Dr. Cornish, Billy Meier Revealed It 30 Years Ago

Maybe now scientists will act in the best interests of all life on this planet

Once again, another so-called “new scientific discovery” – this time about the speed of gravity – has verifiably been preempted by Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier…by almost 30 years.

As recently noted, Meier’s information regarding the – now proven – dangers of space travel to the human body, nervous system, etc., was published 36 years before scientists “discovered” it.

The following has also been online since 2010 (emphasis added):

Contact 225, December 31, 1988


Then still another question about gravity: like each and everything that exists, gravitational force surely also has a speed. In addition, at least, so I have understood Ptaah’s explanation relating to this, gravitational force is incorporated into the same speed limit as light. Gravitational force isn’t just given with suns and galaxies, planets or meteors, asteroids, comets, as well as with universal nebulous formations and neutrino clouds; rather, it also exists in universal space itself. At least, that’s how I understood Ptaah’s explanations. And since I have now been asked about this by Professor Brenner and I want to give him the answer correctly, I would again like to ask if what I have said is right?



114. As usual, everything is correct.

115. You are a very attentive listener when something is said or explained to you.

116. Moreover, you have a precise and phenomenal memory.


May We Have Your Attention, Please?

Additionally, Billy Meier also scooped scientists on information pertaining to wandering black holes, again by almost…30 years.

Of course, the only way all of this – and much more – is possible, is because the information was provided to Meier by the Plejaren, human extraterrestrial race.

I am sending this information to Prof. Neil Cornish and his associates, Dr. Germano Nardini and Diego Blas. I will report back what they have to say in response to it. Hopefully, they will have the intellectual honesty, and scientific curiosity, to do what Prof. Wright stringently avoided doing, in order to protect his ego (and preserve his funding?).

If there really is an extraterrestrial race in contact with an Earth man, providing advanced scientific information decades before we “officially” discover it, maybe it’s a non-invasive way to get the attention of our (hopefully) best and brightest, that they may be instrumental in helping us avert what are otherwise certain events that will be extremely destructive to humankind and the planet.

Since it is also a matter of record that Billy Meier has – for over 66 years – consistently published specific, impeccably accurate, advance warnings of the environmental destruction now already upon us, may these scientists have the courage to rise to the occasion, set cynicism aside and help lead the way, in the best interests of all life on this planet.

See also:

Regarding Dark Matter


Again, thanks to Todd for finding this amazing information.

Source: https://journals.aps.org/prl/pdf/10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.161102


Michael Horn Live, EP 4, Tuesday, November 7

Pacific Time 7:00



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Don Schneider

This is one of many where the Plejaren or Billy have scooped world news with accuracy. Great blog article Michael.

Anthony La Vecchia

If you don’t mind Michael I would like to ask the community to Email Joe Rogan podcast to possible have you as a guest. I have written multiple times with no response. Possible with a community effort we can bring some attention to the most important UFO case in human history. As you have said we need to be proactive. Below is an email for the Joe Rogan podcast.


Ned Duke

He should do a show about Billy Meier as he has done stuff for other much more controversial subjects or folks that claim to be in the know or have “special” knowledge.

Ned Duke

I made a note in my email to mention about the famous X-Files poster.

John Webster

I emailed Rogan this a.m. and will forward it to Michael, if for no other reason, to have the content ‘assessed’.

John Webster

I sent another appeal to Rogan with this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKKvodUI2rE

Adrian Martinez

I too have sent multiple requests and no response. Would an awesome show!

Adrian Martinez

Plus he’ll only do a show that the people want. Which means he needs a lot of requests from different people.


“Practically the speed of light in it’s “natural” state!” referenced info from gravity’s relationship to light… https://futurism.com/speed-gravity/ from article We also know from Meier’s intelligent friends that Tachyons always travel FASTER than the speed of light, an analogy Einstein always said was impossible! There are other ways to prove this as well thus proving what we call anti-gravity or better termed beyond gravity is also: obviously possible!

