My Embarrassing Career, Part 2


The thrilling conclusion to my misguided participation in the p— — n industry!

UFOs: Derek and the Domino Effect, Randle’s Retreat, Ben Davidson’s Apology, Skeptical Challenge from Lance Moody, self-professed expert on Billy Meier UFO case

The New TWWT Movement (showing the actual chart!)

The Environmental Decimation in Europe

Alex Jones: Don’t keep poking the snakes!

AI and…Religion

The Real Elite/De-Population Genocide Conspiracy

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Michael Horn Live Episode 8

Tuesday night, Dec. 5, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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48 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 8

  • I literally can not wait for this. Talk about a cliff hanger. Love the new format. Nice for us to get to know you a bit more Michael while you are spreading the love. Funny and informative. With what’s coming down the pipe we need a laugh a much as the truth. Thanks. T.

  • When I allow my thoughts to ‘ruminate’ on the overall plight of human consciousness, it’s as if I’m reminded of earlier times when I was very personally involved with my Being, having inner conversations with mySELF. I’m actually in complete acceptance of the outright levels of dumbed-down denial within our species. Admittedly, I sometimes shake my head to ‘n’ fro with an accompanying chuckle … and then a sense of UNconditional-ness takes me over … accompanied by some favoured Moody Blues lyrics in their song ‘Question’
    Why do we never get an answer
    When we’re knocking at the door
    With a thousand million questions
    About hate and death and war?
    ‘Cause when we stop and look around us
    There is nothing that we need
    In a world of persecution
    That is burning in its greed
    Why do we never get an answer
    When we’re knocking at the door?
    Because the truth is hard to swallow
    That’s what the war of love is for
    It’s not the way that you say it
    When you do those things to me
    It’s more the way that you mean it
    When you tell me what will be
    And when you stop and think about it
    You won’t believe it’s true
    That all the love you’ve been giving
    Has all been meant for you
    I’m looking for someone to change my life
    I’m looking for a miracle in my life
    And if you could see what it’s done to me
    To lose the love I knew
    Could safely lead me through
    Between the silence of the mountains
    And the crashing of the sea
    There lies a land I once lived in
    And she’s waiting there for me
    But in the grey of the morning
    My mind becomes confused
    Between the dead and the sleeping
    And the road that I must choose

  • My best advice to this blog … deactivate from ANYTHING related to facebook … do NOT continue to acquiesce into the back ‘n’ forth refute with those who detract from the Meier case … it actually causes me to explore why the Plejaren wouldn’t have [advised the same.] Anything that [] posts in text, that represents a defence, or a ‘clever’ opposition to those who detract, will only create a further attack! get it?

    • There’s no need any longer to “prove” the authenticity of the case but people are free to banter, oppose, inform, etc., if they so choose. People will attack whether one says anything or not.

  • Then my added advice is … simply continue with your Future Self, etc., wherever it suits best online. The Meier case, in relation to elevating human consciousness will look after itself one way or another. I don’t pretend to step ‘before’ you, MH … but you have more to do than represent the 12 recommendations.

  • … very well … and I shall continue to monitor this blog … even though there are many comments and replies that could have easily been omitted, over the years, for the sake of supporting / emphasizing ‘harmony’ between all of us, as mere humans, stuck in a ‘governed’ labyrinthine mire commonly known as ‘life on Earth’.

    • I don’t necessarily agree with all comments here, pro or con, but I think it’s important to let people express themselves, within certain boundaries.

      For instance, MANY of my (and other comments from supporters of the Meier case) comments have been censored on blogs like Kevin Randle’s because he’s an incompetent who can’t answer the challenges, criticisms, the…facts. So he, like many others, stonewalls by censoring comments. And then, like a half-wit, claiming that he “proved” his particular, brain-dead position.

      Life is messy and we can often learn a lot from people who disagree with us, or otherwise make us uncomfortable.

      • Is it just me, or do you also remember the likes of, “and I shall continue to monitor this blog”, was the type of thing that was written by the criminal who “hacked” John’s email account?

        • To A.G. & M.O. I was asked by M.H. in an email yesterday if “those” were my words, to which I responded “yes …” He emailed me via the hotmail acct that WAS apparently used by an unknown someone. For the time being, I have kept access to the acct simply due to information that I am gradually going through to be transferred to my other email acct [Vancouver based] which I have recently paid for as it provides an increased encrypted security protection.

