Michael Horn Live, EP 8

My Embarrassing Career, Part 2


The thrilling conclusion to my misguided participation in the p— — n industry!

UFOs: Derek and the Domino Effect, Randle’s Retreat, Ben Davidson’s Apology, Skeptical Challenge from Lance Moody, self-professed expert on Billy Meier UFO case

The New TWWT Movement (showing the actual chart!)

The Environmental Decimation in Europe

Alex Jones: Don’t keep poking the snakes!

AI and…Religion

The Real Elite/De-Population Genocide Conspiracy

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Michael Horn Live Episode 8

Tuesday night, Dec. 5, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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48 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 8”

  1. Sorry about that guys but listening to the news is getting way too extreme for me. MH is right sooner or later the news and religion will just have to die out! Thankyou MH for your great Youtube discussions. You were superb as you always are. I hope there will be more to come soon on Youtube. Salome.

  2. MH I have a question: I`v heard of an alien human ET by the name of Adama who I read years ago is or was from the DAL Universe? But a few months ago I read that he is one of the the Agartains and or a Hyperborians from the Sirius and or DERN Universe who shows up? and or he believes in a god and religion(s)? Is there any truth to this or is this just such a fraud made up by some unsuspecting negative religious cult or what is this or just who is this Adama??? Salome Terry Thanks

  3. HI Mike,

    With the recent Tax and roll back of Obamacare brings into mind CR 544 where Billy asked Ptaah about Willard Romney and “if nothing in this country changes for the better by then” (2020).

    That could be so, but also to consider is that which the Obama followers will do next and which internal and external policies they pursue, because this will also determine that which will happen after 2020.”


    So, Ptaah does not mention what the “non-Obama supporters” rather what the Obama SUPPORTERS would pursue would show what would happen in 2020. With the supposed American worker supporters busy talking about identity politics and/or media focusing on Russia, is this a fiat accompli that the prophecy of America not being a super power by 2020 a prediction at this point?

    When you ask what a large corporation would do with extra money in their pocket I’m thinking of M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) … not a long term sustainable future or jobs for folks. I bring this up as to me rolling back care can result in everyone leaving the ponzi-poker table broke and the man with all the chips basically wins worthless chips (a la Henoch prophecies).

  4. Is the court investigating Trump’s election win ( Russians involvement ) ? If it is …. then can someone provide the link to investigation and when did it start ?

    As stated in one contact report from July 22 2017 …..

    “There are so far no new discoveries which I could mention in regard to the election, but secret plans are forged to drive Trump out of office. Indeed, his political enemies will convoke a special court of inquiry, before which he will be summoned to confront him with accusations of secret electoral powers along with Russia, hoping to remove him from his office”

  5. I am looking for answers of the following since 5 years ….

    Voynich Manuscript
    Black Knight Satellite
    Puma Punku
    Stone Spheres Of Costa

  6. Thoroughly enjoying the live show Mike and Jedi. The high tech different segments work a treat and the CGI paper looks so real. I have laughed to audible levels without concerning neighbours.

    “Red hair loss in ’69 on 42nd? Ask MH how”

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