Melissa Osaki

I find this topic so intriguing.
Also, figuring out how to manipulate tachyons and chronons will enable us to time travel. If we weren’t so bent on destroying each other and the planet, maybe we could actually get busy being the explorers we were meant to be.

For the whole explanation, see Contact 119.
This was even easier to calculate since I knew that space and time are dependent on each other; therefore, both time holds space in itself as also space holds time. From these results, however, my acceptance has arisen that through the transformation and lowering of the speed of light by the half-life, also space and the chronons change themselves, according to which, then, normal space would have to change itself to hyperspace and the chronons would have to change themselves to tachyons, which continue to exist in hyperspace as the smallest units of time at their own, old speed, according to which the oldest tachyons would, therefore, have to have a speed of 44,069,497.5 kilometers per second in their own hyperspace. It also became clear to me that each dwindling away of a half-life creates its own hyperspace; thus, already seven different hyperspaces (7 half-lives = 7 X 6,347,755,102,040 = 44.434 X 10^12 years) would have to exist in our universe.
Furthermore, it also became clear to me that time travels into the past or future can only be associated with this fact, because somehow, the traveling object must be manipulated in such a way that the flow of chronons is steered. So for example, if tachyons with a speed of light higher than ours and present in a hyperspace or normal space would be stored around a traveling object, then it would be hurled into the past, while a flow of chronons below our current speed of light must have a journey into the future as a consequence. This has become clear to me, but the HOW, that has remained a riddle to me. It is now also clear to me that the chronons can only stay and move in normal space, while the tachyons only move in a hyperspace. This, then, along with many other things that have become perceptible to me, about which I would still like to say nothing today, however, because I’m not yet sure of the results. Ah yes, what could still be said: According to my calculations, after the end of the next half-life, our light constant would have to be 172,146.45 kilometers per second. Now to these things, the big question: To what extent are my calculations and findings right?

You are marvelous, simply marvelous.

Matt Knight

That was a much clearer translation of CR 119 Melissa, thanks.
If possible, please can you provide the source as I’m liking their work?

Hi Mike,
Good news. The option to, “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” has reappeared, thanks.

Melissa Osaki

Hi Matt, I got the translation from the Future of Mankind website. Parts of that conversation are pretty humorous in my opinion.

Here is the link:

Matt Knight


John Webster

As I continue to ‘bring myself up to speed’ with every post on this sight, I’m currently focussed on all-things-scientific, so, I’m simply bringing this particular posting forward to today, as a review. https://theyflyblog.com/2011/01/04/scientists-again-echoing-meiers-warnings-without-knowing-it-2/

Jedaiah Ramnarine

This is yet again another groundbreaking piece that would be simply foolish to ignore. I’m waiting to see how this unfolds before speaking my mind on it.

Terry Carch

I`m wondering why these astronauts or is it NASA still in this day and age still insist on sending astronauts and payloads on rockets and Sky Lab floating in zero gravity when centrisical gravity should be outside of the space station not inside the space station. The next stage of space travel by now should be flying saucers,motherships and stargates instead of weapons of war, etc. As the old saying goes, “When all else fails such as war do as the Plejarens would do,folklow the leaders the Plejarens!”

Terry Carch

Also when are we going to stop using keyboards and mouses for pc and just use touchsreen monaters as well as aps, ipads ala Star Trek The next Generation and star Trek Voyager?

Barry Smith

Edward is far superior in knowledge than any person on earth . Not bad for a guy with a sixth grade education. He gets the information in telepathic symbol form then types it out in German, then its translated into English. Crazy awesome. Recalling conversations exactly as they were spoken, how many could recall a long conversation and be accurate ??

Terry Carch

I forgot to mention voice activated commands for pc too as well as touch screen technology fore pcs? Using a mouse and typing is such a pain and a nusence!