Indiana University Press Promoting Character Assassination?

Publishes life-endangering, false charges by skeptic Donald Prothero against UFO contactee Billy Meier 

Part 1

Abusers and Enablers

In an atmosphere of deservedly heightened concern for victims of various forms of abuse, why would Indiana University Press, a supposedly reputable publisher of academic books, deliberately publish a book featuring outright lies, defamatory attacks and character assassination?

While formerly just a tabloid topic, UFOs have now become a very popular – and often profitable – subject for discussion. Understandably, charlatans abound, not only among the so-called “UFO experts”, “alien contactees”, etc., but often among the equally unscientific, agenda-driven skeptics.

Relied on Discredited Sources

Speaking of unscientific, in their book, UFOS, CHEMTRAILS, AND ALIENS, authors Donald R. Prothero and Timothy D. Callahan rush to repeat long disproven, dangerously false, libelous information about Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier, from discredited skeptics, Derek Bartholomaus and Kal Korff…both of whom were shown to have lied and falsified evidence and information.

Indiana University Press, despite being repeatedly informed about more than a dozen false and highly defamatory claims by the authors, simply ignored the warnings, as well as repeated requests to promptly and reasonably resolve the matter.

Skeptical Agenda

Prothero, a paleontologist who’s also an avowed skeptic, tellingly chose not to actually interview Meier himself, instead relying on, and repeating ,the unsubstantiated, defamatory claims and rumors that conformed with Prothero’s own biased, skeptical agenda.

Indiana University Press, one of the largest of the university presses for almost 70 years, either failed in its responsibility to scrutinize the claims in Porthero’s and Callahan’s book, or is endorsing the libelous content…or both. Among the numerous false and defamatory accusations, Prothero accuses Meier of being a: liar, hoaxer of evidence, profiteer, fraud, cult leader, potential kidnapper and that he “has claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ”.

Recklessly Life-Endangering 

Meier, whose still ongoing contacts span more than 75 years , has survived numerous, documented assassination attempts, including being shot at close range…by a religious fanatic. By irresponsibly publishing this dangerously false and inflammatory information, the authors – and the Indiana University Press – further, recklessly endanger Meier’s life, as they were also clearly informed but chose to ignore.

Facts Don’t Matter

With a religious-like fervor to promote their unscientific, skeptical agenda, the authors  also carefully avoided any mention of the actual independent expert analyses and authentication of Meier’s abundant and unprecedented UFO evidence, by respected scientists, and from decades of multiple, independent investigations. In fact, they go out of their way to disparage the brilliant, multi-patent holding, IBM research chemist, Marcel Vogel, and ignore the latest in-depth analyses of Meier’sUFO photos and films, done with 21st century, state-of-the-art technology not available to Meier between 1964 and 1981, when he took his – still irreproducible – photographic evidence.

The most recent independent endorsement of Meier’s scientific evidence comes from a retired prosecutor-trial lawyer. And the former top-level US Air Force OSI investigator applied military standards in examining Meier’s evidence of UFO contacts, which led him to unreservedly conclude that it’s “100% ironclad authentic”.

Neither these experts, nor Michael Horn, Meier’s American media representative, who’s researched the case for almost 40 years, were interviewed, let alone contacted, by the authors, or Indiana University Press.

Nor did they contact Horn’s research team members, NASA aerospace engineer Matthew Wieczkiewicz (Ret), and Kenneth Smith, the Director of Operations at Orbital Launch System Group (Ret), who served under retired astronaut, Ronald Grabe. Both Wieczkiewicz and Smith also endorse Meier’s singular authenticity.

Defiantly Indifferent

Questions must also be asked as to why repeated attempts to privately discuss – and peacefully resolve – the matter with Gary Dunham,  Director, Indiana University Press,* and Jennifer W. Adams, legal counsel, were met with defiant indifference and continued tacit endorsement of the vile attacks. To date, neither Adams, nor anyone else from the legal department, deigned to discuss the matter.

Donald Prothero also ignored attempts to have him respond to, and account for, his life-endangering, false, and defamatory claims.


*The totality of Mr. Dunham’s response to being made aware of this despicaable situation was:

“Thank you for your message and information. We will take your suggestions under advisement.”

In other words, no real response at all.

More to come in Part 2.

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21 Replies to “Indiana University Press Promoting Character Assassination?”

  1. I think it’s pretty telling when the High Council forbids the Plejaren to make any type of contact with Americans due to how deceitful and delusional folks have become.

