Tonight’s show discusses topics like:

  • Skeptics: One Down, One Up
  • Something about Giants
  • New voices for the Billy Meier UFO contact case
  • Future Self and the Henoch Prophecies
  • My Career in Porn


Michael Horn Live Episode 7

Tonight 7:00PM Pacific Time


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6 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 7

  • LOL–Always love the topics, Michael!
    I’ve noticed that some folks get upset or agitated by those of us who speak up about the Meier case and the current state of world affairs. To all those know-it-alls, skeptics, megalomaniacs, egomaniacs and unconscious sheep, we will not be quiet and wait until someone else decides to fix things in the future. The issues are ballooning out of control and the time to act is now. Get on board or get out of our way.

  • Again, something interesting I thought people here should hear. David Adair, in this recent interview, says that upon his death his design for working thermonuclear fusion and his rocket will be publicly available and open source, spread on the internet. Normally I would pass these things off as nonsense, but MH (if I remember correctly) seems to think Adair is truthful, so…

    He talks about it at 1:12:00

    • I should also mention that after he talks about what I mentioned above, he talks about the effects of an EMP attack over the USA. And in that, he mentions that the USA would be covered in fires from coast to coast. We know this is mentioned in the prophecies, just as we also know the USA would “be stricken by the most terrible disaster ever recorded,” as is also said within the prophecies.

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