “eye candy” part of the work and totally ignored the main thrust of it with the spirit teachings. His cherry picking of Meier material to fit his belief system is very dangerous. Hoagland stated he has been aware of the Meier work for years, yet he never mentions any of the Meier books.

    You are right his secret space program and two tiered society has no tangible evidence at all, whilst it is obvious that technology is being suppressed there is zero physical evidence that the Earth human is travelling the stars.

    His other guests comments that the 1% controlling elite being in contact with negative “aliens” is based on no evidence at all, I found him to be very one dimensional and a little rude. Richard and his guest seem to still lack the intelligence to see that the earth human even stuck in a controlling system needs to be responsible for every thought and action he has. Even a person locked in a room can evolve his spirit with the correct thought process!

  4. I was thinking how good it would be having a science based interviewer, I think I got that one wrong. I have listened to the whole 3 hours 3 times now, just because I have to hear it to believe it.
    I think Richard indicates he has known about BEAM for years and he seems to have no issue with the Photos etc. But he must have looked no further than the Photos.
    I think I am like most people who discover BEAM, (thank you MH as it was your film that I saw), you look at the Photos and you get the feeling it is more likely to be real than not, then you find out about time travel or something else that makes you wonder if it’s maybe just a good story. If you leave it at that and look no further you never get anywhere with the absolute gift right there in front of you.
    Many of us must have the same idea at first, why don’t the nice space people just talk to everyone on the planet and while they are at it throw us a few free energy generators, fix pollution, give us some spaceships and we will all do just so much better.
    Unfortunately you only have to look at the success rate of “just fixing things” for people at an individual level, as a rule it does not really help them (with exceptions of course). If the person does not put anything in to learning how to manage their own problems mostly they return to their original situation and still need fixing, often over and over again.
    When you truly look at BEAM’s information objectively, follow BEAM’s advice of not believing but evaluating for yourself, the multilayered nature of the information becomes clear. There is proof for anyone to find who wants to, as well as the information we can’t prove. Then pretty soon you realize you need to just forget about spaceships and any ideas of helpful “fix your planet for you” ET humans.
    All you have to do is “follow the directions on the pack” to find out all about it, logical step by step. If you have done all that and still prefer to believe in Angels +/- some negative ET’s working with the 1% or maybe the odd reptile ET masquerading as a world leader, well there is not much hope for you. It seems the majority of the interviewers who claim to know about BEAM have not looked at nor investigated anything useful.
    MH you often say confirmed ET contact would be the most important/significant event for the people of Earth, but I wonder if discovering the spiritual teaching would maybe the number one, just a thought. And I don’t know about anyone else but I am wishing we did not have to refer to BEAM as a case, he is not a case he is a teacher.
    And as for the PJ’s, what more do these “experts” want for free! So many facts they have given us just needing us to investigate as best as our technology allows.
    Well done MH, that interview was one of your typical best efforts to communicate with those who have chosen not to look at BEAM yet think they have more important evidence of useless things!

    1. Good points Phil. I often try to refer to the Billy Meier “contacts”, or contact case, UFO contacts, etc., for a handle. As far as an event goes that would be of immediate, worldwide, historical impact, the contact with ETs would be it. As you say, the most important and significant thing of course is the reason, i.e. the spiritual teaching.

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