    Contact Report 233
    Once again, all sorts of evils seem to trace back to the Americans.
    5. Indeed. –
    6. Once more, it proves itself that our caution towards America is completely justified, so also our compliance with the stipulation given to us by the High Council, that we should never enter into contacts with the American people and should never transmit knowledge and messages to them, which we have always held ourselves to, as you know – with one exception, regarding a disgracefully failed experiment.
    7. Thus, we still comply with the stipulation of the High Council to this day, and will do so far into the future, namely that we take up no contacts with Americans.
    8. Our experiences here since time immemorial prove that all great and world-embracing lies and machinations have, for several hundred years, already gone out from liars and deceivers, swindlers, charlatans, and lunatics, with respect to newly arising cultic sectarianism and new crazy and confused thought directions that are foreign to the truth and similarly directed movements and organizations, etc.
    9. The unbelievable and indescribable insolence that is displayed in hypocrisy, deception, and swindle by the liars and deceivers, who commit their dirty crimes against the truth, can in no way be put into words.

    1. It’s one thing to be ignorant or skeptical of the truth, but to blatantly deceive people without checking your sources is another. I think America has an abundance of stupidity for some reason. They have all clustered here together.

      In the same contact, I found this additional gem…ha ha! I only laugh because Billy has such a way with words.
      One might almost think that all of America is animated and inhabited by such degenerates, but it proves itself time and again that in this country, there are still people who truly and honestly deserve the designation of person, even though these people seem to be rather scarce. But they are actually there. And because they are there, in addition to the dog-cunts, sneaks, crooks, thieves, deceivers, liars, and swindlers, I can’t simply cram everyone into the same dirty hat; rather, I must differentiate and at least provide our material and the teaching of the spirit to those who are deserving, who honestly and also sincerely search for the truth and for the light and who are willing to recognize the truth, to acknowledge it, and to follow it.

      1. You are correct Melissa, those with truth and knowledge: few and far between… maybe it has something to do with getting onto a 20 foot boat with 40 other people crazy enough to sail across the Atlantic Ocean for the pay of one beer a day! There does seem to be an over abundance of “Hot Headed Blowbots” in this country… something to look forward to into the future as global warming will produce more and more of these fear mongering never wuzes…

  2. My email to Indiana University Press (Contact emails here:

    “Dear Mr Dunham,

    I am emailing to express my utter disgust at Indiana University Press’ decision to print and then not retract false claims made by authors Donald R. Prothero and Timothy D. Callahan in their defamatory book, ‘UFOS, CHEMTRAILS, AND ALIENS’.

    IUPress have obviously failed to comprehend the full consequences of printing lies about Billy Meier and of not checking some basic and simple facts. Presumably, the authors decided to go on a critical holiday into an area often mired with scientific heresy, irrationality and misinformation and thought they could kick the topic around into humiliation for a bit before returning to their business as usual, however, they have obviously failed to have a good look around and check first, as they do not realise they are punching above their weight in terms of demonstrable investigative skills and qualifications for writing on the subject and as more qualified scientists have:

    Did the authors carry out a single Google search and check their sources before presenting these lies as real “evidence” to back up their false claims? The top Google result for one of the unqualified sources, Kal Korff, may serve as a much-needed tonic to all the “fun” the authors appear to be having with the truth and when taking a holiday from due diligence and proper research.

    I look forward to hearing how you are going to address this problem, so, please let me know, thanks?

    Yours sincerely,

    M Knight”

      1. John,

        Do you really think I have a solid ‘faith’ in what google represents, or, do you just like nitpicking and wasting my time?

  3. 4 phone calls, and one typed letter to Indiana University Press
    Office of Scholarly Publishing
    Herman B Wells Library 350
    1320 E. 10th St.
    Bloomington, IN 47405-3907 … but time will tell IF there’s any semblance of a satisfactory response … likely to be a similar response to

  4. I think they don’t like the fact that they are making their big money on book that are full of LIES such as chem trails (merely the condensation of cold kerosene) and according to the Meier material to NOT lie is the greatest commandment/recommendation given by this wise culture (The Plejaren). The book companies are following a comedic movie (Blazing Saddles) in saying that: “We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs gentleman…” You know… we were screwed out of conversing with the Plejaren during the Carter Administration because we “Would not be ready for it” sounds like political bullshit to me. Now we have to wait 56 LIFETIMES before we can understand we are screwing up our living space BIG TIME! Already there are 50% of the insects and birdlife we had in our childhood. What will 800 years of this type of reason and logic do to nature?

  5. I am glad that Billy still thinks that all Americans do not fall into the same basket of liars, cheats, etc. as discussed in the above conversation.  While it is true that many of the politicians in America have been doing dirty deeds all over the world for many years, many Americans are honest people and are not part of those deeds.