  • Interesting read … especially the part in Oct 2017 with Billy and Ptaah …

    “Ptahh: … So hat sich schon vor längerer
    Zeit ergeben, wie ich dir schon 1996 erklärte, dass sich eine gewisse Gruppierung oberer Eilten zusammengetan
    und einen Plan zur Lösung des übermässigen Überbevölkerungsproblems erstellt und einen Beschluss gefasst
    hat, der, auf längere Sicht gesehen, auf eine drastische Reduzierung der Erdenmenschheit tendiert. Der dies –
    bezüglich geheime Plan, der bereits vor rund 20 Jahren erdacht wurde …”

    • “Ptahh: Und dass in dieser Form bereits Tests erfolgen, das ist leider Tatsache, wobei sich diese Versuche zwar noch in
      den allerersten Anfangsphasen befinden, diese jedoch in absehbarer Zeit zu effectiven Resultaten führen werden.”

    • If anyone needs a quick non official translation google does the job (for the most part):

      If the worst happens with what Ptaah says and what also was said by Billy regarding the Voyager Probe and the potential of encountering no nonsense extraterrestrials that won’t be bullied, we could see one man’s slave farm turn into another ET man’s version. It’s a good thing by that time there will be > a few thousand folks on the planet recovering from our modern day madness …

      “Several years ago I pointed out that terrestrial astronomers were on the verge of endangering everyone when they launched into space some probes with detailed information about terrestrial humanity, along with our planet’s position in the SOL system within the Milky Way galaxy. I indicated that these probes could fall into the hands of extraterrestrials who are hostile towards Earth and are prepared to conquer us or to retaliate. They would come to Earth and attack it in order to gain control over the planet and/or to enslave terrestrials, possibly even kill them. Ponder merely the fact that powerful intelligences exist in the Sirius regions who have been revengefully searching for millions of years for those defectors who had escaped from their, the ET’s, control and whom they had genetically manipulated—namely the terrestrial human population— in order to subsequently exterminate them. It is fortunate for us that these Sirians live in a constellation located in another space and time configuration from ours. However, the danger that they will eventually discover Earth does exist and that they then could strike back, particularly when the probes the Americans feeblemindedly launched, are found either by the hostile Sirians or by some other aliens from the depths of space who may crave to conquer our planet. In this regard I am not the only one to share this opinion.”

      • I wonder if that is what Stephen Hawking was referring us to not contact just any ETs because the might be very hostile as you just explained in the last blog from Ned Duke?

      • Salome Ned, I think I remember reading that the Sirius beings have since evolved to a point where they are above revenge, retaliation and retribution and mean us no harm. But that is not to say that there is NOT other beings out there that know no better. My educated guess is that the Beings living under the ground in the region of California will come out and play, meaning, they will give up their anonymity and teach the unhuman “elite and their scientists” how to be TRUE HUMAN BEINGS!

        • I think the ones in California, descendants of of the Hyperboreans, were taken off the planet by the Plejaren. The main ones remaining may be in the area underneath the Gobi desert area, in Agartha. As I recall, the Plejaren said something about it being related to a great secret, or something like that.

          • I think I read somewhere that the Ps gave the Agartans beneath the Gobi Desert instructions as to what to do shoud WW4 break out in an emergency as to what to do redirect Planet Earth so that lives such as you and me will stay alive and thwart WW4,etc.

  • This is precisely what the plejaren wanted, for us to discuss, debate, share, listen , speak, watch, roll around in our minds, the fact that we are not alone in the universe, and all that comes with this knowledge. They generate contacts on other worlds here and there, to prepare the minds of humans for the fact they are not the only rational thinking beings in the universe.

      • So true guys, there’s plenty of primitive life-forms trying to tell us how to engage and interact with others. They mistakenly believe that the world revolves around them. I say “bugger off” and go find some other primitive life-forms to inflate your overgrown ego.
        Michael, you sure do put up with a lot of doo-doo from many different know-it-alls. I salute you for your unwavering determination and hard work. If we all put in a quarter of the effort that Michael has, the future will be brighter for every human on the planet.

  • I totally agree with you Melissa. Those know-it-alls and shills from “The Deep State,etc” should just go screw and go find a more primitive barbaric savage nasty slave world that might just use a mashetti or worse and just hunt these dumb gods down and behead them etc,etc,etc!!!

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