      My wife and I have recently visited the SSSC in Switzerland this year, 2017, and discussed my Math Proofs for solving the true value of Pi with Christian Frehner.  Billy has taken my math proofs and Guido Mussbrugger’s work on Pi to the Plejaren and they have confirmed that these proofs and equations are true.  This has been published in FIGU Bulletin No. 77 whose subscribers number around 29,000 individuals, many of whom are scientists.  So please don’t give up on Americans.  Americans, like citizens in every other country, aren’t all bad guys and I’m glad Billy has pointed out this fact.

      I have been sending my math drawings and algebraic proofs for Pi to many mathematicians and physicists and to Billy (and an extra copy to Semjase who I really didn’t expect to ever see it, but I think Ptaah did) for about 4 years now.  I am also in the process of trying to convince the current Trump Administration and NASA and the US’s National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and NASA/JPL’s Near Earth Object Group to replicate my Proofs for Pi so that they can re-calc the orbits of Earth and Asteroid 99942 Apophis (and all other NEO asteroids) especially for future dates of possible orbital intersections between Earth and Apophis on April 13/14, 2029 and April 13/14, 2036.  The Plejaren talked about this orbital intersection (circa 1981, I think) and its possible disastrous consequences as “The Red Meteor” hitting Earth before Apophis was discovered by Earth scientists in 2004.

      Not to mention the BIPM in Europe correcting the value of Pi in their equations to redefine the standard Kilogram in Nov 2018, along with the Kelvin, Mole, and Ampere.  And all equations in physics which currently use the wrong value of Pi.  I have provided long time friend Michael Horn with copies of my math Proofs and web site address which he has so generously included on his web site.  My web site is  (Measuring Pi, Squaring Phi).  Again, thanks to Billy Meier and the Plejaren for all the fine work they are doing to provide important information to everybody on planet Earth.  And thanks to Michael Horn, another American, who is working his butt off, like me, to provide important information to everybody.

    Thanks, Michael,


    1. Hi Harry, that’s great news. I’ll be sure to check out your website. Physics and astronomy are my favorite studies.

      Billy definitely knows that we Americans are not all bad and I think that the thing I love most about Billy, is that deep down, he truly cares for all of us, even the bad ones. It takes a profound inner peace to come to the place where he resides. A lot of us on this blog are Americans and I think most of us would agree with you. We all know the kind, gentle and good folks who live here.

      Salome and good luck in all your endeavors.

      1. Is your passport valid? 😉
        Do you have enough money to get a one way plane ticket?
        Destination: Downunder!

        And before you say it MH, I am aware of BEAM’s words where he said something along the lines of, he doesn’t understand why One would leave their country and not confront the evil. It’s just that I too love you good guys and gals! 🙂

        1. Billy is more referring to refugees.

          I don’t think everyone is meant to stay in the countries of their birth. It doesn’t have to be for refugee reasons. It can be for career, promotion, cultural preference etc.

          Not every immigrant is a refugee 😉 and some can be beneficial elsewhere in the world from their birthplace.

          This isn’t the case for the majority, rather the exception.

          1. Salome Jedi,
            I didn’t take BEAM’S words that way when I heard them (it’s been a while) but I will find them again, soon, and listen anew (I think, from memory they were said in one of MH’s videos with BEAM).
            Thanks for making me think!

  6. Hi Harry,

    Congratulations on your work with Pi.

    Very interesting to read about your visit to the SSSC and hope you get some good responses from your contact. You may already be aware of David H. Bailey…

    In addition to correcting Pi, have we to establish the true extent of Earth’s gravity to accurately predict Apophis’ movement and to alter that in the way the Plejaren suggest?

    Thank you and Salome.

  7. Matt Knight,

    In ref to mathematician Baily, Borwein, and others who are using the approach of writing Calculus limit equations to equal their previously determined Archimedes “approximation” of Pi (polygon perimeter to circle limit) which has no logical reference to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, they all make the same mistake of first assuming that Pi is 3.141592654… and then create their equation. Buzz, wrong approach.

    Obtaining the true value of Pi is a geometric and algebraic exercise in which one can easily use Kepler’s Golden Ratio Right Triangle to “square” the circumference of each side of Kepler’s Triangle to the perimeter of its next longest side (squaring the circle) and thus, having eliminated the circumf and perimeter easily solve for the only variable left, which is Pi = 4 / sqrt PHI = 3.144605511… . . See my web site at .

    One can also cut a 1.0000 unit circle with a CNC machine and then measure the Pi circumference that will equal 3.1446… , which by the way, automatically rules out Pi = 3.14159… at the 3rd decimal place. It is very easy to measure and see the difference between 1 mm and 3 mm.

    H. Lear

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